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hans_bessler: Translation:"Very good small mouse", "Hail Hitler"

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Micron: @hans_bessler: Mice are already small. Does this imply that there are large mice, or that a fluffy is the size of a small mouse and a normal mouse is larger?
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Anonymous1: Dummkopf pferdmaus

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Waaaghlord: haha, good question what those peta-hippies would do with those ^^

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guodzilla: I can picture it now:
Ol' Ilse von Schnitzel there in back is going to take one deep breath too many, and...

(Hallelujah Chorus starts playing)

(. )( .)

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hans_bessler: @Micron: If you've ever played D&D, you know that there are some big-ass rats.
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Anonymous2: .....what? Seriously?