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Anonymous1: I get don't it.

But I do wanna get that roach queen dakimakura. Mmmmm.

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0therCoraline: RQ is bae
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Anonymous2: @Anonymous1 : What is a dakimakura?
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Anonymous3: @anon2. It's a large pillow commonly refered to as a 'bodypillow', it normally will have a character printed onto the pillowcase for either comedic or adoration purposes. They are used to create the sensation that another person is sleeping alongside the user.
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Anonymous4: I like to know what was the fight about between tiny one and munstamummah was all about?

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RQ: @0therCoraline: heehee
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Anonymous5: ... what just happened?
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Anonymous6: They put aside their differences, then had sex.
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Anonymous7: Or at least thats what i think. Its propably not.