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The_Enfie_Bus: Come at me, MusntaMummah.
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Anonymous1: No
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Pinkyfluffy: Squirting!!!!!

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The_Enfie_Bus: @Pinkyfluffy: Pinkyfluff, when I get better at drawing, I want to do a fan art piece with one of my fluffs and your trap fluff, lol.

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hans_bessler: no

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hans_bessler: why was it necessary to create this abomination, this is 1 man 1 jar levels of horrific, this is the bane of all that is holy and I must ask WHY THE FUCK you would do this
but keep up the good work

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The_Enfie_Bus: @hans_bessler: My favorite comment.
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TMO: Oh god why

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The_Enfie_Bus: I was going to stop doing these for a while, then someone made a post about this specific one on Reddit. I'm gonna do more, now. So many more.