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* * *

It had been two weeks since Matt had given Arion the enfie-toy, taken Asscleaner’s vocal cords, and learned that Almond and Arion both wanted to have foals together.

Chestnut was about to pop. She barely moved from her side, and Matt had placed a litter box under her rear so she wouldn’t get stressed about ‘bad poopies.’ Chestnut and Arion were especially gentle with her and played as close as they could. Almond was especially concerned, as every now and again Chestnut huued in a little bit of pain from the foals wiggling inside her.

Matt had been quite attentive, making sure Chestnut was calm and knew she just needed to call for him in case she started to give birth.

“How are you, Chestnut?” Matt said, wiping shit and piss from her rear. It was vile and he’d really considered bringing Asscleaner upstairs to help him. Still, he didn’t want Chestnut to worry and he wanted to make sure the foals were clean.

“Ches’nut am otay. Tummeh babbehs am pwaying wuff.” She giggled before wincing a bit.

“They’re just ready to come out soon!” Matt said, stroking her fluff.

The foals were certainly active. When Matt stroked her tummy, he could feel the little wiggles and kicks from them. If Matt was honest with himself, he was really excited. Chestnut was such a kind mother to Almond, and a great surrogate mother to Brick and Licorice. She was going to be an awesome mom to her foals.

Matt watched as another tremor rolled through Chestnut, and she splayed her legs a bit, exposing her vagina. Matt could tell she would foal soon.

“D-daddeh… tummeh babbehs am pway wuff!” Chestnut whined. They were coming.

“Chestnut, I’ll be right back, okay? Don’t worry. I’m just going to get some things to help with the birth, alright?”

“Otay daddeh. Pwease nu take wong tiem.” Chestnut said, groaning as another contraction rolled through her.

Matt quickly went to the kitchen and wracked his brain for all the advice Tiff had given him; towel, small bowl of warm water, a damp wash cloth, and a bottle, filled with milk and in a different bowl of hot water. Chestnut might over-produce milk, but she still only had two teats, and a newborn fluffy needed milk pretty much right after they were born. He wasn’t worried that they’d die, but he wanted to help calm Chestnut down.

Hurrying back into the room, he saw Chestnut with a pained look on her face, her stomach and vagina pulsing slightly.

“D-daddeh!” She said, panting. “Biggest poopies! Babbehs am cumin’!” She whined.

“I know sweetie, I know.” Matt said. He took her away from the litter box and positioned her over one of the towels. He’d throw this away after the birth.

He carefully positioned her on her side, placing her on the soft towel. He put the wash clothe and bowl near him, and the milk bottle by Chestnut’s teats.

“Okay Chestnut, I’m here when you’re ready. Just let me know.”

“Huu huu…” Chestnut whined, clearly distressed. “Fank yu dadeh… dis am huwties, bu’ daddeh am make Ches’nut feww bettuh.”

“Soon you’ll have your babies, and then you can rest and relax.”

“Otay daddeh...” She said. Chestnut squealed as a contraction pushed through her, forcing her legs apart and sending gush of amniotic fluid onto the towel. It’s what it was there for, so it was fine.

The rush of fluid meant the babies were on their way, and Matt saw the first one crowing from Chestnut’s dilated vagina. He gently placed the warm washcloth under her and waited for the foal to plop out.

It was a purple foal, no mane obviously, and with a quick inspection looked to be a colt! Matt gently dipped the baby in the bowl of warm water and wiped him clean with the washcloth.

“Daddeh! Daddeh! Babbeh am cum? Wet Ches’nut see babbeh!” She begged. It was clear she was a little distressed having lost her previous litter, save Almond.

The purple colt, fortunately, was peeping and cooing. Matt gently placed him down in front of Chestnut. She instinctively licked him, even though Matt had taken most of the fluids off, and then gently placed him at her teat. The baby, hungry already, latched on quickly and began to suckle.

“Moaw babbehs cumin daddeh!” Chestnut said, shuddering with a contraction but doing her best to keep the first baby from being affected.

Next popped out a pure sunshine yellow foal, a filly this time, and immediately started to wiggle and peep in Matt’s hand. She too struggled in the warm water, probably the fluffy instinctual fear of water, and peeped as Matt wiped her clean. He quickly gave her to Chestnut who cooed as she licked the fluffy.

“Babbeh am pwetty yewwo cowow…” She said. “Babbehs am su pwetty.” She placed the yellow filly down at her other teat, and the purple colt had detached, having drank his fill.

Chestnut groaned as two more babies fell out of her, one right after the other. She sobbed a bit as the second one came out, as it was bigger than the others.

The first was another filly, all purple, which Matt immediately gave to Chestnut to clean so he could tend to the other foal. She cooed over all her babies as she licked the purple filly.

The largest baby so far was a solid gray colt. Matt lifted him into the bowl and cleaned him off. It was weird to see, since so far the babies had been either Chestnut’s colors or her rapist’s. Grey was a change, but the colt was pretty.

Looking over at Chestnut, she was cooing as her babies fed. Unfortunately, the two newest babies were occupying her teats.

“Chestnut, are those babies done or do they need to be fed more?” Matt asked gently.

“Babbehs am stiww hungee… bu’ moaw babbehs nee’ miwkies! Huu huu Ches’nut am bad mummah! Nu can gib aww babbehs miwkies!” Tears welled in her eyes as she looked at her foals.

“No, no you’re a great mommy! Here.” Matt gently placed the milk bottle near her and placed the gray foal on it. He kneaded the rubber teat and suckled immediately. “You can feed another baby like this, okay?”

“Moaw miwkies? Magic hooman miwkie-pwace?” She asked, nuzzling the gray foal. “Pwetty shiny babbeh am hab gub mikwies.” She wiped her tears away on her fluff. “Fank yu dadd-EH!” She squeaked the last bit as another contraction ripped through her, another baby beginning to crown.

“Shh shh, just focus on getting the babies out, Chestnut, I’m here. Daddy’s here.”

The next baby slid out into the waiting washcloth with a plop, peeping as soon as she took her first breath. Matt cleaned the filly, all brown like her mother. Matt looked over and saw that Chestnut had a free teat, and gently placed the brown filly at the teat.

The last foal, also brown, was a colt. Matt placed him at the second free teat, and began to wipe Chestnut’s vagina down. She was panting and stretched her legs a bit, careful not to disturb her babies.

The two brown foals were drinking her milk hungrily, but the rest had tuckered themselves out, forming a cute little fluff pile by her chest. Chestnut was looking at them with loving, if tired, eyes.

Matt carefully wiped her down, cleaning the afterbirth and wrapping the placenta up in the dirty towel. Some mares would eat it, but Matt was feeding Chestnut a healthy mix of vitamins in her veggies, so there was no need.

“Chestnut, I’m going to lift you onto the bed, okay? I’ll give you the babies right after.” Matt said once the brown foals had stopped feeding.

“Otay daddeh.” She was tired, and yawned.

He lifted her as gently as he could. She squirmed and made soft groans of pain when he adjusted her hips, but sighed in relief once she was on the soft bed. He had put a towel under her as well, just in case of nighttime accidents.

The foals, now taken away from their source of warmth and food, were peeping up a storm. Matt gently lifted them one by one and placed them back in Chestnut’s waiting embrace. She was watching Matt lift them anxiously.

“Pwease be cawefuw daddeh… am wittew babbehs.”

“Don’t worry Chestnut, I’ll be very gentle. I won’t hurt them.” Matt said, reassuringly.

Finally, when Chestnut had all her babies back, Matt was able to take a good look at them. They were all roughly the same size, except for the gray one who was surprisingly large, and their eyes were shut tight. They were adorable.

Chestnut cooed and gently stroked them as they settled into a fluff pile, getting comfortable. She looked so happy.

“Arion, Almond, come here and meet your siblings.” Matt said gently. The two fluffies walked over slowly. The noises of pain that Chestnut had been making had scared them off.

“Hewwo babbehs.” Almond said gently, sniffing the pile.

“Babbehs am su smaww.” Arion said, holding his breath.

Brick and Licorice had fallen asleep together by the autofeeder, which was a relief.

“Okay guys, we need to talk about the babies.” Matt said. “Chestnut is going to be taking care of her babies, all six of them, so she’s going to need lots of help. Can you guys help?”

“Yesh, Awion wan’ hewp mummah-Ches’nut!” Arion said, determination on his cute little face.

“Wan hewp mummah tu!” Almond said, smiling.

“Good fluffies. Okay Almond, because you want babies of your own soon, I want you to take care of Brick and Licorice. They still need milk, so you can take them to the auto-feeder when they’re hungry.”

“Otay. Wat am awtu-feed’uh?” She asked, cocking her head.

“Oh the uh… that.” Matt said, pointing to the machine.

“Otay! Take babbehs tu miwkie-pwace-fingy wen hungee’!”

“And it’s your job to teach the babies to use nice words, teach them to use the litter box, and to be nice. Okay?”

“Yesh daddeh, babbehs wiww tawk pwetty, be nice, an make gud poopies an’ gud pee-pees in da wittah box.”

“Wat Awion du fo’ Ches’nut?” Arion asked.

“You’ll help Chestnut with what she needs? And I want you to come get me if there are any problems with the babies or if Chestnut needs serious help. I also want you to help her getting to the litter box if she needs it, okay?”

“Otay daddeh! Wiww hewp Ches’nut!” Arion said.

“I know you will.” Matt said, smiling at his fluffy. “How are you doing girl?” Matt asked Chestnut.

“Daddeh… Ches’nut am gud. Am vewy happeh. Babbehs am su gud babbehs. Aww su pwetty.” She squirmed a bit, wrapping herself around her babies. “Fank yu daddeh fo’ babbehs. Ches’nut… Ches’nut wan’ keep aww babbehs. If dat am otay?”

“Of course it’s okay Chestnut! I kinda figured you’d want to keep them all.” He scratched her under her chin, smiling as she cooed.

“Fank yu daddeh. Ches’nut pwomise dat babbehs am be gud babbehs.”

“I know. You’re a great mommy and you’ll raise them right.”

Chestnut was far too tired to do anything, and quickly fell asleep next to her new babies. Matt would have to wait until their manes came in to give them names, which would also help him keep track of them. For now, however, Matt was content to play with Arion and Almond, near Brick and Licorice.

Almond kept running over to check on them, and eventually picked them up by their scruff and dropped them in a small pile on the bed, curling around them.

“Everything okay Almond?” Matt asked.

“Yesh. Awmon’ wuv pway! Bu’ babbehs am sweepy an’ nee’ warmies.” She said.

It seemed to be true. The foals had been tightly wrapped around each other, but were now nuzzling into Almond’s fluff, cooing at the influx of warm.

“Awmon’ am gud mummah.” Arion said quietly, watching her tend to the babies.

“She will be, when she has foals of her own. She’s too young now, but when she grows up you and her are going to have great babies. I want you to help Almond with Brick and Licorice. She’s practicing being a mommy, but you should practice being a daddeh too, okay?”

“Yesh daddeh. Wiww hewp Ches’nut wif babbehs and hewp Awmon’ tu.” He said.

“I know it’s a lot of work, but I believe in you. You’re intelligent.” Matt said, stroking Arion’s mane.

“Wat am int- intewwi’nt?” Arion asked.

“Well… you know how Smarties always talk about how they’re smarter than every fluffy?”

“Well, smarties usually aren’t any smarter than any other fluffy. They’re just loud and mean.”

“Dat am twue… Awion ‘membuh smawties am big meanies.”

“Exactly. So, intelligent means actually smart, without being mean or loud.”

“Su… Awion am… intewwig’nt?” Arion asked, cocking his head.

“Yes. You’re very intelligent. It’s much better than being a smarty, because you respect your daddy and care about your family.”

“Awion nu wan’ be smawty. Nu am haf hewd, haf famiwy. Daddeh am pawt of famiwy.” Arion said, smiling.

“And that’s what makes you intelligent buddy,” Matt stroked Arion, earning happy little coos. “I’m going to head off, okay? Sleep well buddy.”

“Otay daddeh! Awion wuv yu, haf gu sweepies.” Arion said before trotting over to sleep between Chestnut and Almond.

“Gud-dawk tiems daddeh.” Almond said, gently licking her adopted babies as they nested into her.

Matt smiled as he turned off the lights and closed the door. It was time to visit his captives.

Fortunately, Arion had bought his lie that he’d taken care of the ‘scawy basement munstah’. Arion had also promised not to tell Almond or Chestnut, as Matt didn’t want to scare them either. He would have to be a lot more careful with his abuse.

Heading downstairs, he already heard what he’d been hoping for;

“Diamown’ am bestest, smawty fwuffy.” He heard the little white filly say. “Otha fwuffies wisten tu Diamown’ smawty.”

“Daddeh say aww fwuffies am bestest fwuffies.” He heard July say quietly.

“Dat am wight! Diamonw’ am nu bestest fwuffy!” Rosie said.

Matt gently peeked his head around the threshold of the basement. July and Rosie were all off to one side, while Diamond and Slate stood off to another. Cobalt sat between them, crying gently.

It was clear there was a turf war going on, and Matt couldn’t have hoped for a better sight. He wanted to torment the foals slowly, but he didn’t want the ‘good’ ones to lose trust in him. It would be easier to keep their trust if they thought he would only punish a bad foal, since they all thought of themselves as good foals.

“Diamown’ am bestest smawtiest fwuffy. Pinkie am dummeh nu-hown fwuffy. Juwy, join Diamown’ hewd.”

“Nu!” July said, stomping his hoof. “Nu wan weave Wosie! Aww babbehs am gud, Diamown’ pwease nu caww Wosie meanie wowds!”

“Yu am dummeh fwuffy tu. Swate am gud fwuffy. Cowbowt join Diamown’ hewd.”

Cobalt kept crying, and didn’t respond.

“Cowbowt, nu make sad-wawa...” July said, sitting next to his brother and giving him a hug.

“Nu wan meanie wowds! Bwuddah an sissie nu fight!” Cobalt said through tears.

“Stupi dummeh fwuffies! Diamown’ gib aww yu sowwy hoofises! Swate am bestest toughie an’ gib aww yu fowevah-sweepies!”

Slate took a step forward, clearly with murderous intent. It was time for Matt to act.

“What’s going on here?” Matt said, walking fully into the basement.

Cobalt began to cry harder while Slate backed off, his ears flattening against his skull. Rosie ran over to Matt while Diamond looked, strangely, unfazed.

“Daddeh! Diamown’ am be meanie! Teww Diamown’ dat meanie wowds am nu gud!” Rosie said.

“July, is that true?” Matt asked. Forcing the fluffy to choose between his sister and his friend put a lot of stress on the foal, which Matt could immediately tell.

“Weww… am… am…” July said, looking between Rosie and Diamond. “Diamown’ say meanie wowds… but nu mean dem! Diamown’ jus’ wan be bestest.”

“She wants to be the best fluffy? Diamond is this true?” Matt asked.

“Diamon am bestest fwuffy. Dat am jus’ twue.” She said, looking at July.

“Diamond, there are no best fluffies. All fluffies are good fluffies.”

“Dat am nu twue daddeh!” Diamond said, smiling. “Wots o’ fwuffies am bad fwuffies! Wike wickie-cweany fwiend, an’ miwkie-pwace fwiend. Dey am bad fwuffies.”

“Why are they bad fluffies, Diamond?” Matt asked. He was going to punish her, regardless of her answer, but he was genuinely curious.

“Fwuffies am nu-weggie, nu-tawkie dummeh fwuffies. Onwy bad fwuffies am wike dat.” She said.

To be fair, she was right. Matt had taken their legs and muted them. From the corner of his vision, Matt could see Milkbag crying softly. Apparently her own daughter calling her a dummy fluffy had been heartbreaking. Good.

“Now Diamond, those fluffies wanted to have their legs taken, and they like being quiet. All so they could provide for you babies.”

“Dat mean dey am stoopi fwuffies!” She said, stomping.

“Language, Diamond! Don’t be a bad fluffy.” Matt said. He hoped she took the bait.

“Dummeh daddeh! Diamown’ am bestest fwuffy! Nu am bad fwuffy!” She said.

She took the bait. The other foals all gasped in horror. It was like she’d said some kind of horrible slur.

“Now Diamond, you have one chance to apologize. If you don’t, I’ll be forced to punish you.” Matt said. It took every fiber of his being not to smile.

“Nu wan ap- apow- nu sowwy!” She said, stomping her hooves like a brat. “Diamown’ am bestest fwuffy, am smawty!”

“Tsk tsk. Well I guess I have to punish you.” He lunged forward, snatching Diamond up by her scruff and carrying her out of the pen.

Behind him, a chorus of ‘scawy!’ and ‘nu wan!’ erupted from the foals. He grinned.

Diamond was brought over to the work bench, where her mother had been turned into a milkbag and her father into her litter-pal. Matt grinned at her, no longer trying to hide the malicious feelings bubbling to the surface.

“D-daddeh make scawy-teefies… nu wike...” Diamond said softly. “Aw sowwy fo’ make meanie wowds.”

“Oh no, it’s far too late for an apology now, little girl. What to do with you…?”

Diamond backed away from Matt, as if she could feel the evil coming off him. Maybe she could.

“Ah! Why don’t I punish you the same way I punished your daddy?” Matt asked aloud.

He grabbed the crucifix that he’d strapped Firework to, but realized quickly it was too large for the foal. Grabbing some wooden dowels, Matt quickly cobbled together a new crucifix, this one foal-sized.

“W-wat am dat… daddeh?” Diamond asked, fear and curiosity in her little voice.

“This is a crucifix.” Matt said. “It’s a way to punish people who think they should lead everyone.”

He grabbed the foal, and placed her back against the wood. Stretching her little legs out, he quickly zip-tied them to the dowels, making sure to stretch her legs a little further than was comfortable.

The sudden discomfort and awkward position made Diamond begin to cry.

“Huu huu Diamown’ am sowwy daddeh! Pwease nu gib sowwy cwu-s’fix!” She begged.

“Oh honey, this isn’t even the best part!”

Diamond had been strapped to the crucifix while it was laying flat, and when Matt lifted it, the full weight of her body was brought down on her joints. The pressure made her wail louder, and when it became clear this wasn’t going to end quickly, she began to peep and chirp like a baby.

Matt carried the crucifix over to the litter box, and zip-tied the post to the fence, making sure she hovered just over all the shit.

“Foals, listen up!” Matt said, addressing his captives. “This is what happens to bad babies. If you’re a bad baby, you’ll get the sorry cross.”

Matt smiled while he watched the foals all stare in horror at Diamond. The little smarty was sobbing and huffing as she tried desperately to find a purchase so her body weight wasn’t put on her shoulders. Every time she supported herself on her hind legs, the zip-tie dug into her ankles, which meant she was only able to do that for so long. Eventually, she slumped in either pain or exhaustion, putting her full body weight on both her shoulders and wrists.

“Now, I want you all to promise to be good fluffies and always listen to your daddy, or else you’ll get the sorry cross!”

“Pwomise!” All the foals said, still glancing with fear and pity at Diamond.

“D-daddeh?” July said. The rest of the foals had gone back to playing or sleeping.

“Yes, July?”

“W-wen Diamown’ be wet down?”

“Well she’s been a very naughty foal. We don’t like smarties here, do we? I’ll let her down when she’s thought about what she’s done.” Matt said, trying to sound as concerned as possible.

“Otay daddeh… Juwy am jus’ wowwied. Nu wan’ huwties fo’ anyfwuffy...” He said.

Ironic, considering he’d been eating his tormented mother’s milk and having his pained father lick his asshole.

“Don’t worry July, I’m sure Diamond will learn and be a better fluffy.”

“Otay.” July ran off to play with the other foals, but Matt wasn’t quite done tormenting Diamond.

“Hey Diamond. Want to know a secret?” He whispered to her.

“Huu huu...” Diamond simply sobbed, not able to talk much through her pain.

“The milkie-place friend? That was your mommy. You’re her baby. I took you from her and turned her into a milkie-place friend.”

Diamond stopped crying, her eyes wide. She looked frantically back and forth, between Matt and Milkbag.

“D-dat am… mummah?” She whispered, pain forgotten for a moment.

“That’s right. You’re her baby; you, Slate, Cobalt, and July. That’s why you’re white and Slate is gray.”

“Nu… nu twue! Am wie!” She shouted, as loud as she could through her labored breathing.

“It’s the truth. And you know it. Her name was Charcoal, but now she’s Milkbag. And all your siblings, and you, will end up worse than her.”

Diamond’s eyes were filled with tears, and fear. She trembled. Matt quickly grabbed a small ball-gag, similar to the one he’d put in Milkbag’s mouth, and stuck it into Diamond’s mouth. He inflated it fully, after inserting the feeding tube, and took pleasure in inflating it too much for her little foal mouth to handle, over-stretching her maw.

She peeped in discomfort as her jaw was stretched too far. Matt plugged the tube from the auto-feeder that kept Milkbag alive into the foal’s feeding tube. She would now be fed the same over-nutritious hormone blend her mother had been fed. Matt wondered what would happen to the foal.

It was time to check on the adults.

Milkbag was squirming in discomfort. The vitamix that Matt had generously added to her feed had caused a very rapid over-production of milk. Her teats were tender and red, and the gentle auto-suck of the feeding machine had turned into torment. She moaned in pain through the feeding tube.

“Hello Milkbag.” Matt said. He almost wished he hadn’t taken her eyes, just so she could look up at her tormentor. “How are we today?”

She made a gargled moan and grunt in response, but Matt saw her wiggling had stopped. He looked at the over-filled teats, and gently touched them.

Milkbag wiggled and gagged in response, her stumps flailing helplessly as pain wracked her sensitive teats. Matt could see how swollen they were, far more than Chestnut’s had ever been.

Slate trotted over just then, and began to suckle at one of the rubber teats. Matt grinned as Milkbag made muffled groans and squirmed, the gentle sucking from the milker now becoming a much harder pull as a foal fed.

“Miwky-pwace fwiend make funny noise.” Slate giggled, suckling until he had his full, then trotting off.

“That was Slate. Your little gray baby.” Matt said.

Milkbag’s ears perked up, and Matt saw her front stumps wiggle forward, obviously in the ‘huggie’ pose.

“Oh no, you can’t hug him. He doesn’t even know that you’re his mother. He just thinks your a dummy no-leggie fluffy that gives him milk. But the babies are almost weaned soon… soon they won’t need any milk.”

Matt wasn’t lying. The babies’ teeth were coming in now, and he’d soon move them to kibble softened with milk. Of course, he intended to add a special something to each of their bowls, just to make things more interesting.

Milkbag was actually thrashing now, shouting as loud as her little gag would let her.

Matt squeeze a teat, earning a pained squeak and some trembling.

“Shut up. You’ll feed your babies until I’m done with you. After that, who knows?” Matt teased. “Maybe I’ll let you die.”

Her voice was muffled, but Matt could still hear the her gentle ‘huu-huu’ as she cried to herself.

Leaving Milkbag and her foal, Matt walked over to Asscleaner.

The previous-smarty looked fucking miserable. There was shit caked on his muzzle, and his eyes were red from crying. Matt forced his jaw open to look at his throat and was pleased to see the irritation was gone and there was no sign of infection; a miracle, considering the unsanitary conditions.

“Rosie, come here.” Matt said.

The pink foal stiffened in fear, but obeyed, shakily walking over to her daddy.

“Y-yesh, daddeh?”

“Don’t worry Rosie, you’re not in trouble. I just need your help with something.”

Rosie immediately relaxed, her pretty pink tail swooshing in joy.

“Yay! Wosie wuv hewp daddeh!” She exclaimed.

Matt smiled at her. It was very strange. When Arion or Almond exclaimed their love for him and their desire to help him, it filled him with pride and joy. Having his fluffies prance around at his feet, asking to help, was both adorable and endearing.

With these foals, however, he felt nothing. Rosie so clearly loved and trusted him, wanted to make him happy, and would do anything he asked. Even after he literally crucified her surrogate sibling, she still loved him. He should be proud, he should care, but he just… didn’t.

“Licky-cleany friend here is all healed up, and he wants to give you the first licky-cleany!” Matt said, still with his faux smile.

“Yay! Wosie am miss wickie-cweany fwiend!” She backed up to Asscleaner, and lifted her tail.

There was very brief pause, when Asscleaner looked up at Matt, clearly begging for mercy, for pity, perhaps even for death. Matt just smiled.

Rosie giggled as Asscleaner rimmed her, cleaning her filthy asshole and licking her fluff clean. Once she was clean, Rosie turned to Matt happily.

“Fank yu daddeh fo’ fix wickie-cweany fwiend!” She turned to Asscleaner. “Fank yu fo’ wickie-cweanies!”

“Good girl, Rosie. You can go back to playing.”

She trotted off and resumed playing with her ball and siblings. Matt smiled, looking at them play. So innocent, so fragile.

Matt went over to his workbench and grabbed some discount kibble, as well as a mix of water and powdered fluffy milk. It was about the least nutritious thing a fluffy could eat, but that was okay. The foals weren’t going to live long enough for that anyway.

Matt had bought a few cheap colored plastic bowls, one for each foal. As he weaned them slowly, they would need to each eat their own food. Matt had even bought a white bowl but it seemed like Diamond wouldn’t be needing that from now on.

He had bought a few hormonal mixtures, specifically designed for breeders, but had been commercially available at Fluff-Mart. Matt had been observing the foals, and their distinct personalities had become apparent. Rosie was more dominant than the others, even though Diamond was a smarty. Slate was apparently Diamond’s toughie. July was a wuss, and had a very passive attitude. Cobalt was a crybaby, and was clearly very immature even for his age.

Matt mixed the bowls fully and added a specific cocktail of hormones to the bowls. Slate would be getting a large dose of testosterone, while July would be getting a large dose of estrogen. Even though July was male, it would be interesting to see what a large dose of estrogen would do to him. Rosie’s bowl had been laced with growth hormone.

“Okay babies, come here. I have some good news!” Matt said, carrying the bowls over.

“Wat am dese daddeh!” Rosie said, trotting in a circle.

“These are your new bowls! You’re all such big fluffies now, that you get to try some kibble!” Matt said, trying to make the dry, hard, food sound as amazing as possible.

The foals, stupid as they were, immediately cheered. He placed the bowls down and they immediately started to chow.

“Dese nummies am gud daddeh! Fank yu!” Rosie said, happily eating.

“I’m glad you like them Rosie! These are special nummies for good, big fluffies!” He said, grinning.

An audible crack and the sound of Cobalt crying meant the second part of his plan was working.

“Owwies! Wowstest teefie huwties!” Cobalt said, sobbing and holding his hooves up to his mouth.

“Oh Cobalt! Are you okay?” Matt said, swooping down to the fluffy and opening his mouth. One of his back molars, far too underdeveloped for hard food, had cracked. Matt scooped the foal and his bowl up.

“Wai meanie nummies gib Cowbowt wowstest huwties!” He said, crying into Matt’s shirt.

“I’m sorry Cobalt, it looks like you’re still too young for kibble. You’ll have to stay on milk for now.” Matt said, placing the blue bowl on the workbench. “Let me get rid of your broken tooth, okay?”

Matt gently laid the foal down and pulled out his needle nose pliers. It sent a rush of adrenaline through him to be holding them, especially with a foal beneath him. It was so tempting to just take all his teeth right now. That wouldn’t be as satisfying, though.

Gently, he gripped the cracked tooth with the pliers, extracting a whimper from Cobalt, and pulled quickly, ripping the tooth out.

Cobalt screamed, and immediately began to sob and chirp. His mouth filled with blood and Matt put a few layers of gauze inside and pressed it firmly against the hole. Cobalt squirmed, but Matt’s grip was strong and unrelenting.

“Shh, I’m helping you Cobalt. Only bad babies don’t let their daddies help them.” Matt said, his voice cold and even.

Cobalt immediately stopped struggling. He had just seen what had happened to bad babies, and didn’t want that either. He still cried, but let Matt do what he had to. After the blood stopped, thanks to that famous fluffy clotting, Matt put a generous dollop of the healing gel on the wound. It did it’s magic and in a few minutes, the gel had solidified and would heal the wound faster.

Matt placed Cobalt back in the pen, and gently petted him.

“Cobalt, you’ll have to wait a little longer to eat kibble okay? For now, you’ll just have to drink milk.” Matt went over to Milkbag and took the extra feeding array off her. She groaned in clear relief as the constant gentle sucking was removed from her teat.

Cobalt went over, still hungry, and immediately started to sucked. Milkbag began to thrash as he kneaded her teat, and bit down. He had teeth now, and was practically chewing on the soft and sensitive nipple, and was kneading a sore and bloated teat.

Matt subtly grabbed the scruff of Milkbag and leaned down to her ear, whispering.

“That’s your little blue baby, Milkbag. If you don’t feed him, he’ll starve. Just wiggle again and I’ll take him off your milkie-place, and he’ll never get to eat again.”

Milkbag went stiff, and started to sob again. But, to her credit, she didn’t move an inch. Matt could tell from the wincing on her face that it was still agonizing, but she wanted to make sure her babies ate.

The discomfort would only grow for Milkbag, as there was now only one baby drinking her milk, but Matt wouldn’t be reducing the amount of food or hormones she got. Eventually the pain would be too much and she’d react violently. Matt couldn’t wait.

The other babies had all downed their respective bowls, and were all smiling and talking about how much they loved their kibble. Matt knew it would eventually come to a head and cause them to hate or make fun of Cobalt, which would also be great. He set up individual auto-feeders that mixed the milk, hormones, and kibble together and deposited it in each bowl at a specific time. They hadn’t been as cheap as he would have liked, but he was sure he’d be using them long after these foals were gone.

Matt examined his little pen. Rosie and July played with their blocks, happily laughing and cooing as they stacked and knocked them down. Cobalt was still drinking his milk and peeping.

Slate, strangely enough, was just sitting by the litter box, staring up at Diamond.

“What’s wrong Slate?”

“Swate am wan’ Diamown’ babbeh back.” He said sadly. “Wen am Diamown’ be down?”

“Diamond will come down when she decided to be a good baby.” Matt said. “Good fluffies are nice and friendly, and don’t call themselves Smarty.”

“Bu’… Diamown’ am smawty.” Slate said, tilting his head in confusion.

“Why do you say that, Slate?”

“Dat am wa’ Diamown’ said. Diamown’ am smawty. Smawtie fwuffy hab pointie an be smawt.” He said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Slate, just because she’s a unicorn and says she’s a smarty doesn’t mean she is. Would a smarty let herself be tied up like that?”

Slate pondered this for a while, staring at Diamond.

“Nu. Dat am nu smawty.” He said, finally deciding that daddy’s logic made more sense than hers.

“Good boy. Now go play with the others.” Matt said smiling.

As Slate trotted off, Matt leaned down to whisper to Diamond, who was now openly crying at the fact that Slate had rejected her smartiness.

“Now, only baby babies are smarties. I think this will help.” Matt said, and lifted a very small set of headphones up, slipping them into Diamond’s ears.

He plugged them into a small CD player and put it behind Diamond and outside the pen. It was an audio track take from a fluffy abuse site. Fluffies, it turned out, were highly suggestible. Foals even more so. The track was something the abuser had called a “Smarty Destroyer” and claimed that it would cure any fluffy of smarty syndrome, though not in the most mentally healthy way. Matt hadn’t bothered to listen to the full track, mostly because it was recorded in that horrible fluff-speak by a clearly artificial mare, but hope it worked.

“Okay fluffies,” Matt said, standing up after starting the track. “Daddy will see you later.” He said. They made a chorus of ‘nu wan daddeh to weave!’ and ‘otay daddeh, bai bai.’

As he left the basement, Matt smiled to himself. The foals were so gullible, so malleable. He couldn’t wait to ruin them more.

* * *

The headphones were very uncomfortable for Diamond, as they were designed for foals and sat firmly inside her ears. If her arms had been free, she probably could have knocked them off, but as she was currently crucified, that wasn’t about to happen.

The track was loud. Not loud enough to harm her eardrums, but loud enough that Diamond couldn’t hear anything happening outside.

“Babbeh am nu smawty. Babbeh am dummeh fwuffy! Babbeh am stoopi fwuffy an nu’desewe huggies o’ wuv. Babbeh am sai meanine wowds! Bad babbeh! Bad babbeh!”

The track kept up like this for some time, a cacophonous roar of different mares and even some foals all calling Diamond a stupid, dummy, poopie fluffy.

“Babbehs, du aww fwuffies desewe huggies an’ wuv?” The mare on the track asked.

“Yesh! Aww fwuffies desewe huggies an’ wuv!” The various foal voices responded.

“Wat abowt DIS babbeh? Dis am smawty babbeh!” The mare said.

“Smawty babbeh am stoopi dummeh babbeh!”

“Dummeh smawty babbeh am poopie, nu wan!”

“Dummeh poopie smawty nu fo’ huggies an wuv! Owny fo’ hutwies an sowwy-poopies!”

The track droned on an on, and at first Diamond had resisted, crying into her gag and trying to scream that she was the bestset best fluffy ever and deserved ALL the huggies and love!

After four hours of the track, her fragile little fluffy mind was wearing thin.

“Am yu gud babbeh? Nu! Yu am bad babbeh. Yu am poopie dummeh babbeh and nu fo’ huggies o’ wuv. Daddeh nu wuv yu, mummah nu wuv yu, and otah fwuffies nu wuv yu! Aww smawties am bad babbehs. Smawties am nu smawt! Am dummeh.”

Eventually, Diamond began to nod, internalizing this mantra.

‘Smartie babies am dummy babies.’ She thought.

“Aw smawties am bad babbeh!” The track said.

‘All smarties am bad babies.’ Diamond thought.

“Yu nu fo’ wuv an huggies!” The track said.

‘Diamond no deserve huggies and love.’ She thought.

“Dummeh babbeh am wowstest!” The track said.

‘Diamond is the worst baby.’ She thought.

“Dis am aww yu fawt!”

‘This… this is all Diamond’s fault? This is. This is all diamond’s fault. Diamond is the worst baby. The worstest worst baby. Diamond is a dummy fluffy.’

“Babbeh am wan’ wuv bu’ desewe huwties!”

‘Deserves hurties. Want love but deserve hurties’

“Aww huwties am’ desewe huwties.”

‘Wan wuv bu’ desewe huwties.’

“Wan huwties, desewe huwties.”

‘Want hurties? No! Diamond no want hurties!’

“Wan huwties, desewe huwties.”

‘No! Diamond no want hurties!’

“If nu wan huwties den why du bad fing dat gib huwties!?” The track demanded.

‘W… why? Why Diamond do bad things if no want hurties? No know… maybe…’

“Wan huwties, desewe huwties.”

‘Diamond… Diamond want hurties?’

“Wan huwties, desewe huwties.”

‘Diamond deserve hurties… but now want hurties? No! No want hurties!’

“Wan huwties, desewe huwties.”

‘Please… no Diamond no want hurties… deserve hurties though’

“Wan huwties, desewe huwties.”

‘Want hurties? Want hurties…. Please… Diamond deserve hurties…. Please give hurties...”

“Wan huwties, desewe huwties.”

‘Want hurties, deserve hurties.’

“Wan huwties, desewe huwties.”

‘Want hurties, deserve hurties.’

Tears rolled down Diamond’s eyes as she stared forward, almost unblinking. The mantra that she both wanted and deserved pain repeated for ages, pounding in her eardrums.

Only the former toughie, Slate, seemed to notice her unending tears. He looked forlornly at the ex-Smartie, watching with confusion and fear as her eyes went from defiant, to scared, to sad, to glazed over staring at the wall. In her gag, though he couldn’t see, she tried to speak against the mean words in her ears.

“Yu bad bebbeh nu knu mummah becuz mummah kno yu am bad babbeh an’ nu wan’ yu!” The track said.

Diamond hadn’t known her mother. Daddy had said he killed the monster that took her mother away, but then said that he had made her a dummy milkie-friend no-leggy fluffy. Diamond didn’t understand. If her daddy saved the babies from the monster, how could he be the monster?

Maybe he punished bad mothers and bad babies. That would explain why he gave mikie-mommy the worstest hurties, she was a bad mother. And Diamond was a bad baby, which is why she was being punished.

Suddenly, she understood; it all became clear. She was a bad baby. The WORSTEST baby. There was no other reason that a daddy who was sooooo nice would give her and her mommy hurties. She deserved it.

‘Diamond deserve hurties.’ She thought. ‘Deserve all the hurties for be bad baby.’

Slate wanted to do something, but what could he? Diamond was being punished for being a bad baby, and he didn’t want to be bad for Daddy. Diamond had called herself the smarty, but Daddy didn’t like that. Smarties were bad, apparently.

He was so confused! Daddy was the bestest Daddy and gave them lots of toys and nummies and huggies! Diamond had said that they should be in charge, instead of Rosie, and be Daddy’s new favorite fluffies! Rosie got all the best huggies and love.

It had been many forevers since Daddy had put Diamond on the sorry-cross and put the thingies in her earsies. Slate had awful heart-hurties, and each bright-time Diamond looked less and less like her old self and more… different? Something was wrong, but Slate didn’t have the words for it. Stupid thinkie-place.

The other foals didn’t pay much mind to Diamond – she was a bad baby and was being punished – but Slate didn’t want to play.

Every few bright-times, Daddy would come down and check on Diamond. He never said anything to her, but he looked in her see-places and felt her hoofsies. The first few times she cried harder and shook, pleading with her sad watery eyes for mercy, or forgiveness.

Today, however, when Matt checked on her, she didn’t resist at all. She flinched a bit, but didn’t cry of scream or wiggle. She was ready.

It had been a week since Matt had tied Diamond up for being bad. He hadn’t meant to leave her up for so long, the track only recommended three or four days at most, but Chestnut and the babies had needed quite a bit of attention. Brick and Licorice were walking and talking fully, and Chestnut’s babies would be opening their eyes soon. He was very excited.

All the cute and tenderness had certainly made him happy, but there was a dark piece of him that craved this suffering.

“Now Diamond, are you ready to be a good fluffy?” Matt asked.

She didn’t respond. July seemed to notice that his sister had been released from her punishment, and bounded over. Slate and Rosie followed.

“Diamown’!” July said, happily embracing his sister. “Juwy am su happeh yu am back!”

Still, Diamond said nothing.

Well that wouldn’t do. If Diamond had already gone catatonic that would be boring. He gently lifted her from the pen and placed her in on the workbench.

He lifted a carrier that he’d brought with him, and placed a stallion feral he’d captured in a large crate on the wall. Matt had slowly been repairing and upgrading the basement. He planned to keep fluffies around full-time and capturing ferals, while easy, was annoying. It was far easier to breed his own playthings and keep them contained in the basement.

Matt picked up each of the foals and placed them inside their own cages on the wall.

“Wai daddeh put babbeh in sowwy box! Du nuthin’ wong!”

“Huu huu nu wike nu homie...”

“Daddeh! Scawy! Hewp!”

The chorus of cries was irritating.

“Now babies, I’m going to fix the pen up, make you guys a proper place to live, and then I’ll put you back. You all have to be patient until then, okay?”

“Otay daddeh.” Unsurprising, Rosie answered first. “Wiww be gud babbehs! Aw wight, bwudduhs?”

Interesting, she already seemed to ignore Diamond.

“Yesh Wosie...” The babies said, rather dejectedly. Matt would have placed them all together, but the bowls of kibble he’d given them were again laced with their specific hormones.

Matt had found a special hormone suppressant for Cobalt. Matt had very special plans for that foal.

Diamond, however, he wasn’t finished with. Matt went to the garage and dragged all the things he’d bought at Fluff-Mart downstairs. He tore down the haphazard wooded boards he’d been using, and set up a ‘fluffy-safe’ fencing. It was sturdy metal, with bars that were coated in a soft foam-like substance, and had a small plastic barricade at the bottom to prevent foals from escaping.

He placed interlocking tiles along the floor. They were bright colors and soft on the sensitive hooves of fluffies. Nightlights, new toys, and a much bigger “self-cleaning” litterbox was placed, as well as auto-fill kibble dispensers and a water trough that filled itself from the tap, and was shallow enough that a stupid fluffy didn’t drown.

He’d also bought a variety of new abuse tools; from a sorry box that filled with water, to a special kibble that cause painful poopies.

Once the playpen had been mostly set up, Matt needed to refurb a few areas of the basement that he’d let get dilapidated.

Before he worked, Matt picked the feral stallion up and shoved him into Diamond’s cage.

“Pwease nice hooman! Nu huwt fwuffy… pwease wet fwuffy gu!” The feral begged. Matt had snatched him from an alleyway quickly, and while the stallion had struggled and begged for freedom, Matt had bathed him with a bucket and hose.

“Shut up. You see that mare there?” Matt asked. Diamond wasn’t old enough to be considered a mare, but was technically old enough to have babies.

The stallion suddenly noticed the pure-white unicorn near him. He sniffed gently at her, and Matt grinned when he saw Diamond wince.

“Dat… dat nu am mawe… am fiwwy. Smeww pwetty.” The stallion murmured.

“Give her special huggies.” Matt said.

“Buh… buh… pwetty babbeh am babbeh! Nu big enuf fow speshuw-huggies!”

“If you don’t, I’ll take your special lumps and give you forever sleepies.” Matt said. He was close to the cage now, talking softly so only Diamond and the feral could hear him.

“Huu huu… nu wan!” The stallion begged. He looked at Diamond. “Sowwy pwetty mawe… nu wan gib bad speshuw-huggies… buh nu wan gu fowevah-sweepies… Su sowwy….”

He gently mounted Diamond, who didn’t fight back. Tears rolled down Diamond’s face as the feral entered her, and she gently sobbed aloud as the stallion thrust, his fully-grown length far too large for her.

“Bad babbeh am desewe huwties… bad babbeh am desewe huwties...” She muttered between choked sobs.

Matt couldn’t help but grin. It looked like the ‘training’ track had left its mark. Matt left the stallion to do his thing, and went over to the litterpal and milkbag.

Asscleaner was not doing well. Matt had been feeding him a slurry of kibble and nutritional powder mixed with water directly to his stomach through a tube.

However, even with actual nutrients, it seemed the consistent emotional abuse was starting to take its toll on the battered fluffy.

“Hey there Asscleaner, how are we doing today?” Matt asked, smiling at the fluffy.

Having had his vocal cords seared away, Asscleaner couldn’t make any words; just a weak whining of air.

“Not great, huh? Well, that’s okay. I think it’s almost time I threw you away anyway.” Matt said.

Immediately, Asscleaner started to shake and cry, he looked up at Matt with his sad eyes and made wordless begging as he drooled.

“Don’t you think that’s better? I’ll get rid of you and you won’t have to lick the poopie-places of your babies anymore. You won’t see them ever again, but you win some you lose some.”

Asscleaner struggled in the box, but there was little he could do. He wanted so much to not be a licky-cleanie fluffy anymore, but at the same time he didn’t want to be thrown away like trashies! He wasn’t trashie! He was alive!

He tried to tell monster-daddy this, but his meanie voice was gone. Daddy stole that, just like he stole his leggies, and his hornie, and his babies.

Maybe it was better to go forever-sleepies? If he was sleeping forever, he wouldn’t have heart-hurties, or have to see what the monster-daddy did to his good babies. He only wished he could tell his special friend goodbye, and give her huggies one last time.

But he couldn’t, because Daddy was a monster.

* * *

Chestnut’s babies were almost talkie-babies, and Arion was so excited to meet them! Almond was excited too, and had been doing such a good job at being not-mommah to Brick and Licorice.

Daddy was excited for the babies to open their see-places too. He came into the safe-room almost every bright-time and played with them all. Arion loved his Daddy and was so happy that he had a family again. His own mommah had been a meanie to him, and called him a monster. Daddy didn’t call him a monster, he called him special.

Arion loved Almond and Chestnut too, and was so happy to be surrounded by so many friends! He missed Daddy a lot, but he wasn’t lonely anymore.

Licorice and Brick were now talkie-babies and could play and have lots of fun with Almond and Arion. It made Arion excited to have babies of his own, babies to help raise and love and help grow big and strong.

There was only one problem.

“Babbeh wan miwkies!” Brick said, stomping his little hooves.

“Otay babbeh!” Almond said, happily trotting over to the auto-feeder. It made her a little sad that she didn’t have milkies of her own, but it was okay. When she had her own babies, she’d be able to give them all the milkies they’d ever need!

“Nu! Wan mummah miwkies!” Brick said, stomping again. “Nu wan dummeh nu-fwuffy miwkies!”

“Buh… buh dese miwkies am gud! Gud fo’ wittew babbeh!” Almond said, confused.

“Wan mummah miwkies! Dummeh nyu babbehs steaw aww miwkies!” Brick said. He was clearly throwing a tantrum.

Chestnut had looked over, distressed, as Brick cried and demanded his milkies.

“Shuhies babbeh. Yu wake chiwpy-babbehs. Pwease nu showt.” Chestnut said softly.

“Nu cawe! Bad babbehs am take aww miwkies an Bwick wan miwkies!” He said, stomping over to Chestnut.

She frowned.

“Bwick nu caww babbehs bad. Am bein’ vewwy bad babbeh, Bwick.” Chestnut said. She was tired from feeding the babies, so she looked over at Almond.

Almond walked over to Brick and picked him up by his scruff.

“Nu! Nu! Nu wan! Nu wan! Gib Bwick miwkies!” He said, thrashing.

Almond’s jaw wasn’t strong enough to hold up Brick and he pulled himself from her grip, rushing back over to Chestnut and her milkies.

“Bad babbehs gib Bwick miwkies NAO!” He shouted. The bablies peeped and cried out in response to the scary loud noise.

One baby, however, was a little more adventurous it seemed, the little purple filly, and wiggled her way to Brick. Chestnut was busy trying to calm the now panicked foals to notice, and Almond and Arion rushed over to help Chestnut and put Brick in his place.

However, Brick noticed the baby first, and recoiled as it sniffed his hoof in curiosity.

“Babbeh gib Bwick miwkies ow get sowwy hoofsies!” He said, waiting for the baby to command the other babies to give their milkies to Brick. When he got no response after about half a second of waiting, Brick made the first, and last mistake he ever would.

He stomped on the little purple filly.

* * *
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