“SCREEE! NO HURT FWUFFIE! SCREEE!” Aria sighed and went into the basement. “Eli! If you’re gonna torture fluffies, keep it the fuck down! I’m trying to work!” Eleanor turned around from a blooded screaming and crying fluffy and smiled. “Sorry Ari!”
Eleanor and Aria were roommates. They had known each other for as long as they could remember. Eleanor was an abuser. She made videos on FluffTube, a video site for hugboxers and abusers. But mainly abusers. Aria wasn’t much of an abuser. Every now and then she’d go in the basement and torture some fluffies. That's the gist of it. She worked at the one and only Hasbro. The constant screaming of fluffies at her job caused her to be a bit deaf. How did she hear the screaming fluffies downstairs then? I don’t know, I making this at 2 am I’m fucking tired.
Aria went back to her room, sat back down and went back to work. She was dealing with a Karen that forgot to feed her fluffy and got mad when it died. Only to be interrupted with a yell of anger from Eleanor. Aria went back to the basement. “Eleanor.” Eleanor had thrown a crying dam on the floor so hard it gave birth. From what Aria could make of it, Eleanor had also stomped the foals to death. “Eleanor!” Snapped from her fit of blind rage, Eleanor looked at Aria, then back to the mess of fur and blood on the floor. “Hi Ari…” “You know, I’m not gonna help you clean that.” “Fuck.” Eleanor sighed, took off the lab coat and headed up stairs to get cleaning supplies. This left Aria alone to look around Eleanor’s fluffy hell. “SCREE! PWEASE! HELP FWUFFY! PWEASE! PWEASE!” cam from the mouths of what seemed to be 21 fluffies.
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SunCherry: I made this at 2 am and now I'm gonna post it. This is super unfinished. I just wanted to know if I'm doing this right first.
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Nocturn: Very nice short story. Lots actually went on in a short period of time and now you have two very interesting characters. Its going to be fun seeing where this goes.