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Foal Can Blues

By Sorrowkandy

It was a bright day and it was only one of two modes the foals in their cans knew, one being day and the other being night. When night time fell the crying and chirping could be heard by all the foals stuck in their little prisons. Foal in a can was introduced almost immediately after the fluffy craze took ahold of the general public, and they soon were outside almost every major shopping center. The foals were all chosen by the good people at “Can-o-Fluff" and were chosen by the colors that were best and most likely to be wanted by the many children. Although mostly good colors went in, there was sometimes the exception of a few off colored foals that got tossed in for filler. The off colors were usually those of the darker green and yellows and were often left far too long in their containers and would rupture from the force being exerted on the foal's tiny little frame.

Now even though there was Foal in a can machines in good spots that usually meant they were all sold out, there were the unlucky few that ended up outside convenient stores in bad areas. This left the foals open to the usual abuser that would slink by hoping to not be seen buying foals in mass at one of the machines. The usual conditions of the foals in these cans were sometimes less then optimal and would lead to further the foals suffering.


The day was bright and a little bright red foal was tossing and turning in his little can. The uncomfortable feeling of the plug in his little rectum was becoming more and more apparent as the days wore on. The milk that came out from the “mummah place” on front of him was the only thing that gave him solace, that and the voice of “mummah” that would come on every so often to sooth the little red foal. The red foal would only look ahead and then side to side every day until he got tired and went to sleep. This day however the brightness of the sun was just so that it was getting into the side of the little red foals face.

This made the little red foal uncomfortable beyond reason and only made him wiggle more than he ever did before. The can he was in was very small and he couldn’t move too much which only made him more frightened.

“Chirp! Peep!! CHIRP!! Huuuuhuuhuu!!!....mmmm......mmmMumMmummahhhhh!!! Huuhuuhuu....” the little red foal finally cried out as he made his first words.

The little red foal cried out for the mummah so she could make him feel safe again but she didn’t show up.

“Mmmmummmummmahhh!!! Huuuhuuuhuuu!!!” the little red foal continued to cry as he got more comfortable with the word.

The little foal cried and cried until he could hear a little something trying to get his attention.

“Nuuuu!! Nu be saddies babbeh! Huuhuu!” a little blue filly could be seen underneath the red foal calling out.

The little blue filly was a chubby one and seemed to have even more of a hard time than the red foal moving about in her container. She wiggled about and cried alongside the little red foal until they both stopped eventually.

“Huuhuu..... yu am otay babbeh? Nu be saddies o give babbeh heawt huwties tu *sniff” the little blue filly called out up towards the little red foal.

The little red foal was amazed that there was more babbehs around than just him. Up until now the little red foal had thought he was alone but now he has a friend.

“Babbeh am hewe tu? *Sniff Sniff” the red foal asks as he tried to look down through his container towards the filly that was talking to him.

“Yuss babbeh am hewe! An babbehs can be fwens!! Yu wook wed so babbeh gonna caww yu wed! Yay!” the blue filly called up to the now called Red.

“What am babbehs namsie?” Red asks as he looks through the plastic to the distorted image of the chubby little blue filly.

“Babbeh nu hab namsie su babbeh am jus babbeh! Yay! Owie!” the blue filly shouted as she hit her snout again on the top of the container again.

She would often get excited by being able to see the people pass by in front of the machine that she tried to wiggle and dance for them but was always met with not even a single glance and she usually hurt herself in the process.

“Babbeh hab fwen babbeh hab fwen!! Yay!! Am su happies!!!” the filly shouted in her little prison.

Just then the machine came to life as it usually did in its seemingly random intervals and the mummah voice came on.

“Otay gud babbehs!! Mummah wub gub babbehs!! Dwink miwkies tu gwow big an stwong!” the prerecorded mummah voice chimed as the cans whirred to life and stated to release the milk that was in the reservoir in front of each foal.

“Mummah? Mummah!! Mummah babbeh am hewe!! Chirp!” Red shouted out as he couldn’t help still let out a chirp or two.

“Huuhuuhuuu!! Mummah nu wub babbeh huuhuuhuu!!” the blue filly cried to herself as she already knew that the mummah voice was silent to her suffering.

The blue filly was now several days old and should have been pulled out of the machine already but somehow was over looked. Her sides touched the can edges and she was constantly hitting her head on the top part. Her legs were becoming cramped and useless as the days wore on. Another thing that happened was that her milk pouch had already run dry the day before and was now starving.


The next day

The day starts as usual with the foals all waking up to the sun in their little faces as they are turned to their side for display. The blue filly underneath Red was now huffing and puffing as she struggled for air. It had seemed that her rectal plug had come loose and with it a torrent of shit was unleashed into the can alongside her.

“Nuuuuuu!! Nu wike! Nu smew pwetty huuhuuhuu!! Mummah hewp babbeh huuhuuu!!” the blue filly called out to its perceived mother but nothing happened.

Its cried went unanswered as she was being covered in her own filth. Her cries in turn awoke Red who was just coming out the haze of sleep as the smell suddenly hit him.

“Ewwww!!! Babbeh nu smeww pwetty!! Yu am bad nu smeww pwetty babbeh! Mummah hewp!!” Red suddenly found himself saying.

The response was something that Red just knew to say, as if it was programed into him from the start. The smell was intense and the blue fillies crying was starting to frustrate Red as well as the other foals in the nearby vicinity.

“Mummah cum hewp babbeh!! Babbeh nu smeww pwetty!!” Red continued as he shouted with his head up in the air.

All the screaming and calling out was putting a strain on Red and soon before he knew it, his rectal plug popped out all of a sudden.

At first Red thought he was ok because nothing happened, the sensation just startled him is all. Soon the rumbling in his bowls started to act up and sent him into panic but before he could react a flood of liquid shit poured out of Red’s behind. It didn’t seem real to Red at first but soon it started to make its way to the front of the can and was right under his chin. Red tried to back away but only met the back of the can. No matter which way he tired he was still just in the same place covered in feces.

“NUUUUUUU!!!!! MUMMAH!! MUMMAH HEWP GUD BABBEH!! HUUUHUUHUUU!!” Red screamed as he tried to run away in place but only made the problem worse.

Red was now covered in feces from his head to his hooves and was now on his belly moaning and calling out for his mother. The recording of the mummah voice would come on soon enough as it did every morning but for the time being the red foal was in pure misery.

The two foals that was the blue filly and Red were both crying out in misery at their situation that it actually got the rest of the other foals stirring.

“Nu smeww pwetty!!” a random bright green foal on top of red could be heard yelling now.

“Yu am bad babbeh!! Mummah hewp!!” another light purple foal said on the left side of Red’s container.

“CHIRP! PEEP!!” other foals from around could be heard chiming in as they have yet to talk.

The terrible smell wafted quickly through the machine and every foal was now being affected. It was going to be another two days before the machine was changed and the unsold were thrown into the trash. Usually they just died in a hot garbage bag with other discarded filth alongside them.

The blue filly was now laying on top of a pile of feces with her back hitting the top of the can. The front of her face squished against the milk pouch and all the heat of the morning sun. The cooking of the feces only made it smell worse as the other foals all started to scream and cry about the smell. When the mummah voice came on for the morning feeding, most of the foals quieted down except the blue filly and Red who both moaned endlessly about their situation. The mummah voice paid no heed to the plight of the two foals and remained off throughout the day until the next feeding. The little foals were all fed now and even Red who had his fill was a little happy and tried to go to sleep even though he was covered in foulness.

The blue filly on the other hand was experiencing so much pain in all her cramped-up joints and was huffing and puffing from all the creaking and popping they were doing. The blue filly thought of crying out to mummah again but remembered that it was no good. No matter what she did or how she pleaded, the mummah voice always ignored her pleas for more milkies or that her nestie was too small now.

“Huuhuuu..... nu can moov! Nee mummah.........” the blue filly would repeat throughout the day as she struggled to even breath in her confinement.

The next feeding happened in the afternoon but again the blue fillies milk pouch had long been dry. She just lay there scrunched up and distorted on her bed of filth. Her face was stained with tears, as her stomach rumbled for sustenance.

“Pwees mummah, nee miwkies!! Am suuu hungies huuhuuhuuu. Sabe babbeh mummah!” the filly tried once again when the mummah voice played over the speakers.

Again she was ignored and was left to stew in her misery.


The day passed and it was now night time, and this was a frightening time for the fluffies since the light to their machine had went out about three days ago. Now every time the sun went down the howls and crying of the foals could be heard all around the machine. It had been a few days since the blue filly was put into the machine and she was growing at a speedy rate compared to the rest of the foals in their cans. This meant that she was really squished in her can as all things went. So much so that a crack started to form and the pile of filth sludge started to leak out onto the chirpie foal that was underneath her. It was a little yellow colt that had yet to make its first words and was only still a chirpie babbeh.

“CHIRP CHIRP!! CHEEP!!” the little yellow foal screamed as shit fell on to the top of its can and subsequently through the breathing holes on the can itself.

This meant that the little foal had a steady drip of feces falling from the top onto its little head. This frightened the little colt and made him chirp even harder as he called out for his mummah. Just like the blue filly above, its cries went unheeded by the mummah voice they all called out for.

The foals were never meant to be in a machine for more than four days and some older ones needed to be swapped out but were left in. This created an environment that made things like the blue and red foals situation to happen.

Red was laying his own little pile of feces and was quietly huhu-ing to himself and would call out to mummah every so often. He was scared of the dark and even when it was feeding time, it didn’t make a difference because the dark was still all around.

“Nu wike dawkies.... nee mummah, nee wub!” Red said with a lifted head and a chin full of fecal matter.

The little red foal was in utter terror of the dark and was just hoping for the day to begin again, when there is light. Red trembled and begged for mummah so save him under his breath as he breathed in the foulness of his stool that was all around him at this point.



“CHEEP!!” the other chirpie babbehs let out from the outer edges of the machine.

Night time was a time of terror and screaming foals, at least until they cried themselves to sleep. This only happened after a prolonged stretch of crying and begging for “mummah”. Red had resigned himself to laying on the floor of his bottle and on top of his own filth. The whole while he was crying silently to himself as he would call out for a mummah to come and take him away from his little confinement and clean him, feed him, and give him love most of all. The thought was a far one as the reality of the situation was a different one.

The blue filly wasn’t faring to well either as she was too busy crying to herself as well. Even though she had stopped begging “mummah” to come and help as often, it was still something that she yelped out every now and again. He container was of poor design and was continuing to leak onto the foal underneath

“CHIRP !! PEEEP!!!” a little white foal underneath the blue filly started to cheep away as feces dripped on top of its head from somewhere up above it.

It had been a while since the blue filly ate and her stomach had been rumbling nonstop ever since the milk pouch ran dry. She looked around in desperation for anything to make the hunger pangs stop. There was nothing but feces around her and so the choice was clear. Eat the poopies or starve. The blue filly didn’t want to eat the feces but she was so hungry that she didn’t know how much longer she could take it. She held out for a little while longer until finally she took a little nibble of the feces that was in front of her. She squinted her eyes and gagged as she spit the stool back out.

“Ewww!! Nu wike num poopies!! Huuhuu!! Bu am suuuu hungies huu......” she said as she stared at the remaining amount of filth in front of her.

She eventually gave in and ate what she could of the fecal matter and only vomited twice. She was crying herself to sleep again when suddenly a loud crack could be heard and suddenly her side was moving a bit. The sensation felt weird and it frightened the little foal especially since it was dark out now. Then suddenly her little left back hoof jutted out of the container along with a bit of her side. The container cracked and left her out a bit which the relief only lasted but a second before the pain set in. The little blue filly now found herself being pinched and cut into by the container itself. With her little leg and side sticking out it was enough to have this vice like grip on her that only cut deeper as she thrashed around.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! HUWTIES!! WEGGIE TUMMY HUWTIES!!! EEEEEEEE!!! HUUHUUHUU!! NU WAN NU WAN!!” the blue filly screamed out as the hard-plastic cut deeper and deeper into her little flesh.

The little filly didn’t learn her lesson and thrashed until she exhausted herself. Once she was huffing and puffing and she lay as still as possible as to not keep the pain going, did she lift her head and try to look back at her side.

“Nuuuuuu!! Nu can moov weggie! MUMMAH!! MUMMAH HHWP BABBEH!! HUUHUU!! HEWP MUMMAH!!” she continued to scream as the panic set in again.

When she looked back, she could see that her cramped up useless leg was being cut up really bad as the plastic had really gotten into it and was now really limp and useless. The plastic had cut it but the thrashing had cut the leg to where it was now dangling on a bit of flesh. The filly's side was also cut into and was bleeding but since fluffies had good blood coagulation it was clotting up pretty fast. The sight of her leg had really frightened here and so she continued to move and wiggle around begging in the dark for mummah to come and make it all go away.

The constant moving around of the blue filly and its cracked container only meant that more feces had dripped down on the foal underneath and the poor thing was now seriously being covered.

“CHIRP! CHIRP!!! CHIRP!!” the foal underneath called out as it started to look up in its stupidity and was now having feces fall down its open mouth. This made the little thing gag as it continued to drip down on top of its head at a steady pace. There was a thunk noise and when the little foal looked up he could make out a babbehs leg. This only sent him into a fit of crying and chirping for mummah.

The blue filly felt the leaving of some weight and looked back to see her little leg had fallen off. The little foal was still being racked with pain but the sight of its little “leggie” being taken off made it that much worse for the filly.

“Weggie nuuuuuuuu!!!! Nu cum bak weggie!! Babbeh nee yu!! Huuhuuu!!! NUUUUU!!! OWIES!! HUU HUWTIES HUUHUUU!!” the blue filly called out as she thrashed some more in place.

Red only sat in his feces and lay awake listening to the horror that was going on below him. It scared him and under his breath he cried for his mummah.


The next day started as usual with the sun pointing straight at the machine awaking all the foals inside for the day. The blue filly hadn’t gotten an ounce of sleep with all that happened the night before. Infact with her crying all night she had kept the other foals around her up all night as well. The pain had not subsided and her continuous thrashing had actually gotten her stump stuck in the plastic now. She was in severe pain and the feces remained dripping at a steady pace all over her wound. The wound itself was not looking to good a shape since it stayed covered in feces the entire night.

One thing to note is that fluffy fecal matter can be quite toxic given the right circumstances. The filly's predicament was only worsening as the constant rubbing of the wound on the plastic was keeping it open and the fecal matter covered it constantly. The sun was now cooking the foals in their little containers and they were all huffing and puffing since it was a particularly hot day. This only meant that the wound was festering and the blue filly continued to be in pain.

“WED! WED HEWP BABBEH!! PWEES!!” she called out suddenly remembering her knew friend above her.

Red stirred and finished his feeding was trying to look for the source of the sound when he looked down and saw the blue filly moving her head wildly calling out for him.

“WED!! BABBEH NEE HEWP!! GED MUMMAH!! HEWP BABBEH HUUHUU!! HAB WOTS OF HUWTIES HUU!!” she yelled up at red hoping he would help her or at least get mummah to help her.

“Bu wed nu knu how tu hewp babbeh huuhuu!! Mummah!! Nee hewpies fo bwue babbeh!! Huuhuuhuu!!” Red called out as raised his feces coved face and called out for mummah.

But of course, mummah never comes. She will in fact never come for these fluffy foals.

Another day passes and the blue filly is in excruciating pain from both her wound and her empty stomach. It had seemed that constantly eating feces and the vomit was not sitting well with the foals tract.

The feces had made its way into the filly's blood stream and was now poisoning her while she starved to death.

Just then the machine came to life as all the foals started to call out or chirp. The Maintenace man was there and he was about to switch out those that needed to be and then move on to the next machine. This meant that most of the foals would be thrown out and left to die in a hot garbage bag sine the company recycles the containers that can be salvaged.

“Mmmm...mmmMmMuuUuumMmmMMAaHHH...?” the blue filly called out as the man reached out to grab her container.

The blue filly had her eyes crusted closed from all the filth that was on them from her thrashing around and she could hardly see. She had thought the man grabbing her container was “The mummah”, her mummah, the one come to save her.

“Whoah, check this one out!” the man exclaimed to himself out loud.

He was looking at the blue foal and the mess it had gotten into.

“This container is a bust for sure” the man said

He opened the top part of the container and the blue filly slid out and fell to the concrete face first. It wasn’t a large fall but enough to break the little foals face entirely.

“SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” the little blue filly screamed out loud on the hot concrete as it semi cooked on it.

Its little snout was broken and all it could let out was an ear-piercing scream as it tried to continue to thrash on the hot ground.

The man grabbed red and the foal underneath the blue filly and tossed them into a black bag. He went about throwing away almost all the cans that had foals past their sell date. They all went into the garbage bag. The man emptied the foals that had salvageable cans into the bag on their own. They chirped and peeped alongside the begging Red who after being jumbled around now had feces on his back as well. The man hadn’t let him out of his can and so he was tossed away in it.

The little red foal closed his eyes as the bag was shut closed and heaved into the trash can next to the machine. He closed his eyes hoping the nightmare he was experiencing was just going to go away somehow. All the other foals were smooshed up against his container and he could smell them even through all the feces. Red couldn’t see the babbehs but he called out to the nonetheless.

“Babbehs? Babbehs am dew?" *Sniff “Babbeh nu be saddies, babbeh can be fwens wid wed...” Red said between tears as he choked out the sentence.

This made the other babbehs around calm down somewhat as they listened to Red in his container.

Red could feel the foals around the container start wiggle less and this made him happy.

The blue filly on the other had was dragging herself across the hot sidewalk and was leaving a trail of gore and filth behind her. She couldn’t form words so she gargled her own saliva and called out for mummah as best she could which came out in a weird sort of gurgled howl. The man had forgotten to throw her away into the bag and had left her there on the hot sidewalk.

The foal’s belly was cooking on top of the blistering slab and it was only getting worse as it was only getting hotter out.

The blue filly managed to make it to some grass and finally plopped down to rest from the excruciating pain that racked her entire body. This only lasted about a minute since she had failed to see or know that she was on top of a fire ant hill.

Before the filly could die of blood poisoning or starvation it was going to meet its end with the several mandibles tearing her apart. They would cover her and she would scream. This only made them enter her mouth and start on her eyes. The foal twitched and thought of mummah as the ants had taken her tongue and was now blind. She could feel the ant inside her eating and grabbing away at her.

A wretched little blue thing meeting a cruel end in a world that cared nothing for it to begin with.
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Anonymous2: quick question and idea,has there ever been any stories /comics where a few foals escape their cans while still inside the vending machine?

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RQ: This is written pretty well! Nice job ob the detailed suffering.
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Anonymous4: Your English will improve, your ideas are already good, please continue writing
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Anonymous5: Amazing! This is art.
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Jibboom: This was great. Thank you for writing it!
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