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Side Stories: Through the See-Through Cage

By: Bluemoon

You have no name. You are one of many babbies in a large see-through nest. This is your world. A world of mommies and their babies, where every tit is overflowing with milk and no one wants for anything. The song of your people greets your ears every bright-time, the affectionate warmth of love and joy. From birth, it is all you know. There are humans, they come to give your mother food and water, they sometimes even bring toys, but there's always a rare chance that they come to take one of the babies away.

This is the saddest time, the mothers do nothing to stop it, there are mothers that just hold their babies closely and start to cry. Some even go to the mother that is losing her child, and hold her close in a group hug. The babies try to do all they can to help. You never understood why they do nothing to stop it. Don't the humans know that the babies are too little to be away from their mother? Babies still need their mothers. You look up to your own mother, she holds you so tight that it hurts, but you hug back in silence.

Eventually, you stop seeking your mother out for milk. The pain in your gums starts to grow, a pain that ebbs away when you chew on something. Then, teeth. Hard things that erupt from your gums, and with that comes the urge to try out kibble. Kibble tastes surprisingly good. You are excited by this, quickly saying to your mother with a proud smile.

"Mummah, fwuffeh eat big fwuffeh kibbwes!"

Even though you are so excited for it, the look on her face and her tone concerns you. Why isn't she happy too? She just stares at you with those big eyes, tears filling them up, and she turns away. It hurts to see her so sad. All you can do is waddle to her side and hug her, "Wai mummah saddies?"

She says nothing. All you can do is hug, wishing for the power to make all her sorrow go away, and that she can be happy again. The day passed, and a familiar face came to visit. There's a magical window that they use to enter the nest, otherwise they can't do anything. Without that window, fluffies are safe, but the window is the only way for the nice humans to bring food and water. Some fluffies want daddies, some wish to interact with the humans and for all those things that fluffies love to do. Humans are supposed to be able to give the best huggies, they are supposed to fill you with the best love, and it's supposed to be amazing.

Of course, the window opened the world up all the more, maybe there might even be sketties out there. That magical word that all fluffies knew by heart, that magical ambrosia that could permanently erase all sadness and make a fluffy happy forever. Yet, you didn't get any of that. The hand came down, and started to take fluffies out. It started to take out some of the foals, selectively pulling out every one that could eat kibble. There was no argument, no complaint, and when it came for you, you didn't know what to do.

Your mother did nothing except cry. And that hurt more than anything else. You want to say something, anything, but all the words stay in your throat. Mouth wide open, you just let out a silent scream as the human lifts you from your whole world. And into a mysterious place, a large expanse of lights and sound that captivates you. Then he shoves you in a box. That part brought the most fear to all of you, "FWUFFEHS NU BAD! NU SOWWYBOX PWEASE!"

"It's not a fucking sorrybox, you idiots."

The words fell upon deaf ears, it must be a sorrybox, it has all the things that a sorrybox needs. The human sounds very angry, perhaps that's the reason why they're getting put in here? Did all the babies do something to offend the human? You wished that you can do something to make him happy again. A wish that never came true, he just shut all of you inside, in the darkness where the monsters live.

This darkness didn't last, it shook, tumbling fluffies around in it, letting their bowels loose and covering the others like yourself in filth. It stopped shaking, opening up into a blinding new world, one where each fluffy got pulled into. A place that you found yourself getting abducted into. The blinding world that made your eyes shut, so you fell into it much like a newborn. Only with your other senses allowing you to understand what's happening.

It smells clean, much cleaner than the box, and it feels so cool to the touch. A cool smooth ground that's hard, and damp. The human said nothing, he did something and you felt a sudden blast of wetness and chill consume your little body, "Wawa bad fo' fwuffehs!"

It came out of your mouth like bad poopies. You didn't mean to say those words, but they just came out. And it took you a minute to register their meaning. You are getting wet. The water gradually began to get warmer, and the human put something into your fluff, it smells really nice. A scent that you knew well, the smell of your mommy. All the adult fluffies smelled like this. The smell fills you with nostalgia, and that nostalgia stops all the fear in your heart. Cooing softly, you quickly just melt in his hold, allowing the human to dry and move you without fuss.

After being dried, he places you into a new box with the other fluffies, and all of you are taken to a new place. Much different from your first home, it is many boxes with windows on the front. In this place, it's just you and two other fluffies like yourself. Two fillies, a lavender earthy and a light pink unicorn. You wonder about your own color, looking at your hands, you notice that the fluff is pale gray. They sit with you, all three of you just staring out at the new world you're a part of. Humans come, and they go. More than what you're used to in the nursery. It's much smaller too. A few toys here and there, water and kibble, but not a lot else.

You miss home, you miss your mother, the other foals and mothers that just made life comfortable. A part of you wishes that someone can take you from here. No one ever does. They take other fluffies, but never look at you. Gradually, time wears on, the foals you're with leave with their own parents, but you're left behind. Staring out, you've grown to accept your fate. Unloved. Unwanted. Until one day.

"Dammit, we lost a breeding mare."

"Which one? What happened?"

"The pink one, she had a miscarriage and just bled out."

"She was getting there in years, I'm not surprised she had complications. What are you going to do?"

"Find a replacement, hopefully. Any good ones in the cages that we can pick from?"

"Most of them are too young, but I think that... this one should have a mare we can use."

You open your eyes to see two big faces staring at you from the window. The sight terrifies you into squealing, jumping away from the big faces and turning to the wall to hide. The window opens up, it always happens when they take a fluffy away, but there's no one else in here except you. Wait... you turn back, a big human hand grasps you, pulling you out into the bright light.

"Nice hooman wan' be nyu daddeh fo' fwuffe-"

"Shut up, you've got a new job to do."


It broke your heart to be rejected like that, but you are curious... What are the humans going to do with you? You're carried over towards a new room you've never been in before, and they set you down in an open play area. Well, you want to call it a play area, but there's no toys or anything. Just bare concrete floor, and things that kept you from going far.

"She's never been bred before, so we are going to need to take this slowly."

"Why can't we just let the stallion fuck her and be done with it?"

"Idiot, the more stress you put on a mare, the more likely it won't take. These things can be very fickle. It's going to be hard enough that she hasn't gone through this before. There's a good chance some of them might not make it anyways."

"Fine. Who will we pick for her?"

"Going by her colors, I'd pick Little Green. He's also a pegasus which might get some good buyers. It's hard to tell what colors they'll make though."

"I'll get him then."

You don't really understand what they're talking about, one of the humans leaves the area, you're left with the other one who has a big fuzzy mane on his face. He leans down, petting your fluff gently, "Little girl. We're going to ask a big favor of you."

"Otay, fwuffeh wan' be good fo' nice mistah."

"Do you want to be a mommy?"

Those words, it's strange, but they fill your heart with so much happiness. Of course, you want to be a mummah. You want babies, who doesn't want babies? "Yes! Fwuffeh wub ta be nyu mummah fo' babbehs!"

You're so excited, you even do a little dance of joy in the pen they've made for you. "Does dat mean fwuffeh get speshuw-fwien'?"

"Not quite. You'll get a stallion who will make babies with you, and you'll get to be with the other mothers. He won't come with you."

"Oh, otay. Stiww mostest happies to be nyu mummah."

He gives you another pet, calling you a good girl, and that warms your heart even more. This is the best day ever.

The human returns with a fluffy, a handsome fluffy with beautiful green fluff, and amazing wings that just captivate your eyes. There's no way he'll make babies with you. He's too pretty. He's set down with you, he looks around for a moment and you can tell that he's just as shy as you are. He walks over and smiles nervously, "Nice ta meet yu. Am cawwed Widdwe Gween."

"Nice ta meet yu too. Fwuffeh hab nu namesies."

He gives you a nice hug, and just sits with you. The two of you talk for a moment, more babbling about different things, and he finally asks, "Does fwuffeh wan' hab speshuw-huggies wit' Widdwe Gween?"

"Yes, fwuffeh wan' speshuw-huggies."

The two humans just watch from afar, the younger looking one lets out a relief sigh.

"About fucking time. I've been here for fifteen minutes listening-"

"Shut up and let them do their thing."

You both get to work, you're inexperienced, but it just feels instinctual from this point. You present yourself to him, and he... climbs ontop of you. It feels weird, but you just take it without complaint. After a couple minutes, he removes himself from you, and you waddle over towards the two humans with a happy look on your face. Finally, you'll be a soon-mummah. The fuzzy faced human leans down to pick you up, "Come on, little one."

Time passes, you're with the new mothers in the place that you remember being a foal in. The large nest that all mothers get to live in. With the see-through windows, and it just felt like a heaven that you've long forgotten about. Where was your mother though? You missed her so much. The other mares didn't seem to notice you, but that's okay. All that matters is babies after all. You can already feel your tummy growing. The little things that let you know that you're going to be a mother too. Your whole disposition changes, you start to sing little songs you remember your mother singing to you as a foal. Your hooves rest upon your tummy, cradling it and giving it little strokes of comfort.

The fuzzy faced human checks on you now and again, but you start seeing less of him. The younger one comes around more often, you don't like him as much because he's usually mean to you. He likes to say mean things, and just looks at you like you're made out of bad poopies. Your tummy keeps growing with every passing day, you can't wait to see them. Eventually, you find walking to get food to be difficult, your tummy is dragging against the cedar chips. All you can do is cradle your poor tummy, apologizing to your unborn babies, afraid that you might have hurt them.

It's only a few days later that you start to feel something painful. Painful contractions, you can't describe them, but your mouth just blurts out, "BIGGEST POOPIES!"

The two humans run over, you didn't mean to make a mess, and you feel really bad for it. Good fluffies make poopies in the litterbox. You sang that with your unborn... wait, why is there chirping?

"Fuck, they're dead."

"Not all of them, but we'll need to clean this up."

That doesn't make sense, you turn to look at the poopies, but they're not poopies. Babies! You have so many babies! You quickly go to work cleaning up after them, but... the first one you grab isn't moving. "Babbeh? Wai nu chiwpies?"

You move over to the others, they're all silent, except one. A little green one like his daddy. You pick him up, holding him close, whimpering out, "Chiwpy babbeh... mummah hab babbeh."

Setting him down, he latches onto your teet, you look at the others. They're different colors, laying in a pile of afterbirth, you touch them gently. A purple one, another green one, and... this one looks like you. You hold the little baby up, she doesn't move, her head lulling back, mouth hanging open. It takes you a moment for the pain of their loss to take hold. Tears begin to fill your eyes, holding the dead baby, hugging it. One of the mothers come to you, and she hugs you. The others come, and they all pay their respects for your losses.

"No mummah ebah wan' dis."

"Dey in skettiwand nao. Dey in bettah pwace."

All you can do is cry, you have your last baby, but you miss the others. Gradually, you move on, the dead babies are cleaned up from the nest along with the bad fluids that you left behind. All you can do is love and raise your only baby. He's your world. And he's such a handsome baby boy. He takes so much after his daddy. Oh, he even has little wingies, he's your wingie baby! You are happy to be with such wonderful mothers. They are so understanding, they care so much for their babies too. One of the other mothers even has... you didn't understand it, how can a baby be a wingie and a pointy baby? It scares you a little, but the mother is quick to say, "Aww babbehs awe guud babbehs. Eben wingie an' pointy babbehs and poopeh-babbehs."

You have to admit that you agree with that. Babies can never be bad. Even though you felt a subconscious revoltion towards this creature, you had to remember that his mother is the same mother that consoled you during your moment of grief. You look at your little green boy, and smile at him. Perhaps, he could have been a wingie-pointy baby, but he'll always be your angel.

"I'll take that green one over there."

"That one?"

You hear voices outside the see-through nest windows, but you try to ignore them. Instead, you start to sing, your heart so full of love and warmth. It keeps going even as the foals start to talk and babble about a "nyu daddeh" coming here. That's stupid, they're too little for that, it might be a human getting ready to clean some of the messes they've left around. You remember that one of them made bad poopies near the kibble bowl.

The warmth and joy you felt is immediately killed with a sudden blur of color reaching down, snatching away your little baby from your teat. His mouth dribbling out milk, the little foal squeals as he's carried out into the light. No, that's not right. He's too small! You struggle to get up from your seated position on the bedding, but it's hard. Rolling over onto your feet, you waddle after the human's hand. After your baby. All you can do is cry out in hysterics, "Bad upsies! Babbeh too smaww fo' upsies! Nee' mummah! Gib babbeh backsies!"

He doesn't seem to listen, you push against the invisible wall keeping you from your child, staring out at the large man with your baby. They talk to each other, you don't really know what they're saying, but you are hoping that the human might have a change of heart. The human he's talking to leaves, and he leans over towards you, your baby still in his hand. A smile creeping up on his face, nothing like what you're used to. It is a terrifying smile, one that hurts you to look at, but you need to for the sake of your baby.

"Pwease, nice mistah. Gib babbeh back tu mummah. Babbeh too smaww. Nee' mummah fo' wub an' miwkies. Dewe oddah babbehs dat nee' nyu daddeh, bu' fwuffeh babbeh nee' mummah. Pwease."

Why can't he realize that this is a mistake? Babies need their mothers, that's something everything should just know. You knew there are other babies, much older ones that are probably ready to find their own daddies. Why not take one of them?


His response is simple, cold, and very direct. You push yourself against the glass, staring forlornly at the man with a desperate cry, "Pwease?"

"I'll tell you what I will be doing. I'll take your baby. He will never know about you."

No... not that. You fall backwards, sitting against the wood chips with a broken look of defeat. In your head, you remember what your mother looked like when you were taken away. Did she feel like this too? Are humans this cruel? It's hard to think of anything worse than this. Losing your child. You didn't want to go through this again. Losing all your other babies was hard enough, but this is just too cruel. Your thoughts are taken by a sudden rapping of a finger against the glass, he looks into your eyes, "There, there. I'll give you a chance to fix this."

"Wha can fwuffeh do?"

He points over at the other mothers and their foals, "You see the other mummahs? They must have chirpie babies that might be equal to yours. A wonderful chirpy baby that might make me decide to give yours back. Just need to find that baby before my friend comes back. Get me a bestest chirpy, and I'll give yours back."


"I promise. But you must get me the bestest you can find. If you bring a poopy or dummy baby, I'll be angry and I'll do something terrible to your baby."

You hear your baby cry in pain, he's squishing him! He coughs up a little more milk, and you steel yourself. There's no time to waste. You need to rescue your baby. You turn back to the other mothers, there's only one baby you can think of that might be worth more than yours. Many humans like wingie and pointy babies. It's something that the two humans that frequent your cage like to talk about. There's only one here that you thought a human might want. You waddle to them, and you look at the mother while she's nursing her foal. The foal that you knew the human would want. A purple little abomination. You snatch the foal with your teeth, carrying it back with a degree of pride. They'll understand. They have to.

The human takes your prize, you watch it get carried away, and sit back with hope in your eyes, "Pwease, gib mummah back babbeh."

"I changed my mind."

Oh god... He holds both within his hands, smiling down at them, and he leans back to you, "You're a terrible mother, and a terrible fluffy. Stealing foals from good mothers just to save your own. You didn't even guard your own from me. No wonder you don't deserve to be a mother."

Those words cut deep. So deep that you're left completely stunned by the betrayal. Watching him turn away with both babies, you can hear his cheerful tone, "Goodbye."

So stunned, you don't notice the other mothers coming for you. Waddling towards you in unison, you turn back to them, and in the lead is the mother that you stole from. Her fury palpable. She rears up, striking you across the face with a hoof, you fall over, blood flooding your mouth. Another strike into your side, you scream out, their voices louder than yours, "BAD FWUFFEH STOWE BABBEH FWOM GUUD MUMMAH!"

No, they don't understand! You had to do something to save your baby. "Wowstest fwuffeh! HATECHU!"

The onslaught grew, other mothers came in, their hooves joining in, striking against your bare fluff and face. Bites, kicks, and more hooves. Everyone beat on you, the sensation of things breaking, the overwhelming pain, you scream out with all your might, "Nu! Nu bad fwuffy, nu bad mummah! SQUEE!"

So many hurties! You think back to your mother, would she have done the same thing you did? You thought about the mare that you stole from, she was the first that consoled you, and you did this to her? All you can do is huddle in a ball, waiting for them to leave you. The wetness of feces and urine blasting into your fluff, the foul aroma of shit, the pain was too much for your little mind to handle. Eventually, it all went dark.

The next thing you remember, you're laying in a foul place. Very different from before. Cans, old litter, trash and it's so dark. You can't move, your legs twitch and pain shoots through them. Above your head, you are blinded by overwhelming light, and two faces look down upon your broken form, "There she is. She pissed off the other mothers and they fucked her up royally."

One of them is the fuzzy faced man, he looks down at you for a moment and sighs, "At least, she's not one of our good breeder mares. We can replace her easily."

The lid is shut over you, you can't even say anything to the nice man. Trying to move your mouth, all that comes out is blood and broken bits of teeth. Coughing heavily, you just lay there, thinking about your mother. You miss her. You miss being a baby. Life was good as a baby. Now, you can't even suckle on your hoof. Tears fill your eyes, you never wanted a life like this. Aren't fluffies supposed to be good? Aren't humans supposed to love them? Why did all of this happen? Why? What will happen to you now? You can't run or play anymore. It all hurts. It all hurts so much.

The heavens above open back up, you look into the light only for filth to rain upon you. Heavy amounts of soiled bedding, the rot of old food, and some little bodies amongst the filth. Little foals. And then heavier things join in. Heavy bodies that you can't see. The light fades away. You're crushed under all the garbage. Struggling to breathe. Staring ahead at the dead foal that's right before your face. It looks like its still asleep. Weakly, you try to sing, ""

You try to stroke its face, but the weight just keeps you from doing anything. It's hard to keep singing, everything hurts, and your eyes are getting heavy. More coughing, wheezing heavily, shuddering as the world starts to feel distant. Darkness begins to fill your vision, you let it take you.

It's only after a few forevers that you awaken to find your world being shaken by something massive outside. A loud beeping noise, the sensation of everything around you being lifted up. And a sudden flip as everything goes upside down. Falling with the dead foals, fluffies, shit and other things. You land in a massive green metal mouth, a massive monster you've never seen before. You want to scream, but you can't. Even as it sucks you in, the metal monster dropping its teeth down, crushing everything slowly, pressing it up against you as it starts to squeeze. It hurts! EVERYTHING HURTS! Your life ends at that moment, becoming one with everything, the filth, the death, and the decay.
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Bluemoon: I really wanted to write a little story for the "mummah" that our main character in Despair messed with. Give some closure and play around with some things I had running in my head. Let me know what you think. Giving the umbrella of "Side Stories" lets me play around with characters that I can't really place in the main story, but give some idea of what befell them.
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Sketti_Famine: Excellent story. It takes talent to really capture despair right. Not just heavy sadness but true despair. Good work.
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Anonymous1: That, Oh shit moment when you realised it’s a prequel while reading
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Anonymous2: Good story, I remembered that interaction
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Anonymous3: Nice!!
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Anonymous4: What a fucking story dude it's dope