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GorillaJack: Worked a lot of overtime today. I also had to deal with phone calls from clients which is something I never do. So while on hold with one I doodled this, first just the fluffy, then the water and food, then a couple foals, then a horrible carpet as I was getting pissed off with said client.
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Pinkyfluffy: How adorable ^^

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GorillaJack: @Pinkyfluffy: Why thank you, don't know what drew me back to the booru after so long

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Feyascia: How time till suffering?

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9r1m_1: @GorillaJack:
HEH! drew you back

just remember a wise man said we're all here forevah!
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Anonymous1: How come a client put you on hold; wouldn’t it normally be the other way around?

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GorillaJack: @Anonymous: I couldn't help them till they gave me the proper medical authorization, and I'm not giving any info without it