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Pinkyfluffy: Daww.
Really cute.
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ZaWarudo: D'awwwwww!
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Anonymous1: boop the snoot. boop it now. DO IT.

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guodzilla: @Anonymous: I like to boop it, boop it..
You like to boop it, boop it...
She like to boop it, boop it...
They like to...
BOOP IT!!!!!
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Anonymous2: Unsettling eyes.
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SluggiesNotHuggies: WHAAAT? Sucking on your hooves? THAT'S A PADDLIN'!!!
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MetalBabe: I’ve been killed by a fluffy! Soooooooooo cute!!!

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FluffiesAreFood: It's eating its tail!

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Waaaghlord: ... would/could a fluffy eat himself, when you tell it his tail is skettis?
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Fiberglass: So cute...must boop...with a nailgun...
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Chompew: Is it real that so many membees of the Booru finds those things cute now?
For me it still look very aggrivating. But it's very well drawn.
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Anonymous3: This is a setup, right? The next picture will be of a 20kg weight falling out of the sky onto that little fluffy, right? Right?!?