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skettiswipuw: Remember to tag your art with your own name, too.
Our tag system isn't the best, so we all have to make it work the best we can.

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SadNorg: I never thought I needed this in my life. Great job. Glory to Arstotzka.

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MAVVET_CO: Glorious.
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Anonymous1: is it just fucking angry or possessed from the jellen?
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Anonymous2: Legit my favorite new OC fluff, lol.

I just want to see rampage outta the little guy hahaha. He is doomguy incarnate in fluffy.

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Fluffy_posteo: @Anonymous: He's angry and that jellenheimer is his son
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Anonymous3: @Fluffy_posteo: "have you ever been so angry, that you made your special friend give birth to a jellen"

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Fluffy_posteo: @Anonymous: He is angry because they killed his "speciaw fwiend" and his other foals, leaving only one. Currently seeking revenge