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Basaltic: Just plain ol’ abuse this time
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Sorrowkandy: Now just keep that hoof on the button.

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The_Enfie_Bus: Fluffies would ABSOLUTELY fail those empathy tests they ran on rats. Not out of a lack of empathy, but just sheer stupidity. Love it.
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Anonymous1: @The_Enfie_Bus: probably keeps on going if he finds out ... cause "fwend move funny"
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am_onwy_wittwe_babbeh: Fluffies hurting each other out of stupidity is my favorite fluffy trope :) warms my heart to see things hurt each other with no humans around

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FoxHoarder: @am_onwy_wittwe_babbeh: This. No malice, no abusers, just sheer stupidity causing fluffies to suffer despite the best intentions of everyone involved.