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An Era Begins

Ch. 6

By – Sorrowkandy

You opened your eyes to a squint as some sunshine came in through the blinds to hit you square in the face. You were still slumped on the couch as it was obvious now that you had fallen asleep on it the evening before. You took out your cellphone to check the time, and was surprised to see that it was 7:00 am on the dot. Grabbing ahold of the arm rest you pull yourself up to sitting position and look around to see where Cheesy was since he was here with you earlier and wasn’t on your lap at the moment.

“Cheesy? Cheesy, where are you?” you ask with a little sleep still in your voice.

“Huh...daddeh?” Cheesy responded from behind a pillow as he climbs from behind it towards you also in a sleepy daze.

“There you are little guy; I was wondering where you got off to. Let's go and get some food huh?” you tell him as you get up and scoop up the yellow foal along with you.

You make your way to the kitchen and set Cheesy on the floor and go to make yourself some coffee and an egg. Scrambling the egg you can see that Cheesy is in a begging position with his eyes wide looking at what your making.

“Can Cheesy hab nummies pwees? Am su hungies daddeh!” he tells you as he begs further.

“No, no eggs for you. It’ll hurt your stomach I think, besides there's a bunch of kibble ready for you with the rest of your family ok” you continue to tell him as he lowers his head saddly.

“Bu bu Cheesy wan gud nummies daddeh! Nu wan ugwy kibbwe !” he continues to whine.

Your eggs are finished and you pour yourself some coffee and take it to the table as Cheesy follows you with big eyes hoping you’d feed him. Once you were done you went down the hallway to the restroom and were surprised by the crying coming from inside. You had forgotten that you had placed the pink mare in the tub inside a sorry box the day before. You were surprised with the terrible smell from inside the bathroom when you opened the door. It hit you like a wave and the cries more so. You turned on the lights and the mare yelped in surprise and could be heard relieving herself again.


“HUUUHUUHUU NU SMEWW PWETTY DADDEH!! NU MO SOWWY BOXIE PWEEES!!!” she begged as the sorry box rumbled a little.


You went and drained the tub of the foul water mess and open the door to the sorry box and dump out the mare. And grab her by the neck and put her under the shower head and turn it on. The torrent of water and wash her completely. She kicks and gurgles as the water hits her full on.

“ WAAAHG AAAAGH WAAWAA AM BAAAAAD AGAGH!” she lets out between water going into her mouth.

“There we go now your clean and ready to be a good mummah right?” you ask her as you look into her eyes.

“Yuss daddeh, fwuffy mummah be gud.......” she says as she looks at the floor and away from you.

It seemed that the message had gotten through to the mare as she was still in your grasp as you brought her down the hallway and into the kitchen on your way to the garage.

“Mummah!! Mummah, Cheesy am hewe!! Wook mummah am gud babbeh!!” Cheesy called out to his mother as you both passed by the kitchen and he caught sight of her.

“Come along Cheesy, we’re going into the garage for your food” you tell Cheesy as to follow you.

He follows you as you take the mother into the garage and make your way to the giant cage in the back passing the two unicorn foals in their separate box. They seemed to awake and also crying for a feeding.

You open up the cage and deposit Cheesy and his mother in with the rest. You look at the scene and notice that the huggy foals are listless and the litter pal was not looking to good as well. Even the pillow mare looked a little green around the gills.

“Well shit, this is what I get for not feeding them” you say with a little chuckle to yourself.

You scooped up the two huggy friends and the litter pal and took them to the work table by the wall. You took the crème colored huggy friend in your hand sand moved it about checking it up and down for anything out of the ordinary. You could see that they were both malnourished and their stomachs were rumbling. The squeaked as you pressed their stomachs to their displeasure. You went and took a fistful of kibble in your hand and tried to feed the two litter pals but they wouldn’t eat it, or couldn’t more like it as they were too weak.

You took a water bottle and put some in a bowl with the kibble and mushed it down and tried that instead. That worked perfectly and the huggy friends started to eat slowly but surley. They finished their meal and started to look up at you and babble.

“Wen weggies cum bak?” the cremem colored one asked.

“Wan wun, wan weggies!!” the other spat out trying to scoot about.

“No no no, your legs aren't coming back. Your huggy friends now, so you gotta be good toys for the fluffy family” you tell them as you leave them to scoot around and grab the littler pal.

“Huuuhuuhuu nu wike! Nu wike! Nu wan be huggy fwen huuuhuuhuu!!” the crème huggy friend cried out in desperation.

You let the two huggy friends crie in their pitiful state as you got some more mushy kibble for the litter pal. When you tried to feed it, it only hung its head and refused to eat.

“Nu wan! Wan miwkies huuhuuhuuu............” the litter pal said as it moved its head away from the mushy kibble.

“Gonna be difficult huh, well I got just the thing” you tell it as you go to fetch a thing little tube and a funnel.

You set the litter pal back with his head to the sky as you shoved the tube down his throat and force fed him the mush. The little legless thing in its box vibrated in discomfort as the mush went down its throat.

*KAFF KAFF “NUUUUUU!!!!” *KAFF KAFF “ HEWP BABBEH!!” the thing shouted out as the life seemed to kick back into it.

“There we go! Now your back at it!” you say to the litter pal as you successfully fed it.

You brought the trio back to the cage where you left them to go and get some more bowls of kibble for the fluffy family. You could see the pink mare starring at the brown foal in an ugly manner ass the green foal and Cheesy tried to snuggle up to her side. The green foal was shivering and sniffling as it whined about being cold.

The brown foal just curled up in the corner by itself and then tried to scoot towards the huggy friends for comfort. You let this go on as you brought the food to them. Once the bowls were on the floor, it didn’t take long before the pink mare waddled up to it and started eating with gusto. Cheesy followed suite eating up everything in his bowl. The green foal with its missing tufts of fluff only meekly took small bites out of its food before the mother came and ate what was left. After finishing the green foal's food, she set her sights on the bowl of food the brown foal was ignoring in favor of hiding behind the litter pal now.

“Nuuuuu mummah!! Nu eat babbeh nummies! Huuuhuuhuuu am soooo hungies mummah huuuhuuu!!” the foal let out once it saw what its mother was doing.

It tried to waddled from behind the litter pal towards the food to try and eat some before its mother finished everything. It only got two mouthfuls before the mother nipped at the brown on its side, sending it crashing backwards onto its rump.

“Huuuhuuhuu nuuuu mummmah!! Nu huwties, babbeh am jus hungies!! Huuuhuuu!!” the foal cried as it tried to get back on its hooves to try again.

By the time the foal got back to the bowl, the deed was done and the mother was burping her satisfaction with the meal. The two foals that were the green and the brown seemed to have a lower status now within the family and so you decided to watch the fluffies for a bit. You grabbed a chair and sat back as you put your feet up on the cage.

After a while it was becoming clear that the mother was going to end up killing the brown foal as you had to intervene from her biting and kicking the foal whenever it tried to get up and play with the huggy friends. She only let him use the litter pal which he used with glee. It seemed that the huggy friends and the litter pal were his only source of solace. The litter pal in particular was being used by the brown foal in an unusual manner, as the foal would hug the litter pals head and then rear up and have the foal lick its backside before letting out a bunch of feces. Afterwards the foul would get cleaned up, but you noticed that after it was clean that it stayed in position kicking its back leg so the litter pal could keep licking away.

“Babbeh wub wittew paw! Wub wickie cweansies! Yu am bestest!!” the foal turned around to say as it gave the miserable litter pal another hug.

“Huuhuuhuuu! Nu wike nummie poopies............” the litter pal said as it lowered its head to cry to itself.

It seemed that the brown foal was taking a liking to the only good thing in his life which was the huggy friends and especially the litter pal.

You watched as the mare looked at the green foal and made a disgusted face and batted the small creature away.

“Yu am ugwy babbeh! Gu way! Mummah nu wan!” the pink mare said to the green foal as it rolled into a heap away from its mother.

“Bu muuuummmahhh nuuuuuu!!! Am widdwe babbeh, nee mummah!!” it said not knowing how to process the new information.

It seemed the mother’s attitude towards the green foal since its punishment and was now being unwanted like the brown foal, something had to be done you thought. Just as you were going to take the green foal out to talk to it you heard the pillow mare started hacking and couching something fierce.

*HACK KAFF KAFF!! “Uuuuuughh mummmmmahhh nu feew ggguuuuud........”the pillow mare said from her cage as her head hang limply.

You remembered that you hadn’t fed her at all and that she was probably starving. You went up close to the animal carrier where she was next to the cage and opened it up.

“You not doin so well there, you hungry?” you ask her as she didn’t look at you.

“Mummah nee nummiessss........” she said.

“Well you're not getting any kibble, so what else is there? Oh, I know! Let's get you some of this!” you say as you yank her out and dump her into the cage with the other fluffies.

“NU WAN BAD MUMMAH HEWE!! GU WAY NAO!!” the pink mare shouted immediately when the pillow mare showed up.

“Mummah? MUUMMAHHHH!!” the crème colored foal suddenly shouted as it noticed it’s mother in the cage with them.

“MUMMAH BABBEH AM HEWE!! HEWP BABBEH HUUUHUUHUU!!!” the purple huggy foal joined in as it started to scoot up towards its mother in earnest.

“Uuuughhh muuuummmmahhhh?” the litter pal said as it looked over with its mouth still full of feces.

“Ya, it's your mother alright, so let's get this family reunion underway” you tell them as you grab the two huggy friends and bring them up to their mother's face as she lay on her tummy.

“Babbehs!! Babbehs cum tu mummah! Mummah hewp babbehs!” she says to them as if she could do anything to help them.

The two huggy friends scooted around the mare and tried to climb up on top of her but with no success, each falling back down and knocking their head. You let them try and get reacquainted with their mother as the mother cried her eyes for not being able to properly hug her foals. The litter pal only looked on with sadness as it called out quietly to its mother to help it. The whole family was crying and begging each other for help as you looked on.

You grabbed the purple huggy friend took his right front hoof and put it up to the mother face.

“If you want you food then eat this!” you say holding the squirming foals hoof in place.

*SNIFF SNIFF “Nuuu!! Nu wan num gud babbeh! Babbeh nu am nummie! Huuhuuhuu hewp fwuffy!!” she said as she let go at the end to call out to anything for help.

“Not gonna do it eh? Ok then, how about this?” you tell her as you let go of the foal and go and grab the sorry stick that you had purchased.

When you got back to the mare you started to whack her right away on the back repeatedly. You make sure to hit her on her rump and even land a few straight on her face to boot.

“You gonna eat now!!?” you yell at her as the other fluffies cower and try to get away from you and the mare as best they could.

“SCRRRRRREEEEEEEEEE!!! NUUUUUU!! HUWTIES!!!” the mare screams as she wiggles in place at the pain.

“Nu huwt mummah!! Huuhuuuhuu!!” the purple huggy friend shouts as you whip his mother.

You get tired of the mare not taking a bite that you get the sorry stick and shove it right into her anus causing her eyes to go wide with extreme pain.


The mare tried desperately to take a bite out of the huggy foal in front of her but couldn’t since it would wiggle away.

“NU MUMMAH!! NU NUM BABBEH HUUHUU!!” the purple huggy foal yelled in fright as its mother tried to take a bite out of him.

You helped the mother out and got the foals hoof and held it in front of its mother as you left the sorry stick in her. The foal begged and screamed but it was for nothing as the mother didn’t hesitate to take a large bite out of the foal leg. With her dull teeth she bit down hard and shook her head to bring the leg loose as the foal's eyes rolled back in pain.

“EEEEEEEEEE MUNSTUH MUMMAH!!!” the crème huggy friend screamed as he wittnessed his mother eat his brothers front leg.

The blood flew everywhere as the foal screamed and rolled around on the floor. After a few moments the blood clotted and the purple foal was left in shock. You patted the mare on the head and took out the sorry stick from her behind.

“There we go, no you’ve had your nummies!” you tell the mare who is crying and choking on bits of foal leg still in her mouth.

“HUUHUUHUUU AM BAD MUMMAH!!” the mare cried out.

“Yes, you are. I gotta say that was pretty cold if I had anything to say about it” you tell the mare as you pick her to throw her back into the animal carrier.

You go and get your torch out and cauterize the foals leg wound.


The foal was now on the floor of the cage as the crème colored huggy friend hid behind the litter pal. After a little while the brown foal came out to hug the huggy friend that was clearly hurting. He tried to waddle close to it but stopped when he saw his mother look at him angrily. He wasn’t supposed to play with the huggy friends at all so he would have to do so when his mother was asleep.

Cheesy was settled with his mother on the otherside watching the whole ordeal snuggled up against his mother's fluff. The green foal was in the middle staring at the pink mare longingly for warmth, food, and love.

“Huuhuuu, pwees mummah babbeh am cowdies! Nee mummah fwuff!” the green foal called out to its mother finally.

“Nu!! Babbeh am nu pwetty babbeh! Nu ged wawmsie fwuff!” she told it as if it didn’t know.

“Huuuhuuuhuuu mummah nu wub no mowe! Am bad babbbehhhhh!!!” the foal cried with its face up to the ceiling.

The day was moving along as you watched the dynamics of the fluffies but after a while you remembered that you had to feed the two little unicorns. You did so and messed with them for a little while as they crawled about on the work table trying to find warmth. You seemed to be taking a liking to them and it seemed that a plan might be developing in your mind for them. The little things looked up at you and chirped with joy as they thought you were its new mother or something.

Once you were done with the unicorns you set them back into their box and left them with an old towel so they could snuggle up into. You made your way from the garage and grabbed another mug of coffee before you went outside.

Once you were outside you took in the bright sunny day that was on display. It was a clear day to be sure, and you had a good feeling about the two fluffies you left outside to wonder around for their herd. Before you made your way out towards the two blue fluffies might be you went to the trash can to check on the remaining two stallions in there.

You opened the bin but right away you could already smell the foulness from outside the bin. The smell was a fierce one of death, feces and fluffy in general.

“Huuuhuuhuu! Wan ged out of twashies!” the yellow stallion is saying as it sits in its own filth.

The red stallion was on its side with a good crust of fecal matter on his fluff along with what looks like old gore and vomit. The two fluffies faces are stained with tears and their fluff is looking horrible as it’s been rolling around in every sort of filth.

The fluffies notice the lid open and look up at you with hope in their eyes. The two get up and get on their hind legs and try to reach up to you.

“HEWP FWUFFY!!! HEWP FWUFFY!! NU WAN!!” the red stallion yells up at you in a plea for help.

“NUUU!! HEWP GUD FWUFFY!! AM DADDEH!! HAB BABBEHS HUUUHUUHUU!!” the yellow stallion shouts trying to climb over the red stallion.

“Wait wait wait, what was that? You got foals?” you ask the yellow stallion bemused.


“Ok, so you're coming with me then” you tell it as you reach in for him and yank him up from his filth prison.

You look one last time down at the red stallion and all the gore from the two other stallions that were eaten in there and then began to close the lid again.

“NUUUUUU AM GUD FWUFFY!!! HEWP FWUFFFFFYYYY!!!! SCREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” the red stallion shrieks out as he begs to be saved like the rest of his companions.

Sadly, this fluffy didn’t have much of a use so it was going to remain in the trash until it had a use or until trash day came about.

You held the stallion away from you as it was completely dirty and needed to be washed right away. You took the filthy thing to the hose on the side of the house as it babbled away the many thanx it was spewing.

“Fwuffy am daddeh an nee fine babbehs! Bu am hungies too! Neescrreeeeeeee!!!!” the fluffy went as it was suddenly tossed on the ground and sprayed with the hose gun.

It was a fast-harsh torrent of water that hit the fluffy from all sides as it wiggled around on the grass. It tried to speak but you just shut it up with some water to the face. You finished and went to turn off the water as the fluffy huffed and puffed on the floor trying to suck in air.

You still had the blue fluffies to deal with so you decided to take the stallion inside to the garage to see if Cheesy would like to see his father again you supposed. The yellow stallion was more than likely the father of the foals inside the cage in the gagage.

You took the yellow stallion to the cage where the fluffies were settled in and the mare was asleep leaving the brown foal to hug and play with the huggy friends without worrying about his mother.

“Yay! Huggy fwen am gud toysie!!” the brown foal said as it waddled around the crème colored foal that was trying to get away from the brown foal.

The purple foal was just on the floor not moving as it sniffled and suckled on the hoof it had left.

You set the yellow foal in the cage and almost immediately Cheesy and the other foals looked up and shouted all at once.

“DADDEH!!!!” DADDEH AM HEWE!!” they all shouted at once.

The green foal over by itself tried to get up and waddle towards the yellow stallion as Cheesy ran up towards the yellow stallion landing a big hug on him. The green foal finally made it up to the father stallion and tried to hug him as well only to be hit away to the side.

“Yu am ugwy babbeh! Nu am daddeh’s babbeh!!” he yelled at it as he continued to nuzzle and embrace Cheesy.

“Nuuuu daddeh!! Babbeh am gud babbeh!! HUUUHUU!!” the green foal yelled as it was once again rejected but this time by its father.

The brown foal only tried to get up close to his father's side to brush against his fluff like a cat only to get a kick to its side. The foal slid to the side on the floor as the father looked angrily at it.

“Yu nu smeww pwetty! Babbeh am bad babbeh!!” it repeated to the crying brown foal.

“Daddeh, Cheesy hab namsie an an am gud gud babbeh!!” he said with some pride in his voice as he stood up with his chest puffed up.

“SPESHUW FWEN!! SPESHUW FWEN AM HEWE!!” the pink mare cried out as she too ran up to the yellow stallion to give him hugs.

“YAY, FAMWY!! WUB FAMWY!” the yellow stallion shouted in extreme joy from being reunited with its family.

“Ok, so now that your all here let's get you acquainted with what's going on here” you tell the stallion as you go and bring the huggy friends and the litter pal close by to the group.

“Just to let you know, these here are huggy friends and their your new toys. This on the other hand is a litter pal you will feed it your poopies every single time.” you tell him as he looks at the litter pal perplexingly.

“Babbeh num poopies?” the yellow stallion asks with its head tilted.

“Ya why don’t you show him Cheesy, ok” you tell the foal.

“Otay daddeh, Cheesy sho!” the foal said as it went up to the litter pal.

Cheesy turned around and really pressed up against the purple litter pal and let go watery shit right into its mouth. He then proceeded to get his lickie cleanies as the litter pal did his disgusting job. It wouldn’t be long before the litter pal expired from such a diet and it was time for new one, hopefully you found the herd soon. The faher seemed to get the message as he went and did the same to the litter pal and then got cleaned up although there was more feces on the floor since he was a bigger fluffy.

You decided that you would leave the stallion here to play and be with its family as you let him dry off. The stallion was in pure bliss playing with the huggy friends and using the litter pal. He must have thought he was the luckiest fluffy in the world right now, but little did he know that more disruption was coming to the garage and to the fluffies lives as they knew it.
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