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Fluffpocalypse: The feral trembled in it’s own faeces , it’s dead herd mates only feet away. Some had died to venomous quills, others were devoured. Only the alicorn survived, nestled between the shoulders of the monster in front of it. The stray began to scream, then sob...

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Wetfluff: some one is trying to use fluffies to springboard their edgy emo MLP Ocs.

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Micron: @Wetfluff: (GASP) I've been found out
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Anonymous1: @Fluffpocalypse: It's "its," not "it's."

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akufluff: @Micron: whelp back to the drawingboard
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Anonymous2: @Anonymous: thank God you were here to protect us. All is right in the world once more