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* * *

They had fallen asleep on the couch, Matt and Arion, and Matt woke up early in the morning to the TV playing some QVC nonsense. He stretched a bit, trying hard not to disturb Arion. The fluffy shifted a bit, still sleeping, but roused slightly.

Matt slowly lifted Arion in his arms, swaddling him like a baby. The fluffy stirred as he was picked up.

“Daddeh…? Why wakies?” Arion said groggily.

“Shh, I’m just going to put you in your bed, okay?” Matt said, gently stroking between Arion’s wings.

“Otay...” Arion yawned. “Stiww am sweepy. Beddie sound gud. Fank yu daddeh.”

“Of course buddy.” Matt said.

Chestnut and her baby were curled up together in the bed, and Matt put Arion down in such a way that he cuddled them both, helping to keep the baby warm. It had been about a week since Matt had taken the feral mother in and he expected her baby to open her eyes soon.

He wanted to be there when that happened, and as such had put a baby gate in the doorway of the safe-room and had started to leave the door open. Chestnut and Arion knew better than to try to get over the gate, and it gave them a good view of Matt while he worked.

When Matt was sure that Arion had fallen back asleep, he quietly stepped over the baby gate and closed the door. He wanted to be sure that his fluffies couldn’t hear anything he was about to do.

Matt headed downstairs, making sure the doors were closed behind him. The ferals were all asleep in their makeshift pen. They were all in a small fluff-pile, Pinkie was curled up with her babies by her teats.

Matt immediately noticed that Snowy had already given birth. He’d missed it in the excitement. All her babies looked to be ‘good babies’. There was a black pegasus, a white unicorn, a blue earthie, a red pegasus, and… a blue and red unicorn.

Oh man, Firework is the father of her foals… the other fluffy is just her caretaker. He probably knows but can’t say anything without incurring Firework’s wrath… Matt smiled. He had the perfect way to hurt Firework.

“Wake up you worthless fucks!” Matt shouted. The fluffies immediately woke up, their little heads shooting from the pile as their eyes shot open.

“Fwuffy am sweepin!” Firework said irritated. “Why dummeh daddeh wake fwuffies?”

“I don’t give a shit that you’re sleeping.” Matt said.

His hands were shaking, and he could feel the pressure build in his jaw from where he was grinding his teeth. It was too much, he was too angry. He needed to calm down or he’d be left with a bloody smear on the floor.

And these fluffies deserved much worse than a quick death.

“Firework, why did you kill Tangerine?” Matt asked.

“Tangewine am bad fwuffy! Gib babbehs fowevah-sweepies!” Firework said, still believing his lie had held.

“Oh Firework you little idiot.” Matt said. It was almost comical how stupid they were. “I know it was you who killed the babies. I know it was you who told Pinkie and Charcoal that their badly colored babies were bad babies. I know.”

Firework backed up slowly, his eyes wide with fear.

“N-nu! Nu teww mawes poopeh babehs am bad!” He insisted.

“Firework, if you don’t tell me the truth right now, I swear to god I will tear your eyes out with my bare hands.”

“Nu am wyin’!” Firework said.

“Okay fine.” Matt said, reaching into the pen.

Firework backed up, trying to escape Matt’s reach, but hadn’t realized that Matt wasn’t aiming for him.

With the red and blue unicorn in his grasp, Matt smiled at Firework. He squeezed the newborn gently, earning himself some panicked peeps and squirms.

“Tell me the truth, or I’ll kill your son.” Matt said.

Firework’s eyes were wide. He looked from Matt, to the baby in his grasp, to the now crying Charcoal.

“Otay! Otay!” Firework said, his voice desperate. “Pwease nu huwt bestest babbeh.”

“Start talking.” Matt demanded.

“Dis.. dis am Fiew-wowk’s hewd! Fiew-wowk deciwde wat babbeh am gud an’ wat babbeh am bad. Poopeh cowow babbeh nu gud fo’ hewd. Nu need ugwe cowow babbehs, su Fiew-wowk twee mummahs dat bah ugwe babbehs need gu fowevah-sweepies. Dummeh Tangewine nu wan babbehs gu fowevah-sweepies, say aw babbeh am gud babbeh.”

Matt was quiet for a long time, starting at Firework. The little bastard was capable of so much cruelty for an animal with the IQ of a toaster.

“So why did you kill Tangerine?” Matt asked.

“Dummeh Tangewine wan teww daddeh ‘bout bad babbehs! Wan get hewd in twobew! Nu wet dummeh fwuffy make daddeh get hewd in twobew!”

“So you killed him. I took you into my home, gave you food and toys and warmth. All I asked is that you take care of your babies, all of them. And you couldn’t even do that?”

“Nu cawe! Nu cawe! Fiew-wowk make wuwes! Not daddeh!”

“Not daddy? Listen here you little shit, this is my house, my rules. You could have all led happy, healthy lives. Instead, now I have to hurt all of you.” Matt was done. These fluffies were corrupt, bad, evil. There was no way he would ever get them to love or accept Arion and Chestnut. There was no way he would let these fucks live with him.

And there was no way he’d let them live.

Matt looked at the baby in his hand, eyes shut tight and peeping desperately for its mother’s milk.

“P- pwease daddeh… gib Chawcoaw back bestest babbeh? Need miwkies an wuv.”

“This is your bestest baby? Okay, you can have him back.” He gently dropped the baby back into the pen in front of its mother. Charcoal immediately grabbed the panicked baby and put it to one of her swollen teats, letting it drink fully.

“Pinkie, Charcoal, listen up.” Matt said. “I want one of your babies each. You can stay with the others ones, but I want one of them. You may choose.”

Pinkie and Charcoal both looked panicked.

“Pwease daddeh, nu take gu babbehs, babbesh nee’ mummah fo’ miwkies an wuv!” Pinkie said, holding her babies close to her.

“I don’t care. You can either give me one of your babies willingly or I’ll take them all by force.” Matt said. The two mothers looked at each other, clearly fearing both options.

Matt smiled to himself. He knew that Pinkie was now regretting letting Firework kill her other babies, as they would have been great options to give up at this moment.

She was the first to give up a baby; her little black earthie.

“Daddeh can hab bwack babbeh… nu as pwetty as othew babbehs...” She said sadly, pushing the little filly away from her. The black baby peeped in distress as it was given up.

Navy, however, wasn’t too please. “Nu!” He said, finally breaking his silence. “Daddeh nu take babbehs! Nu take any babbehs! All am gud!”

“Oh really? All your babies are good? What about the brown and green baby, you didn’t try to protect those, now did you?” Matt said, scooping the black filly up from the pen. He put it in a small carrier, one he’d set up with a heating pad for when he’d planned to take all the foals. Well, plans change.

“Charcoal, your turn.” Matt said, turning to her. Navy had retreated to Pinkie, and both were now crying over the loss of their ‘worst baby.’ Fucking assholes.

For Charcoal, black and white were her favorite colors as they were her colors. But she also loved the blue and red babies as they were the color of Firework. She especially wasn’t going to give up her pretty blue-red baby, the bestest baby ever, with his blue body and red legs.

“Daddeh can hab… wed wingie babbeh...” She said hesitatingly. She nudged the baby out of the pile and towards Matt.

“Okay.” Matt said. He took the other peeping baby and put it with the black one in the carrier. The warmth immediately calmed the baby down and they both nuzzled next to each other in the warmth. “You’ve chosen your babies. There are no take-backs now. I’ll be back later today.”

And with that, Matt left the basement, leaving the crying mothers and the very confused Firework to themselves as he closed all the basement doors.

Next, Matt took the carrier into the safe-room, and was happily greeted by Chestnut and Arion.

“Yay! Daddeh’s back!” Arion said, grinning from ear to ear.

“Daddeh! Wook! Babbeh am see-babbeh now!” Chestnut said with joy.

Damnit I missed the opening… Matt was a little disappointed but the baby was a seeing baby now! Its eyes were fully opened and it was excitedly stumbling and trying to stand. It still peeped and chirped instead of speaking, and it hadn’t quite gotten the whole ‘walking’ thing down, but over the next week that should occur.

“Wow Chestnut! That’s wonderful!” Matt said. He placed the carrier of foals just outside the safe room and gently leaned down to see the baby. “Hey little girl, my name is Matt, I’m your daddy.” He said softly.

The baby looked at him, sniffed his fingers a few times, and then let out a loud and happy chirp, cooing as he rubbed her head.

“I think she likes me,” Matt said happily.

“Yesh! Babbeh am gub babbeh an wuv daddeh!” Chestnut said really happily.

“Okay, it’s vet time everyone, we’re gonna go today so we can make sure you’re all healthy, alright?”

Arion pranced a bit and nuzzled Chestnut. “Otay daddeh.” He said, “We gu in metaw munstah?”

“Yeah we’re going to take the car, okay? You can both be good fluffies and ride in the car, right?”

“Yesh daddeh.” Chestnut said. “Awion teww Ches’nut dat metaw munstah am nu bad. Nu gunna num Ches’nut o’ babbeh.”

“That’s right.” Matt said, picking Chestnut up. He was sure Arion could walk next to him, but wanted to ensure that the baby was calm and with its mother.

Arion followed dutifully, muttering how he was going to be good at the vet for daddy. It was only when the passed the basement door that Matt lost sight of the little alicorn. He looked around briefly and saw Arion sniffing curiously at the door’s threshold.

“Arion! Come here!” Matt said, a little too firmly.

Arion jumped, clearly scared from his daddy’s tone.

“Sowwy daddeh… Awion smeww fwuffies!” Arion said, explaining why he lagged behind.

Matt paled. “You’re the only fluffies here, it’s probably just a stray smell. Now c’mon, we’ve got to go.”

“Otay daddeh!” Arion said, obeying his daddy. He was sure he smelled fluffies. He didn’t know why his daddy couldn’t smell it, but it was fine.

In the car, Matt got Chestnut and Arion comfortable in the back seat with fluffy towels and some pillows. Chestnut was cooing to her now-sleeping baby and her and Arion were happily chatting about the vet. Matt ran inside really fast to grab the carrier of foals. He placed it in the front seat next to him and made sure that they were still sleeping. He wasn’t quite sure how he was going to sell it to Chestnut, but he knew he needed his two foals to have access to milk, or they’d die.

The car ride was mostly uneventful. The engine starting scared Chestnut and Arion, and woke all the foals up. Arion had been briefly aware of the foals in the carrier, and was staring that them with some confusion until Chestnut’s baby shit on her mother in fear. Chestnut complained about not smelling pretty and Arion helped to calm the fussy baby while Chestnut cleaned her off.

They arrived at Fluff-Mart soon, however, and Matt had to put Chestnut and her baby in a carrier of their own. Arion, however, didn’t have a carrier. Matt slipped little shoes on his hooves, they had been on sale the last time he was out and they had strong rubber soles and soft cushions inside.

“Arion, can you be a good fluffy and walk next to daddy so I can carry these?” Matt asked.

“Yesh daddeh! Awion wiww wawk wif daddeh!”

“Okay. You have to stay right by my side, okay? No running off and if you need a little break let me know.

“Otay daddeh. Wiww be gud.”

Arion flicked his legs out a bit when he was placed on the ground, the shoes obviously a little uncomfortable on his hooves, but quickly fell right next to Matt as he carried the other fluffies inside. Matt kept a close eye on Arion, but the fluffy was trotting along right next to him like a good boy.

Chestnut sang gently to her baby in the carrier, but the red and black foal in the other carrier had began to peep nervously with the jostling of the carriers.

“Daddeh?” Chestnut asked from the carrier.

“What’s up Chestnut?”

“Daddeh hab… mowe babbehs?” Chestnut could obviously hear the peeping and chirps of the distressed babies.

“Yeah. I have a few foals who’s parents abandoned them. I’m taking them to the vet to make sure they’re healthy.

“Dat am su sad…” Chestnut said quietly.

Inside Fluff-Mart, the vet station was thankfully empty. The receptionist gave Matt a small check in sheet for each fluffy and went to go grab Tiffany.

The forms were simple; what’s your fluffy’s name? Where did you get your fluffy: fluff mart, breeder, feral rescue. Any previous medical knowledge. Is this your fluffy’s first visit? Does your fluffy have any special needs? Etc.

Matt filled one out for each fluffy, and was a little embarrassed when he had to check “feral rescue” for each fluffy. He really hoped that Tiffany didn’t judge him, or worse; assume he was an abuser.

Chestnut, for her part, kept looking over at the carrier with the other babies in it. She kept going back her her baby, talking to her and singing a calming song.

“Daddeh?” Arion asked.

“What’s up bud?”

“Wat am ‘vet’?”

“Oh, well… a vet is a doctor for fluffies. They make sure that you’re healthy and let me know if you’re not.”

Arion nodded. “Awion knu dat. But wat am vet?”

“I… I don’t know what you’re asking.” Matt said, confused. “Do you mean…”

Arion sucked his hoof, confused. It was clear he was trying to come up with the words to phrase his question when Tiffany came in.

“Hey Matt! These must be your fluffies, and this handsome guy must be Arion!” She knelt down to say hello. “Hey Arion, how are you?”

“Hewwo pwetty wady. Awion am gud! Fank yu fo’ ask.” Arion said, leading into her hand as she petted his mane.

“Wow this guy was a feral? He’s so well behaved!” Tiffany said to Matt.

“Yeah, he’s a little charmer.” Matt said smiling. “Arion, this is Tiffany, she’s the vet.”

“OH!” Arion said, his tail wagging now. “Vet am pwetty hooman mawe?”

Tiffany laughed as Matt’s face turned red. Arion hadn’t been asking what a vet did, he’d been asking what a vet was. He was a feral, and didn’t really know anything about the human world, Matt guessed.

“That’s right Arion! I’m the vet. But vets can be human stallions too!” She said, smiling at him. “And this pretty mommy must be… Chestnut!” She said, briefly looking at the chart. “What a pretty baby you have, you must be very proud.”

“Fank yu pwetty vet. Babbeh am best babbeh. Be vewwy gud.” Chestnut replied.

The term ‘best baby’ had Tiffany frown for a moment before she realized there were no other foals in Chestnut’s carrier.

“And Matt, whose babies are those?” Tiffany said, gesturing to the black filly and red pegasus.

“They’re some babies some ferals abandoned. I figured they would do better with me than outside.”

Tiffany frowned. Red and black were usually popular colors, and it was surprising that they would be abandoned alone.

“So they’re not Chestnuts?” She asked.

“No. When I found Chestnut, she only had her current baby.” Matt said. “She… uh, was raped by a stallion right before I took her in.”

“Oh wow, okay. Is that on the sheet?”


“Alright! Why don’t we take these guys to the check-up room? Matt, you can come if you’d like, it’ll be nice to have a second set of familiar hands.”

“Oh, okay.” Matt said.

Tiffany picked up Chestnut’s box and the babies, while Matt carried Arion in his arms, having taken the booties off. Arion giggled like he always did when carried, and it helped put Chestnut at ease too. It was clear she was being really good not complaining, but the carrier made her uncomfortable.

In the check-up room, Tiffany was quick to let Chestnut out of the carrier, way more in touch with how fluffies felt than Matt.

“You were such a good girl for staying in the carrier for so long! Would you like a treat?”

“Fank yu nice wady. Ches’nut wike tweat.” Chestnut said softly as she stretched on the steel table. Tiffany had laid down a towel so it wasn’t cold on fluffy sensitive hooves. Chestnut still had her baby close.

Tiffany gave her a small treat, which Chestnut quickly gobbled down. She smiled at the taste and cooed to her baby.

“Okay, so we’re going to go through some routine tests; check for worms, check bloodwork, teeth, and other physical quality.”

“Okay. Chestnut is sensitive so be careful okay?” Matt said, looking over at the brown fluffy.

To his surprise, Chestnut had sat down and her head was gently swaying back and forth.

“Chestnut?” Matt asked, concerned.

“It’s okay. The treat I gave her is drugged. She’ll be asleep soon.” Tiffany said, gently laying Chestnut on her side. Matt watched, concerned, as her eyes closed and she fell asleep.

“Okay, now let’s take a look at the little… girl!” Tiffany said, lifting Chestnut’s baby up.

She examined the little baby, checking her mouth, her eyes, the fluff that was coming in. She stroked and held her sweetly and even though the baby kept looking over at its mother, it was still clearly comfortable.

“Well the little girl is in great shape! Not too fat, which means Chestnut knows it shouldn’t be eating constantly, opened her eyes at the right time, and I can feel her teeth coming in nicely. Let’s take a look at mom, would you mind holding the baby?”

“Uh sure.” Matt said, taking the small baby in his hands. The filly knew Matt’s scent and immediately began to coo as it wrapped in a ball in his hands and nuzzled up.

Tiffany changed her gloves and examined Chestnut. Her teats were swollen, and it was obvious that it had been uncomfortable for her to move too much, since only one baby was drinking milk and not the usual five to eight that should be. Tiffany lifted the teats gently and grabbed a bottle from the shelf, and began to gently milk the mare, filling the bottle to the absolute brim with milk. She slapped a rubber nipple on the top and handed it to Matt.

“If the baby gets hungry, feed her from this.”

Tiffany turned back to Chestnut, continuing the examination. Her eyes were both good, and her teeth were in good condition. Good oral health. Her vagina was also in good condition, despite the rape that Matt had mentioned happened a few weeks ago. Tiffany felt her stomach gently and immediately pulled back.

“Okay, so the good news is that Chestnut is in really good shape; she’s healthy and judging by her attitude, happy too.”

“That’s great!” Matt said.

“The bad news – she’s pregnant.”

“She’s… what?” Matt was dumbstruck.

“She wouldn’t be showing yet, but she would have known. I’m guessing she’s been focused on her current baby to care notice her ‘tummy babies’ yet. Do you know what happened to her previous foals?”

“No. I never asked because it seemed to make her really sad.”

“Okay.” Tiffany smiled. “I’ll have to ask her so I know what we’re dealing with. If she miscarried before we’d need to make sure she doesn’t again. If her previous foals were killed she’ll have some attachment issues.”

Tiffany finished her examination of Chestnut and put her back in the carrier, this time with the top half taken off, with her baby next to her.

“Okay Arion!” Tiffany said. “Your turn!”

Arion pranced a little and let Tiffany pick him up. He stood calmly on the table, smiling proudly at Matt as if to say ‘see what a good fluffy I am?’ It was adorable.

First, Tiffany checked Arion’s eyes and mouth. He flinched when she used the dilation light in his eyes, but was quite calm when she opened his mouth and felt his teeth. Both were good, healthy. Next, she checked his stomach, feeling for hernias or organ issues. Again, Arion was remarkably healthy for a feral fluffy.

She went down his body, checking his vertebrae and legs, as well as each of his hooves. Finally, she got to his testicles.

“Arion, I’m going to have to touch your special lumps, okay? I promise I won’t hurt you.”

“O-otay nice wady.” Arion said. He was nervous, but tried to stay calm for daddy.

Tiffany gently felt the stallion’s balls, rolling them around and making sure there was no damage, torsion, or wounds. Fortunately for Arion, his testicles and his anus looked to been perfectly fine.

“Arion is also in great shape Matt! You’re taking great care of these fluffies.” She gave Arion a treat, this one not drugged, for being such a good patient. “If you want, I can always neuter Arion. He’s a little old for it, so he’d probably be a little depressed for a while, but he should recover with lots of love.”

“Oh uh, I don’t know. I was thinking maybe I’d breed him at some point?” Matt said. He wasn’t actually sure about that, but he didn’t really want to cut Arion’s balls off.

“Okay. Just letting you know, eventually he’ll start to complain that his balls hurt and ask for ‘special hugs’ or a ‘special friend’ to get rid of the pain.”

“Now,” Tiffany said, “Let me see those foals.”

The red pegasus and black earthie were, again, in surprising condition. The black earthie was a filly and she was developing nicely. Both of the foal’s eyes were still closed, but Tiffany could tell the would open soon. They were active, too. Both foals wiggled and peeped constantly, obviously well-fed.

“Matt, how did you find these foals?”

“Oh uh, their parents abandoned them.”

Tiffany looked up at him. “Look I’m not an idiot. These foals are well-fed, have lots of energy, and are developing correctly. Abandoned foals are usually half malnourished. If they were abandoned willingly, they would be ugly colors and the ‘bad babies’ that would have been underfed. I can only guess they weren’t abandoned willingly, and if that’s the case… well I won’t judge you but I need to know.”

“I- uh… I took them from their parents.” Matt admitted.

“Okay. Why?” Tiffany said. She had wrapped the babies in a warm towel and was feeding them a mix of fluffy milk and vitamin supplements.

“Well… they were the fluffies that… y’know… Tangerine.” Matt said. He tried to avoid the whole ‘dead fluffy’ thing in front of Arion, who was sitting contently on his lap as he stroked between the fluffy’s wings.

“I see. So this is, what? Revenge?” Tiffany said. Matt really didn’t seem like an abuser, and she’d met many of them. He was nice, took good care of his fluffies, and seemed genuinely upset when Tangerine passed.

“I… guess so? I’m not going to hurt them! I’m gonna raise them.” Matt said. He wasn’t lying. Just omitting some truths.

“I believe that, Matt. I do. But, I don’t know, taking foals from their parents? And you told me they gave them up willingly!”

“I- well they did! I just… uhg how do I explain...” Matt was sweating. Tiffany was nice and currently breaking down all his lies. “Okay… I’ll… I’ll tell you the truth.”

And he did. From the hitting of Arion awakening something in him to the capture of the ferals to the death of the poopie babies to the theft of the foals. All of it, in detail. By the time he’d finished, the medication that had knocked Chestnut out had worn off and she was awake, talking to her baby.

“Jesus Matt. That’s… that’s pretty fucked up.” Tiffany said after a long silence.

“Y-yeah. I know.” Matt swallowed hard. “Now what?”

“Now what? Nothing. Fluffies aren’t considered animals really, they’re considered property. Killing and capturing ferals holds the same issues with the law as collecting glass bottles out of trashcans and shattering them in your basement. As long as you don’t leave their corpses in the street, the police won’t do anything.”


“Well… I really love fluffies. I’m a vet, Matt. I heal them, I fix them, I help them. Hearing that you keep a bunch in your basement for… violent… purposes isn’t… well it’s not the best thing I’ve heard all day.”

“I know… I didn’t mean to start… abusing. It’s just… well they make me so mad. I was going to… I don’t know Tiffany. I just wanted to… vent?”

Tiffany sighed. She took another long pause and stroked the foals in the blanket. “I get it.”

“You… you do?”

“Yeah. In vet school… you’ve gotta have that streak. We did vivisection, we did operations without anesthesia, we did all sorts of bad things. And there were days when you couldn’t hear that baby talk one more time. You ask any fluffy vet and they’ve enjoyed themselves at least once. There’s a reason I offer pillowing, and it’s not company policy.”

“R… really?” Matt was surprised, to say the least. This sweet, kind vet liked to abuse? “But...”

“I don’t abuse client’s fluffies, Matt. I like my job and I like healing them. I get the weird divide; you love Arion and Chestnut. And you hate the others. It’s fine. I get it. Just promise me one thing.”


“Don’t let Arion or Chestnut find out. It’ll psychologically break them.”

“I promise.”

* * *

The drive home had been calm. Arion and Chestnut had been given some extra treats from Tiffany and they were both happily munching away on them. Chestnut had giggled as her baby had tried to eat one, salivating all over the treat as it gummed it. The two foals in their carrier had been quiet and content, and even Chestnut seemed more comfortable.

“Chestnut?” Matt asked once they were all back in the safe-room. Even the black and red foals, though he’d left them in their carrier. “Why didn’t you tell me your t- uh… milkie places hurt you?”

“Ches’nut am sowwy daddeh...” She said, looking away. “Nu wan’ botha daddeh.”

“Oh Chestnut, it’s not a bother. If you’re ever in pain you need to let me know so I can help you.” Matt said, stroking her mane. “Are you feeling better now?”

“Yesh daddeh! Nice wady Tif’nee make miwkie-pwaces feww su bettah!”

“I’m glad. Now… Chestnut I want to ask you something, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but it’ll help me understand how I can help you, okay?”

“Yesh daddeh.”

“What happened to your other babies?”

Chestnut’s eyes immediately began to water. She looked away from Matt and down her her baby, who was gently sleeping by her belly.

“Dis am Ches’nut wastest babbeh...” She said softly. “Ches’nut hab two an two babbehs. Aww pwetty gud babbehs. Speshuw-fweind am pwetty bwown stawwion. He am gud daddeh… bu’ one bwight-time he gu tu get nummies an’ neba cum back...”

“Oh Chestnut...”

“Am hawd tu find nummies an’ watch babbehs… tu widdew tu stay at nestie but nee’ weave babbehs awone to find nummies fo make miwkies… One bwight-time Ches’nut gu to get nummies fo’ babbehs. When cum back...” She took a deep breath, and wrapped around her baby. “Wastest babbeh am onwy babbeh.”

“Where did your other babies go?”

“Nu kno. Ches’nut wook ebewywere! Undah nestie, near twash-nummie boxies. Bu’ Ches’nut neba find otha babbesh. Dey gone.”

She sobbed now, in full. Her baby woke up seeing its mother’s distress and nuzzled closer to Chestnut’s stomach.

“I’m so sorry Chestnut.” Matt said. He gently stroked Chestnut’s baby and the mare.

“It am otay. Ches’nut saddie fo many bwight-time. Bu’ stiww hab wastest babbeh. Nee’ be gud mummah fo’ wastest babbeh.”

“You are a good mother. I’m so sorry Chestnut. You’ve been such a great mother to your baby. I… I want to ask you something.” Matt said, getting the carrier with the other foals.

“Wat daddeh ask Ches’nut?”

Matt pulled the black filly and red colt from the carrier, and held them in front of Chestnut. They were full of milk and sleeping peacefully. Chestnut sniffed them with interest.

“I was hoping you’d help me raise these babies. I know they’re not yours but they need mother’s milk. And since the reason your milkie places hurt you is because you’re making too much milk for one baby. These will drink the rest of your milk and make you feel better. And don’t worry, your own baby obviously comes first.”

Chestnut stared at Matt for a while, clearly processing his request.

“Daddeh… gib Ches’nut babbehs?” She asked.

“Yes, if you want. You don’t have to take care of them if you don’t want to, but I figured it would be better to have you raise them than me.” Matt said.

“Daddeh am nu mummah su dat make sense.” She said smiling. “Ches’nut wuv babbehs… aww babbehs. Can… can Ches’nut howd babbehs?”

“Of course!” Matt said.

He gently put the babies by Chesnut’s front hooves. She wrapped them up in her arms, and brought her own baby up to her chest too. The babies peeped and rolled in comfort. Chestnut’s filly sniffed them with interest but began to happily peep and nuzzle them after a moment. Chestnut smiled at her and brought all of the babies together in a hug.

“Wook babbeh. Am big-sissie now. Hab widdew bwotha an’ sissie.” Chestnut said, smiling.

“So… you want to raise them?” Matt said.

“Yesh daddeh. Wan be gud mummah fo’ babbehs.” She said. She was crying again.

“Okay. Then they’re yours. You’re their new mommy.”

“Fank yu su much daddeh!” Chestnut said, nuzzling all three of her babies. “Ches’nut be bestest mummah fo’ aww babbehs! Bu… daddeh?”

“Yes Chestnut?” Matt said. He was stroking her back.

“Can… can Ches’nut bwown babbeh hab name?”

“Oh! Of course! Why don’t we name them all, so we can tell them apart easily?”

Chestnut nodded.

“Hey Arion, c’mere!” Matt said. The alicorn had been playing by himself and watching the exchange between Matt and Chestnut.

“Yesh daddeh!” Arion said, bounding over. He sat happily next to Matt and wagged his fluffy tail.

“Say hi to Chestnut’s new babies okay? They’re going to be part of our family.”

“Hewwo babbehs!” Arion said. He leaned down low to the babies in Chestnut’s hug and sniffed them. “Dese am gud babbehs! Ches’nut am bestest mummah!” Arion said happily. He licked each of the babies, earning a small coo from the red and black baby, and a happy giggle and a return lick from the brown filly.

“Okay, ready for your babies’ names?” Matt asked. He already had ideas.

“Yesh daddeh!” Chestnut said.

“Hmm… for your brown baby why don’t we call her… Almond?” Matt said. The fur that had come in was a pretty brown, like her mother’s, but lighter in color.

“Awmon’ am pwetty name! Fank yu daddeh!”

“Okay! You’re Almond little girl.” Matt said. He rubbed her head with his finger and was delighted by the happy coo. “Now for these two… hmm...”

The black filly and red colt were both soundly asleep, enjoying the comfort and warmth of a mother’s fluff.

“How about we call the black filly… Licorice?” Matt asked. If she was anything like her mother, she should develop some white at some point.

“Oooo Wicowish su pwetty! Babbeh am gunna wuv name!”

“I hope so! And for this little guy… how about Brick?” Matt said. His red fur wasn’t nearly as bright as Firework’s, it was a much more subdued tone.

“Bwick! Am gud name!” Chestnut smiled and nuzzled the three foals. “Awmon’, Wicowish, an’ Bwick! Aww gud babbehs. Ches’nut pwomise be gud mummah fo’ aww babbehs!”

“An Awion be gud bwotha!” Arion added. Chestnut smiled at him.

“You’re gonna be the best mom and the best brother for these little guys!” Matt affirmed. He stroked Arion’s fluff and rolled him on his tummy, tickling the alicorn.

“Ahaha! Daddeh! Tu much tickies!” Arion flailed his little legs in between his laughing.

They all played like this for a while, Matt tickling Arion and gently playing with Almond. The two babies woke up every now and again to feed, which Matt could tell was an immense relief for Chestnut. They played blocks and ball, and before he knew it, an hour had passed.

“Okay, Daddy has to do some work now alright guys?”

“Otay daddeh! Fank yu fo’ pway-tiem!” Arion said. He yawned and laid down near Chestnut. The play time had clearly worn all of them out and Almond was peacefully sleeping in a fluff-pile with her adoptive siblings.

“Hab gud wowk daddeh!” Chestnut said, curling around her babies and cuddling close to Arion so they could all sleep peacefully.

Matt smiled as he left the safe-room, closing the door behind him.

It was time for a different kind of play.

* * *

Firework and the other ferals in the basement all huddled around the remaining babies. They had recovered from the fighting and screaming, and quickly after all of them had bowed back down to Firework as the smarty of the heard who had killed the evil Tangerine that made daddy so angry at them.

Firework, however, wasn’t doing so great. Breathing was hard and where daddy had kicked him was sore. He limped when he walked and drinking and eating caused him pain. He didn’t know it but three ribs had been broken from the combined impact of Matt’s foot and the wall.

The ferals all jumped as they heard the basement door slam shut. Slowly walking up to the workbench was Matt. He was carrying a bag with… something in it, though they couldn’t tell what.

“Hewwo daddeh!” Firework said, coughing a bit. “Am time fo’ nummies?”

Matt stopped what he was doing and went over to Firework. He lifted the fluffy by the neck scruff and threw him roughly into the sink by the workbench. The basin was stainless steel and the walls were high so there was no way Firework was getting out.

“Owies! Why daddeh huwt gud fwuffy!?” Firework demanded.

“Good? You’re not a good fluffy. You’re a very bad fluffy. And now I’m going to make you watch.”

Matt grabbed some of the discarded wood and a length of twine. With some nails he was able to fashion two of the planks into a make-shift cross; big enough for his purposes.

Lifting Firework from the basin, he placed the fluffy back-first against the crucifix and tied his two front legs down to either side, and tied both his back legs together and to the supporting post, crucifying the fluffy. He stuffed the base of the cross into a grommet on the workbench, so that Firework had a full view of the table.

“Wet Fiew-wowk gu! Nu wike dis game!” Firework demanded, struggling against the ropes.

“This isn’t a game, Firework. This is a reckoning.”

“W… what am we-… wekon’in?”

“Consider it the payment of a debt.” Matt said. He didn’t care that he wasn’t making any sense to the dumb animal. The cryptic conversation was making Firework nervous, and that was what mattered.

“Now… who first?” Matt said, looking at the pen. Most of the fluffies were cowering away now. They looked from Matt to their babies to Firework.

“W-wet fuffies gu nice daddeh?” Aquamarine asked, his eyes wide and pleading.

“Ah, a volunteer!” Matt said. The grin on his face was malicious, to say the least.

Matt quickly pulled Aquamarine from the pen and placed him on the workbench. He reached into the bag, which was filled with goodies from both the abuse section of Fluff-Mart and the local hardware store, and grabbed four large zip-ties, attaching them to nails that were strategically placed in the surface of the bench.

Zipping Aquamarine’s legs to the table so he was splayed, Matt could now focus that he had both hands free.

“Remember Firework, this is all your fault.” Matt said.

Aquamarine’s face was turned towards Firework, and he was openly crying and struggling now, his little heart beating rapidly. He didn’t know what was going on, but something in him told him it was bad.

Matt grabbed a pair of pliers from the tool rack and opened Aquamarine’s mouth. Fluffy teeth were strong enough, but their jaws were pretty weak. Even the hardest fluffy bite would only bruise. Sometimes they were strong enough to draw blood, but not usually.

Working with a deliberate slowness, Matt let Aquamarine see the pliers before he reached them in his opened mouth and ripped his back left molar out.

Aquamarine’s eyes went wide the second before the pain hit him. And then he screamed.

“SCREEEEEEE MOUF HURTIES MOUF HURTIES!” He screamed as soon as Matt’s hand was out of his mouth, blood pouring from the now open cavity.

Matt very calmly put the tooth on the table in front of Firework, who was also now crying.

“Meanie dummeh hooman gib tuffie wowstest huwties!” Firework said, struggling harder against his bindings.

“Oh no, this is a performance. Please, no comments from the audience.” Matt said, grabbing a roll of duct tape from the bag and ripping off a hefty piece. He wrapped it around Firework’s muzzle, shutting the fluffy up.

Matt turned back to the sobbing Aquamarine, prying his mouth open again. It was harder this time, as he was trying his hardest to keep it shut.

“Don’t worry, only a couple dozen left.” Matt said, going for the second tooth.

He clamped down on each tooth, making sure to work as slowly as possibly. He would grab the top and twist back and forth, making sure to press down so the tooth ground against Aquamarine’s jawbone as much as possible. He then pulled, slowly, until he could hear the gargled sobs of the fluffy, and then pulled the tooth free.

With each tooth, Aquamarine drooled more and more and bloody spit was all over Matt’s hands and workstation. Aquamarine was struggling against the zip-ties but seemed to have realized there was nothing he could do.

When Matt got to the last teeth – the front teeth – Aquamarine was sobbing but not even struggling. He’d either accepted his fate or exhausted himself. Matt smiled as he pulled these teeth quickly, one after the other as fast as he could. The sudden change of pace and new pain shot through Aquamarine and he began struggling and sobbing anew.

“There, all done. That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Matt said. Before him sat a pile of teeth, bloody and wet, as well as the newly toothless Aquamarine.

“Wahh papffy tak fweef...” Aquamarine gurgled. Matt laughed at the sloppy speech. With every word, bloody spit flowed from Aquamarine’s mouth.

“Here, you know what. I feel bad. Let me give back your teeth!” Matt said. He picked up one of Aquamarine’s front teeth in his pliers, and forced his mouth open again.

And then he shoved it where Aquamarine’s molars had been. The fluffy screamed as the tooth was forced in the wrong spot, and as Matt twisted and ground it in. Matt did so with most of the other teeth, haphazardly ramming them back into Aquamarine’s mouth; molars in the front, canines in the back, front teeth off to the side. When he was finished, the teeth had been impacted hard enough into the jawbone that they weren’t going to be easily taken out.

Aquamarine was sobbing anew and peeping ridiculously. Matt couldn’t help but laugh at the agonized fluffy.

“Wow, you sound even more retarded than a normal fluffy.” Matt said, untying him and practically tossing him back in the pen. “I’m done with you now.”

“Well, Firework, how’d you like the show? Don’t worry, there’s plenty more of your heard to have fun with! Who’s next…?”

The ferals were all terrified, sobbing and shitting themselves as they huddled as far away from Matt and Aquamarine as possible.

“How about a baby!” Matt said, grabbing the pink earthie from Pinkie.

“Nu! Nu huwt gud babbeh!” Pinkie screamed, trying to grab her from Matt’s grasp. It was a futile effort, of course, her being slow and small.

Matt brought the little filly over to the workbench. She didn’t need to be strapped down, as she was still just a chirpy baby and couldn’t fight back.

Matt flipped her on her back and pulled out a few wooden dowels from his bag. One went in the filly’s asshole, and the other went right into her cunt. He grabbed a little pegboard stand and put both pegs into the holes of the board, making her a little trophy.

“Well look at that, the baby is standing up!” Matt said, laughing at the peeps of pain and fear from the little filly. The pegs had been forced down and vertical, parallel to each other, which of course pulled both the poor filly’s vagina and asshole apart. Matt could see the grotesque bulge in the filly’s stomach where the rough unfinished wood of the peg was rubbing against her insides.

Matt pressed down on her head, forcing the pegs deeper inside her and causing her to peep and chirp in agony as the splintery wood tore her sensitive insides apart. Matt could see the wood becoming damp with blood.

“Aw I don’t think the poor girl is gonna last much longer.” Matt said to Firework. The smarty was crying now, trying to reach towards the filly, obviously to hug her, but the ropes and the gag prevented any soothing kindness from reaching the filly.

She struggled more, exhausting herself before eventually just hanging on the pens peeping and panting. Matt knew she’d expire fairly soon.

Next he grabbed the blue pegasus colt. This one wiggled and resisted his grasp. Pinkie was crying in the corner, wrapped protectively around her best baby – the pink pegasus. Matt had special plans for that one.

Matt forced the foal on its stomach, pressing down hard enough to earn peeps of discomfort and a squirt of shit and piss from the scared foal. The wings of both this pegasus and the best baby had begun fully developing. They had the start of feathers on them and had the full joints. Matt pulled a small pair of tweezers from his tools and grabbed the new feathers.

He pulled. They came away easily enough, but the rest of the wing was so weak Matt was afraid that he would rip the whole wing off.

The baby screamed as its wings were torn apart, feather by feather. Matt remembered spending some time with his uncle in upstate New York, tending chickens. He’d plucked one once. This was like that.

The wings were bloody and raw when Matt had finished, and he had accumulated a nice pile of navy blue feathers. They were small and as the wings weren’t fully grown the feathers weren’t as numerous as they would be on a fully grown pegasus. Arion had far more feathers.

The little stallion flapped its featherless wings in pain, which only caused the creature more pain as the raw and bloody skin was stretched and moved. The foal didn’t seem to realize this, however, and only peeped more as it flapped harder.

“God you’re annoying. Maybe if you could see what’s wrong you’d get it?” Matt said. He gripped the foal’s head and kept it forward. Carefully he forced the lids of the baby’s left eye opened. The eye was mostly pupil, with a small ring of blue iris. The baby screeched in pain and tried to close its eye, clearly too young to have them open. Matt picked up a pen light and shone it directly into the eye.

The foal screeched louder as its eye was tormented and blinded. Matt knew the foal would be blind in that eye for the rest of its life. Its short, short life.

Matt opened the other eye the same way, and blinded it as well. The eyes were rolling and the foal peeped and screeched as it tried to close its eyes. Matt grabbed the tweezers and a small scalpel. The blade was recently sharpened, and Matt knew it would cut through flesh like butter.

Lifting the foal’s eyelids with the tweezers, and sliced right along the socket. He removed both lids and left the foal like that, blind but acutely aware that he could not blink. Already, Matt could see the white of the underdeveloped eyes turning red from irritation.

Matt sighed in relief. His hands were trembling and it had kept all his willpower to keep the knife steady. The baby was in agony, and Matt wasn’t even done with him yet. He turned to Firework, who had turned his head away and closed his eyes.

“Oh no, you don’t get to look away.” Matt said. “That’s rude.” Matt grabbed Firework’s jaw and pulled his face forward. “If you look away again, maybe I’ll take your eyelids. Or maybe I’ll hurt your pretty red and blue baby.”

Firework couldn’t speak, the gag fixed that, but his eyes went wide and angry and snot flew out of his nose when Matt threatened his baby.

“Then don’t fucking look away again.” Matt said, holding the scalpel. “Or I’ll make sure you can’t.”

Firework understood the threat, and sadly looked at the featherless, blinded baby. Fresh tears welled to his eyes and all his impotent rage had been replaced with sadness.

The baby was squeaking and chirping on the table when suddenly,

“M… mummah!” The cold squealed. “Owwies! Nee’ mummah!”

“Oh! Pinkie! Your wingie baby is a talkie baby now!” Matt said in mock-joy. “All it took was trauma.”

Pinkie looked up in apparent joy, looking at her bestest baby and back at Matt.

“Bestest babbeh! Bruddah am tawkie-babbeh nao! Mummah am su happy!” Pinkie cooed.

Well it was to be short lived. Matt picked up the broken weakly crying foal and showed him to his mother. Her screams were delicious. She started, slack jawed, at the blind baby with its red-raw eyes stick staring into darkness and its plucked little wings weakly flapping and tossing drops of blood everywhere.

“NUU! Munstah daddeh am gib wowstest huwties to babbeh! Nuuu!” She cried, backing away from her foal and clutching her bestest baby to her chest, trying to impotently save it.

“That’s right, Pinkie. And now I’m going to hurt your bestest baby!” Matt said, reaching dramatically slowly towards the pink pegasus.

“NUUU! NU HUWT BESTEST BABBEH!” Pinkie said, gripping her baby harder.

“Hmm, fine. I’ll let you choose; either I hurt you or hurt your baby.” Matt said. “You can save your baby by sacrificing yourself, or you can save yourself by sacrificing her.”

“Bu… buh babbeh nee’ mummah miwkies o’ gu fowevah-sweepies...”

“I can give your baby milk, and warmth, and food.” Matt said.

Pinkie was stuck, she was looking back and forth between her pink pegasus and the blue colt Matt had destroyed, clearly understanding that would be what happened to her last baby, or worse.

Matt had heard of abusers using this kinda catch-22 to torment fluffies. Most of them hid behind some nonsense moral bullshit, stating that a good mother would save her baby and using it to further their hatred of fluffies. Matt didn’t care about that pseudo-philosophy shit, he just wanted to torment the mother.

“P- pinkie take… take huwties fo’ babbeh. Nu huwt babbeh.” Pinkie said. She shakily stood, placing the pegasus with Charcoal. “Pwease be gud babbeh wifout mummah babbeh.” She started to cry.

Matt lifted Pinkie from the pen. She had gone totally limp, accepting her fate. Matt threw the blue colt roughly on the workbench, it’s opened eyes scraping against the rough wood. Its peeps were getting weaker. Matt wasn’t sure if it was dying or if it was just exhausted. He hoped it wasn’t dying yet.

Pinkie looked mournfully at her blue baby. “Sowwy fo’ huwties babbeh. Mummah am bad mummah.”

The blue foal chirped weakly, “Mummah? Miwkies… hungee...”

“Daddeh! Pwease wet mummah gib babbeh miwkies! Nee’ miwkies!” Pinkie begged.

“Hmm… okay. I’ll let you feed your baby.” Matt said. “First, though, you need to be prepared.”

Matt grabbed the second largest bag from Fluff-Mart, and pulled out the milkbag rack. It was a steel and rubber cage that kept a dam in an upright position, legs and arms apart, teats forced forward. Matt quickly strapped Pinkie in it despite her impotent struggling, and attached her legs to the spreader bars on the back, designed to prevent mothers from kicking or pushing the foals they were meant to feed off.

Matt lifted the blue colt and placed him on one of Pinkie’s teats. He greedily began to suckle and cry, the tears helping to moisten his ruined eyes.

“Okay Pinkie, now if you’re loud, you’ll scare your baby and that will make you a bad mother.” Matt said.

He picked up a box of tacks, the kind with rounded metal heads, and placed them next to Pinkie. He felt her hooves. She tried to pull away, instinctively, but the spreader bars held her legs firmly in place. They were leathery, sort of like the pads of a dog’s foot. The skin on them was rough, most likely from her feral life, and they were slightly squishy to the touch.

The softness of the skin made it easy to put the first tack in. Pinkie screeched loudly, and it had the exact desired effect.

“Mumm… mummah?” The blue colt squealed, backing away. “Scawy!”

“Pinkie! You scared your baby, that makes you a bad mommy! I guess I’ll just have to take him away...”

“NU! Nu take babbeh! Mummah be qwiet! Jus’… hoofsies huwties...”

“A good mother would be able to endure anything for their baby.” Matt said firmly. He placed the baby back on his mother’s teat.

And then he put the second tack in her hoof. He was going for a sort of horseshoe pattern at first, starting at the top of the hoof and then alternating the sides. Pinkie, to her credit, was staying remarkably still and quiet. She sniffled and tears leaked from her eyes as Matt dug more and more tacks into her hoof. By the time he was finished with the first hoof, the baby had finished drinking, and had curled up crying into it’s mother’s fluff.

Matt smiled. It was so frail and weak. Matt looked over at the filly. It was twitching weakly and mewling in pain. Its vagina was raw and bloody, as was its asshole. The pegs it had been impaled on were soaked through with blood, piss, and shit.

He roughly pulled her off the pegs, earning another weak cry.

“Okay, time for baby number two! Remember, good mothers don’t scare their babies.”

Pinkie nodded as Matt placed her pink earthie on her teat. The filly, wiggled towards the smell of its mother’s teat and started to suckle. Her legs were weak and bent oddly, probably from the too-large peg he’d crammed inside her holes.

Matt started on the second hoof. This time, he’d set up a small butane torch and heated the tacks. They made a satisfying sizzle as they entered Pinkie’s hooves. The heated tacks blistered and burned the skin. One hoof bled while the other cooked. Pinkie squealed a big and wiggled, but was concerned enough about her baby that she didn’t try to move her off.

Matt kept on sticking in tacks, getting them as hot as he could before he could barely hold them. Matt scowled at the box of tacks. He was running out. He’d gotten a little overzealous with the first hoof, and had covered the whole thing in tacks.

He only had about ten left, and hadn’t even covered half of her right front hoof in the heated tacks. Stabbing the rest of the tacks in, Matt started to heat the tacks in both hooves now, watching with glee as the silver metal heads of the tacks turned different colors from heating. Pinkie shifted uncomfortably as she tried her hardest to keep quiet. Tears welled in here eyes and she twisted her mouth trying to silence herself.

Matt could tell she wasn’t going to last much longer. The tacks were getting red now, and the leather that he could see was starting to blister and crack. There was no more blood – it had all been cooked and cauterized.

Fortunately for Pinkie, her pink baby had finished sucking and curled up next to her brother. Matt took the heat off, letting pinkie believe that she had done well and saved her babies.

“Huu, huu… mummah hab wowestet hoofsie huwties… But babbehs am fuww of miwkies su am gud mummah?”

“Sure, Pinkie.” Matt said, disinterested. He was rummaging through his bag of tools and finally found what he was looking for; pliers.

He held down Pinkie’s left hind leg with one hand and gripped the hoof firmly in the teeth of the pliers.

“D-daddeh… w-wat am daddeh do?”

Matt pulled.

Pinkie screamed.

He looked at the hoof in the teeth of his pliers. It had come away – well not cleanly, it had torn around where the flesh of the foot had met the pad of the hoof. There was a jagged line of flesh and some pink fluff still left on the hoof. The hoof sat on top of a layer of collagen and fat, much like a dog or cat’s paw. Matt could see the bottom layer of fat that sat above the foot bone that was still attached to Pinkie, while the upper layers of fat were still visible inside the hoof.

He callously threw the hoof on the table, hitting the blue colt with it.

“Daddeh! Munstah daddeh! Wowstest hoofsies huwties! Huu huu gib back hoofise!”

“It’s right there you dumb bitch. See?” Matt picked the hoof up and slapped Pinkie across the face with it. It was hard enough to bruise her snout but not enough to do anything else.

Pinkie cried and tried to reach for it, but flexing her front hooves made her whimper as the tacks dug into the flexing pad, making her cry anew.

Matt gripped the other back hoof, but relinquished the pliers’ grip after a new thought hit him. Taking the scalpel, he cut the hoof firmly in half, revealing all the interior layers and exposing the sensitive nerves inside the hooves.

He grabbed a chisel from the tool rack and began to slowly scrape out the inside of the hoof. Pinkie was screaming her head off now; the chisel was curved so it acted like a spoon and allowed him to hollow out the hoof fairly well.

She shook her head and body violently, shuddering and shivering as her sensitive feet were wrecked. Matt imagined the pain was probably akin to having someone shove a spoon under your fingernails. He smiled.

Once he had bloodied his hands enough, Matt figured his fun with Pinkie was over.

“Alright Pinkie! You’ve been such a good mom I’m going to give your babies back to their mom!”

“W-weawwy daddeh? Pinkie been gud… gib babbehs back?”

“That’s right!” Matt said, tipping her on her back. In this position, he had a good view and easy access to the mare’s vagina and anus.

Pinkie squealed as she was tipped over, trying to flail her legs to right herself but was still strapped down. Matt picked up the pink earthie and held her in front of Pinkie.

“Here’s your first baby!” Matt said. He shoved the foal, head first, back into it’s mother’s cunt.

“Nu! Nu wan! Nu wan! Babbeh tu big be tummeh-babbehs! Nu gu in speshuw-pwace!” Pinkie said, she tried to force the foal out but all she was able to do was flex her asshole. There was no way to force the baby out.

When the pink foal was fully inside, Matt grabbed a wooden dowel and pushed her deeper, ensuring he had room for the blue colt.

“Here’s your next baby!” Matt said, holding the colt up to Pinkie’s face.

“Nu! Pwease daddeh nu put babbeh in speshuw-pwace!” Pinkie begged. “Am gud mummah!”

Matt smiled, leaning in close, and whispered; “You’re a bad mommah.”

And then he shoved the colt inside her.

Pinkie was sobbing horribly, twitching as her babies were shoved deep inside her. Matt used the dowel again, making sure to push the babies as far as he could without outright killing them, hoping Pinkie could feel their desperate wiggles as they suffocated.

Grabbing a larger dowel, one that would stopper Pinkie, Matt quickly sawed it in half and then put one half of the dowel inside Pinkie’s vagina, and the other half in her asshole. The wood was almost immediately stained red from blood from each hole, and Matt only pushed them deeper. He wasn’t sure if the blood was from the foals or Pinkie’s, and he didn’t really care.

Matt looked over at Firework, who was still watching – eyes wide and tears stained on his face.

“Everything that happened to Pinkie is your fault, Firework. And you get to stay here and watch her die. I’ll be back tomorrow to take care of another one of your herd members. Until I run out. And then I’ll kill you.” Matt said, smiling at the horrified smarty.

“Now, I’ll leave the lights on for you, wouldn’t want you to miss the show in the dark.”

Matt walked away, leaving the broken mare shaking and repeating ‘wan die’ over and over again.

He needed a shower; all this blood would take ages to clean off and the last thing he wanted to do was scare Chestnut and Arion with the scent of fluffy blood.

* * *


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Draytini: Y'all wanted abuse? Oh boy, do I have some abuse for you!
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Anonymous9: I felt bad for the foals too at first, but maybe they're basically irredeemable since they've only known their crappy parents. No ugly babies, there are bestest babies, etc. The ones the mothers gave up know what it feels like to be rejected, so they have a chance to be decent.
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