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The ride to his house was mostly uneventful; Chestnut shat in fear on the towels he laid down and profusely apologized for “bad poopies” despite Matt’s reassuring.

He made a brief stop at Fluff-Mart, stocking up on cheap bulk kibble for his ‘guests’ in the basement, extra nutrient rich ‘for mummah’ enriched oats, and a new bed and litterbox jr. for the baby, as well as some baby-safe toys. Matt knew the foal would be pretty useless until it opened its eyes, but he wanted to make that as comfortable for him and his mother as possible.

When they got home, Matt loaded everything he bought into the garage so he could deal with it later. Carefully lifting Chestnut from the car so her baby could rest on her belly, he brought her inside.

“Now Chestnut, I’m going to have to give you a bath before we go see Arion, okay? I know water is bad for fluffies, but I promise I’ll be extra gentle.”

Chestnut nodded, “Otay daddeh. Ches’nut be bwave fo’ daddeh an’ babbeh.”

“Good girl,” Matt said.

First Matt bathed Chestnut. He figured it would be better to let her be warm and clean so she could carefully watch him bathe her baby. At first, she was very afraid of the water, but Matt had learned quite a few things from bathing Arion.

He didn’t restrain her legs in the fluffy bath time basin, as Arion had previously mentioned he didn’t like when the ‘baff fwiend nummed his legs,’ so Chestnut was able to freely move around the shower. He also let her get a little wet in an area visible to her immediately; he chose her front legs. She could feel the warm water wash all the filthy mud and shit that had stuck to her away and was easier able to understand what was happening. Eventually Chestnut was cooing and had her eyes closed in pleasure as Matt lathered in shampoo and conditioner.

Matt briefly considered giving Chestnut an enema, as the vet had recommended it for dealing with parasites and worms but figured after her recent sexual abuse it would be better not to.

After Chestnut was all clean, Matt picked her up and dried her off. He was unable to stop himself from smiling as Chestnut giggled and cooed in joy at being clean and smelling good again.

“Ches’nut smeww su pwetty! Ches’nut nebah smeww pwetty befo!” She exclaimed, sniffing her hooves and legs.

“You were a very good girl Chestnut! After we get out of the bathroom, I’m going to give you a treat!”

“Yay! Tweat fwom nice mistuh!” Chestnut said.

“That’s right, but first we have to bathe your baby, okay?”

Chestnut’s mood soured. “Wawa nu gud fo’ babbeh… Ches’nut big fwuffy, babbeh su widdew…”

“I know girl,” Matt said, putting Chestnut on the counter, still wrapped in her blanket. Her foal had also been wrapped in a blanket and was still gently snoozing. “I’m going to be really gentle and you’re going to sit here and watch me, okay? If you don’t like something, you can just tell me to stop.”

Chestnut nervously wiggled. “Otay. Cwean babbeh. Ches’nut watch.”

Matt turned on a very small dribble of warm water, and gently lifted the foal into it making sure to avoid its eyes and nose. The foal began to squirm and peep in fear when it got wet, prompting Chestnut to stand up and approach the sink. She was worried but watched intensely.

“Shuush shuuh babbeh… dis wawa nu so bad. Warmies and make yu smeww pwetty… nu wowwies…” Chestnut cooed, getting close to her baby.

“Mummah wuv babbeh, babbeh wuv mummah,

Babbeh get wawm baff, smeww nice an’ pwetty,

Mummah wuv babbeh, babbeh wuv mummah,

Babbeh num miwkies, gwow up big an’ stwong…”

Chestnut gently cooed the song to her baby. It would have been a crappy off key lullaby if it hadn’t been so sweet. And so effective. The foal immediately calmed down at the sound of its mother’s voice and stopped squirming, instead letting out peeps that sounded far more pleasurable.

Matt was now able to clean the foal well. With a very tiny dollop of shampoo, he scrubbed the foal – now determined to be a filly – and cleaned off all the disgusting fluids that had resided on her skin for probably the entirety of her short life. The water was warm, and Matt’s hands were gentle. When he got to her belly, he stroked downward gently, earning him a squirt of shit from the foal.

“Babbeh nu mean make bad poopies!” Chestnut cried out, fearing retribution.

“It’s okay Chestnut I know. I wanted her to poop.” Matt said, reassuring the mare.

When the two were clean, Matt gently reunited them, allowing the foal to latch onto her mother’s teat and drink the warm milk. Chestnut cooed to her baby and to herself.

“Okay, I’m going to introduce you both to Arion. He’s young, but not as young as your foal, so he may be a little energetic.”

“Otay mistuh! Ches’nut essited to make nyu fweind!” She said happily.

“Chestnut, if you want to, you can call me daddy. You’re going to be living here from now on, this is your home.” Matt said gently. He wasn’t sure if Chestnut was being polite and trying not to assume anything, or if mistuh was her way of distancing herself from him in case of disappointment.

“…W-weawwy?” Chestnut said. Her eyes were welling with tears again.

“Really. I’m Arion’s daddy and I’ll be yours too.”

Chestnut didn’t say anything, just began freely crying. Her sobs came in short bursts as she choked in air. Her baby, disturbed by her mother’s outburst, began to peep and cry too, unsure of what was wrong.

“Ches’nut su sowwy fo’ sad-wawa… but Ches’nut suuuu happeh. Nebah habe daddeh but… awawys hope. Bettuh fo’ babbeh to wive wif hooman and warm housie… su happeh daddeh… fank yu… fank yu…”

Matt hugged Chestnut and her foal for a few minutes, letting them calm down enough to meet Arion. Finally, he opened the door to the safe room and let them in.

Arion was playing with his blocks, enjoying stacking them as high as he could and then knocking them down with a backwards kick, giggling at the destruction. When he heard the safe-room door open, he was even happier.

“Daddeh home! Daddeh home!” Arion said, prancing around in a circle.

“Woah there buddy!” Matt said, still coddling Chestnut and her foal in his arms. “I have a surprise for you.” Matt said when Arion was finally sitting as still as he could.

“Awion get su-pwise? Awion wuv su-pwise!” Arion said, his fluffy purple tail wagging like a dog’s.

“Okay Arion, I’m going to show you but you have to be really careful, okay?” Matt said.

“Awion pwomise. Be cawe-fuw.” The fluffy said firmly.

Matt gently knelt down, lowering Chestnut onto the floor. He laid her on her side as the foal was still feeding and he didn’t want to disturb it.

“Hewwo Awion.” Chestnut said softly. “Am Ches’nut. Dis am mah babbeh. Be nyu fwiend?”

Arion was sitting very still. He stood up carefully and gently sniffed the baby suckling at Chestnut’s teat. He then looked at Chestnut.

“Yu babbeh am pwetty babbeh. Am gud mummah,” Arion said politely. “Awion wud wike tu be fwiends vewwy much.”

“Fank yu! Ches’nut be fweinds wif Awion! Babbeh be fweinds tu, wen bigguh.”

Matt smiled. The fluffies were getting along really well. He was worried that Arion might not like a foal in his space, and had worried how Chestnut would react to an alicorn, but they were both so… nice. Both fluffies had been handed a shitty hand given to them by fate and they had survived thanks to astronomical odds. And also thanks to Matt.

“Okay guys, why don’t you get to know each other? I’ll have dinner ready in a bit but for now just hang out. Arion, remember that Chestnut has a baby she has to take care of, and the foal is really delicate; you can’t play rough with her or it okay?”

“Awion undastawnd.” The alicorn said, sitting down and watching Chestnut feed her foal. “Awion wuv babbeh. Keep safe.”

“Good boy,” Matt said, stroking his mane. “I’ll be back soon.”

* * *

The basement was colder than the rest of the house, so the ferals that Matt had captured were in a fluff pile to keep warm. It was cute.

Matt really, really enjoyed the abuse. He knew he shouldn’t, he knew it was wrong. He loved Arion and Chestnut and her foal. He knew he couldn’t keep hundreds of fluffies in his home, and he had no desire to become a shelter or a fluffy heaven, but keeping a few good fluffies? There was no harm in that. Besides, the little horses had grown on him.

The ferals, however, Matt didn’t really care about. They were fine so far, not really demanding, not really rude. The smarty was a little pain in the ass, but it seemed like Matt having given him an important task of being Baby Keeper seemed to let him keep his importance and inflated ego.

Tangerine was the only one of the ferals that Matt cared about really. He was clearly broken and hurt, and very distrustful of Matt. Firework had seemingly demoted him from toughie to Poopie Keeper, as he said, because it was Tangerine’s job to make sure everyone used the litter box correctly. The other toughie, Aquamarine, and Firework were in cahoots with something, they stayed together watching the mares and parading around the pen with their heads held high.

Matt watched them from the cameras he’d installed in his basement. The little idiots had no idea that he could see and hear everything they did. Most of it was innocuous; the mothers babbling to their unborn foals that they would be the ‘bestest babbehs’ and how they would be the ‘bestest mummah.’ The two fathers were busy helping their mates eat and clean themselves, as Pinkie was ready to burst and Charcoal wasn’t too far off either.

Tangerine was the only one that Matt was actually concerned about. Obviously he wanted to keep the foals alive long enough to play with, but Tangerine seemed to be taking the brunt of the herd’s abuse. He was given ‘sorry hoofsies,’ essentially small beatings, whenever he spoke against the smarty.

Today was no different.

“Smawty Fiew-wowk,” Tangerine said hesitantly. “Poppies gu in da wittabox. Nu wan make nyu daddeh mad.”

“Smawty am bestest fwuffy. Make poopies whewebah am want.”

“Das am wight!” Aquamarine said, headbutting Tangerine away.

“B-buh smawty! If Daddeh come back an’ see bad poopies fwuffies get owwies!”

“Nu. Onwy bad fwuffy get owwies. Smawty Fiew-wowk teww daddeh dat Tangewine make bad poopies and gib Tangewine owwies.”

Matt gripped his chair hard. It was one thing to be a bad fluffy; shitting on the floor, demanding things, being just an all-around brat. It was another thing entirely to try to blame another fluffy and lie to Matt about it. He was devising a plan on how to deal with this little smarty asshole.

“Nao, Tangewine wiww num poopies, ow Fiew-wowk teww daddeh yu am bad poopie dummeh fwuffy.” Firework said, smiling.

That was the last goddamned straw. How dare that fucking prick force another fluffy to literally eat shit. Matt knew Arion had been forced to when he was a baby, but had assumed it was a one-time thing, not something fluffies routinely subjected each other to.

“Nu! Tangewine nu am poopie fwuffy!” Tangerine said, impotently stomping his front hooves.

Matt didn’t want to watch the rest of the altercation, he quickly headed down to the basement, briefly checking on the status of the vegetables he was steaming for the fluffies in the safe room.

As he headed down the stairs, he realized he’d waited too long. He heard the sobs of Tangerine from across the room. Rushing over, Matt saw the poor fluffy face down in a pile of shit, sobbing while he scarfed down the foul excrement.

“What is going on here!?” Matt asked, letting a little bit of real rage slip into his mock confusion. He’d already decided his course of action.

“Daddeh! Daddeh!” Firework ran up to the pen’s wall. “Tangewine make bad poopies! Fiew-wowk twy teww fwuffy nu whewe poopies gu, but nu wisten!”

“Dat nu twue! Daddeh!” Tangerine cried, looking back and forth between his old smarty and his new daddy.

“Tangerine,” Matt said, affecting a disappointed tone. “I am surprised at you! You were supposed to be in charge of the litter box! Well, I guess I’ll just have to give your job to Aquamarine. And you know what bad poopies means!”

“NUUU! Daddeh pwease nu huwties… wook! Tangewine num da poopies! Cwean aww bad poopies! PWEASE nu huwties!” The pathetic groveling of the fluffy almost broke Matt enough to give up his little ruse, but if he was going to destroy the smarty, he needed to keep it up.

“I’m sorry Tangerine, those are the rules. Thank you for letting me know, Firework.” Matt said, lifting Tangerine out of the pen and carrying him upstairs, leaving the fluffies to their own devices.

Tangerine, who had been begging and struggling in the pen, had practically gone limp the minute that Matt had lifted him up. It was heartbreaking hearing the small ‘huu huu’ and ‘Tangewine am sowwy’ that came from the fluffy as he accepted whatever punishment that Matt decided.

When he was sure that the other fluffies were out of earshot, Matt brought Tangerine to the bathroom.

“Huu… daddeh gib fwuffy wawa huwties…” Tangerine said, eyeing the shower knowingly.

“Shh shh Tangerine I’m sorry I scared you, you’re not in trouble.” Matt said.

“W...wha? Daddeh… nu mad at Tangewine?”

“No. I saw what Firework did and how you tried to stop him. I saw how he made you eat your poopies and I saw you trying to be a very good fluffy. I’m not mad.”

“Daddeh nu mad!? Daddeh nu gib huwties!?” Tangerine asked, his yellow eyes were practically begging.

“No hurties.” Matt said, stroking the mane of the stallion. “But you are getting a bath.”

“A baff!?” Tangerine said. Matt feared the worst, that the stallion would flip out and think he was being punished. “Tangewine wuv baff!”

“You… like baths?” Matt asked. It was the first time he’d heard a fluffy say anything positive about water.

“Yesh. Baffs am warmsies and make fwuff smeww pwetty and feww gud.”

Matt turned the shower on, nice and warm but not too hot. He gently placed Tangerine into the shower’s basin, and was genuinely surprised when he cooed as his dirty fur was soaked through. Using the detachable shower head, Matt brushed through the fur with a comb and lathered Tangerine up with the anti-flea and skin-soothing shampoo. The only time Tangerine flinched is when Matt went over the scars on his back.

Finally, Tangerine was clean and smelled great. Matt lifted him up and wrapped him in blankets, drying him off.

“Now that you’re all clean, I need you to help me with something Tangerine.”

“Wha daddeh need Tangewine’s hewp wiff. Tangewine wan’ help!”

“I want to punish the bad fluffies downstairs. I need your help.” Matt smiled.

“...Gib fwuffies owwies? Tangewine nu wan huwt soon-mummahs ow daddeh fwuffies… dey jus’ scawed of smawty.”

“No, I don’t want to hurt them, I know the mares and stallions are okay. I just want to teach the smarty a lesson.”

“Teach wesson… make smawty nice? Make gud?” Tangerine asked, his head adorably tilted to one side.

“We’re gonna try.” Matt said.

* * *

“Daddeh gib Tangewine wowstest wawa huwties.” Tangerine said, flopping pathetically on the floor. “Make fwuffy aww wet an’ cowd!”

Tangerine was quite the little actor, Matt thought smiling. Matt needed the smarty to think he was winning, he needed the other fluffies to believe that their smarty could protect them from Matt. That way, when he destroyed the smarty, they would all fall in line easily.

It was also making Tangerine trust Matt much more. Maybe when this was over Matt would help the little guy find a new home.

Back in the safe-room, Matt had given Chestnut and Arion their steamed veggies. Chestnut had never had them, and Matt was a little worried she’d be asking for kibble or spaghetti instead, but she really seemed to enjoy the nutritious mix.

“Daddeh dis am bestest gwassie nummies Ches’nut eba hab!” She said, munching on her veggies. “Fank yu fo’ bestest nummies fo’ gub miwkies.”

“You’re welcome Chestnut. How’s your food Arion?”

“Awion wuv ve-ta-buls dadded! Ches’nut am wight, bestest nummies.” Matt scratched Arion behind the ears, earning coos.

“I’m glad to hear that bud. You guys have been so great, I’m gonna get you a treat. I’ll be right back.”

Matt cut up some apples in the kitchen, one for Chestnut and one for Arion. It was good that he didn’t feed them that shit kibble, it wasn’t really good for fluffies and the high fiber diet seemed to have pretty much quelled the constant diarrhea that fluffies were infamous for.

Finished with their dinners, Arion and Chestnut happily ate the apples, exclaiming that they were the best treats ever. Matt was concerned, however, with Chestnut’s foal.

“Okay guys, I think tomorrow I’m going to take you to the vet.”

“Wat am vet, daddeh?” Arion asked, still munching on the sliced apple.

“She’s a doctor. She’s going to check you guys out and make sure that you’re healthy. It’s gonna be a little scary, but I’ll be with you. She’s also going to make sure your baby is growing big and strong, Chestnut.”

“Otay daddeh,” Arion said, flapping his wings. “Be gud fwuffies fo’ daddy an be gud at vet.”

“Yesh. Ches’nut awso be gud. Babbeh be gud tu!”

“I know you two will be,” Matt said, ruffling their manes.

Chestnut’s baby was currently curled up in its mother’s fluff. The foal was so small, and its eyes were still tightly shut. The vet would be able to figure out how old she was and let him know if any of his feral rescues needed medical aid.

Looking out the window, Matt saw the sun setting over the now snow-covered backyard. His fluffies too were noticing the sunset and obediently went to bed.

“Gu-nite daddeh.” Arion said, curling up next to Chestnut. “Awion wuv yu.”

“Ches’nut an’ babbeh wuv daddeh tu.”

“Love you guys. Sleep well, we have a big day tomorrow.”

And with that, the lights were turned off and Matt headed back downstairs. In the night, it was time to put the second part of his plan together.
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Draytini: Sorry that this one is a little bit shorter! I'm trying to break these up in a way that makes sense.
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Anonymous1: I can't decide what I'm more excited for: The dealing with the ferals, or more heart melting moments of Arion, Chestnut, and the baby. Here's hoping Tangerine gets a nice story too.

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JimProfit: Really enjoying this story. Keep 'em coming!
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Draytini: @JimProfit: Thanks JimProfit! Your work is really great! I adore Rosemary's Story.
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Anonymous2: This is so well written, which is rare! However I lament that the fluffies aren't all being violently tortured, especially since you describe in detail the events taking place. A shame, but nevertheless you write well.
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Draytini: @Anonymous: Thank you so much! And don't worry about the violent torture... I just prefer a slow burn is all.