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The Night under the Faraway Tree

You weren’t sure why you didn’t but you knew you didn’t love your mummeh.

You’re a smarty, a colt, you’re not an adult yet but you’re certainly no babbeh.

You didn’t need any milkies. But your bruddas and sissy did. It was just them, you and your Mummeh.

They’re the only family you have.

You were in a herd, you remembered the herd. Were you in a herd? You didn’t really know anymore. You were a horny Babbeh and the smarty didn’t want any more smarties in the herd.

Your mummeh ran away with your bruddas and sissies and you. It saved your life.

You miss them. You can’t remember them all that well.

Your mummeh gave up poopie sissy. The smarty used her as an enfie babbeh. You and your siblings cried when you ran. Your mummeh cried too.

You remember everything was scary. Scary noises, darkies, munstahs. All around you was scary and could give you hurties.

You remember your brudda went forever sleepies. Scary. He had played with a barkie munstah. The barkie munstah ate him as nummies. Everyone hid. Mummeh cried. Babbeh not for nummies.

You were never bestest babbeh. But bestest babbeh was a meanie. He picked on lastest sissy. Lastest sissy got hurties in her leggies. You remember mummeh gave her hurties too. Did Mummeh give her hurties? You don’t know but you miss sissy.

Bestest Babbeh was then a meanie to smarty. Bestest got the bestest milkies. You cried but your mummeh always gave you milkies too. Bestest give smarty hurties but smarty give hurties back. Bestest cried for Mummeh and mummeh didn’t give smarty huggies. Mummeh said she would give smarty hurties and no loved babbeh.

Smarty slept away from mummeh and bestest that night. It was scary. It was cold.

The same night you seem a fluffy give your mummeh special huggies. Your mummeh said she wanted more tummy babbehs.

Bestest Babbeh cried out he didn’t want more bruddas or sissies. The fluffy gave bestest babbeh sorry hoofies and forever sleepies.

You cried and your Mummeh cried. You were now lastest Babbeh. Your Mummeh cried but said she had more tummy babbehs and you weren’t lastest.

Mummeh wouldn’t give you more milkies. She was saving bestest milkies for tummy babbehs.

You were lucky you had teethies. Grassy nummies didn’t taste nice like milkies but they were nummies and you weren’t hungry as much.

Your Mummeh never let you eat near her. Her nummies were for tummy babbehs and for bestest milkies.

You hated tummy babbehs and mummeh.

And then your mummeh couldn’t move. Her leggies wouldn’t work and she needed nummies as she had tummy hurties.

You promised Mummeh you’d bring her nummies. You did. You were a good babbeh. And mummeh loved you.

And then Mummeh had the biggest poopies ever.

And tummy babbehs became new bruddas and sissies. You loved them and your Mummeh loved them.

Your bruddas and sissies loved playing with you. And you loved playing with them, giving huggies. But your Mummeh stopped them from playing with you.

Dummeh smarty!! Mummeh no love you. Mummeh love babbehs!!

You were upset. You were her Babbeh too!! You cried and cried. Every day you had cried. You wanted huggies but Mummeh wouldn’t hug you and wouldn’t let bruddas and sissies hug you either.

You felt like you wanted to die. Your heart had hurties all the time.

Hatchu. Smarty hatchu.

There were nummies all the time. Until there was not enough. You all had tummy hurties. Mummeh couldn’t make enough milkies for babbehs. They cried every day. Your mummeh cried every day.

You looked after your bruddas and sissies. They never had any hurties or owies. No forever sleepies like other bruddas and sissies. You couldn’t remember them but you loved them. You loved your new bruddas and sissies.

One day a human Mummeh had Daddeh had found you all. You were all very hungry. You had never seen a human before, but you knew they were a Mummeh and Daddeh. Your front hoofies reached out for huggies instinctively.

You really wanted them to save you. Your mummeh begged them to save her and babbehs. She held out her bestest babbeh. He was just like old bestest.

The humans saved your pretty wingie sissy. You loved her, you would miss her, you wanted to be saved too. But the Mummeh and Daddeh take sissy away. Sissy laughs with joy, she’s getting good upsies and huggies.

Your mummeh stays rooted to the spot. She looks at you in anger. Dummeh smarty! You walk behind your bruddas and sissies. You really want to hide and cry.

You hear a cry of pain. A sharp screech. You make poopies when you hear it. Scary. Your mummeh has boo-boo juice coming from her leg. Bestest babbeh has fell off her back and Mummeh crushes him. She’s crying out in pain crying. Your bruddas and sissy run over to you crying and for huggies. Mummeh is scary.

You’re walking in front now. Mummeh is walking behind and is as slow as babbehs. Her leggie no smell pretty. No more boo-boo juice comes out but something icky and no smell pretty comes out too. Your mummeh has hurties.

You see a tree. A pretty tree. Flowers fall down from the tree. They smell really pretty. You stand there looking at it. It’s the most pretty thing you have seen. The flower nummies that fell from the tree are the nicest nummies you’ve eaten.

You tell mummeh to eat the flower nummies. She smells the ground and licks it. Then she begins to eat the nummies. Your bruddas and sissy play in the flower nummies and flick them up in the air. It’s the most smell pretty thing you’ve ever smelt.

Your Mummeh has given Babbehs milkies and they go sleepies now. Your Mummeh doesn’t smell pretty and worse than poopies. You have been sleepies too and it’s the best sleepies you remember. It’s darky time now but moon in the sky is bright and pretty.

Your mummeh is crying and you walk to her. You see her body shaking. She smells worse than no pretty now. She makes poopies and more poopies.

She tells you she’s been a bad mummeh. She tells you she love smarty Babbeh and she is bad Mummeh to smarty Babbeh. She tells you she misses all her babies and she was a bad Mummeh to all of them.

You say nothing

She tells you she feels sleepies. She tells you that she feels forever sleepies. She shakes and she feels cold. She says she doesn’t smell pretty and can no longer give nummies to all her babbehs.

She asks you to give Huggies and nummies to Babbehs and to find a herd and have playsies and huggies and nummies.

She tells you she’s sorry.

She can no longer hug you.

You rest your head against hers.

You both watch the blossoms fall from the tree. The pretty flower nummies that smell pretty fall softly and flutter against the moonlight.

Your Mummeh falls asleep never to wake up again.

You loved your Mummeh.
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Anonymous2: This story clearly splits off from the original faraway tree story (the orphaned smarty babbehs finds poopie mummah after herd dies). Good story, but it should definitely be it's own thing