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A young man is in a colorful, well-maintained pet store. "Hey YouTube, it's FluffyBiologist!" he says, recording himself with his phone camera. "Today, I'm gonna be testing out a hypothesis of mine regarding fluffy DNA." He darts his eyes around. "First thing's first, I've gotta find my test subject here at FluffStop. There have been fewer and fewer ferals in the woods lately, so this is my best source for subjects."

A young purple fluffy climbs up against the bars of its cage, wiggling its little leggies excitedly. "Nyu daddeh fow Pwum?" It chirps excitedly.

The guy smiles and nods. "You bet, sweetheart!"

Plum cheerfully bounces up and down! "Yay! Pwum wub 'ou, daddeh!" it squeaks joyfully.


The boy is now in his kitchen, standing by his microwave while Plum is seated on a nearby counter. Alright guys," the boy says, now recording the fluffy, "Plum here is gonna help me figure out the effects of radiation on fluffy offspring." He smiles. "Isn't that right?" The fluffy nods enthusiastically. "Wub daddeh! Pwum gunna be bestes' hewpew!" The man pets Plum, causing her to cheep lovingly. He gently picks her up and places her in the microwave. "Be brave!" he says, slamming the door and dialing in a time. He presses start as Plum says "Pwum am bwaves' fwuffy ebah!" The turntable begins to rotate, causing Plum to recoil in shock. "Eep! Spinnies!" The man is now recording the microwave. Several seconds elapse. "Haff... haff... daddeh, box am tuu wawmies..." Plum pants. The man does not reply. A bit more time elapses. "Daddeh! Nu wan buwny huwties!" the foal chirps, slapping its hooves against the door. "Be a good fluffy and sit down!" the man demands. The fluffy dejectedly sits down on the turntable, no longer resisting its rotation. "Huu..."

The microwave beeps shortly after. "Alright, radiation exposure complete!" he cheers proudly, swinging the door open and freeing the fluffy. "Daddeh, nee huggies!" the foal begs. Cuddling Plum tightly, the man concludes his recording. He sighs. "Alright, Plum. Let's go introduce you to your new friend." She excitedly follows the man into the next room where a beefy white-fluffed golden-maned unicorn stallion is waiting. "Plum, this is Adonis. Adonis, this is Plum. I'm sorry, girl." He herds Plum closer to Adonis, who is grinning sinisterly. He leaves them alone in the safe room and walks away, doing his best to ignore the cries. "SCREE! NU WAN SPESHUW HUGGIES! AM JUS' BABBEH!" Plum squeals. "SHUDDUP, DUMMEH! 'OU AM ENFIE BABBEH NAO!" Adonis replies angrily.


"Haff... haff..." Plum pants. "Daddeh, babbehs soon!" The man nods, recording the foal again as he strokes her patchy, falling-out fluff. "Be strong, Plum. Be strong for daddy." The fluff sniffles. "Otay daddeh... Pwum wub ou." "Daddy loves you too." Plum begins to kick her legs around wildly. "SCREEEE! BIGGEST POOPIES!" The babies, of which there are three, are delivered with relative ease but are definitely not normal. One has extra legs, one has an underdeveloped conjoined twin, and the other is a headless, legless, potato-shaped lump with its eyes, mouth, and wings in random places. They are all dead. Plum stares in terror at her babies. The man's eyes begin to water and he shuts his phone off. "Oh my lord..." Plum begins to cry. "Nu... am bad mummah... make sicky babbehs... sickies jus' wike mummah..." The man scoops her up and hugs her tightly, crying. "Plum, I'm so sorry... I'm so so sorry..." The foal coughs roughly, spitting up blood. "Su cowdies..."

He sings Plum away in her final moments. "Daddy loves baby... baby loves daddy... give warm huggies so you grow up big and strong..."
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emotionalsupportfluffy: @Zawarudo's work I was supposed to make into a comic. Decided to post it here because I haven't been able to finish it. NOT my writing.
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Draytini: I love the whole "microwave a fluffy because why not" comics and stories, but I would like to state for the record that microwaves aren't the kind of radiation that alter DNA. Having gotten that off my chest, I enjoy this story about fictional genetic psuedo-horses being abused in a world that has a lenient definition of "animal."
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Sirulean: I predict FluffyBiologist’s YouTube career isn’t going to last long if he keeps getting attached to his test subjects like that.
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The_Neutralist: @Sirulean: I agree. If he's going to have troll's remorse every time he does an "experiment", he may as well stop altogether.

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TheFluffyEradicator: Big funny
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Anonymous1: Well that happened.
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Dunderbolts: @Draytini: maybe not normally, but given how genetically mutated a fluffy is to begin with...it might have an effect

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Shardy_Einschtirt: Looks good. You should practice more with longer stories and plot that can help you create them.
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Anonymous2: ......... Unless this is taking place in Ivanstan, microwaves don't emit ionizing radiation (a particle or electromagnetic wave that carries sufficient energy to detach electrons from atoms or molecules).

Microwave ovens emit ..... get this..... microwaves (electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range. Microwaves are non-ionizing. Therefore they do not have the cancer risks associated with ionizing radiation such as X-rays, high-energy particles, and vodka.

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ZaWarudo: Keep in mind, I never expected ESP to post this. This was just a short outline intended for them to use when drawing out the comic. Also, yeah, I'm aware that microwaves are non-ionizing radiation and therefore wouldn't have the described effects on a normal organism. I just figured "fuck it, fluffies are fragile and broken by all."

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ZaWarudo: @Sirulean: Honestly, that's on me. I meant to rewrite the first paragraph to indicate that this was the guy's first foray into fluffy biology. However, I sent ESP an earlier draft (it was essentially the final version but with the fixed first paragraph).
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Sorrowkandy: Should have had more burnie hurties.