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Fluffy Inovations Inc. proudly presents

A revolutionary new product

Introducing the


A physicaly and mentaly hardend breed of fluffy with totaly unrelenting and
irrversible smarty syndrome.

Carefully selected from bestest babbeh candidates, the SAMRTYPAL(TM) is
raised with a stable diet of sketties and sweet consentrated milk. Weak
candidates that don't meet the our strict smarty criteria are pillowed and
used as enfie pals to further enhance the smarty tendencies of the rest of the
group. The smartie profile is further enhanced by a stable supply of enfie
babbehs which further reinforce and entrench smarty characteristics.

The SMARTYPAL(TM) is the perfect unrelenting smarty that will resist and defy
any attempt to correct its behavior.

SMARTYPAL(TM) is an excelent fluffy choice for several applications including:

Mare discipline:
Did your mare defy you and have babbehs despite your explicit instructions
not to? Look no further SMARTYPAL(TM) will "Enf aww da bebbehs" to death.
It will even "enf" the mare and then "enf" her into an abortion and repeat the
cycle for as long as you allow it.

Saferoom discipline:
Do you have a stalion at the verge or already exhibiting
smarty syndrome? Introduce the SMARTYPAL(TM) into the safe room and hear your
stalion scream "nu am mawe" over and over until its smarty tendencies
completely subside.

Feral control:
Do you have unwanted ferals in your area? The SMARTYPAL(TM)
will immediately attempt to take over the herd, either killing or severely
damaging the herd's smarty in the proccess. Once it takes over, SMARTYPAL's(TM)
smarty tendencies are guaranteed to lead to several fluffy and babbeh deaths
resulting in the total destruction of the herd within days.

SMARTYPAL(TM) is also perfect for:

Righteus abusers who need incentive in order to apply their skills.

Advanced abusers who want to take their art to the next level, using a
hardened tough subject.

Hugboxer concersion therapy:
In our experiments nine out of ten hugboxers
turned into hardcore abusers after spending less than half an hour with

SMARTYPAL(TM) comes complete with zip tie for convinient and quick disposal
when no longer needed or when things get out of hand.

Order yours today and let us know of your experiences with SMARTYPAL(TM)
in our forums.
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fluffybait: Just some silly idea of mine.

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skettiswipuw: Oh heck. Your idea is the polar opposite of my latest story!
I can dig it.

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Ah-Fwuffin-Wub-Gwittew: A great concept with lots of potential. My only critique is that you need to work on either using spell-check or spell-checking manually.
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Anonymous1: You know I kind of wonder what would happen if you put a bunch of a smarties in one room.
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Anonymous2: Awesome concept 10/10
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Anonymous3: Pretty damn funny boss.