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9r1m_1: Forgot how to comic it was too big originally - had to split up the last row :P

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bigfootRULES: so is there more? i want to see the torment of the mama and foals.
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MusntaMummah: Can't wait for more~
You gotta torture the foals more in front of there mummah like suffocate them in a plastic bag
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Fluffus: You’re the best at what yydo, grim. And what you do ain’t pretty.

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FoxHoarder: I thought she was aiming for the nuts, but anal violation is hilarious as well!

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akufluff: @Fluffus: so he's the wolverine of the booru
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Anonymous1: how to make fluffy on a stick ... or a flying fluffy
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Anonymous2: Is Grim really back? Awesome.
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Anonymous3: I love your comic, but I don't get why would someone capture and torture fluffies (we are talking about the fluffy population control workers), wouldn't it be more rational to just kill them fast and move to other fluffies?

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9r1m_1: @Anonymous:
Thanks man I kinda love them too sometimes.
I don't usually explain shit but I've got nothing better to do:
This is clearly the last loose end for this alleyway - a shitty colored unneutered male!
The mare with OK colors has been captured,plugged and is ready for the fluff factory (after some soft cuddly pillowin' of course),
and the foals are nicely colored and young enough to accept a surrogate mother/milkbag without much trouble.
At this point it's a rational win! Provided there's a chance this worker here is not about to traumatize the foals.
Although I think their too busy crying and shitting to notice their daddeh taking it up the poopie place.

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Fuun: Two questions:

1.- Why does the male has regular hooves (or at least its hooves are semi-circles) while the female in the previous comic has heart-shaped ones? Are they different generations of fluffies? The male is a knock-off while the female is an official Hasbio product?

2.- Why did you change your username to 9rim?

Anyways, as always, I love your comics and art style.
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Anonymous4: she should have went for the balls
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Anonymous5: @9r1m_1: Thank you.

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9r1m_1: @Fuun:

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professor_genki: hey man, where can i find your old sutff?

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9r1m_1: @professor_genki:
AYY MAN! Simply search for artist:gr1m_1
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Anonymous6: This is amazing!