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Stormy was so, so terribly thirsty. She'd only had a few sips of water, and with her babies drinking from her every few hours, she was quickly becoming dehydrated. She coughed, trying to think. She'd never thought about where water came from before. The nice ladies and misters at the fluffmart and her mummah later on had always made sure she had plenty of food and water. She'd never thought to look at where they went when they refilled the water. There was a stream nearby, but it was far past the reach of the rope. She chewed on some of the taller grassies, the ones that still had a little liquid in them. They didn't help very much.

She began to cry- this was all too hard! She didn't understand WHY she was a Bad Fluffy! She had been such a good fluffy- she had never made bad poopsies except when she was very small, and she never gave anyone sorry hoofsies or asked for skettis or new toysies. She hugged her little babbehs to her chest fluff for comfort. Her three little babbehs- she knew she had had four, but she couldn't find her other pointy babbeh, and so she was carefully keeping an eye on the ones she had. They hadn't opened their eyes yet, but it was only a matter of time. She had to figure something out, for them.

Fate is funny sometimes. On the road a small way from the tree, a car full of teens on their first ever roadtrip roared by. They hooped, hollered, and reveled in the sheer joy of being alive and young and in a fast car under the sun. One of them, having finished his takeout, threw the trash out of the window. The small styrofoam box filled with a few bites of chow mein and the cup full of ice rolled down the embankment and just a small way away from where Stormy sat. The scent of the food caught her interest immediately. There! Mummah and Daddeh must have come back when she wasn't looking and gave her nummies! They were just teaching her a lesson!

She immediately put her babbehs on her back fluff and ran over to the garbage- and clotheslined herself as she reached the end of the rope and sat back hard on her butt, causing her babbehs to cling desperately to her fur and peep in distress. She was three inches from the trash and the ice cubes in the cup, slowly beginning to melt into life-saving water. She thought. She thought so hard her head started giving her hurties. Then, carefully, she set her babbehs to the side, and a little behind her, where they wouldn't get hurt. then, she turned around and backed up, slowly, step by step. Finally, her back hoofsie brushed against the takeout box, and she began to edge it forward. The rope pulled harshly on her neck, ripping out her fur and tearing into the irritated skin beneath. She was too dehydrated to cry, but she let out little "huuuu huuuu"s as she worked. But she had to do this, for her babbehs. Stormy kept her eyes on her little babbehs the whole time, especially Cloudy, her bestest babbeh. For him, she would go through any sort of pain.

Finally, finally, she had edged both the takeout and the cup inside the circle she could reach. She laid down, panting and whimpering from pain. The scent of chow mein wafting from the box and the glittering ice in the cup beckoned, though, and Stormy dug in. The ice was better than any water she'd ever had. It was cold, and crunchy, and quenched her thirst in a way that she'd never experienced before. She reveled in it, licking the cup greedily once she had finished. Then, finally, the chow mein. She nosed open the top and there it was- three precious bites of noodles and veggies. She took her time, chewing slowly. She'd earned this.

All good things must end. Stormy, having finished her feast, picked up the cup and brought it over to the divot in the tree. She wedged it in there as best she could with her tiny useless hoofsies, and gathered her three babbehs. She was so proud of them. She loved them so much. She counted them again, to ease her anxiety. One, two, three. Just then, she noticed that Snowflake had begun to open her eyes. Her eyes were blue, just like hers! She gasped, her eyes filling with tears of happiness. "Hewwo, babbeh! Hewwo!" Snowflake, her eyes finally open, took in her mummah with her beautiful grey fur (a little dirty) and her white mane (grimy and beginning to knot) and her beautiful dappling. She also noticed the boo-boo juice around her mother's neck, beginning to clot in the little fur that remained there. She peeped in distress as Stormy picked her up and hugged her, bringing her closer to the scent of blood. Stormy was so happy. One of her babbehs had her see-places open! She eagerly watched the rest of her babbehs, even as Snowflake chirped against her. Cloudy, her bestest babbeh, opened his eyes next. He had beautiful green eyes, like Snowflake, and she immediately began praising him, picking him up (Snowflake fell to the ground and peeped in surprised, unhurt but confused. She looked around and saw her mother's teats, and began wiggling toward them.) and giving him kissies. "Hewwo, bestest babbeh! Mummah am sooooo pwoud of yu! Mummah wuv you bestest, Cwoudy." She carefully placed him on the teat that her daughter wasn't using.

Finally, Trouble opened his eyes. They were a deep, chocolatey brown. He looked up at his mummah lovingly. This pretty mare was his mummah? He had such heart happies! He noticed the boo-boo juice too, but instead of fear, his little heart filled with concern. His mummah picked him up and he coo'd at her, peeping happily and trying to hug her hurties away. She huffed at him. "Poopie see-pwaces. Weww, mummah wuv yu anyway." She gave him a hug and a kiss. He hugged her with all the strength he could muster in his tiny body. He loved his mummah so much.


The days passed by slowly- they were blessed with rain on the third day, which soaked Stormy through but filled the cup in the divot with rainwater- enough to drink for a while. She slowly ate her way through the grass nummies, a circle of barren dirt beginning to slowly spread around the little burrow beneath the sorry-tree. Stormy spent her days tending to her babbehs, teaching them to make Good Poopies in the poopy place on the other side of the tree. She taught them to say please and thank you, and not to demand skettis. She taught them not to give sorry-hoofsies unless absolutely necessary, and she also told them stories about the fluff mart, and the safe room she'd had at Mummah's place. They listened with their innocent little eyes wide, imagining such luxury.

Trouble asked innocently, "How time tiww safewoom, mummah?"

Stormy's face fell, and she burst into tears. She didn't know how long until her mummah and daddeh came back! She was secretly worried that they weren't coming back, but then why had they left the nummies and the cup for her? Surely they were just teaching her a lesson. She still didn't understand, but she would. She felt Trouble hugging her leggy, apologizing profusely. "Twoubwe didn't mean to make mummah have heawt huwties!" She hesitated, but then hugged him back. She loved all her babbehs. All of them.
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Fluffy_Angst: I love that we have such talented writers here
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Fiberglass: Such sweet optimism...how will it be rewarded?
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Anonymous1: I love this story, the pacing is slow enough to make one salivate like a wolf looking a placenta covered lamb but not so slow to make you want to skip chapters. I cannot wait to see what misfortunes await this "wonderful" family.
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Anonymous2: I really 'like' fluffy logic,when she sees her last babie's eyes she says they are poopie eyes,but the tree who is most probably brown?

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JimProfit: Loving this series, and feeling really bad for poor Stormy. One bad decision screwed her forever.