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Anonymous1: and enfie bus strikes again with another big attack before munstah mummah reacts, going on with his anthro, which clearly wants "more"

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The_Enfie_Bus: I'm on shutdown/quarantine. What the hell else am I going to do?
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Pinkyfluffy: FLUFFY vs DILDO.
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MusntaMummah: Here let me help you a bit
don't think of boobs as circles think of them more as a tear drop
but asses are circles or depending on the pose kinda like a heart but keep the legs as thicc as the ass

try using these shapes (don't worry I'll beat you in a sec i was want a fair fight ;))

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hans_bessler: @The_Enfie_Bus: you could always read a book, or just make normal abuse
this is not

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The_Enfie_Bus: I'll admit this is no where near my best. I was drunk doing the linework and fucked it up royal from the original pencil sketch. Appreciate the advice.

I do think this is the best hairstyle I've done on one of these so far, though.