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Mr. Adams' Guide to Practical Fluffs - Part 3
by Oculus

“Wewcom, kind mistah, to ABAP!”

A large, fairly strong Marcusmaximus fluffy usher opens the door for you, as you enter the Advocacy for Biotoy Adoption as Pets (ABAP) building. You have made an appointment with Mr Adams previously, and he has agreed to meet you. However, and because of some business negotiations, a formal meeting had to be arranged. Mr Adams has currently scheduled your next meeting with him between two high profile business negotiations, so, and in order to free up some time, the appointment had to be scheduled under the guise of “discussing ABAP business.” You are currently dressed formally, in a business suit, complete with tie and leather shoes.

As you step into the ABAP building, you see various people, with their fluffies, walking to the different sectors on the ground floor. There's a fluffy cafe nearby, as well as a small veterinarian clinic. There is even a shelter for people to pick rescued and rehabilitated fluffies from all corners.


And at the centre of it all stands a statue of a fluffy, hugging a bunny. ( >>19712 )

You speak to the receptionist. She informs you that Mr Adams will come down to meet you at the foyer. As you wait in the centre of the foyer, you decided to take a good look at the statue. You can recognize its breed. It is a Buwwito. Buwwito's are a bit larger and more rotund than Carpdime's and are suggested to be one of the Type 1 fluffies descended from the lines like the Marcusmaximus. You recognize it because, you had a Buwwito just like it.

Though the figure is of metal, you could see the genuine concern and anguish of the Buwwito, as it hugs its stuffed toy, now forever immortalized in gold-plated cast-iron. The detail is painstaking, as you noticed the simulated "tear" and “cotton” fluff coming out of the statue of the stuffed Bunny, and the Buwwito crying, hoping that its immortal hug will fix the visage of a stuffed rabbit toy. The exhibit is covered within a glass cube and has cameras surrounding it - one too many abusers who had nothing better to do had attempted to deface the statue and had to be deterred by security rather forcefully.

You are in awe of it because, you wonder to yourself, why such a statue of such a simple moment? Why even make a statue of a fluffy hugging a damaged stuffed toy?

"That was my Buwwito."

You turn around and see Mr. Adams. Like you, he’s well-dressed. He’s a little tired, and you can see the eye bags forming from a sleepless night. But, ever the optimist, he retains his youthful smile. You shake his hand and greet him. And then, you ask him.

“Why such a statue?”
Mr Adams smiles, as he reminisces.
“Sheila was a Buwwito I had many years ago.
I had Sheila when I had my first daughter.” But you’re not even married, you remarked in your thoughts rather snidely.
“Fluffies had only been out for about half a decade, and she wanted one very badly. I remember there was a day when my daughter had torn her stuffed bunny and just threw It away. I bought the stuffed bunny for her for Christmas, and within a month, she already tore. However, because Sheila was also fond of the bunny, she started hugging it. She kept saying
“Huuhuu! Stuffy fwend haff owwies! Nee’ gib huggies! Huu!”
That image stuck in my head.”

“I find fluffies to be endearing. I love fluffies. Some of them may seem incredibly stupid, and are overly dependent on their human masters, but, when you take good care of them, they have the kindest of hearts. Yes, Sheila couldn’t fix that bunny. But she wanted to. And even when my daughter wanted to throw it away, she still saw the value in it.
So when I had the stuffed bunny fixed, Sheila was ecstatic. And the bunny lasted longer under Sheila than it did under my daughter.”

A team formed on Sam’s face. Taking out a handkerchief, he wiped it off, and maintained a brave composure as he said his closing line on her.

“Sheila had it until the day she died.”

Feeling a little moved, you interjected, “Buwwitos really are something, huh?”
“They are.”

Mr Adams keeps walking, as he takes you to the fluffmart on the first floor. While walking along the way, you glimpse various artworks of fluffies. You eye a picture of a Buwwito family at play. The stallion, an alicorn, is chasing his Earthie special friend along with his various foals, who too are trying to catch the mother. ( >>18459 ) While admiring the painting, Mr Adams feels its appropriate to chime a little fact.

“There aren’t many Buwwitos left in the world.”
“Yes. They are a well-known breed, but only a handful were distributed by Hasbio back in the day. As such, a lot of Buwwitos that exist amongst breeders and in the wild are very watered down. A Buwwito you currently own is most likely a Carpdime or a Marcusmaximus.” Mr Adams sighs a bit, as he continues, “Those two lines have also been discontinued.”
“Is that always the case, that a line of fluffies would be discontinued by Hasbio while they introduce new ones?”
“Seems to be. There’s a reason why no new pure Carpdime or Marcusmaximus has been released by Hasbio to the public in recent memory.”
You raise an eyebrow. “For a person who claims to be independent of Hasbio, you seem to know A LOT about the fluffies they directly genetic engineer.”
Mr Adams gives you a vague grin. It seems almost sinister. But, and due to your friendship to him, you can’t help but feel its genuine. “I have my sources.”

The two of you enter the fluffmart, and see the various breeds that ABAP has on sale. In the past, Fluffmarts have included options to amputate and turn store-bought fluffies into pillowfluffs, but ABAP has actively campaigned against the practise. Most Fluffmarts now, especially those run by ABAP, do not have pillowfluffs.
“I’ve never seen this many breeds of fluffies before!” you gasp in awe.
“There’s a lot I have to show you,” Mr Adams smiles, as he notes, “We have currently estimate at least a 100 different breeds of Fluffy Ponies had been created directly from Hasbio over the past decade. And the number may grow, even if they may discontinue some older breeds.
But I’m not here to show you all of them. I’m in this fluffmart just to show you one last little fact about Buwwitos.”

Mr Adams takes you to the Microfluffy aisle. There, you see various fluffies in little nutrigel enclosures, creating pathways through the nutrigel. You also see some sturdier microfluffies in little cages, acting like hamster-sized versions of the fluffies you know. Sam takes you to an area within the aisle, that has a breed of micofluffies at a price higher than the ones you had just see.

“These,” he introduces, “are Buwwito Microfluffs!” ( >>23256 )
“I know what Microfluffs are-”

“Yes my dear friend, but Buwwitos were the first line of Microfluffs that were released! Microfluffs were an evolution of the earlier Toy Fluffy line of miniature fluffies that Hasbio created with the Coalheart breed.” ( >>9062 )
“So you’re saying that Buwwitos were the first microfluffs made?”
“Yes. But even then, the genepool is a bit watered down,” bemoans Sam. “Trying to recreate the original Buwwito microfluff is difficult, even with extensive breeding and engineering. Plus, it is not really good to have to pure a pedigree. It’s a reason why Buwwito microfluffs are so rare. And, sooner or later, they might go extinct.”


You want to keep gawking at the Buwwito Microfluffs, but Mr Adams urges to move quickly.
As the two of you move, you felt obliged what breed that Sam wanted to show you next, and why he couldn’t just show it to you in the mart.

“Well, today, we’re going to look at three breeds connected to the popular Carpdime breed. The Buwwito breed is often seen as an influence on Carpdime breeds mainly through cross-breeding. The next two breeds we’re going to see were developed from the Carpdime breed.”
“Yeah, okay, but where are we going exactly?”
“We’re going to Sweden.”

Raising an eyebrow at the incredulity of the idea, you ask “Why Sweden?”
“For the next breed, I feel it makes sense to go to its country of origin.”

Mr Adams takes you to a large glass elevator and presses a white button with the number “13” on it.
“We’re going to the 13th floor.”
“What’s there? A helipad?”
“No, that’s on the 30th floor.”

Upon arriving at the 13th floor, Mr Adams guides you, down the corridor. You take a quick peak at the labels placed on the rooms. “Food toxicity review – No Fluffies Allowed”. “Fluffy Polymer Research – Shear with care”. This had to be an R&D section of ABAP. Mr Adams directs you to a room that says “Energy-Matter Transfer Research”, with another label below it that reads “Now using: Fluffsplosion.”

Stepping inside, you see various men working on various equipment and computers, as well as a spectrometer. Nearby, you see a few carboard boxes. They’re all sealed. However, these cardboard boxes are all wired to a door at the centre of the room. Bizarrely enough, it’s a normal looking wooden door.

“We’re going to be using that door.”
“How exactly are we going to go to Sweden through this door?”
“Just step into the damn door.”
As you walk towards the door, you hear Mr Adams say, “Fire up the spaghetti machine!”
A bald-headed scientist flicks a switch. Some of the boxes rumble. Out of one of them you hear the unmistakable sound of an excited fluffy saying “SKETTI!”
You grasp the handle. You lower it. Sweat is dripping down from your forehead.
You open the door.


You can’t believe your eyes.
You ARE in Sweden. You are right in the middle of the busy streets of Stockholm.

“How… Wha… what the fuck…”
“Welcome to Sweden!” says Mr Adams, very genially. He has stepped through the door and has just closed it.
You reached for the door handle in an attempt to get back to the ABAP Lab you just came from. However, upon opening the door, you only see the interior of an antiques shop. Feeling rather exasperated, you confront Sam.

“All in due time, my friend, all in due time.”

He whistles loudly. On cue, as if the whole thing was planned, a car with the ABAP logo on its side drives up, towards the two of you.

Mr Adams says to driver “Take us to Haddockspike Manor.”


The two of you are walk towards Haddockspike Manor. A rather luxurious looking residence, the grounds are accompanied by some magnificent lawns and gardens. However, from the distance, you feel like it’s the sort of residence that doesn’t fit in a country like Sweden.

“That’s not a very Swedish looking house.”
“Oh, and what do you expect a Swedish mansion to look like?”

Mr Adams laughs, as he explains. “This house is modelled after the central section of the Château de Cheverny, a manor in France. The French original is much larger, but the owner of this residence had chosen not to include the outer wings of the original building.”
“Just who owns this house?”
“Captain Marlin. He’s a retired shipping magnate, as well as the Head of ABAP in this region.”
“Marlin? That’s not a very Swedish name.”
“Well, his real name is quite long, so he prefers to be called Marlin for short.
Anyway, we are here because we are going to meet the AIDS which is unique to Sweden.”


Upon hearing the name, images of the human immunodeficiency virus, and the much-dreaded acquired immunodeficiency syndrome flood your mind.“I’m very sorry to hear.”
Mr. Adam sighs, as he shakes his head. Angry, not at you, but rather with himself for causing the confusion.
“I meant to say that he owns an AIDS breed.”
“You’re still puzzled.
“That’s a very odd name for a breed.”
“I know right? Like, can you imagine going up to to someone and saying “I have a pet AIDS!” Or going to a pet shop, seeing a nice fluffy for your child, go home, and surprise your daughter with the message “I’m going to give you an AIDS!” for your birthday!”
“Hasbio seems to come up with the DUMBEST names for their fluffy breeds.”
Mr Adams sighs. “Its very possible that AIDS is an acronym for something. But to date, we don’t know what it is. The only person who knows is the Swedish bio-engineer at Hasbio who keeps producing the fluffy breed. He’s been rather secretive.”


"Festering fetlocks! Sam! Nice to see you!"

The Captain is a tall man, with very clear Aryan features of blonde hair and blue eyes. In addition to that, he possessed a thick beard, unshaven with age. As he grasps your hand, you can feel the strength acquired from a lifetime of adventuring and daring on the high seas. In the midst of these introductions, a red fluffy comes into the living room to greet Sam and you

"Huwwo mistahs! Huwwo Sam!"
"Hello Erik," smiles Mr. Adams, as he introduces you to the fluffy as well. You take a good look at Erik. Remembering how Type 1 fluffies like the MarcusMaximus and Buwwito look, this fluffy looks almost identical to the Carpdime fluffies. Except, perhaps a little less fat.

"Erik here," narrates Mr Adams, "is an AIDS." He sighs as he says out, very loudly, "God DAMN it. Its just too weird!" Everybody in the room laughs from the joke. You take this moment to interject.

"He really looks like a Carpdime from up close!"
"That's because they were bred from Carpdimes!" Marlin said this with a joyful boast. Mr Adams is about to take out his smartphone, but, before he could, Captain Marlin takes out his own tablet. Mr Adams lets it slide, but you remark to yourself that Mr Adams has some competition here. The Captain shows you photos of the AIDS breed foals and fillies. They are all lacking fur, and thus, look remarkably similar to Carpdime foals ( >>41863 )

"Some say AIDS are literally Carpdimes, but I prefer to think of them as an offshoot of the Carpdime. Or rather, an attempt to recreate the Carpdime in Sweden. But Hasbio had imported Carpdimes into Sweden eventually, so the lineage is not certain. Whatever the case, the similarity is so painstaking that we call AIDS the ‘Carpdimes of Sweden’".
"What makes them any different from the Carpdime breed then?" you openly wonder.
“Well, for one, the AIDS breed is still being produced in Sweden, whereas the Carpdime line has stopped production. Any Caprdimes you see today are mostly from breeders who bred the Carpdimes that were released by Hasbio up until a few years ago. However, since its inception, Hasbio has kept producing new AIDS fluffies fresh from their labs, though in limited quantities. In addition to that, the Hasbio-released AIDS fluffies have been restricted mostly to Sweden. You could say it is our National breed."

The Captain proceeds to sit down on a chair. Erik lays down besides his master. A butler comes in with a bottle of whiskey to serve himself. He takes a moment to pour a drop whiskey in a bowl, for Erik to drink. ( >>55734 )

"I like to think that the AIDS breeds are like a more diligent Carpdime. Carpdimes may be popular, but they eat too much, and they aren't as loyal. Also, they tend to develop negative traits, such as abandoning their young if they do not have a nice smell or colour. In contrast, AIDS are very accommodating."

The Captain looks to the ceiling, as he starts to reminisce. "I remember there was this one fluffy who had found a foal, abandoned in the street. Shmoo, I think was his name. He raised the little filly like as though she was his sister. The filly grew up well and it is that sort of foster care and adoption that you don't see in many fluffy breeds. ( >>51137 >42259 )

They also have a lot of loyalty. AIDS fluffies usually do not run away from their home, and, if anything, will be the first to defend their home should a feral herd attempt a lawn invasion. Of course, they will be outnumbered, but that kind of loyalty is very doglike. Reminds me a bit of the Waggytail."( >>42167 )

"But surely, because they have similarities to the Carpdime breed, that they would develop smarties?"
"Yes, they do develop Smarties, but even AIDS smarties are a bit more unusual that smarties from other fluffy breeds. Granted, you still get your typical lawn invasions from particularly aggressive feral herds, but then you have this one story.

I remember this one Smartie wanted to get food for its herd during Christmas so, it approached a family for food for its herd. The family, seeking to mock the Smartie, made a deal that it would give their leftover food to the Smartie, provided the Smartie was their entertainment for Christmas. They were a bit cruel to him, but at least they didn't torture him. However, they kept their end of the deal, and the smartie was allowed to go back to its herd, with enough Christmas goodies to last the rest of winter." ( >>43574 >>43577 >>43578 )

"That sounds amazing," you gasp. "I usually don't hear of Smarties being very altruistic or self-sacrificing."

"Thats whats makes the AIDS breeds special. Even if they're descended from the Carpdime, they're not quite like the Carpdime. Its also part of our belief that fluffies can develop a level of altruism and empathy unseen in other fluffy breeds."

"Speaking of Christmas," Mr Adams said, while getting out of his seat, "you do know why I came here today right?"
"Oh yes, thats right, Sam."As Marlin says this, he passes a slip of paper to Sam.

"That's where she is currently in Berlin."
"Good. Is the Door in your house ready?
The Captain has a slightly annoyed look on his face "Bilious of abyssal abusers, do I have to fire up that infernal contraption for you again?"

You turn to Sam as you ask with a little incredulity, 'Wait, he has a teleporter here too? Just how many of these teleporters do you have?"
"Not many, my friend. And actually there's a little bit of danger with using these doors."

The Captain guides you and Sam up the staircase of his manor. He brings you to a room. You could tell that it was previously a luxurious bedroom, perhaps for a guest, but it has now been converted into a makeshift lab of sorts. You see the same apparatus that you saw back at the ABAP headquarters, but with less personnel involved. Like at the ABAP building, there is one scientist working at the machine, but instead of observing the screens, he is busy observing a little pendulum he’s holding with his right hand.

And the same cardboard boxes are there. All connected by wiring to a similar door at the centre of the room. One of them wiggles and gives a light squeak. Not a mousey squeak, but it is definitively a squeak from a genetically engineered equine with a lot of fuzzy hair.

"Is that-"

Mr Adams quickly grasps your lips in a rather uncharacteristically desperate attempt to keep your mouth closed. You are surprised he would resort to such manhandling, but then he whispers something in your ear.

"Don't say a thing a thing idiot! Otherwise you'll get all us all in trouble!"

The scientist proceeds to flick some switches, leading the boxes to rumble as you once again hear the unmistakable sound of "SKETTI!" In a very brief moment, Sam says to the Captain "Say hi to Pinpin for me!" before he grabs you by the collar, and barges through the door. Within a single moment, you have left the confines of a recreation of expensive French Manor somewhere in Sweden, and have instantaneously travelled, thousands of miles, to the bustling streets of Berlin.

"Godammit Sam! Why did you do that for?"
"Sorry about that mate, have to do this quickly or some onlooker will get curious about the door. Also, the effect only lasts a while."
"Those were fluffies, weren't they?"

Looking behind, and opening the door to make sure that it does not lead back into Captain Marlin's manor, Sam nods.
"Yes. It is part of our research into Type 2 Fluffies. However, not all Fluffies have this ability, and there's a fair amount of dangers. Not to mention, its one way: the door can randomly bring you to a specific location, but only briefly."

~A tribute to Plum, A Loving Mother~

"Alright, so we're in Germany now. I take it you finished talking about AIDS."
With a sigh of relief, mainly due to the unfortunate choice of name, Sam nods his head.
"Yes. And we're here to check out the German offshoot of the Carpdime breed - the FierceDeityLynx."
"Ah yes, that same weird name you mentioned last time."

Sam shrugs, as he continues "I have this theory that Hasbio engineers may be members of some online furry community. Maybe. There are a lot of fluffies with fairly normal or descriptive names, but a name like FierceDeityLynx, or FDL, really gives off that vibe." He proceeds to take out a slip of paper, as he notices the address. He then looks up and sees the street name. "What luck. The address we are looking for is not too far from here."

As the two of you walk down the street, a thought crosses your mind, as you say "I can understand taking me all the way to Sweden, since AIDS aren't as prolific back home, but we have plenty of FDL's back home."
"Ah yes, but we are looking for one particular fluffy of the FierceDeityLynx breed. A one of a kind. Also, only Germany has a particular morph of the FDL breed that you will not see back home." ( >> 49271 )

After some walking, the two of you reach a shop that says "Käthe Wohlfahrt". From a distance, and even though its springtime, you can see that shop sells all manner of Christmas memorabilia and trinkets Just adjacent to it, is an ABAP licensed Fluffmart.

"Speak of the devil. Looks like Hilda did my work for me."

The two of you enter the ABAP fluffmart. There you are greeted by a blonde, rather buxom woman, wearing a pink wool sweater, and denim jeans. Upon seeing Sam, she displays an excitement at seeing an old friend.

"Guten tag, Herr Adams!"
"Guten Tag, mein Fräulein!"

Sam goes up to give her a hug, and trade kisses. For a brief moment, you feel like as though Sam gave her a pat on the back. Or to be precise, a squeeze on the bum. Yup, Classic Sam Adams. As Hilda introduces herself to you, Sam explains, "Hilda here, is one of our ABAP representatives in Germany. She works throughout the EU, but she's mostly focused on Germany."

He then turns back to her, as he notes, "Hilda, I didn't expect you to open up a ABAP fluffmart all the way here!"
"Well, Sam, you said that you were looking for Plum, she just happens to be next door at that particular Käthe Wohlfahrt. We got word about her presence not too long ago, and it just so happened to be that this space here was for rent. I filed the papers, and ABAP was able to open up a fluffmart here. It is also a good thing there isn't a competing fluffmart from Hasbio or Filly in the area."
"Filly?" you ask
"Long story.

Hilda, my friend here wants to learn about FierceDeityLynx's. Does this store have any?"
"Or we have plenty, Herr Adams. But you know that most of the FDLs we have now are from breeders, ever since Hasbio Deutscheland GmbH discontinued the breed in 2017?"
"Ja, I am aware, mein fraulein."

"Herr Adams, if I may, instead of showing your friend the average FierceDeityLynx, how about I introduce him to the more unique morph of the FDL breed that you will not get back in your fatherland?"
"Oooh, so you want to show us the munchkins?"
"Ja. A breeder came in today with a fresh batch."
Hilda departs for a minute to go to a restricted area of the mart. She then brings outs a cage holding two to three munchkin fluffies. You instantly recognize their one defining feature - their shorter legs.

"These are like munchkin cats!" ( >>48987 )
"Ja! But these fluffies are used to their shorter legs. They were developed by Hasbio as a safer and less cruel alternative to the pillowfluff. They are pretty much similar to the average fluffy in every way, except that they exhibit a happier disposition general, and have less chances of becoming smarties. Munchkins were designed for a purely domestic lifestyle, and thus, do not ever become feral."

"With such short legs, how do they reproduce?"
"Well, my freund, you have to help them!" she says rather suggestively. As she continues. "The idea is that you hold the munchkin stallion up and help bring him towards the female. Either that, or you get the mare artificially inseminated." ( >>49039 )
"Goodness gracious, it is like these things were literally made not to reproduce naturally."
"Ja, but they don't mind. Like all other fluffies, even if a munchkin gets lonely, if you keep them adequately busy or entertained, they will never ever feel lonely."
"It seems to be that the munchkins are very much like the toy fluffies and microfluffs."
"They are something within that line of thinking, mein freund. The difference is that munchkins are much larger than those miniature fluffies and, as I mentioned earlier, they were developed as an alternative to the pillowfluff, which is a fairly violent and cruel way to treat a fluffy.

Alas, though, Hasbio stopped releasing FierceDeityLynx fluffies after a while, and with it, also terminated the munchkin programme. Any FDLs and munchkins we have today are totally reliant on approved breeders."

Liking the novelty of the munchkin fluffies, you feel inclined to purchase one. "I really like these fluffies. Can I buy one?"
"Ah, nein. I mean, you could buy them, but they're not allowed to be brought outside of Deutscheland. You could, however, purchase a normal FDL. And I think it is time I introduced you to one."


"Why are we going to that Christmas shop there?" you openly wonder, as both Sam and Hilda escort you out of the ABAP fluffmart.
"Well, according to Hilda, the FDL that I wanted to meet is here. And it is a very special FDL."
"Whats so special about her?"

Sam takes a deep breath, as he begins to narrate the story. ( >>49172 )
"It is rather sordid tale, but there was a time when I was visiting a friend's house in the Black Forest of Germany. That day, he had a lawn invasion by a particular violent Smartie and his herd. I tried to dissuade him, but my friend was a hunter and, with his hunting rifle, killed the smartie, as well as his toughies. The mares, with their foals on them, ran off.

He ran after to them, perhaps to finish what he started, when he found this poor brown mare not far from his house. She was bruised, bloodied, and heavily beaten. There were signs that she had been recently violated by the Smartie and his toughies. He was going to put her out of her misery when she weakly said,

"Pwease kine mistah..... hewp fwuffs babbehs."

I intervened. It turned out that the reason why she was beaten up by her herd was because she had hidden her progeny away from the Smartie, who was about to violate them. ( >>49580 >>49714 ) Feeling a sense of pity for her, my friend agreed with me to take her to the nearest ABAP, where she was treated for her wounds, and her young taken care of. And that was the last I saw of her - I had to return home at the time."

"But her story does not end there, Sam. While being taken care off, a man one day came in, asking to purchase Plum here, and her foals. We were not keen at first, but we relented. However, Sam was very interested in finding Plum again, with that memory of her fresh in his mind. So, we combed Germany, based on the description of the man who purchased Plum that day. Then one day, Johann found him."

"Whose Johann?" you whisper to Sam.
"That's Marlin's real name, One of it."

"And it turns out, he was an owner of that Käthe Wohlfahrt. She has become a sort of mascot for that particular shop."
The three of you step into the shop. There, you are greeted by a jolly Berliner, dressed in the manner of Kriss Kringle. Next to him is a brown fluffy, wearing a bobble hat. The fluffy was busy helping the Berliner carry some figurines and boxes around the shop.

“Guten Tag, Nicholas!”
"Ah guten tag Hilda! And I see Herr Adams is with you!"
"Huwwo fwens! Mewwy Kwissmass!"

The fluffy waves to you rather genuinely. She is rather plump, with two very apparent horse breasts. It is likely that is still lactating, as fluffy mares are able to lactate even after giving birth. ( >>49228 )

"I see Plum is doing fine."
"Ja, she is Herr Adams. I heard about her story from Hilda here, and I was reminded of a brown munchkin I once owned, who died of old age. I felt sorry for Plum and wanted to raise her and her children well. But of course, her children grew up way too fast."

"What do you mean by way too fast?"
As you asked that question, Sam takes the opportunity to whip out his smartphone.
"There's one BIG difference between Carpdimes and FDLs, despite looking so similar. FDLs age VERY rapidly."
He shows you an image of a Carpdime ageing, from birth to being a foal within a month. He then shows you the age of a FDL newborn within the same time period. Unlike the Carpdime, the FDL reaches adulthood within a month. ( >>49370 >>22395 )

"T-thats fast." you remark.
"Aye. A bit too fast in fact."
"Ja, and that is why two of Plum's children, Quin and Blue were sold off. They grew up quite fast and, after a while, expressed a desire to see the world. So I brought them to another ABAP shop, and had them sold. As far as I know, they have happy owners now."
"But what of the third. What of Hazle?"

As Sam asks this, a fluffy, with a light, orange colour, comes into the shop, carrying a bundle on her back. As she comes beside Plum, she lowers, her legs, and lets Plum remove the package from her. She then hugs Plum. ( >>49243 )


The Berliner smiles, as he dotes on the mother fluffy and her child.

"Hazle could not bring herself to be separated from her mother, so I kept her here. As such, Plum has never been lonely, as one of her children is always by her side, and is helping me run this shop.”

As he says this, Hilda feels inclined to chime in.

"Aside from helping out at this Christmas shop, Plum has also been helping to raise the FDL foals that come into the ABAP fluffmart. Because she is still lactating, she provides milk, as well as motherly care to the foals we receive, and she nurses them until they are old enough to be sold. She is one of a kind, and perhaps one of the best, and most loving mothers I have come across."

As Hilda says this, Hazle takes the moment to hug her mother again.
"Fwuffy wuv mummah! Mummah am bestest mummah in whowe wowl!"

As she says this, you look at Plum. She is smiling a bittersweet smile, as a tear drops from her eye.



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Oculus: Third part of the series. Previous parts can be found in source and parent.
Some notes on this part:
- I decided to try "quoting" pictures from the history of the booru, to make it easier for the reader to know what I'm referencing. If this works, I may do it again in future
- I was planning to do four artists, but I spent a bit of time explaining the teleporter. It will play a role in the April Fools Day part, and the part after it
- I wish I had given Erik more to say and do
- Lastly, I was a bit hesitant to do a continuation of FDL's A Loving Mother story. In my opinion, if anyone should finish Plum's story, it should be FDL himself. However, there was a picture that FDL drew of Plum celebrating Nikolaustag, and I just felt inclined to write a story on how Plum would be able to celebrate Christmas in human company. Someday, I might write a longer version of the scenario depicted, if I can get the proper blessing. That said, this vignette serves as a tribute to one of my favourite stories on the booru.
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The_Neutralist: I like the idea of using hotlinks as references. It's an easier way to put faces on the fluffs in question.

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Oculus: @The_Neutralist: I wish I had done it to the previous two parts. I am tempted to reupload them with the hotlinks, but I would lose the comments I have on them. That said, I might revisit the i artists, and associated fluffies I used to represent them, at a later date, and with that, use the hotlinking. Theres a lot I havent covered with Carpdime or Waggytail yet.

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JimProfit: LOVE the hotlinks, it really adds to the whole tribute. This is really cool, and great as always.

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Yehdoo: Each one is better than the last. Keep it up.
Links to illustrations are a great idea.
@Oculus: >I am tempted to reupload them with the hotlinks
I don't like giving advice. How about a short version of the Guide? A brief description of each breed with hotlinks? As a compromise solution.
The inability to edit post with saved comments is really a drawback of a booru.

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AIDS: And Stewart the Smarty even got a mention! :D

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Oculus: @AIDS: I really liked his story! We definitely need more stories of Smarties working legitimately to support their herd.

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Oculus: @Yehdoo: Thanks Yehdoo. And I think a short version of the guide, along with a brief description of each "breed", would be really useful. I think I'll do it after a certain number of parts.

Also, a heads up. I"ll be skipping Pinkyfluff for the moment. I am starting to think doing three artists at a time may be a better way to approach this.