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Bwuddah Need Miwkies
By: Mossiest

Chapter 1

Gray wasn't sure how long she'd sat there crying, hugging her mother's unmoving body. She knew it was going to make a difference - huggies fixed a lot, but they couldn't fix this - but she just kept hugging her tight, feeling as her mother's fluff slowly lost its warmth. Her brother did the same, hugging his mummah's fluff as well.

"Mummah! Pwease wakies! Am hungy! Need miwkies!"

He still wasn't aware of what had happened. But he also wasn't wrong to complain: if he didn't get milk, he was going to starve. And if it went on for too long, he'd become a dummy-baby; she'd seen that happen to one of her siblings when she was little, one of her not-pretty brothers.

But her milk still wasn't coming in. She'd already had tummy-babies for 7-leggies long, but still no milk. And she didn't have anyone to ask for when it would come in.

She wiped off her tears and snot with her mother's fluff. One final nuzzle before she had to leave her mother for good, before she picked up her brother with her hooves. He struggled in her grasp, trying to wiggle out. "Nuuu! Wan miwkies! Mummah!"

"Am sowwy bwuddah, buh mummah have fowevah-sweepies. *sniff*Nu can make miwkies nu mowe." She moved him onto the back of her neck. "Gway sistah wiww hewp find miwkies fow yuu."

"*cheep* Huuuuu...mummaaaaaaaah!" the foal wailed, though she wasn't sure if he was wailing because of genuine grief or because he wasn't going to get milk - he'd whined louder about less. She let him whine, his voice quickly going hoarse from a lack of energy, and she listened as he suckled on his hoof for comfort; now that he was quiet, he wouldn't draw as much attention, so they could go out.

She gave one last look at her mother, then dragged her body out into the street. Whatever came to num or take away forever-sleeping fluffies was better kept away from the nest, as her mother always taught her. The thought of her mother being nummed almost made her cry, but she powered through and walked away, leaving her mother's body to whatever would happen next.

Her legs felt the heaviest they'd ever been, but she pushed herself to walk away; she needed to get her brother fed. Her first instinct was to find another fluffy-mother who would share milk, but who around here was willing to share - let alone had any to share? And she still didn't know when her own milk would come in.

And that didn't change the fact she needed to keep herself fed, so her tummy-babies would be good babies.

As she walked along the street, she noticed a yellow sweet-nummy (a banana) lying in an alleyway. The icky part was open, and there was still some of the soft sweet part left! She didn't hesitate to approach and start consuming it, but once she chewed on a piece, and idea hatched in her head.

Biting out another chunk of yellow sweet-nummy, she grabbed her brother off her back, carefully placing him on the ground. The moment she did, he walked right up to her, whimpering as he hugged her foreleg. "Pwease sissy, need hungy! Have tummy owwies! Wan mummah!"

She held him close, but said nothing, chewing up the bit of yellow sweet-nummie she'd taken off, until it was a fine mush softer than fluff. She let it fall out of her mouth near her brother, and gently pushed him towards it. "Dewe; bwuddah can num dis, even wiff nu-teefy babbeh mouf."

But her brother resisted, trying to wiggle around her leg. "Nuu! Nu want steaw sissy nummie!"

She wouldn't let him around her through, thwarting any attempt he made to escape. "Nu am steawin fwom Gway; Gway am giving nummies tu yuu."

Yet he persisted. "Nu wan! Wan miwkies! Nu wan mouf-poopsies!"

An exasperated sigh escaped from Gray's mouth. "Nu am mouf-poopies! Am nummies! Num dem!"

"Nuuu! Wan miwkies! Wan mummah!"

"Num dem nao."

"Nu wan mouf-poop-"


She didn't like needing to yell at him, and he was definitely terrified if tears from his face, the terrified expression on his face, and the *pblrt* from his rear (followed by a small stream of poop) meant anything - which only barely missed her foreleg. He let out some "huu-huu"s, but he did as she told him, waddling over to the mush and placing his mouth on it...and trying to suckle on it. "Nu bwuddah, need to num piece off, wike what sistah do."

He looked up at her again, tears still dripping from his eyes, but the look on her face told him she was going to make good on her threat if he didn't listen. He carefully buried his face in the mush, and once he receded, she could see a small piece was bitten off. " wike," he moaned, slowly trying to chew the mush as tears dripped from his face. He seemed like he would spit it out at any moment, so Gray stood watch.

Soon, he swallowed it down.

Or attempted to. She saw the lump start to go down his throat.

And it didn't go far. Definitely didn't reach his tummy.

It took a moment for either of them to process what was happening, but when Red opened his mouth as if to scream, only to make not a single noise, Gray realized he was choking on it.

"NUUUU! BWUDDAH! NUMMIES NU STAY DEWE!" She thought shouting at him might motivate him into coughing it out, but he just silently screaming, flailing his legs, falling on his side as his eyes began to look red, and the exposed skin on his face began to look blue. His neck moved forward and back, but that lump wasn't moving at all, and whatever pee-pee and poop he had left in him were expelled out.

She rushed over to him, trying to push the lump up with her hooves, though not so hard that she might hurt him. It didn't seem to do much; tears dripped from her brother's eyes as green-sickies came out his snout. She tried "encouraging" him more, but it didn't make the lump move any faster. Slowly, she could see her brother grow exhausted, his wild flailing slowing down, the desperation in his eyes.

Tears began to drip from her eyes as she did the only thing left that could help, that all fluffies knew could help: he lifted him up with her forelegs, giving him a hug. The tightest hug that she could give, though she had to constantly reapply pressure as he kept wiggling out of it, often putting the most force on his chest.

She was unintentionally performing a Heimlich maneuver on her brother - and her accidental technique was soon rewarded.

She could feel something wet splatter on her belly fluff - a pale-yellow mush, mixed with some green icky stuff. But more importantly, she could hear a sharp inhale come from her brother - along with the high-pitched whine all foals made in distress.

Gray smiled, even while her own tears flowed. She hugged him close again. "Am su sowwy bwuddah...sistah nu mean tu give huwties wike dat. Sistah nu make yuu num nummies wike dat tiww yuu am bigga babbeh, pwomise!"

Her brother just kept whining, he cries sprinkled with coughs and sputters. He got his good pink color back in his face, and his eyes were only red from his crying now. There wasn't much she could do now for him though - all she could do was hug him close and be grateful that he didn't choke to death in front of her.

But that still meant she had a problem. "Sistah wiww find miwkies fow bwuddah...sistah pwomise." A promise she had no idea how to follow-through with.

But the solution soon made itself clear by walking straight towards them.

"Y-youw babbeh bwuddah need miwkies?" Gray had been so distracted with that choking incident that she hadn't noticed another fluffy approaching them. She looked up, very quickly spotting the red-fluffed pink-maned Earthy standing before her.

Gray was quick to move Red behind her, keeping herself between him and this new fluffy. "Who awe yuu?" she asked, carefully assessing this fluffy. They seemed fairly dirty, dirt and grime matting their fluff and mane - more so than usual for a feral. They must not have been taking good care of themself - not the smartest fluffy.

"A-am Chacha. Chacha heaw youw bwuddah need miwkies, and-and Chacha have miwkies! Su much dat miwky-pwaces huwt." Gray looked below her to see that yes, her teats did look very swollen. Almost to the point that they were dragging against the ground. "And-and have nestie! Yuu and babbeh can come tu nestie! Fowwow Chacha tu nestie!"

Gray stood there, carefully considering the offer. A mummah just walking up to her, willing to feed her brother, and even offering her shelter. It was just too good to be true, to the point that it was suspicious. But as her brother starting cheeping again, he said the same thing he always did: "Sissy! Am hungy! Need miwkies!"

She didn't have much of a choice.

She grabbed her brother by the back of his neck, pinching the excess skin with her mouth as she placed him on her back. "Okay. Gway wiww fowwow Chacha tu nestie." The filthy red mare smiled, turning back towards the alleyway, Gray following close behind - keeping an eye out for anything suspicious, but finding none. And she wasn't seeing any box-nestie in this alleyway.

"Okay, hewe am nestie!" Gray saw that her nest was nothing more than a pile of torn-up trash covering the ground - stained with half-cleaned peepee and poopies. There was no cover over the nest - nothing to protect it from any sky-water or from any monsters roaming at dark-time. A pretty poor nest, but definitely lived-in. This wasn't a very smart mummah.

Chacha sat down on her rump, hind legs open - the usual "feeding-time" position. "Okay, wet widdwe babbeh dwink miwkies now!"

Red started happy-peeping as he slowly descended off Gray's fluff - who let him go, though kept a close eye on him. He rushed up to the mummah, latching on to a teat and guzzling down milk, kneading it to keep the milk going (as if there weren't enough). Gray could see the milk drip off his cheek, and smiled.

Though while watching him feed, Gray realized something odd.

"Yuu have su much miwkies, buh whewe am babbehs? Ownwy mummahs make miwkies."

Chacha's cheerful expression melted away, her eyes opening wide. And it looked like tears were starting to form in her eyes. " mummah-nu-mowe."

"Chacha have daddeh...daddeh take gud cawe of Chacha, and even wet Chacha be soon-mummah! And Chacha have mowe gud babbehs den Chacha have weggies...buh daddeh nu wike babbehs. Say dey am bad babbehs, and Chacha am bad mummah."

Gray didn't care much for that - just more proof that humans were bad.

"Chacha teww daddeh he nu am wight, but daddeh get angwy, and said he nu am Chacha's daddeh nu mowe, and Chacha and babbehs nu can stay in housie. Chacha had to make nestie out hewe and take cawe of babbehs...buh..." She began to tear up, her voice cracking. "Chacha ownwy find widdwe nummies, and-and Chacha have su many wanted to num babbehs, but dey stawt getting f...fowevah-sweepies fwom tummie-owwies, and Chacha couwdn't weave nestie 'cause munstahs keep steawing babbehs!" Tears were staining her fluff. "Chacha ownwy num fowevah-sweeping babbehs...huuuu...mummah nu want to num babbehs, but nu wan mowe babbehs tu get fowevah-sweepies..."

"Nu am bad thing tu-"

"But den babbehs dat nu get fowevah-sweepies stawted being siwwy. Babbehs' see-pwaces wook funny, and dey wawk siwwy tuu. Dey nu get bettah, even when Chacha have su many miwkies! And den meanie hoomins came to nestie...dey waugh at babbehs, say dey 'dewped' 'cause dey nu get 'nuff miwkies. Dey say Chacha am bad mummah!"

On that, Gray could agree.

"Meanie hoomins take away aww of Chacha's babbehs...dey say dey bad babbehs, and den do weawwy mean thing to Chacha! Dey put bad thing in speciaw-pwace dat give wowstest buwnie-huwties! It huwt fow su wong! And when meanie fwuffy give Chacha bad-special-huggies, Chacha nu feew babbehs...even when meanie fwuffy come back and du it again."

"Am sowwy tu-"

"Why evewyone caww Chacha bad mummah? Chacha du su much tu be a gud mummah and gud fwuffy! Buh dey aww nu wan tu hewp or say meanie things!" Gray sighed; this fluffy just wasn't giving her a chance to speak. "And now nu can have babbehs nu mowe...even tho babbehs make evewything bettah! Why evewyone be su mean?! Chacha miss babbehs su much..."

She looked down at Red, who had finished drinking milk, his belly notably bulging. He seemed a bit confused, unsure what she was talking about - he must have been so focused on drinking that he didn't pay attention to what exactly she was saying. "Wed babbeh fwuff wook wike Chacha fwuff...and Gway fwuffy mane wook wike Chacha mane. Am su pwetty...youw mummah am su wucky tu have su pwetty babbehs."

"Wan mummah!" Red said, little tears forming in his eyes, "Gway take babbeh 'way fwom mummah!"

"Gway did?!" Chacha looked over at Gray, aghast. "Why take babbeh fwom mummah? Babbeh stiww need miwkies!"

"Mummah get fowevah-sweepies. Meanie hoomins come by and take odda bwuddah and sistah. Mummah twy tu get dem back, but meanie hoomin give stompies."

"Dat am tewwibwe!" Chacha looked down at Red, who seemed saddened by that recollection. And then she looked back up at Gray. "Buh...Chacha have idea! Yuu and Wed babbeh can wive wiff Chacha! Yuu can be Chacha's nyu babbehs! Wiww give huggies and wuv and miwkies and-"


The red mare stared blankly at her. "W...wuh?"

Gray walked over, grabbing Red with her mouth and putting him on the back of her neck. "Yuu nu be nyu mummah. Yuu nu am good mummah."

"Dat...dat nu am twue!"

"Yuu make bad nesties, and yuu wet youw babbehs get stowen by munstahs, and wet youw odda babbehs get fowevah-sweepies or become dummehs. Yuu nu know how tu be good mummah." She turned back, trotting out of the alleyway. "Wiww be back wiff Wed when he hungy su yuu can give mowe miwkies. But nu wet Wed stay hewe."

"Buh...buh..." Gray could hear the mare stammer, trying to think of something, and soon trot over to her. "Pwease wet Chacha come wiff yuu! If yuu have betta nestie, den-"

"Nu. Gway nu can take cawe of tummeh-babbehs and Wed and dummeh fwuffy."

She walked off - and could hear the mare stop following her and begin sobbing. She didn't stay to listen to her mope.

Red, on her back, watched and listened to the whole thing. "Why sissy give nice mummah saddies?"

"Dat mummah say dey wan be good mummah, buh nu know how tu keep babbehs safe ow tu have dem gwow big and stwong. Am dummeh-fwuffy. Gway nu wan be meany-fwuffy, buh dat fwuffy need tu know dat. Gway need to keep yuu and tummeh-babbehs safe."

"Huuu..." Even if Red didn't like it, she knew she it had to be that way. "How wong tiww mummah? And bwuddah? And sissy?"

"Dey...Gway wiww bwing yuu back tu nestie watew. Untiw den, wan wisten tu nice songsie?"

"Songsies!" That seemed to perk him up real fast. And besides, she'd yet to sing any mummah songs (aloud). Her tummy-babies must have been getting scared without them!

"Awwight. Hewe da songsie~"

"Gway wuv aww hew soon-babbehs, and Gway wuv Wed~
Wiww take cawe of the famiwy, and give yuu a nice bed!~
Gway wuv hew soon-babbehs, and Gway awways wuv yuu~
Babbehs wiww aww be big and stwong, and Gway wiww sing dese songsies!~


As Gray said she would, she visited Chacha a few more times that day - whenever Red said he was feeling hungry. She made sure to get some nummies for herself, and even brought some for Chacha - but made it very clear she was only doing it so she would make more milk. The red mare tried a few more times to convince them to either stay at her nest or let her join theirs, but each time, Gray refused; the fact she stayed at the nest the entire day and only ate when Gray brought her something was more than enough proof that she was too dummy to be their new mother.

But when the bright-ball in the sky began to go down, it was time to get back to the nest for sleepies. The pair bid farewell to the despondent mare and made their way back to their box nest.

As she'd expected, her mother wasn't where she'd left her. But that was what she intended - she didn't want to have to num her own mother before it drew in monsters (and not just because her mother was bigger than she was - it would just feel wrong).

The two slept together as they always did - Red lying on top of Gray's fluff, falling asleep to the sound of mummah-songs telling him that the scary dark-times would go away once they woke back up. Although this time, it was Gray singing it, and it wasn't just to him; she made sure to take good care of her tummy-babies too so they wouldn't feel left out. She'd just hope that they didn't have to listen to that other mare's incessant whining. But that didn't matter now that they were so far away.

And just like every other night, Gray could see a sleepy-picture.

She stood beside countless other fluffies, all happily babbling amongst each other. She could recognize all of them - her brothers and sister that she knew since she was a foal, and Green and Purple and Brown and Red were there. And their mother and daddy were there too, towering over all of them - it was then that Gray realized she must've been a foal again (yet didn't realize Green, Purple, Brown, and Red were foal-sized relative to her as well.) Everyone was so happy in their nest, in a beautiful green field surrounded by pretty grass and more sketties than any of them could ever hope to eat.

Her mother said something, but she couldn't quite make out the words - but instinctively knew that the open forelegs meant she wanted to hug them all! The horde of babies rushed in, and their mothers' legs were able to wrap around them all, herding them into the softest, loveliest huggie-pile she'd ever been in! Huggies came from every side, every angle, and she huggied everyone she could possibly hug. She even hugged her own tummy, and she could feel something hugging her inside her tummy too - her soon-babies!

But inside the joyous babbling and hugging and squeeing and cheeping, she could just barely make out the sound of scardey-peeping. And it sounded a lot like Red...but why? She could see him inside the pile, safe and sound, and the sound wasn't even coming from where he was. But the cheeping just got louder and louder, and slowly, all the color in this world started to fade away - and one by one, all the other fluffies began to disappear. Until all that was left was Red, until she could make out one word:


Gray's eyes opened, awoken from her sleepy-picture by her brother's plea. She'd quickly realized that his voice wasn't coming from her back, but rather, right in front of her. And as her sight returned, she could make out the shapes in front of her: another fluffy, carrying a wingie-foal in its mouth, facing her. She jumped up to her legs, immediately taking an aggressive posture. "WET BWUDDAH GU!" she demanded, walking around the baby-napper - though not to her just yet.

And just as she expected, the baby-napper ran into the alleyway - just as she'd planned; she couldn't run as fast as she used to now that she had tummy-babies, and this fluffy was bigger than she was. While there were some hidden holes in the walls, this was a one-way alley. The baby-napper was running towards a dead-end - just as Gray had planned when she'd cut off her way out. And with this knowledge, she followed the baby-napper at a steady pace. The thief was well-ahead of her, but that didn't matter.

By the time she'd reached the end, she could hear the thief's panicked breaths and frantic scurrying. A bright light coming from a nearby lamp illuminated the area, and Gray could see just who the thief was: she recognized that red fluff and pink mane immediately. "Nu whewe tu wun, dummeh," Gray said, stopping right at the only way out of this dead end.

Chacha turned to her, Red still in her mouth, tears in both of their eyes. Red was still scardey-peeping, begging for help when he could compose himself enough to shout them out - he'd probably been peeing and pooping more if he didn't evacuate himself on the way here (and partially onto his captor). This mummah didn't even know how to hold a foal to keep them quiet - even she knew how to do that. "P-pwease, n-nu am giving b-babbeh huwties!"

"Yuu am babbeh-nappah!" Gray held her ground, staring her right in the eyes.

"NU AM FAIW!" With her shouting, she opened her mouth wide enough that Red fell right out of her hold, but she was too distracted to realize it. "CHACHA HAVE NUFWUFFY TU HEWP AND WOSE AWW HEW BABBEHS, AND NU CAN HAVE BABBEHS NU MOWE! YUU GET TU HAVE YOUW MUMMAH AND BWUDDAH AND TUMMEH-BABBEHS! NU AM FAIW." As tears streamed from the mare's eyes, she looked down to realize Red was already rushing back to Gray, and tried to catch back up to him - only to be scared off when Gray looked like she was ready to charge her if she tried. "Y-yuu nu can even give youw bwuddah miwkies! Nu can hewp babbeh gwow big and stwong! Chacha can give miwkies! And babbeh have pwetty wed fwuff wike Chacha! Babbeh shuwd be Chacha's bestest-babbeh! And yuu am soon-mummah! Wiww have mowe babbehs! Nu need diss one."

Red was finally back to Gray, who gently pushed him into a safer spot by her side. "Yuu wet aww youw babbehs get fowevah-sweepies. Yuu nu know how tu get nummies, and ownwy get miwkies when yuu num youw babbehs ow when Gway bwing dem. And den yuu wet youw babbehs become dummies. Yuu nu am gud mummah, am ownwy gud fow giving miwkies."

"N-NUUU! NU AM TWUE! CHACHA NU AM BAD MUMMAH!" She looked right at Red past her tears, the foal hiding beside Gray, trying to cover himself with his hooves - though he was still peeking from behind them. "W-wiww be gud mummah fow wed babbeh! And nu am dummeh! Chacha fowwow yuu tu nestie! J-jus teww Chacha whewe to find nummies!"

The moment the mare started to walk towards them, Gray trotted forward, leaving Red to "hide" behind his own legs. "Nu wet yuu give Wed fowevah-sweepies. Wiww teach yuu nu tu steaw babbehs."

"GIVE CHACHA BABBEH!" With that, the mare charged at her, her eyes closed, aiming to headbutt her out of the way.

Gray had more than enough time to prepare for her; all she needed was to raise a single foreleg and leg the mare's own momentum plant the foreleg right in her snout. The mare stopped her charge, backing off with a yelp, a small amount of boo-boo juice dripping out of nose - not nearly as much as the tears she was crying. "Owwies! Why give Chacha huwties? Nu am bad-"

Mid-rant, Gray made her move, rushing to the mare and delivering a sorry-hoofsie to her cheek, earning another yelp from the overwhelmed fluffy. "Nuuuu! Stahp!" She stepped away from her attacker, moving her face out of the way - and exposing her side, as well as giving Gray some distance to build up momentum. Gray charged right at her, aiming to headbutt her right in the side, and soon made impact.

Now normally, this wouldn't have amounted to much: Gray was smaller than her, couldn't build up a lot of speed due to her pregnancy, and her target was an Earthy, known well for their durability. But her target was distracted, was off-balance and walking in the direction she was pushing. And most importantly, Gray was charging her horn-first.

The mare "SCREEEEEE"d on impact, trying to get away from the sharp pain - only to lose her footing and fall right on her side. Before she could even attempt to right herself, Gray was right on her, delivering sorry-hoofsies to her face. "OWWIES!" Chacha shouted as she wildly flailed about, desperately trying to push her attacker away - only to fail miserably as the blows kept coming. "STAAAHP! STAAAAHP! NU WAN HUWTIES!" But Gray just kept hitting her until boo-boo juice flowed from her mouth and nose, and her face had hurty-bumps all over.

By the time Gray stopped, the mare was a sobbing, beaten wreck. "Nu am bad mummah! Nu wan huwties! Nu am bad mummah! Nu wan huwties!" She just kept saying that over and over, laying in her own bad-peepees and making bad-poopies, hugging her tail for comfort. This fluffy was well-beaten - any more could cause some really bad damage. And while Gray was furious with her, she didn't want to give her forever-sleepies.

Chacha's body would heal eventually. And she could be back eventually to try and steal Red again. Gray knew she had to make sure the mare had a permanent lesson.

She walked over to the front of the mare's head. Chacha was looking away from her, too terrified to look her in the eye - which made what she'd planned much easier. She knelt down over the red fluffy's head, right over her heary-place - and bit down on the top half. Chacha "SCREEEE"d once more, her legs flailing again, but they were nowhere near Gray.

And then Gray started to pull, biting down harder as Chacha screamed as loud as she could. And when she bit down as hard as she could, she pulled, the ear giving way to her force.

But she'd overestimated how much force she needed to tear off a chunk of her heary-place - she'd expected an Earthy that was larger than her to be tougher, even on a soft part like that. And Chacha was in a worse condition than she'd thought; while the part she'd bitten gave way, so did the part attached to her head.

Gray landed on her rump as the entire heary-place tore off. Her eyes widened as all that remained was a little hole. And she could see Chacha's wide eyes staring right at the ear in her mouth, her mouth ajar. "Heawy-pwace! Nuuuuu! Why take Chacha's heawy-pwace?!"

It took Gray a moment to process what had just happened, her heart and mind racing as her opponent lied there sobbing, a broken wreck that she just broke even further.

But once she collected herself, she dropped the ear from her mouth. It was half torn where she'd bitten it, and there was a bite-mark along the still-intact portion. Chacha scrambled to it, shakily grabbing it with her hoofsies and desperately trying to push it back where it once was. But there was no way that was going to work. Not even huggies could put a heary-place back.

Gray took one deep breath in - and glared right into Chacha's frantic eyes. "If yuu evah come hewe again, if yuu evah twy to take Wed or any of Gway's babbehs again, if Gway evah heaw yuu again, Gway wiww give yuu fowevah-sweepies! Nao weave!"

Chacha looked back into her eyes - struggling to focus through all the tears. Once Gray backed off, she unsteadily rose back up to her weggies, her dismembered heary-place in her mouth. She was expecting Gray to charge her one more time, and was tense, but Gray just stood there. The red mare knew she was well beaten, and that this smaller fluffy very well could give her forever-sleepies if she wanted to.

She turned towards the exit, slowly trotting out - more due to the pain than fear. She took one last look at the red babbeh, who wasn't hiding behind his hoofsies anymore, though he was still terrified by the beaten mare's appearance. "A-am sowwy, widdwe bab-"

Before she could finish, a sharp strike to the rear pushed her ahead. She held back another yelp, running away through the alleyway, past the poopie pile and the box nestie.

Gray trotted over to Red, the adrenaline in her body slowly draining away. The two watched as Chacha left the alleyway, running off in the darkie-time. "Huu...why nice mummah am meanie? Why twick babbeh and sissy?" Red asked, trotting over to Gray and hugging one of her forelegs.

"Dat fwuffy am a wowstest mummah," she answered, pulling Red into her own huggie. "Some fwuffies jus nu know dey am dummeh. Dat why dey am dummeh. Gway nu can hewp dummeh fwuffy." Carefully, she gave him lickie-cleanies (he was still a bit messy from being baby-napped) before she lifted him up to the back of her neck and slowly made her way back to their box-nestie. "Buh nu wowwy. Gway nu wet dummeh mummah take Wed again. Nu wet anyfing take Wed."

As she lied down, she'd realized that all that she'd done must have seemed pretty scary to Red and her tummy-babies. They might have bad sleepy-time pictures if she didn't help them calm down. "Nao den, how 'bout Gway sing yuu a songsie su yuu can gu back tu sweepie-time?"

"Weawwy?! Yaaay! Songsie!"

"Awwight den: hewe Gway gu!~"

"Widdwe babbeh stay wiff Gway,
And yuu wiww be okay!~
Nu wet yuu get huwties fwum a dummeh fwuffy,
'cause Gway am a smawtie fwuffy~
Su sweep untiw the dawkie-times aww gone~

She sang through the darkie-time until she heard her brother's rhythmic sleepy-breathing. But listening to him failed to calm her - it only reminded her that while he did get plenty of milkies today, she didn't have a plan to feed him again. She definitely couldn't trust Chacha any more, even if she was still willing to give Red milkies.

But that was a problem for tomorrow. Exhaustion slowly overtook her, and she couldn't focus on that problem anymore.

Besides, she was a smart fluffy. She knew she could find more somehow.


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Mossiest: The first proper part to Gray's story, where she finds a solution to her brother-needs-milk issue that doesn't last long. Sorry for the wait - had a lot of life stuff happen at once.

Mummahs out in the wild tend to try and have as many babbehs as they can handle (more if they aren't smart), since babbehs "make everything better". They'll try to have foals of their own, but if for some reason they can't get any of their own, they have a tendency to steal other fluffies' babbehs to raise. In the best case scenario, the foal will adapt and treat the new mummah as their mother. But a fluffy that has to resort to stealing to have a baby to raise usually is in that position for a reason, which does not bode well for the foal. Many baby thieves either don't know how to or just physically can't raise a foal properly, which just leads to a dead foal and more foal-theft.
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Jinzo_: This is very very good. I like Gray, she's a character worth rooting for, and Chacha is a villain worth rooting against. I liked how you showed the similarity of their situations and the decisions they made that led them to be so different despite their similarities.
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Anonymous1: Nice, was hoping to see this soon. Good shit my dude
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Anonymous2: Wonderful stuff, so well developed. I thought Chacha was a very sympathetic villain and I’d love to see more of her.
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Anonymous3: I’m really happy to see this. I have high hopes that this story will be amazing,
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Sorrowkandy: I need gray to suffer.