abuse accidental_abuse artist:muffin bad_mummah foal foal_thief foals mummah psychological_abuse sadbox steal stealing theft thief

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Tags abuse accidental_abuse artist:muffin bad_mummah foal foals foal_thief mummah psychological_abuse sadbox steal stealing theft thief
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Muffin: A little series im making based on one of my oldest posts.. a mummah that loves babbehs so much that she will literally steal other babies for herself
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The_Neutralist: All right! Crazy Mummah:The Remake!

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U001S: Whu-oh!
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Anonymous1: Classic example of Baby Crazy Syndrome. Surprised that none of the other mares noticed especially with the blue one calling for help, I guess they were lead into another room to eat.
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Nocturn: If she only ate foals that are less desirable colors the mamas may never notice.
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Muffin: @Anonymous: nothing is more distracted than a fluffy promised sketties

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Waaaghlord: @Anonymous: nice wady mentioned skettis ... maybe hear or see anything elese after these are empty ^^

i like the mummah calculating babbehs panel ^^

... so deep down from her heart she is just doing good things and the best for the babbehs ^^""""

dis gonna be GREAT no matter what ^^
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Nocturn: Whoops. I looked closer and realized she was just stealing that baby and not eating it. My bad

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ForScience: I love this stuff! No human interference needed, they generate their own misfortune and suffering. Cannot wait to see what happens to the mare when the others realize what she's done. Good work muffin!