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Shadow Man, aka Josh Chelkin, infamous criminal. His notoriety came not from the scale or impact of his crimes, but how even when totally surrounded, he would find a way to sneak out and evade all punishment. Many a city sector’s law enforcement had been made a fool of thanks to his actions, but the total lack of information about him meant that going after his connections was just as frustrating. So when the tip came in from a trusted source that Josh had made a new temporary home in City Sector 47E, there was little motivation to truly try. The sector itself lacked the sheer resources and manpower to aid in any meaningful way, and past failures meant that confidence in getting the crook was at an all time low.

So when Hasbio proposed using their Police-Fluff program, there was understandable scorn and derision at using what was often seen as a pet and pest for the work of human officers. But this particular program had yielded usable recruits, and the advantage of surprise. For a human criminal would not expect the next officer to come after them to be of the four-legged and fluffy type. With little else to throw at the Shadow Man, Hasbio’s proposal was accepted, save for Sector 47E.

The lingering scars left from Hasbio’s failure to properly contain the initial fluffies in development, and the herds that still grew and spread throughout the city’s alleys and out-of-sight areas, meant that any official that accepted the proposal would at best be mocked by everyone and lose all credibility, and at worst, lose their position and respect from their fellow person. And since this Sector had not been targeted by Shadow Man before, there was little motivation to even try.

As it was, Buddy found himself undercover, not only from the criminal elements, but from the public itself. Not even the official badge of authority would help him, so all he had to rely upon were what small capture devices could be hidden in his fluff, and his skills. He feared that in this place, there would be abusers around every corner, waiting to snatch up a defenseless fluffy. But as the first month passed in this assignment, it soon became clear that the general public did their best to give a wide berth to any fluffy seen in the street. For the fluffies here had not been given the genetic instructions on how to properly clean themselves, so while they would be fine, to any other living thing, they were a walking hive of disease and bacteria. No, the greatest threat to Buddy at the moment were the local government exterminators called Cleaners.

Donning reinforced and padded clothing, complete with internal air systems, and sporting both a flamethrower and chemical sprayer, their job was to locate herds and feral fluffies and first cleanse with fire, then spray the area down for a sanitation crew to come by and finish.

“Hey there little guy, what are you doing by yourself?”

Like right now, one of the Cleaners was trying to convince you to go with him, most likely in an attempt to scorch you in a better spot.

“Hey Mark, doesn’t this guy look a little too clean?”

There was a second cleaner by the first, clearly puzzled by the lack of filth in your fluff.

“Yeah, it actually looks like you could pick it up and not get hit with, like, ten different diseases at once.”

While in any other situation, the remarks would have bristled your fluff, you knew that these two only dealt with fluffies that suffered from not having reached proper development. Still, you couldn’t reveal yourself yet, for that would only work against you.

“Fwuffy no know whewe fwuffy am at. Pwease hewp fwuffie fin humin mummah?”

“Ah crap, now I’m going to feel guilty. This thing is someone’s pet!”

“Does it matter? City law states that any fluffy not found with a visible mark of identification is to be treated like a feral. And besides, if someone truly lost them, they would post to our network with images. I mean, look at this one! This fluffy is a bit too ….. different from normal fluffies to not be easily identified.”

“Yeah, yeah.” A sigh can be heard through the first Cleaner’s speakers. “Sorry little one, but you gotta follow us, okay?”

Welp, even playing the lost pet card wouldn’t work here, even if you were too different from the street fluffy. You couldn’t blame them, for the two good genetic traits this unfinished version had were reproduction, and immune systems. If even two or three fluffies got together, a herd of over forty could form within a year. While the briefing gave you a good glimpse, it was only the reality found within the feces-stained alleys of metal that showed to you how truly unwanted your kind was here. Thankfully, that also meant expectations that you could use.

“Nice mistahs, wai awe dose fwuffies ovaw dewe aww su poopehs?”

Playing the poopie fluffy card felt wrong, but pulling these two from focusing on you to realizing the herd moving quietly behind them. As the sounds of flames being shot out and dying screams of fluffies hit your ears, you made your escape from the situation. That herd’s end was inevitable, for any like them that dared to travel the streets in broad daylight would find their fiery ends meeting them soon. You were lucky for your legs and stamina, for those heavy suits made for excellent protection against filth and attack, but greatly hampered their dexterity and reactions.

While this meant that you could actually evade them without too much difficulty, talk of a fluffy able to dodge so much would spread, and potentially alert the Shadow Man that Hasbio’s experiment was on his trail. While it couldn’t be gauged as to how the career criminal would react to fluffies coming after him, the risk of fleeing was too great to let Buddy’s true nature be found out. So, along with trying to figure out where his target was, there was the delicate balance of trying to blend in and avoiding the Cleaners.

“Hey Mark, where did that weird one go?”
“No clue. Best bet is that it either wandered off, or ran when it heard the screams. Either way, it’s probably going to die soon.”

Such is the reality for the Cleaners. While their goal was essentially to torch any fluffy seen, the truth of the matter was that with so many herds roaming about, if a few here and there were let free to deal with larger groups, then so be it. With the two having torched and sprayed the unfortunate herd’s spot, it was back in their truck and off to another reported location.

*Frustrated Cleaner*

Damnation be to Hasbio, and damnation be to that mutant fluffy! You despised the creatures with a fierceness that worried your co-workers. Didn’t they see what had happened to this city? You remembered a time where the streets weren’t stained with feces, where vermin would speak and beg from humans for anything from food to shelter, while putting the unfortunate person at risk of falling ill. And that mutant one, it would be a problem. Oh, you knew that a single generation wouldn’t bear too many of its type, but with how fast these things reproduced, it could overwhelm the entire city!

It was supposed to be simple, someone spotted a weird looking fluffy, and you were sent to deal with it. That singular fluffy managed to somehow not only evade you, but lose you as well! The normal ones barely had the intellect to care for themselves and the spawn they produced, but now there was a risk that more of these smart mutants would start popping up. Hell, any mutant variety was nothing more than another risk to the city! Your bones creaked, your joints ached, but your mind was an eternal inferno of determination to fully clean the city. If this wasn’t in a city sector, you would be gladly tossing out poison by the handful to every alley. But alas, the density and interconnectedness of the place meant that metal alleyways and such would serve as makeshift bonfires to the herds you found. Hell, you weren’t even on the clock at the moment. But so long as that mutant ran around, your job was not yet done.

However, as the day drew to a close, your search must stop for now. With how your eyesight had been going, trying to hunt in the night-time, even with lights, would only end in wasted efforts. You were going to have to ask at hq tomorrow whether or not someone had seen the mutant, and where they last saw it. You had already seent the city nearly fall to these vermin, no way in hell would you let some mutated shit-rat cause another emergency.
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