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The Family; Part One

By differential_Sloth


Nigel yawned and stretched as best he could in the computer chair. He took a long drink of tea and turned back to the computer, willing himself to work. Regular sleep was a rare thing in a surgeon’s life, and Nigel did everything he could to stick with what passed for his sleep schedule. There were, however, exceptions to every rule; one of those was favours for old friends.

Dean was one of the few good friends Nigel managed to make in medical school; both made it through that and their residencies thanks in no small part to each other. So, Nigel could hardly refuse when Dean called him moments before bedtime asking for help.

‘This girl’s parents have hounded me since she came in wanting to know if there’s anything wrong with her head,’ he’d explained. ‘I just can’t shut them up by myself. I’ve sent all the scan images.’

‘I take it you want an answer by Tomorrow?'

‘If you can,’

‘I've spent more than thirty hours in theatre before,' Nigel said while he poured water into his mug. 'This is nothing.'

‘Thanks, buddy,' Dean breathed a sigh of relief. 'Don't know where'd I'd be without you.'

‘Me neither. Check your email tomorrow morning, you'll have everything you need.' Nigel hung up and went to his office.

Nearly an hour later, he’d sifted through the scans Dean sent him. He could tell from the images where the young patient hit her head, which matched up with what Dean’s description. Apparently, the girl's fluffy leapt off a vet's exam table, and she'd hit her head trying to save it. Foolish a move as it was, Nigel couldn't hold against the girl, not after all he did to save Amethyst's life. He shook his head, banishing the thoughts, and refocused.

The truth was, there was nothing on the scans that was cause for concern; the girl hit the table with her forehead, one of the hardest parts of the skull, which limited the damage. It also helped that she’d hit a flat surface. Nigel couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if she hit the corner, but that was all hypothetical. When he was satisfied the images weren’t hiding any time bombs, Nigel wrote a summary for Dean, sent it off and shut down the computer.

Finally, an hour after he meant to, it was time for bed. Nigel carefully walked down the hall, stopping at the safe room door. Careful not to wake the occupants, he opened the door a crack and peeked inside. In the soft glow of the nightlight, Lilith and her children were fast asleep; she, Abaddon and Pearl slept in a protective formation around Amethyst.

The purple alicorn was hard to see among her mother and siblings, but at least she was asleep for once. The poor filly suffered frequent nightmares since the attack. However, they were easing and happening less. Nigel hoped they'd stop soon, for her sake and his; waking up through the night to comfort her wasn't the best for his sleep pattern. Satisfied, Nigel closed the door and went to his room.


Nigel expected to feel worse when he woke in the morning; that wasn’t to say he felt good, but he managed to get out of bed within a few minutes of waking up. So far, so good. First stop was the kitchen, where the coffee machine had a pot already brewed. He filled a mug, went to the safe room door and opened it. Immediately, Abaddon and Pearl charged out and started to chase one another down the hall and around the living room. Nigel let them have their fun since they'd be in the safe room all day. Soon after, Lilith emerged with Amethyst by her side.

'Hewwo Daddeh,' The blood-red alicorn hugged Nigel's leg. Amethyst took the other.

‘Good morning,’ Nigel crouched and gave each a scratch behind the ears; their wings fluttered in approval. The two let go of his legs and followed him back to the kitchen. They waited patiently while Nigel got the food bowls out, portioned out breakfast for each fluffy and set the bowls on the kitchen floor. ‘Abaddon, Pearl, come eat your breakfast,’ Nigel called.

‘Nao Babbehs,’ Lilith added. There was a call of acknowledgement from the living room and soon after the pair arrived in the kitchen. While Lilith and her children ate breakfast, Nigel prepared his own; nothing too heavy, only some fruit and yoghurt. The rest of his morning passed quickly; before long, it was time to put the fluffies back in the safe room. ‘Daddeh?’ Lilith asked before Nigel closed the door,

'Yes, Sweetie?'

‘Wat am gun du wif dah oda fwuffies?’

It took Nigel a moment to remember what Lilith was talking about, the feral family he’d netted, literally, about a week ago. He meant to do something with them sooner but a string of long, stressful days at work along with the usual emergencies prevented that. They were still living in the garage, wary of him but not trashing the place. At least they agreed to use the spare litter box.

'I'm not sure sweetie, Daddy hasn't had a lot of time lately,'

'Bud when, Daddeh? Wat if,’ Lilith checked to see Amethyst wasn’t nearby, ‘wat if day am bad fwuffies?’ she said in a hushed tone. After what the feral stallion had done to Amethyst, Lilith had become far less enthusiastic about strange fluffies being in the house. Nigel had caught her a few times standing guard outside the garage door.

‘Don’t worry sweetie,’ Nigel said. 'I'll think about it today.’ Lilith’s comment already gave him a few ideas.

‘Tank yu Daddeh!’ The alicorn hugged Nigel’s leg.

‘Ok Lilith, Daddy needs to go to work. I’ll see you all later.’

‘Otay Daddeh,’ Lilith turned and went back to her children, busy with their block towers. Nigel closed the door, and heard a faint ‘Bai Big Daddeh,’ from behind it. Nigel went to his office, grabbed his bags and walked to the front door. On the way he considered checking on the family in the garage, but decided against it. They had enough food and water for the day, and it was no big loss if they hurt themselves. Besides, if he didn't leave soon, he'd get trapped in traffic. Nigel walked out the door, locked it got in the car.

To his relief, the day was light; a few appointments, follow up exams on recent operation patients, and correspondence with doctors in other parts of the country. It left him plenty of time around the margins to decide what he’d do with the family. It was a standard unit, stallion and mare with five foals. Two of the foals, a colt and filly, were near clones of their father and mother respectively and clearly the favoured children.

There were twin dull copper pegasi brothers, both smaller than even their regular size sibblings. Likely a single embryo that split in their mother's womb. Lastly, there was a larger than average earthie, who surprisingly was a filly; large earthies were almost always colts. She was dull grey all over and seemed more, distant than the others. Nigel had ideas for all of them, it was just a matter of where to start. His brainstorming was interrupted by an hour and a bit’s worth of research to get a risky brain operation past approval Once again, Charlie Tao’s work proved it’s worth.

By the time Nigel pulled back into his driveway, at the usual time for once, the plan was worked out. He just needed the right materials, and those were a phone call away. Nigel didn’t have many close friends, but they were the right ones. After all the fluffies were fed, Nigel made the call.

‘Could you swing by tomorrow by any chance?’

‘Let me check,’ the woman on the other end said. ‘Think you’ll be home by 6?’

‘I should be able to call in an early day,’ Nigel said. ‘Assuming no one knocks their head about.’

‘Good. Well, tell me if something happens.’

'I will, Sam. See you tomorrow.’

'See you,’

Nigel hung up and went to spent some time with the fluffies. Abaddon had grown fond of tug of wars, and Nigel wanted to make sure his jaws and teeth came out strong. It would be a shame if he couldn't put his C-type gifts to use.


‘I’ve got a few things you can play with,’ Sam put the case on Nigel's workbench and opened it. The padded case held a half dozen vials. Sam pulled out two. ‘These are sexual development boosters; this one works on colts,’ she held out the vial with a blue cap, ‘this one on fillies' she said, indicating the pink capped one. Sam put the vials on the bench and pulled out another. ‘This is general growth booster, popular with mills that use fluffy trainers.’

‘What does it do?’

‘Nothing fancy,’ Sam put the vial with the boosters. ‘It enhances muscle development, strength and makes fluffies more aggressive.’

‘By how much?’

‘Depends on the fluffy you’re starting with,’ Sam said, but I don’t think that worries you much, does it?’

‘Not at all,’ Nigel took the vial from Sam and examined it. ‘Any side effects?’

‘No. Nothing serious at least.’ Sam said. ‘I’ve got some other interesting stuff things in here. Want me to run your through them?’

‘No, this will do just fine,’ Nigel set the three vials aside. ‘What do I owe you?’

‘Four hundred. Cash, obviously.’

Nigel pulled out his wallet; ‘What way better to buy things that don’t exist?’

Sam shrugged; ‘Got any gold?’

‘*Sigh* Don’t start,’ Nigel handed Sam the cash, ‘Greg won’t stop talking my ear off about buying gold.’

‘But what will you trade if the markets do collapse?'

Nigel held his arms out; ‘Sam, I’m a surgeon. I'd be worth more than Fort Knox.’

Sam laughed; ‘Yeah, you got me there. Ok, I’ll be seeing you. Here’s the documentation on the compounds,’ she handed Nigel a manilla folder, ‘and say hi to the monsters for me.’

‘I will. Take care, Sam,’ Nigel said as Sam let herself out. He spent a while reading up on the chemicals, especially the dosage and effects tables. 'Hmm, 0.1mL of this for the filly,' he glanced at the pink capped vial, 'and 0.3 for her brother should do the trick.' Nigel turned his attention to the growth enhancer, '0.4mL for their big sister to start, drop down to 0.2mL when it starts to work.' Satisfied, Nigel took the vials, some syringes and went to the kitchen.


‘How wong am famiwy gun be hewe?’ The light blue colt asked.

‘*Sigh* Daddeh nu knu Babbeh,' his father, a blue stallion, answered. 'Am sowwies.'

‘Nnn! Nu wan be hewe nu mowe!’ The colt stamped his hooves. ‘Nu wike dis pwace! Wan go back tu fowest!’

The stallion watched the colt throw his tantrum, but didn't scold him; he didn't have the heart, and shared the same frustrations anyway. The stallion looked around; nearby was his special friend, with one of their fillies curled up next to her. The filly was a near-perfect clone of her mother, sharing her pink fluff. The filly’s eyes were closed, and the stallion could see damp patches where she'd been crying; it made his heart twitch.

Further out where the pair’s other offspring, the twin pegasi and their other, grey filly. The pegasi held each other tight like always, but the filly kept to herself. She’d always been a loner, and the odd one out of the litter. The stallion and mare didn’t hate the filly by any means, but she was far from their favourite.

Part of that was her colour, a strange dull grey not at all like her sibblings’ bright colours; it made her parents feel, off. So did the filly’s attitude, distant and a little cold. There wasn’t time to worry about his odd filly though, the stallion’s main concern was keeping his family safe from the strange man who’d brought them here. Remembering the night still gave him chills.

‘Nu make big tawkies,’ the stallion lead his family across the lawn towards what looked like a promising shelter for the night. The decision to push through the hedgerow was taken out of desperation; the family had set up in a tree hollow for the night but heard howls in the distance. Somewhere, a dog pack was on the hunt.

The stallion and mare knew from painful experience that close enough to hear dogs was far, far too close. The stallion moved his family quickly through the forest and past the hedgerow when they ran into it. Even though humans were dangerous, he took a gamble any humans here would be asleep. He and his family could stay the night in relative safety and move out at dawn.

‘Nu wan be hewe Speciaw fwend! Tuu scawies!’ Fear permeated the mare’s voice.

‘Am jus fow dawktime,’ the stallion assured her. ‘Famiwy keep goin when id am bwighttime gain.’ He led his family on towards a nest site, avoiding the few patches of light that came from the house. Fear tied a knot in his gut too, but he fought it. The stallion just had to get his family to a safe place for the night and slip away when the day came. Plus, they hadn't heard dogs or other monsters for some time. Everything was okay, until it wasn’t.

The stallion felt a weight settle over him a second before it startled him. ‘Eee!’ He jumped forward, tripped and tried to get up, but found he couldn't. When he discovered seconds later that any movement made things worse, panic set in.

‘Screee!! Speciaw fwend hewp!!’

‘Eeee!! Sabe babbeh!!’ Within seconds the entire family was struggling, and in doing so getting hopelessly tangled in the throw net. The family screamed and cried as the previously unseen human lifted them off the ground and carried them to his house. He took them to a dark room with a hard cold floor, untangled the family and locked them in. They spent the night holding onto each other for dear life and crying their eyes out. All the while, the stallion cursed himself; he'd fled one danger and delivered his family into another. The only thing left was to wait.

But nothing happened.

When morning came, the man returned with a large box, some food and water dishes. ‘This is a litter box,’ the man pointed to the object. ‘Do all your business in it. If you don’t, I’ll be very upset.’ The man didn’t yell or even talk loudly, but the fluffies knew from the tone he was deadly serious.

‘Yes, nice Mistah!' The stallion nodded furiously. 'Fwuffy teww babbehs tu go in wi-wittah box!'

‘Good.' With that, the man left. He came back once or twice a day, but never stayed long and barely talked. He'd replace their food and water, clean the litter box, and little else. The pattern carried on day after day, and the stallion's initial fears were replaced with unbearable tension. What was the man planning to do with them? He hadn't hurt them, yet, but he hadn't been especially kind to them either. The stallion couldn't figure it out.

It made him tense and fearful of each new encounter since it could be the moment everything changed. The mind-numbing boredom of their new home didn't help. Ferals rarely encountered specially made fluffy toys, but they often made do with what they found. In the garage, there was nothing; nothing they could reach, anyway. No distractions meant the family could only stew on their uncertain fate.


The stallion's ears pricked up, and his chest tightened when the doorknob clicked. He and the rest of his family froze and stared as Nigel walked in with their food bowls. They gazed warily as he put the dishes on the floor and turned to them. ‘There’s a new rule,’ he pointed at the food bowls. ‘From now on, everyone gets their own bowl, and you’re only allowed to eat from yours.’

The fluffies looked at him for a few moments. ‘Wai?’ The mare ventured.

‘So everyone gets enough to eat, and no one steals what isn't’ theirs,’ Nigel explained. ‘Will that be a problem?’ The family shook their heads. ‘Good. Now then,’ Nigel pointed out which bowl belonged to who, and repeated it a few times just to make sure everyone understood. Each was colour coded with tape, which made it easier for the fluffies to remember. ‘Does everyone understand?’

‘Y-yes, Nice Mistah,' the stallion said. 'Fwuffies du dat. Dis way, Babbehs,' he lead his family to the food dishes when,

‘W-wat...' the stallion froze and whipped his head around; it was his larger dull grey filly. Before he could speak, the filly asked 'W-wat nice Mistah wan? W-wai bwing fwuffies hewe?' Nigel looked at the filly for a few tense seconds, his face placid but unyielding as a stone cast.

‘I don’t like bad fluffies,’ he said finally. ‘I’m checking if you’re good or not,’

‘F-fwuffies am gud nice Mistah!!' The stallion blurted out. 'Nu am bad fwuffies!! Am gud!!' Nigel turned to the stallion; under his gaze, the blue fluffy wanted to burrow through the floor.

‘You haven't done anything bad, yet. I don't know if you're good fluffies, but I'll be watching.' Nigel turned and closed the door behind him. After a few moments, the family went to their food bowls, stopping to make sure they'd picked the right one. They ate in tense silence, careful not to do anything the strange man might interpret as "bad," like spilling food on the floor. Each fluffy also made sure to lick the bowls clean.

After dinner, none of them had the nerve to play any games, either, not even a round of huggie tag. Instead, the family retreated to the pile of old blankets they had for a bed and settled down for the night. Nigel’s revelation the family was under judgement filled them all with a new fear, but the stallion found some comfort in it. Now at least, there was some clarity to their situation and a way to get out of their predicament. He just had to make sure his family was good, and everything would be okay.


‘So how are my potions working?’

‘It’s only been a week Sam,’ Nigel said while he cleaned Abaddon’s teeth. The problem with C-type fluffies was they were more prone to getting food caught in their teeth. It wasn’t a good combination with their preference for a meat-heavy diet.

‘Yeah, but it’s meant to work fast,’ Sam went on. ‘They’re meant for mill owners after all.’

‘You might want to change careers then,’ Nigel fished a particularly stubborn lump of meat from the back of Abaddon's mouth, ‘with how many are going out of business.’

‘Mills are never going away,’ Sam said. ‘People will always want cheap fluffies; mills will provide, and I will provide to them.’

‘Fair enough. Alright, I have to check on them soon,' Nigel fished up and tossed the thread in the bin. 'I'll let you know what happens.'

‘Much obliged buddy,’ Sam said. ‘Talk to you later.’

Nigel ended the call and lifted Abaddon off the work table. ‘There we go, all done.’ He scratched the colt behind the ear. ‘You’re getting much better at sitting still.’

‘*Sniff* Tank yu Big Daddeh,’ Abaddon said. None of his Alicorns particularity liked the regular flossing, and Abaddon had taken the longest to get used to it.

‘Alright, go back to your mother. Dinner will be ready soon.’

‘Otay,’ Abaddon trotted off to find his mother and sibblings, playing somewhere in the living room. Nigel went to the kitchen and prepared dinner for all the fluffies; if there was one thing he didn't like about his hobby, it was the extra food preparation. In the scheme of things though, it was a minor annoyance. Nigel prepared the Alicorns' food first, a mixture of meat and rice, with a sprinkle of a multivitamin.

With that done, he prepared the family’s meal, generic wet-able kibble; no sense spending much on temporary guests. While the kibble soaked Nigel got the vials and syringes out of the fridge and laced the right dishes with the appropriate drugs. ‘Dinner time,’ moments after he called, Lilith and her children piled into the kitchen. The four alicorns waited patiently until everyone had their dish before they dug in.

Nigel piled the other dishes onto each other and carried them to the garage. The room was still in good order, no mess outside the litterbox and nothing on the ground that wasn’t meant to be there. The mare and stallion kept to themselves on the bed, with their favourite filly with them. The colts were playing tag, having worked up the nerve to do so. The larger grey filly, as always, kept to herself away from the others.

All activity ceased once the fluffies saw Nigel was there. Heads turned, and they watched him intently while he laid out the dishes. Each member of the family watched Nigel’s movements and reviewed what they’d done since he was there last. When Nigel stood and went to clean the litter box without talking, the Family assumed they’d done nothing wrong and went to eat their dinner. Each fluffy dutifully went to their designated bowl and ate.

While he cleaned the litter box, Nigel cast a glance at the favoured offspring; there were some signs of accelerated development, mostly in the length of their manes and tails. He also thought there was a bit more definition around the colt and filly’s nether regions, but he’d need a close look to be sure. As for the grey filly, there were definite signs the supplement was working; She was noticeably bigger and had more muscle definition than before. Sam’s compounds were working, visually at least.

Still, Nigel was yet to see any behavioural changes, especially form the favoured colt. There were ways to provoke it, though. Nigel left the garage and returned with a bag. ‘I have some things for you,’ The family stopped eating and looked at him. ‘You’ve been fairly good lately, I think you deserve a reward.’ The stallion felt a bolt of pride, then turned his attention to the bag, from which Nigel pulled out a collection of toys.

There were balls, a tug of war rope, some blocks, and a few huggie toys. He put the toys in a clear spot near the family’s bed. ‘These belong to all of you’ Nigel told the family. ‘If you can’t share them, I’ll take them away. Do all of you understand?’

'Yes, nice Mistah!’ The family said almost as one.

'Good. Let me take those dishes.' Nigel collected the dishes and went to the door. 'I'll see you in the morning.' The family waited a few moments after Nigel left to examine the toys. The twins nudged one of the balls, then again a little harder. Within seconds, they were chasing the ball around the garage, giggling madly. After experimenting with a few different toys, the grey filly took a liking to the blocks and quickly figured out the mechanics of stacking them.

As for the blue colt, he found himself drawn to one of the huggie toys of all things. He hugged it close and found it very pleasant indeed, but not just because of how soft and warm it felt. There was something about the huggie toy that made him, tingle. The feelings had stared earlier in the week, but they were easy to ignore. Now though, hugging the toy, they felt much stronger and drove him to do something, but he couldn’t-

‘Bwudda! Bwudda!!’

The colt pulled his attention away from the huggie toy and looked at his sister. ‘Wat?’

‘Sissie wan pway wif dis toysie!!’ She jumped up and down near the rope.

‘Otay!’ The colt left the huggie toy and gripped one end of the rope in his teeth. His sister took the other, and the tug of war began. Their game continued for some time and didn't end until their parents said so. The two settled down to sleep with their parents and twin sibblings in a big happy fluff pile. Even their odd sister joined them for once.

As the family drifted to sleep, the stallion felt happiness and hope rise in his chest. At the very least they’d proven to Nigel they were good fluffies, and he rewarded them. That gave the stallion a reason to be hopeful; if they continued being good, they’d get more rewards and possibly even their freedom.

Ignorance truly was bliss, especially for fluffies.


The strange feelings bothering the colt were getting stronger, and more persistent. Strange sensations and tingles interrupted him throughout the day. Under that was a peculiar erg, but for what he couldn't say; it wasn't for food, water or playtime. The colt wondered if it might be for the big world outside, but since Nigel had warmed to his family, if only a little, and now had toys to keep them busy, the colt preferred this life. For one, they never had to worry about running from monsters in the night; not yet, at least.

What the colt knew for sure, was the strange feelings and ergs seemed to get stronger when he was near his favourite huggie toy and his pink sister. The colt had always been close to her, it went with the territory of being their parents’ favourites. That eased his confusion, and the colt wrote the stronger feelings off as a consequence of their family’s improved conditions. Besides, he was greeting along better with his twin brothers too, but the same couldn’t be said for his other sister.

It wasn't the grey filly's size that was the issue, he and his other sibblings were used to having such a larger sister. What was changing, however, was her personality. The grey filly used to be quiet, retiring and above all, conflict-averse. It lead her to be the subject of more than a few jokes and pranks from the others. Lately, though, the grey filly was more assertive, and at times downright aggressive. One day, the colts' ball-chasing antics knocked over her block tower. It had happened before, so they didn't stop.


The yell was different; their grey sister never yelled like that, ever. Still, the colts were too focused on the ball to pay much attention. That was, until, the grey filly cut them off; the colts skidded to a halt, confused and a little frightened. They’d never seen her so angry and-

‘Wai dummehs huwt bwockie towah!?’

The blue colt froze; did she really just yell at him like that, and call him a dummy?! She’d never done that. She wasn’t allowed to-

‘Wai dummehs huwt bwockie towah!?’ The grey filly took a step forward.

‘Scree!!’ One of the pegasi turned and ran. ‘Babbeh sowwies! Nu huwties!’ His twin brother crouched down, ears hidden.

'B-babbeh am sowwies, Sissie. N-nu mean tu-'

‘Y-yu nu can tawkies wike dat!’ As soon as the words left the blue colt’s mouth, his sister locked eyes with him. It sent a chill down his spine, but he persisted, confidence returning. ‘Sissie nu can tawkies tu Babbeh wike dat!!’ The grey filly continued to stare down her brother, expression darkening. She went to take another step when their parents arrived.

‘Bad babbeh stahp nao!!’ The stallion got in between his two foals. ‘Yu nu tawkies tu Bwudda wike dat!’

‘Wai?! Dummeh giv bwockie tower huwties!!’ For a moment the stallion stood still, shocked the previously shy filly had talked back to him

‘B… Bad babbeh!!’ He snapped out of it and lashed out with a swift sorry hoofie to the face.

‘Scree!!’ The filly yelped and stumbled back. Her father expected her to curl up submissively but got another shock when the young fluffy righted herself and looked back. Tears rolled down her face, but in spite of that, the grey filly’s expression remained determined. The stallion wondered what to do next when he heard the door open.

‘What’s all this noise?’

The stallion’s blood turned to ice; slowly, he turned. Nigel stood in the doorway. His expression wasn’t angry, but the family could tell he was far from happy. Nigel walked forward, stopping near the stallion and his children; ‘What’s going on here?’

‘B-bab… *cough*, the stallion stumbled and tripped over his words a few more times before he finally got them out. ‘Babbeh, big babbeh caww bwue babbeh dummeh, an den caww Fwuffy dummeh so-’

‘Dummeh bwuddas giv bwockie towah huwties’ The filly interjected. If she was frightened of Nigel, her voice didn’t show it. Before the stallion could shut the filly up, his favourite colt spoke up.

‘Nu mean id! Stahp bein meanie!!’

‘Yu stahp bein dummeh!!’

‘Enough,’ Nigel silenced them all. ‘Now, did you say mean things to your brother and father?’

The grey filly stared at him a moment, then said ‘Yes,’

Nigel looked at the bue colt; ‘And did you and your brothers knock over her block tower?’

‘B-babbeh nu mean id! Was pwayin wif-’

‘Did you and your brothers knock over your sister’s block tower? I won’t ask you again.’

The colt flinched, then lowered his ears and said ‘Yes...’

‘There. Not so hard, was it?’ Nigel said. ‘Both of them have been bad,’ he told the stallion, ‘but your colts started it. That means you have to punish them more than his sister.’

The stallion’s jaw fell open; ‘B-bud… Bud, big babbeh caww-’

'I know what she said,' Nigel cut him off. 'I didn't say don't punish her. But your babbies have been bad, and I expect you to punish them. If you don't,' Nigel narrowed his eyes, ' then it means you aren't good fluffies.’

A sliver of ice worked it’s way down the stallion’s spine; bad fluffies. Nigel hadn't explained why he hated bad fluffies, or what he did to them. But, the stallion wouldn’t risk finding out. He swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded. 'O-otay, Nice Mistah,' He turned to his offending children.

‘Babbehs, yu… Yu am, b-bad babbehs.' his colts winced at the word, but the filly didn't flinch. Feeling Nigel's gaze on him, the stallion forced the next words out. 'Babbehs nu can hav dawktime nummies, an,' reluctantly, he turned to his favourite son, 'bwue babbeh nu can sweep wif Mummah an Daddeh in fwuff piwe.'

The orange pegasus nodded meekly and went to find his twin, but the blue colt stared at his father, a look of stunned betrayal on his face. ‘B-bud Daddeh...’

‘You're father gave you a punishment,' Nigel said to the colt. 'Do what he says. You too,' he warned the filly. 'I'll bring your dinner soon. Make sure your bad babbies don't get any.'

'Yes nice Mistah,'; the stallion said as Nigel left the garage. When he was gone, the stallion turned back to his colt and tried to apologise, but the young fluffy was already retreating to a far corner, crying at his father’s apparent betrayal. As for the grey filly, she simply returned to the blocks and continued stacking them. Not long after, Nigel returned with dinner for the family, absent four bowls.

While the family ate, the stallion had to keep watch and make sure no one tried to sneak food to the disobedient children. After a few failed attempted at getting food, The colts retreated to the blankets and tried to comfort and distract one another from their hunger and sadness. Their grey sister, though, seemed unbothered and kept experimenting with her blocks.

Later in the evening after the lights switched to the dull night glow, the family settled down to sleep. True to his word, the stallion forbade the colts and the grey filly joining the fluff pile. He did allow them to sleep close, just in case they needed protection from something during the night, but otherwise stood firm. The grey filly went to her usual spot without complaint, and the twins found comfort in one another. Of all the punished, the blue colt took things the hardest.

Feeling betrayed even now, the blue colt deliberately picked a spot as far from his parents as he dared. He lay on his side, curled in a ball and facing away from the fluff pile. Pain and hunger burned in the colt's tummy, and he struggled to accept what his father had done. He’d been punished before, but never this harshly. He tried to console himself with the fact the scary human had forced his father's hand, but it did little to help. All the colt wanted was the darktime to end. Maybe then he'd be forgiven.


The colt looked up; ‘Sissie?’ It was the pink filly, and next to her was the his favourite plush toy.

‘Sissie hav Bwudda's toysie,' she pushed the toy over, and the colt latched on to it; the soft feeling and faint yet enchanting scent eased his sadness and hunger pains.

‘*Sniff* Tank yu, Sissie,' He looked up, and for a moment hoped she'd stay with him. Instead, she gave him a big hug and went back to the fluff pile. The colt felt another pang of sadness watching his sister go. His glance shifted then to his other sister, sleeping on her own near the blocks she loved so much. A wave of heat passed over him; he was still upset, no, angry at her for what’s she’d done earlier. Hopefully, she would put her back in her place soon.

‘Babbeh get yu, dummeh,’ the colt muttered under his breath, then hugged the plush toy closer and drifted off to sleep.



The colt woke with a start and gulped down deep breaths, one after another. There were hot and cold prickles all over his body, his heart raced, but he hadn’t woken form a nightmare; it was something much, stranger. The dream had been nothing but strange movements and muffled sounds, and an overwhelming feeling of warmth and, tingling. Tingling…

‘W-wha?’ The colt sat on his haunches and looked down; even in the dull glow of the nightlights, he saw something was different. It looked like his no-no stick decided to grow up without him! As his senses returned, the colt realised most of the tingling came from the same region, along with a strange pressure.

‘Wha? W-wai nu-nu stick hav huwties?’ Confusion and fear flash over his mind; what was this? Was this because he didn’t have dinner? Did it have something to do with his grey sister or his heart hurties? Either way, he had to find a way to fix it, and fast; it felt like his no-no stick would burst! His first thought was to wake his parents, but stopped; he didn’t know if his father was still meant to be mad at him. Then, there was the risk of breaking some other rules, perhaps one that would bring the man back!

‘Huuu’ Tears pricked his eyes as the colt struggled with his predicament. Feeling his panic spike, he reached out for the plush toy, but in his rush pressed his no-no stick into it. ‘*Gasp*’ A tingling bolt went through the colt’s body, leaving him stunned for a few moments. Once the colt’s senses returned, he pressed his no-no stick into the plush toy again and was rewarded with another bolt of sensations. Connection made, he started to hump the plush toy faster and faster; it took less than half a minute for something else to happen.

The colt went stiff, the tingles becoming a buzz throughout his form. He sat frozen in place as a whirlwind of powerful sensations raged through him. He felt lightheaded, then giddy, then almost dissociated. When the effects of his first orgasm wore off, the colt virtually melted. His muscles went slack, and he fell into a deep sleep within seconds.


All the colt wanted when he woke up was to repeat what he'd done with the plush toy earlier in the night. He almost did but stopped when he heard his sister and twin brothers run over.

'Bwudda!!' The three piled on top of the colt and hugged him with everything they had, his sister especially; she'd had a fitful night sleep without his familiar presence. The colt hugged his sibblings back but had to hide his hard no-no stick at the same time. He didn't want it to get hurt, but also didn't want anyone to see it, especially his parents. If they did, they might try to fix whatever was wrong; after what he'd felt, that was the last thing the colt wanted.

‘Babbehs,’ The colt’s sibblings pulled away as their father approached and stopped in front of his blue colt. ‘Am babbehs sowwies fow bein bad babbeh?’

‘Y-yes, Daddeh,’

The stallion looked at him a moment; ‘Gud babbeh,’ he leaned down and hugged the colt close. The colt returned the hug, but was always mindful of his no-no stick and keeping it hidden. Soon, the stallion let go. ‘Fowwow Daddeh,’

‘Whewe goin?’

‘Babbeh an Bwuddas nee say sowwies tu Sissie,’ the colt’s anger flared at the thought, ‘an Sissie am gun say sowwies tu Babbeh an Bwuddas,' but the second part of the sentence calmed him a little.

'Otay,' he managed to keep his mouth shut for the rest of the trip. The stallion and his colts approached the grey filly, as ever occupied with her blocks.

‘Babbeh,’ the filly didn’t respond. ‘Babbeh!’ She turned and looked at her father; the filly didn’t look mad, but it was clear the interruption wasn’t welcome. Unperturbed, the stallion looked at his colts and nodded. The three walked up, slowly until they were in front of their sister. The blue colt took the lead, but only when his twin brothers didn’t.

‘*Sigh* Babbeh am sowwies fow huwt bwockie towah.’ He grumbled. Emboldened, the twins followed suit and stepped back quickly. The grey filly stared at her brothers for a moment, then turned back to her blocks.

‘Babbeh,’ the stallion scolded, ‘say sowwies tu bwuddas fow bein meanie!’

The filly sighed, placed the block she was holding and turned to the colts; ‘Fwuffy am sowwies fow bein meanie,’ she said flatly, and again returned to the blocks. Her father was a little put-off, both by the filly's tone and how she called herself "fluffy" instead of "baby;" she seemed too young for that. But, there wasn’t much he could do; his children had apologised to each other after all.

‘O-otay, babbehs can go nao,’ the stallion said. The colts didn't waste a second getting back to their usual antics, while the filly methodically finished her tower and knocked it over with a firm poke. The stallion turned and went to sit with his special friend.


‘Enf enf enf enf enf enf,’

In a far corner of the garage, the colt bounding up and down on his favourite plush toy. It had taken him a few nights to figure out how to get out off the fluff pile without waking anyone. It took every shred of the self-control he had to pull it off, too. Once free, he'd grab the toy and dash to a far corner of the garage, fear of the dark no match for his desire for the incredible sensations.

‘Enf enf enf enf enf enf,’

He spent as much time as he could satisfying his ergs. Some nights he'd go twice, even three times in a row. Such was the effect of the doses Nigel slipped into his food, which steadily increased each week.

‘Enf enf enf en, Gud feewws!’

The colt went stiff as waves of pleasure fired along his nerves. A while later, he collapsed on top of the plush toy, spent and utterly satisfied. The colt almost fell asleep but managed to stop himself just in time. Falling asleep like this wasn't a good idea, and he had no desire to explain what he'd done. The colt forced himself up and wandered back to the fluff pile, leaving the toy where it was. He didn't notice the new mess left on the backside.

Hours later morning arrived; the family woke and leapt into their normal routines. The blue colt and his pink sister played together while their parents sat and watched, and the grey filly experimented with her blocks. Nigel came in with their breakfast at the usual time, laid out the bowls and went to clean the litter box.

The grey filly took her time getting up from her spot since no one would even think to steal her food. The filly placed a final block and turned to go, but noticed the plush toy as she did. Curious why it was so far from the bed area, she walked over for a closer look. As she circled the toy, she saw the odd stain on the backside. The filly seldom touched the plush toys Nigel gave them but didn't remember any having stains. She leaned in for a close look and instantly recoiled.

Whatever the stain was, it smelt terrible, and there was only one place for it. The grey filly gripped the plush toy by the mane, dragged it over to Nige and dropped it near the litter box. ‘Dis smeww bad.’

‘I’m sorry?’ Nigel looked at the filly.

‘Dis smeww bad,’ the filly said again. ‘Id nee go way.’

Nigel picked up the toy and gently wafted air over it towards him. ‘Ugh, you’re right,’ Nigel put the toy down, ‘this does smell bad. You’re a good fluffy for bringing it to me.’ Nigel reached out and scratched the filly behind the ears. She stiffened, but warmed to the attention and leaned her head into-


‘Babbeh, nu!’

Nigel looked up and saw the blue colt charge towards him, with the stallion close behind. ‘Dat am Babbeh’s toysie!!’ Nigel picked up the plush toy up at the last moment, and the irate colt jumped up and down trying to reach it. ‘Giv back!! Giv back nao!!!’

‘BABBEH!!' The stallion grabbed the colt away and looked at Nigel, eyes wide and full of terror. 'Pwease nice Mistah! Babbeh nu mean be bad, nu giv-'

‘Is it true?’


‘Is your blue foal telling the truth?’ Nigel asked. ‘He said this was his toy. I told you these were for sharing.’

Before the stallion could speak, ‘Dat am Babbeh’s!! Giv back!!’

‘So, you’re the one who did this, then,’ Nigel showed the toy’s backside to the colt and his father; the odd crusty stain was clear to see; their noses scrunched up at the sharp, pungent smell. 'This is very bad, and you are a bad fluffy.' The stallion's face fell, and the colt looked confused. He didn't recognise the stain, and knew for a fact no one had seen him-



Before either could react, Nigel dropped the toy, plucked the colt away from his father and carried him to a shelf. Nigel pulled down a sorry box, set it on the ground and put the squirming colt inside. Moments later, the lid went shut, and Nigel carried the box back to the family.

‘HEWP HEWP DADDEH!! SABE BABBEH!!’ The colt screamed from inside the box. ‘TUU DAWKIES!!!’

‘Your colt,’ Nigel said over the noise, ‘is going to stay in this box until tonight.’ He narrowed his gaze, ‘Don’t even think about trying to get him out.’ Nigel put the box down in a corner of the garage and went back to the litter box. He finished cleaning it while the family, save their grey filly, cowered by their food bowls.

‘Pwease!! Pwease wet babbeh oud!!' The colt cried. 'Babbeh nu knu wat du, bud Babbeh Sowwies!! Huhuhuuu nu wike dawkies!!' His cries continued through the day and though they pulled on his family's heartstrings, they didn't dare try to talk to or even go close to the colt.


‘Nnnn, huuu huwties...' The colt whined under his breath. A few days had passed since his sentence in the sorry box. Nigel removed all the plush toys and the colt was feeling the effects. Robbed of his only means to release the pressure in his nether regions, it built up steadily until the colt could only just cope. That couldn't last, though. The pressure had built to the point of pain, and now the colt could barely sleep. Not only was he miserable, he was also scared. If he didn't do something soon, his special lumps and no-no stick might explode. Or, the pressure and pain would get worse forever!!

It couldn't go on, the colt had to find something to take the pain away, and he had to do it soon. Carefully, he extracted himself from the fluff pile and wandered into the dark garage. He searched carefully around the glow lamp lit area, but every plush toy was gone, and no useful substitute was to be found either. The colt took a deep breath and ventured into the unlit areas; this time, the pain and need to relieve it drowned out his fear.

The colt ventured through the gloomy garage, searching carefully in every nook and cranny he came across. No matter how slowly he went, and even after his eyes adjusted for the dark, there was nothing to be found. No substitute for his beloved plush toy, even one that had been left behind was to be found. ‘Huu pwease,’ he winded, ‘nee fix speciaw wump huwties.’

‘Bwudda?' The colt's fluff stood on end; he turned, and only relaxed little when he saw it was just his sister. 'W-wat am Bwudda duin? Wai nu am in fwuff piwe?' The colt was reluctant to speak; he hadn't shared his recent experiences with his sister and didn't know if he could fully trust her. Still, the colt was closer to her than any other sibblings, and maybe even his parents. Plus, she hadn't woken or brought along their parents. The colt decided to take a chance.

‘Babbeh twyin tu fix huwties.’

‘Huwties?’ The filly said. ‘Bwudda hav huwties?’

‘Shhh!!’ The colt cast an anxious glance at fluff pile, but no one else woke up. ‘Sissie nu can be woud,’ before his sister could ask why, he went on; ‘Dah big meanie tink fixin huwties am bad; nu can wet Daddeh knu, ow he get scawdies.’ The colt left out his suspicion their father would also punish him.

‘O-otay,’ the filly said, concerned. ‘C-can Babbeh hewp Bwudda?’

‘Yes, Sissie can hewp,’ the colt said, hope flooding his body. With his sister to help, they were sure to find something that could help him. ‘Dis way; nee find stuffy fwend, ow sumtin dat wook wike id.’

‘O-otay,' the Filly followed, confused but determined to help her brother. Together, they searched the distant corners of the garage for a plush toy which escaped Nigel's notice or an alternative. They searched every nook and cranny they could muster the nerve to walk into, but there was nothing to be found. After nearly an hour of fruitless looking, the Colt was forced to give up. ‘Huuuhuhu,’ he collapsed on his belly and cried, from frustration and the ache in his groin.

‘Bwudda? Wat am wong? Wai makin sad wawa? Am id huwties?’ The filly hugged her brother. ‘Babbeh giv Bwudda big huggies; dat make huwties gu way!’

‘*Sob* Huu huggies nu wowk,’

‘Huh? Bud huggies awways wowk!’ The confused filly said. ‘Huggies awways fix huwties!’

‘Nu, *Sniff* huggies nu fix Babbeh’s huwties!’

‘B-bud, Babbeh nu undewstan. Wat Bwudda sayin?’

The colt wondered if he could tell his sister the whole truth. No matter how much he trusted her, there was always a risk what he said would filter back to their parents.

‘Pwease Bwudda, Teww Babbeh!’ The filly urged. ‘Babbeh pwomise nu be maddies, ow teww Mummah an Daddeh! Jus wan Bwudda be happies gain!’

The colt still felt a shred a hesitation, but his sister’s willingness to help and promises won him over. ‘*Sniff* Otay,’ he took a deep breath, and told his sister the truth; the odd pain in his groin, the urges and how only the “special huggies" he gave the plush toy helped. The filly sat still through her brother's explanation, struggling to take in what she was hearing. Confused as she was the filly was determined to help and thought she knew how.

‘Weww, Bwudda can giv Babbeh speciaw huggies tu make huwties go way!’

The colt looked up at his Sister; ‘Wha?’

‘Bwudda can giv Babbeh speciaw huggies tu make huwties go way!' The filly repeated, more confidently. 'Babbeh wan hewp Bwudda's huwties go way, so Bwudda can giv Babbeh speciaw huggies wike wif toysie. Babbeh nu get maddies.’

The colt stared at his sister; ‘Weawy?’

She nodded; ‘Yes! Nao huwwy; show Babbeh wat nee du!’

‘Tank yu Sissie!’ The colt gave her a quick hug, then launched into a hurried explanation. ‘Sissie nu nee du wots; jus be wike dis!’ He crouched to about the same height as the plush toys had been.

‘Otay,’ The filly did as instructed. ‘Wat nee du nao?’

‘Nuting!’ The colt ran around and mounted his sister. ‘Just stay dat way.’

'O-otay. Wat Bwudda gun eeep!' The filly let out a short, surprised yelp when her brother bumped his groin into her hindquarters. 'Wat am-'

‘Id am otay,’ dese am special huggies.’ the colt assured his sister. ‘Pwomise day, enf, nu huwt.’

‘O-otay…’ The filly put her concerns aside as best she could, and let her brother do what he had to. The feeling of, something, bumping into her backside over and over felt odd, and a little unpleasant. ‘H-how wong dis take?’

‘Enf enf, nu, enf, take wong time, enf enf!’ The colt tried to be careful with his sister but lost himself in the wonderful sensations soon enough. Soon at the same pace as with the plush toy, the colt thrust away at his sister. The filly was uncomfortable but determined to help her beloved sibling. She closed her eyes and tried to push the discomfort to the back of her mind when something happened.

Thanks to dumb luck and repetition, the colt achieved penetration on one of his haphazard thrusts. For a moment, both sibblings froze; the filly in shock and pain at the sudden intrusion, and the colt in a whole new world of good feelings. The filly recovered from her shock and tried to tell her brother to stop whatever he'd done when she felt the unfamiliar presence leave her body and return seconds later.

Hot, stinging pain burst from her abdomen and travelled through her body. The filly went bug-eyed, and her mouth opened in a silent scream. But, there was no chance for recovery; the colt pulled out and thrust forwards again, enjoying the complete opposite feeling. It was the same tingling he was used to, but much stronger.

‘Enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf!!’ The colt was in a world of bliss, at last able to satisfy the urges tormenting him for days and fix the pain in his groin. For his sister, though, it was agony. Her abdomen and lower body burned from the pain. The determination to help her brother was long gone; no matter what she’d said or how strong their bond was, the filly wanted to stop right away!

Again and again, the filly tried to yell and scream for her brother to stop, but couldn't breathe deeply enough to do so. All that came out were short choppy pleas ‘N-nu!! S-stah-ahp!! H-huwtiess!!’ Her brother either couldn't hear or didn't pay attention to his sister's pleas and thrust away, chasing the good feels he'd been without for so long. The filly tried to crawl away, scrapping her hooves against the smooth concrete floor. Unfortunately, the development booster Nigel fed to the colt worked on his muscles too, and he easily kept the filly in place.

‘Peep peep!! Peeep!!' Tears pouring down her face, the filly reverted to scardie peeps; louder than her pleas, they still failed to stop her brother or rouse their parents. The family's nest was far away, and the mare and stallion had become heavy sleepers by fluffy standards. Most of their children had too, save one. Alone on her section of the blankets, the big grey filly stirred at odd sounds from the dark.

‘Enf enf enf enf,’

‘Peep peep!’

She didn’t know what the “enf” sound was, but the peeps sent a chill down her back; they had to be investigated. The grey filly panned her view across the dark regions beyond the glow of the nightlights, tracking the noise. When she had an approximate location, the filly stood and ventured into the gloom, not bothering to wake her parents. She went slowly, reducing the chance she’d be detected by any threats in the dark, or losing track of the noise. That didn’t turn out to be a problem, though; the grey filly quickly zeroed in on the exact source and made a beeline for it.

As she closed in the grey filly made out a strange shape in the dark; it was unrecognisable from a distance but soon enough resolved itself into two small fluffies, one on top of another. The grey filly stopped, not understanding the scene in front of her; she stood, undetected by her sibblings while she digested what she saw. Once the grey figured out,

a) her brother was on her sister, and;

b) he was hurting her, the grey filly acted.

Without so much as a yell, she dashed forward and headbutted her brother away from her sister. The pink filly, now thoroughly traumatised, curled into a ball the second she was free. The colt barely knew he'd been knocked away when a flurry of sorry hoofies dazed him further. Satisfied her brother wasn't going anywhere, the grey filly returned to her sister.

‘Am Sissie otay?’ she asked flatly, ‘Wat happen?’

‘Huuhuhuuu *sob* M-mummah! Mummah!!' the pink filly ignored the question. Free to breathe and speak again, the only thing on her mind was 'MUMMAH!!! MUMMAH SABE BABBEH!!!' The shrill scream filled the garage and brought the rest of the family running. The stallion, mare and twins were on the scene in seconds.

‘Babbeh!!!' The mare ran to her filly and hugged her tight. 'Babbeh, wat happen?! Wai-'

‘HUWTIES!! HUWWTIEESS!!! SCREEE!!!’ The filly screamed into her mother’s fluff.

‘Wat happen?’ The stallion asked. ‘Wat happen?! *Gasp* Babbeh!!’ He dashed past and crouched near his colt. ‘Babbeh! Babbeh, Daddeh am hewe!! Wat happen? Wat giv babbehs huwties?!’

‘Uwwww...’ The colt struggled to get on his legs. ‘B-babbeh, uhhh...’

‘Wat happen?’ The stallion pressed. ‘Wat give babbehs huwties?! Am dewe muns-’

‘Bwudda giv Sissie huwties.’

The stallion turned to the grey filly; ‘W-wah?’

‘Bwudda giv Sissie huwties,’ she repeated in the same even tone. ‘Fwuffy see ‘Bwudda givin Sissie huwties, so Fwuffy giv Bwudda huwties.’

The stallion started at the grey filly, dumbfounded by her words. No, it couldn’t be right! The stallion knew in his heart the blue colt would never do that, sure as the darktime was scary and water was bad for fluffies! ‘Dat, dat am wong,’ He blurted out. ‘Babbeh am wong! Babbeh wie!!’

The grey filly looked at her father, unmoved by his accusation. ‘Bwudda giv Sissie huwties. Fwuffy see id.’

The stallion opened his mouth to scold his grey filly when the garage was bathed in harsh white light. 'Eee!!' he flinched, shutting his eyes against the sudden brightness.

‘What the hell is going on in here?’

The stallion's chest turned to stone, and his eyes shot open, despite the pain. Nigel, strode towards the family, a look of stony annoyance on his face. 'What's going on here?' He repeated. 'Tell me.'

The stallion opened his mouth, but nothing came out, his voice paralysed by fear. The mare was too preoccupied with the hysterical filly to answer. The twins ignored everything, opting to flee for the nest. Only the grey fill answered. ‘Bwudda giv Sissie huwties.’ She said evenly. ‘Fwuffy heaw sumtin. When Fwuffy wook, Fwuffy see Bwudda givin Sissie huwties. Fwuffy giv Bwudda huwties so he stahp.’

'Is that so?' Nigel shifted his gaze between the colt and his sister. The stallion heard the danger in Nigel's voice but spoke up despite his fear.

‘B-babbeh am wong!’

Nigel fixed his eyes on the stallion, and the fluffy felt his bowels twitch. ‘Who’s wrong?’

‘B-big Babbeh am w-wong,’ he stuttered. ‘B-babbeh, *gulp* B-bestest babbeh nu huwt o-oda Bestest babbeh. Dat, dat nu-’

‘I’ll be the judge of that.’ Before anyone could react, Nigel reached down and took the filly from her mother.

‘SCREEE!!!’ The terrified fluffy shrieked. ‘MUMMAH!!!’

‘NU!! BABBEH!!' The mare leapt at Nigel as he carried the hysterical filly to a nearby workbench and set her down. 'BABBEH!! GIV BACK BABBEH!!' The mare hammered at Nigel's legs. 'BABBEH NEE MUMMAH!!!'

‘Off,’ Nigel pushed the mare away.

‘Pwease nice Mistah! Babbeh nee be wif Speciaw fwend!!’ The stallion. Tried. ‘Babbeh nee-’


The stallions mouth slammed shut, almost of its own will. He stayed silent but did his best to see what Nigel was doing to his filly. The mare was not as cowed. 'Giv babbeh back!! Giv back nao!!!' She'd stopped hammering Nigel’s legs, but wasn’t relenting on her demands. ‘Babbeh nee be wif Mummah!!!’

‘I said, quite!’ Nigel repeated. ‘I can’t concentrate.’

Fearing for his mate's safety, the stallion ran to her and did his best to keep her quiet, lest she received some form of punishment. Agonising seconds ticked by as Nigel looked over the filly; when he finally turned back to the family, his expression put the fear of God in them. He handed the filly back to her mother, and said 'Someone gave this filly bad special huggies.' The words hit the stallion and mare like a thunderclap; every possibility that crossed their minds filled them with dreads. 'And,' Nigel lifted his gaze to the colt, still dazed on the floor, 'I think I know who.' He took a step forwards and plucked the colt off the floor.

‘Eeee! Nu bad upsies!' The colt squealed. He struggled in Nigel's grasp as he examined the colt's underbelly. Sure enough, the young fluffy's cock was erect, and there were signs of blood on it and nearby fluff. Inwardly, Nigel smiled; Just as planned.

‘Nice Mistah, pwease put Babbeh down!!’ Nigel looked down at the stallion. ‘Pwease, babbehs hav tuu many scawdies an saddies! Day nee be wif Mummah an Daddeh gain!’

Nigel fixed the stallion with a glare; ‘The only thing this little monster needs,’ he pointed at the colt, ‘is punishment.’

‘Huh? Wai he nee-’

‘Are you dense?’ Nigel pointed at the filly, huddled deep in her mothers embrace. ‘He gave his sister bad special huggies.’

‘NU!!’ The stallion yelled, far louder than he meant. ‘N-nu! Nu, Babbeh nu du dat! He am gud babbeh! Newa twy an-’

‘Your other filly saw him do it,’ Nigel cut the stallion off, ‘and she’s done nothing but tell the truth.’ He stared at the stallion. ‘Your colt already started a fight with his big sister, and now he’s raped his other sister. He’s a bad fluffy.’

‘Nu! Babbeh nu am bad babbeh!!’ The colt yelled. ‘Nu mean giv Sissie huwties!! Was jus twyin make speciaw wump huwties go way!!’

Nigel glanced at the colt, then back to the stallion; ‘There, he admitted it. Anything to say now?’

The stallion’s mouth hung open, mind refusing to process what he’d heard; it couldn't be true, it just couldn’t. ‘B-babbeh...’

‘Uhhuhuuu!! Wai Bwudda huwt Babbeh hhuhu!!! Waiii!?!!?’

‘When she’s better, ask her what happened,’ Nigel told the stallion. ‘Until then, it’s time for this bad fluffy to go away.’

‘Nu! Nuuu!!’ The colt screamed. ‘Nu take Babbeh way!! Nu am bad fwuffy!!! Mummah, Daddeh hewp!! Sabe Babbeh!!! Nu mean huwt Sissie!! Nu mean id!!!’

All the stallion could do was watch Nigel leave with the colt, his colt; he and his special friend's bestest babby, and also a bad fluffy. His head went light, and his ears started to ring. How could this have happened? How could-

‘Speciaw fwend!' The stallion snapped out of it and looked at his mate. Tears poured down her face, and there was a look of heartbreak plastered over it. 'Pwease, *sob* h-hewp giv babbeh huggies.' The stallion swallowed hard and joined in comforting his filly. He wanted to say everything would be fine, but he was sure he'd vomit the second he opened his mouth.

'Put Babbeh down!!' The colt screamed. 'Nu wan mowe bad upsies!! Nu am bad fwuffy!!!'

‘And your sister didn’t want bad special huggies,’ Nigel said coldly.

'Nu mean id!! Jus wanned make huwties go way!!'

‘So you hurt her to make your “hurties” go away?’

‘Sissie say wanned hewp!! Sissie-’

'Enough!' Nigel opened the door to the spare room and walked to the middle, where the sorry box waited. 'Don't you dare lie to me like that,' Nigel locked the colt in the sorry box and stood. 'You are a bad fluffy. The worst kind of bad fluffy. Tomorrow, you will be punished.’ Nigel turned and left the spare room, followed by the colts cries.

‘Nuuu!! Nu mean id!! Am sowwies!! Mummah, Daddeh, Sissie!!! Babbeh sowwies!!!’ The colt screamed and cried for hours before he curled up and went to sleep, exhausted. Morning came, and the colt woke to a miserable day in the sorry box. He cried out over and over, begging his family for rescue and forgiveness. His misery mixed with hatred as the day wore on, hatred for the strange ergs that gave him hurties and forced him to give things special huggies.

At some point, the colt heard the door open. Chills ran down his back, but he also felt a tiny spark of hope; maybe the punishment was over. Maybe he was going back to his family! The colt used that spark to stay calm while Nigel unlocked the sorry box and pull the colt out. For a few moments, Nigel looked at the young fluffy, expression neutral but with the hint of a threat.

‘A-am… Am Babbeh gun go back tu-’

‘No,’ Nigel cut him off. ‘Not yet, anyway. It’s time for your punishment. What?’ Nigel sneered as the colt’s face fell. ‘You think a night in the sorry box is enough to make up for what you’ve done?’ He shook his head. ‘No, not by a long shot.’

The colt cowered, ears back and tail between his legs. 'W… W-wat nice Mistah gun du?'

'Not me,' Nigel spun and walked back to the door, opened it and called 'Lilith, bring them in please.' Nigel stood aside for Lilith, Pearl and Abaddon to enter the room. The mare led her children towards the colt, stopping a couple of feet away. 'You know what to do, Lilith.'

‘Yes, Daddeh,’ the Alicorn said. The door clicked shut, leaving the fluffies alone in the bare room. The colt looked at what he thought were three unicorns, switching his gaze between them. No matter who he looked at, the colt found the same steely face.

‘Uh, h-hewwo,’ the colt tried. ‘Who am-’

‘Shud up,’ Lilith said coldly. ‘Wiwif nu wan tawkies tu yu; yu am bad fwuffy.’

‘N-nu! Babbeh nu am-’

‘Big Daddeh say wat yu du, dummeh!’ Abaddon snarled. ‘He teww fwuffies wat yu du tu yuw sissie, munstah!!’

‘Nu mean id!' The colt took a step backwards. 'Nu mean giv Sissie huwties!'

‘Wiwif say shud up,' the blood-red alicorn said, words dripping with venom. 'Yu am bad fwuffy, munstah fwuffy! Wike munstah fwuffy dat huwt Wiwif's babbeh!!' She and her children closed on the terrified colt. 'Daddeh teww Wiwif an babbehs tu giv bad fwuffy sowwies; dat wat Wiwif an babbehs gun du.' Lilith glared at the colt. 'Nao, wun.'


‘Wun,’ Lilith repeated.

‘Babbeh nu undewstan! Wat nice fwuffies wan Babbeh du?!’

Lilith narrowed her eyes and closed the distance. 'Wiwif wan dummeh tu wun, NAO!!!’ she screamed the last word in the colt’s face. Screaming, the colt turned and fled in the opposite direction. ‘Babbehs.' At their mother's command, Pearl and Abaddon set off in pursuit. He ran for all he was worth, hooves hammering against the smooth floor. Despite his effort, Pearl and Abaddon easily kept pace.

Looking over his shoulder, the colt saw Abaddon gaining on him. 'Screee!!' The colt pulled a hard left to get away from the jet black Alicorn, and Pearl made her move. She galloped forwards, aiming to cut the colt off and tackle him. At the last moment, he saw Pearl coming and pulled out a little extra speed; it was enough, but only just. The tip of the colt's tail brushed pearls face as she passed.

Pearl snarled in frustration as she overshot her target; she slowed and turned hard, almost slipping. Abaddon slowed, matching the colt’s turn and keeping pace as he fled back down the room. Moments later, Pearl rejoined the chase. ‘Nuu!! Stay way!!’ The colt screamed. ‘Mummah!! Daddeh!! Hewp Babbeh!!’ He and his pursuers passed Lilith, who calmly turned to keep watch.

Steadily, Pearl and Abaddon closed on their target. Both could quickly run down the smaller fluffy but took their time to draw out his torment. The colt looked over his shoulder again and saw Pearl was far, far too close. Panicking, he cut right again 'SQUEE!!' and felt something clamp down on his rear leg. Seeing what was about to happen, Abaddon dashed forward into striking distance and sunk his teeth into the colt's leg.

Abaddon skidded on his hooves, trying to kill his and the colt’s momentum. As they slowed, there was a dull pop, and the colt screamed. ‘SQUEEEEEE!!!’ Burning hot pain shot out from his hip. Abaddon dragged the screaming colt to the ground; seconds later, Pearl arrived and helped pin the colt down. ‘Reeee!!! Weggie!! Mummah!! Mummahhh!!!’ He wailed. ‘Babbeh hav huwties!! Wowstest huwteeeEEE!!!’ The colt screamed anew when Abaddon sunk his teeth deeper into his leg. ‘SCREEEEE!!! EEEEEE!!!!’ The colt kicked out wildly, even with the dislocated leg.

A few of the strikes landed, but none of them had much effect. It didn't stop Pearl from kicking the colt to stop him hitting her brother though. Abaddon continued to work on the leg, grinding his teeth back and forth and pulling on the leg. The colt squealed and howled in agony, and kept trying to kick Abaddon. The black alicorn ignored the blows and kept going; soon, he tasted blood. The warm, tangy flavour sent a shiver through Abaddon, and he bit down harder.


Abaddon cut through muscle, fat and tendons to the colt’s leg bone. It was hard, but thanks to the supplements in his food, Abaddon's teeth were harder than the average fluffy’s. He bit down over and over, chopping his way through the colt’s leg bone. The blue colt screamed bloody murder and tried to push himself away; eventually, he managed to, but his leg stayed in Abaddon's mouth. The alicorn stood and dropped the limb in front of the colt.

The young fluffy fell silent as he gazed bug-eyed at his leg, blue fluff stained crimson and jagged pink bone sticking out the end. 'NUUUU!!!! WEGGIE!!! SCREEEEEEE!!!!' The colt started to struggle anew, adrenaline flooding his system. 'DADDEH!!! MUNSTAH TAKE WEGGIE!! SABE BABBEH!!!'

‘Sissie take oda weggie nao,’ Abaddon said.

‘Otay!!’ The young mare swapped placed with her brother and set to work on one of the colt's forelegs. Pearl worked methodically, slicing through skin and muscle with her sharp teeth. Reaching bone in a matter of minutes, pearl grabbed hold of the limb in her mouth and twisted her head, snapping the leg off.

‘SCREEE!! *HAFFHAFFHAFF* EEE!! REEEE!!' Pain and terror flooded the colt's mind. Legs and bloody stumps flailed madly in his attempts to escape.

Lilith watched from a few feet away, pleased by Pearl and Abaddon’s progress. 'Take oda weggies.’

‘Yes, Mummah!' Abaddon kicked the colt over, making it easier to get to his remaining legs. With the colt's mobility shot, there was no need to pin him down. Abaddon and Pearl took a leg each; 'Abahdawn can take weggie fastah!'

‘Bwudda nu can du dat! Peaw beat yu!' The colt screamed as the sibblings raced to see who could amputate their limb first. Pearl won by a narrow margin and threw the leg in a long arc to celebrate. 'Peaw win! Peaw win!!' She turned to Abaddon, the colt's last leg in his mouth. 'Peaw beat yu!!'

‘*Pah*' Abaddon spat out his leg and went to say something when Lilith intervened.

‘Babbehs, dat am nuff,' she looked at the bloody legless colt, wriggling and hyperventilating on the floor. 'Mummah am gun finish dis.' Pearl and Abaddon grumbled but did as their mother said and stepped aside. Lilith approached the colt slowly and methodically, taking her time. The mutilated colt looked up at the Alicorn looming over him and tried one last time.

‘*Haff-haff-haff* Pw-pwease, nu *haff-haff* nu mowe… ‘Pwe-pwease...’

Lilith stared at the colt; slowly, a sadistic smile spread over her face. She strode around to the colt's hindquarters, leaned down and closed her teeth around the colt's ball sack. He jolted and tried to wriggle away. 'Nu, nu! Nu huwt speciaw wumps!' He pleased. 'Nu huwEEEEEEE!!!' Lilith bit down, slowly; bit by bit, her teeth cut through the skin that held the colt's balls to his body.

‘REEEEE!!! EEEEEE!!’ His bloody stumps flailed about, sending drops of blood everywhere. Lilith took her time, thoroughly enjoying another chance at revenge by proxy for Amethyst being raped. Soon though, her teeth severed the colt’s ball sack from his body. Lilith spat the small bloody lump away and leaned back down. ‘NUUUU!! SCREEEEE!!!’ The colt screamed one more time as Lilith bit through his cock agonisingly slow, so slow the torture seemed to last for ages.

Lilith managed to make the severing of the colt's cock last a little longer than his ball sack; she spat the bloody lump of flesh away and gazed into the colt's wide, bloodshot eyes. 'Dewe, nao yu nu am bad fwuffy.' She said. 'Dis way babbehs.' Lilith led Abaddon and pearl away from the mutilated colt to the door and tapped on it with her hoof. Nigel opened the door to let them out, and switched off the light in the room, leaving the colt in the dark.

‘*Haff haff haff* huuuhuhuu owwwieesss huhuuu,' The colt moaned, his body consumed by the agony of his wounds. The shock was setting in, but slowly. 'Huuuuhuhuuu Mummah! Mummahhh huhuhu!!! Babbeh sowwies huhuuu!! Am sowwieeesss!! Nu mean huwt sissie huhuhuuuu!' Blood dripped from his wounds, staining his fluff and pooling on the floor. Blood loss and shock took greater effect, clouding the colt's pain ravaged mind. '*Sob* Huuuhuhu, *sob* W-wan huggies. Wan, wan be wif Mummah. *Sob* W-wan… Wan die, wan die wan die…'

The colt sobbed and looped on the bloody floor surrounded by his limbs and genitals until death finally claimed him.


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Anonymous1: it's been a while since I seen this story.
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