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Shardy_Einschtirt: Nice.

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skettiswipuw: I imagine the fluffies that grew up with this sort of "care" would have dead eyes, and cower at the slightest sound.
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Nocturn: I would think that the mane growing in would also be a good time to begin there anal training. This will help break their spirit and keep them from thinking they have any other purpose but to entertain sodomy addicted sadistic owners
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Lady_Zyra: hmm...i think a slightly more, mentally and emotionally abusive treatment would be to give the foal very tiny ammounts of sleeping meds, while it sleeps cut off its mane, when it awakes and asks where its mane went tell it, it left to find a prettier fluffy to be with, break it like this so that it never wants a mane and one night while it sleeps, get one of those disgusting 'huggie' toys and glue the mane all over the toy, when it wakes the next morning tell your foal that its mane came back with a better fluffy.

But this is all my minds thinking on this.

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0therCoraline: Treating fluffies like fluffies. Thank you. This place has been too hugboxy this last week.
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Anonymous1: way to do it!

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Lookabooboo: Reading this makes me feel so cozy

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Ferrotter: It's always nice to see helpful instructional material that helps loving owners raise the best possible fluffy pony they can.

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fluffyhater88: Love the FoalOut4 reference. :)