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´╗┐NEVER Go Beyond the Fence (Part 2)

“WAT AM DUMMEH BABBEHS DOIN!? TWYING TO GIB HEWD FOWEBAH SWEEPIES!?” Daddy shouted at you with fury in his eyes.

Rosie is hysterically crying while hugging her newly acquired dolly and you can barely stand on your hooves to muster any sort of excuse to give for what just happened. You have no fight in you.. you know that what you did was wrong.

Daddy scolded you and Rosie all the way back to the nest. Once you returned home, daddy told mommy about everything that happened. Mommy was a little more forgiving, but she punished you both by sending you to bed without any nummies. The hunger felt unbearable.. but that was about to be the least of your concerns.

Once the next bright time arrived, you and Rosie went to talk with your parents about everything that happened. You still felt tired and exhausted after going to bed without food and crying all night. Daddy was still mad, but he seemed to be a bit more calm by now and was ready to listen to your side of the story.

“Daddeh am stiww mad at Spawkwe and Wosie.. but am gwad nu get fowebah sweepies.” Daddy said as he pulled you and Rosie close to him.

“Nu moa hewping dadeh wif finding nummies fo nao. Fwuffies nee’ stay hewe wif mummuh.”

You and Rosie disappointedly nodded in agreement. You were sad to not be able to help out with scavenging for awhile.. But you did break the rules.

That afternoon, daddy hugged you goodbye for last time as he headed out to scavenge with the other colts and stations for nummies to bring back to the nest.

The day dragged on as you waited for daddy to return home. Rosie cooed and played with her dolly and mommy napped while you continued to think about what happened yesterday. Your thoughts raced and you continued to day dream until the screams of a station jolted you awake.

“SKREEEEEE! WUN AWAY NAO! MUNSTAHS COMING!” A dark green colored station shouted as he limped towards the nest. Half of his front right hoof was torn away and he was covered in cuts and deep bite marks.

The rest of the herd rushed to check on the commotion and give huggies to help the hurt fluffy. It was too late though as the injured fluffy had unintentionally lead the exterminators to the herd.

You looked on in shock as two large men in orange suits and gas masks arrived with a blood hound on a leash with them. The two men were called by the mother of the little girl you scared off yesterday. She must have called extermination to get rid of any ferals near the subdivision.

Every member of the herd stood still and stared at the two men. It was as if every fluffy knew the impending danger that was standing before them.. but was too stupid to do anything.

The oldest smarty of the herd approached the two men with his cheeks puffed out.

“Dummeh hoomins! Dis wand am fo’ hewd! Ou’ am twespa- SQUEEEEEE“

Before the smarty could finish his sentence, the blood hound bit into him. The smarty pathetically squeaked like a chew toy and shit everywhere as the hound’s teeth sank into him and the smarty bled out.

“Alright Bob, let’s get this shit done quick so we can head down to Willowbrook next” one of the men said as he began to spray pesticide towards some of the fluffies. Several fluffies squealed and began to hack and wheeze from the fumes.

You began to run away with the rest of the herd in a panicked frenzy. Rosie following behind as fast as her little hooves could carry her. You barely managed to escape death as the fluffies around you were picked off by the hound and skewered and sprayed by the exterminators.

You eventually found a small hole in a tree for you and Rosie to hide in. You and Rosie climbed in to hide, peeking out of the hole to see the carnage that you barely escaped. You put your hooves over Rosie’s mouth to stifle her crying as you both watched while your mommy convulsed on the ground after being sprayed by pesticide.

A few minutes passed and the squealing and crying outside began to die down.

“Otay Wosie.. Just nee’ stay in da twee fo’ da west o-“


Rosie began to climb out of the hole in order to retrieve her dolly that she forgot back at the nest.

“WOSIE! NU! FWUFFIES NEE’ T-“ it was too late though. As you reached to pull Rosie back into the hole, the hound snatched her in his maw.

Rosie squealed as the hound bit down on her and shook her back and forth, her limps flailing like a rag doll. With a final squeal, the hound chomped down on Rosie’s head and decapitated her in an instant.

“W-wosie..? Am Wosie o-otay?” You whimpered as you peered out of the tree.

Suddenly a hand snatched you from the tree hole and held you several feet in the air. He laughed while you screamed and flailed as the hound, now covered in blood, jumped up and attempted to bite you.

“Haha! Calm down there Rover.. Hey Bob, I think this is the last one! How do you wanna finish the job?” The man said as you squirmed and squealed in his hand.

“Oh dude! Break its legs and leave it to suffer! It’d be kinda funny..”

“Well damn Bob.. that’s kinda fucked up. I was thinking just step on it or something.. Y’know, at least some blood and guts? Fine though, I got the final kill last time so you can have this one.”

You cried as a crushing pain washed over you as the man snapped your legs like a twig. He tossed your body on the ground and chuckled as he and Bob left to tend to their next job.

You writhed in pain and cried out for help, unable to move. Several hours passed and eventually a flock of crows arrived to scavenge off of the dead herd. One of the crows, assuming you were dead, landed by you and prepared for his new meal.

“N-nyu fwiend.. wingie fwiend..? Hewp fwuffy.. pwease..?”
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