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ripoffMcgee: Fear the great hugganing
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Anonymous1: this is either a "he is already dead" scenario or "just get me out of this shit" and does no harm at all
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Sorrowkandy: Leave her, she's a goner.

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akufluff: oh gawd my ptsd is coming back this is reminding me of those ball pits at chuck e cheese's
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Slayertrix: The girl brought spaghetti with her to lunch that day and upon opening the container, immediately regretted her choice in leftovers. Throngs of feral fluffies flocked to her, the smell of 'sketti' traveling for miles. The thundering of hooves approached and before she could comprehend her situation was surrounded by the fluffy shitrats which threw themselves at her, hoping to get at her 'sketti'. Her friend watched this and laughed before offering the girl her hand, scaling the fence of the park. Both of them managed to escape the onslaught and lived to fight another day.
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Jibboom: More afraid of being soaked in shit and piss than being hurt at all by dem fwuffies.
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Anonymous2: The walking dead fluffy edition.

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9r1m_1: @Anonymous:
watch out for the herds of waddlers