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0therCoraline: Normally I hate fluffies acting like feral animals (they're meant to be toys), especially in terms of raping each other. But Watermelon's retarded enthusiasm about returning to the place she got gang raped makes me feel no sympathy for her. This is the epitome of fluffy stupidity and makes for perfect abuse targets :)
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Anonymous1: Seconded. The stallion displays a semblance of intelligence, as he understands that his babies are never coming back. Watermelon on the other hand is just oh so retarded.
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Anonymous2: This is almost like modern art. In the sense that trying to understand it gives headache.
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Anonymous3: hahaha pure gold from one worse to another

haven't thought it is female though
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Love it.

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Prowl-Mun: have her try to escape with her babies.
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Anonymous5: @0therCoraline: so they turn foals into pet food?