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OtherCoraline: Nice. I feel like sometimes some of the creators try to top themselves or each other in absurdity (i'm guilty of that). This is just some pure, simple abuse. Great work!

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skettiswipuw: I absolutely love your hand-drawn style. You simply can't properly emulate charcoal shading in a program.
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The_Neutralist: *Keeps cutting* "Why won't you fucking die??!!??"

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Soon-Dummeh: haha! I could imagine a youBoober in this universe having at least one of these kinds of thumbnails/videos. 1000 degree knife vs fluffy. Most satisfying videos, etc.

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Nickspooks: Thanks for the nice comments, just some strait up abuse of some poor fluffy. I agree that hand drawing them is easier than digital for me. At some point I'll try to get in colors or grayscale but I should keep working on that
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Anonymous1: Because, fuck you, that's why!
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Anonymous2: @The_Neutralist: indeed great, but how is it still alive Oo

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9r1m_1: So guud, nice facial expression !