´╗┐Mary spent most of her days caring for her plants. She loved each and everyone of them. They were her children. While out getting plant food, she saw a foal in the can vending machine. “Hm? I might get a few.”
She bought 3 foals. A light pink filly, a brick red male and a neon green male. As she drove home, the foals chirped and cried.
At home, she put the foals still in the can on the table. She went into her garden and almost screamed. Her plants, everyone of them, were being eaten by a fluffy herd. She never really bothered much with fluffies. She only got foals because she wanted to use the cans to grow flowers. The Smarty of the herd noticed her and walked over. The Smarty was a buttercup yellow earthy with a dark red mane. “Stoopid hwuman! Gif Smawty mowe nummies or get bad poopies! Nao!” Mary saw red and kicked the Smarty as hard as she could. Now, Mary wasn’t very strong but as fluffies were very fragile, the kick to the Smarty was hell. “OOWWIES!! WAN HUGGIES!” Mary took a deep breath and barely managed to keep herself from crying. A rage like nothing Mary had felt before grew inside her. Tears of anger brimmed in her eyes as she smiled. She was out for blood now. She stomped and kicked the Smarty, not even stopping when it was a mangled pile of fur, organs, and blood. She looked up at the rest of the herd being stupid enough to stay, huddled in a corner and sobbing. She picked up them 2 at a time and yeeted them into her basement. Once all inside her basement, she went in the bathroom and cleaned the smarty gore off her boots. Once she was done she finally remembered the 3 foals she’d gotten earlier. Now at the table, she poked the cans, much to the dismay of the foals. She took the foals out and wrapped them in an old towel.
“Guess I have new pets. I should get them formula or….” She recalled that all the mares in the fluffy herd were clearly pregnant, so she could steal milk from them. She went into the basement as the foals chirped and cried. The herd, opon seeing Mary hid. A brave neon green stallion with a blue mane
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SunCherry: i dont know ether
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Anonymous1: I don't really care if it's a smarty or not (smarties can't do shit to a human other than stink a place up), people who abuse some fluffies while keeping others as pets come off as literal sociopaths to me. Either abuse or hugbox. Don't be the creep who keeps a second family in the basement that nobody knows about.
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SunCherry: @Anonymous: Eh, that seems fair. Doesn't mean I'm gonna stop tho.