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ZaWarudo: Please tell me it starves
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Anonymous1: Feel like the fluffy for ounce is smarter then it's owner here.
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am_onwy_wittwe_babbeh: This is so satisfying
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emotionalsupportfluffy: This is my favorite comic on the booru right now. Keep it up, Bass!

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Guzziman: @Anonymous: I'm surprised it lasted this long.
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Jellenheimer: As usual, pet owners are no smarter than their pets
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MusntaMummah: Aww man that's not much of a pay off from last image
like there is sooo much potential like mind break her until she actually thinks she is a bird or put her in a tight ass bird cage
OH OH tell her she is pregnant and shove fake eggs up her ass wait for her to lay them
i could go on and on
But the abuse is yummy none the less

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Bass: @MusntaMummah: wait for it
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gurochan: oh no