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MusntaMummah: I personally enjoy when the smarty demands enfies from a mare or something and the mare beats his ass
i think it's funny in a schadenfreude sort of way

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MAVVET_CO: if there are seperate space fluffies on other planents then the universe really is doomed

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Fuun: If the reason most fluffies think alicorns are monsters is because they can't comprehend a fluffy having both a horn and wings, how come a fluffy with glowing antennas and shiny eyes doesn't make them run for the mountains?

And, yeah, as @MAVVET_CO said, if there are intergallactic fluffies, our universe deserves to implode.
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Anonymous1: I am curoius abouth their frist incunter with a human.
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Anonymous2: ... well at leat they are effective vs other fluffies ^^
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MusntaMummah: @Fuun: Well most of them actually did but the smarty was too focused on purple coochie
Hornyness beat fear in his mind