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nope: sorry for the terrible format, this is my first post after a while of watching, if someone could tell me how to get proper text that would be amazing, thank you all!
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Anonymous1: You can upload text using a .txt file. You can use bbcode to make it look pretty with formatting
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nope: thank you so much, this helps a lot, but i might keep this style for nostalgia if people don't mind
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Anonymous2: 1. Why the hell did the "skinny frail man" pillow a foal if he was immediately gonna regret it?

2. That is a weak-ass pathetic little shit if it enters the "wan die" loop just from getting pillowed. Little shit is defective and should be stomped.
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Anonymous3: "wan go foeba sweeties"
"foeba sweeties"
Is it like having an infinite candy supply?
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nope: i feel i should clarify some things,
1, auto correct is a btch and i know that it is littered with typos (even by fluffy standards)
2, the story centers around a guy who finds a pillowed fluffy left by an abuser
sorry about the confusion

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FoxHoarder: Surgery too expensive? It's McGyver time!

A good starting point. I can see many pontential ways this could go from here.