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Flufficide: Life on the Streets

Louie McMahon had been an exterminator for years. Proud of his job, he kept the city clean.

He’d learned his trade with Jim-Bob. Except Jim-Bob was no longer an exterminator, he was a TV star now.

Louie stayed on, there was no other job for him. As far as he was concerned he was proud of doing this essential service for the public.

And today he got himself a new partner. Carter Carmichael V. Louie could tell this guy wasn't in it for performing a civic duty. He was one of these new exterminator types, only in it for abusing fluffies.

But Louie would straighten this guy out. But boy would it be tough.

Louie, like Jim-Bob, didn't hate fluffies. But he didn’t have any particular love for them either.

The biggest myth you could peddle about fluffies is that they can’t harm or kill humans. They can. They pass diseases to us, especially ferals and the unwanted.

Fluffies have terrible immune systems. They catch illnesses and diseases quite quickly. They don’t all die off from them, fluffies usually find a way to die anyway. And the majority of them are asymptomatic. They display no obvious sign of disease.

And that’s what makes them so deadly. Huge numbers of people die or contract serious infections from ferals. And these are the hugboxers and the abusers who make no effort to protect themselves.

A person who hugs one of these dirty things and a person who eviscerates the shit out of it. Neither of these type of people get off lightly when it comes to disease.

And that’s where the city’s extermination team comes in. They rid the city of particularly dangerous fluffies. They’re exterminated in a humane way and the area cleansed of substances harmful to humans.

They had received a tip off about an old lady who had kept fluffies at the abandoned nursery. The place was condemned for years. God knows what she was thinking.

They drove to the site, a group of feral fluffies had been reported. The place was somehow still held together. Somehow. That redevelopment money hadn’t hit this part of town, all the buildings around here were like this. People still lived in these buildings, that shocked Louie. Carter couldn’t give a shit.

Louie had went through the blueprint and map for the building. Carter smoked and smoked, he’d just follow whatever Louie was doing.

The equipment was prepared and gas masks put on. Carter lit a cigarette and put his gas mask over. And on they went into the building.

Thanks to the gas masks, they couldn’t smell how bad it was getting the closer they got to the fluffies. Louie pointed to Carter the trail of crap and filth which was leading them closer to the ferals.

Louie had seen the amount. It was a lot, lots of hoof prints too. Dirt scuffed against the floor. Blood, viscera, mucus, and a lot of shit and half eaten food.

The quiet murmuring was a telltale sign. They must be in pretty bad shape Louie thought, they’re normally louder than this.

Neither were prepared for what awaited them. It was the largest herd that Louie had seen. All cramped into that room. If he’d have took that gas mask off he would’ve wretched the contents out of his stomach onto the floor.

It was a literal sea of colours. You couldn’t see the floor now in this room. Louie motioned to Carter to stay quiet and to not alert the herd. They would lay the gassing equipment here.

It was a truly pathetic and filthy herd. The one colour all of these fluffies had in common was brown. Shit brown. They were coated in it and their rear ends were particularly foul and sloppy. They didn’t look all that healthy either. None of them were plump, you could see their ribs and the most extreme was a skeletal looking fluffy struggling for breath.

Skeletons, corpses and half eaten corpses were strewn across the room. Shit also coated the lower half of the walls. Louie could even see Dams ready to birth into this miasma. No way were those foals going to live long here. They could barely move, it was that cramped in that room.

Their voices and singing was particularly weak. None of them looked like they had long left anyway. Pumping the gas into the room would be a dignified ending to these creatures suffering. And then the cleaning and recycling process could begin.

Louie had pitied them. But they were responsible for a lot of disease spreading. He remembered a girl had died. 6 years old. She had been walking down the street with her mom and found one of these things in the alleyway and hugged it. She was dead within 3 weeks.

*cough cough cough cough*

*cough cough cough cough*

*”god damn! I can’t breathe in this thing!!!”*

Carter had torn off his mask, and spat his cigarette out. Whoever the fuck smokes in a gas mask? Really?!

His outburst had alerted the fluffies in the room. A daddy was here to save them.

*Daddeh!! Nummies!! Huggies!! Sabe babbeh!! Hewp fwaffy!! Sketties!! Poopies!!*

The room had started to move towards Carter, sluggishly, they were more zombie than fluffy. Carter had began to vomit now. He vomited all over one fluffy which began to cry, he kicked it back into the herd. It crapped over him and into the herd whilst it was mid air.

Carter had scrambled away, kicking at each fluffy. Louie had put his head into his hand. Dumbass unprofessional. He really did have his work cut out for him. He couldn’t release the gas without Carter throwing his mask on. Poisons that are specified as “flufficidal” and “only kills fluffies” are very harmful to humans. Yet another Hasbio lie.

Carter looked like he was having too much of a good time. He began hitting the crowd back with a pipe. He hit a dam and it exploded. Shit and her unborn flew across the room. He began to cackle like a maniac. There was a shriek and howls of crying. He began to poke at their faces with the pipe until his arm grew tired.

He threw a liquid into the front row of fluffies. He could smell that it was flammable. He’d burn these assholes out. This would finish the job.

Louie then shouted and told him to put out the fucking lighter and put his gas mask back on. They were going to do this like professionals. Carter promptly did.

Louie turned the valve. The room began to fill with a mist. The slow moving crowd began to slow more. Weak voices grew weaker. A fluffy had called out, forever sleepies. It was right. A few more minutes later there was no movement from the crowd. Dead. That was the easy part.

Louie and Carter began to move the bodies out of the room. It was normally light work except for the fact there was a lot more than normal here. Louie lost count after 20. There was at least more then twice that number here. That they hadn’t died yet from their cramped and squalid conditions neither knew.

Garbage trucks were repurposed as “mobile recycling vans”, essentially they crushed the dead fluffies into mulch. A mess of brittle bones, fur, bloody pulp and shit. They were known to be particularly foul smelling. They would be taken to processing much later. God knows what they do with it. Louie never wondered why he was vegetarian.

Carter was sprayed with chemically treated water. A bright blue chemical disinfectant and was told to scrub himself. He’d been exposed to the fluffies, better to be safe than sorry. Louie recorded it in the diary, Carter would need a vaccination shot later. He’d worked with a few men who’d died on the job.

And that was it.

It used to be that the building was given a thorough disinfection by a separate cleaning crew. Budget cuts meant they were fewer and far between and buildings and alleys that had been infested with fluffies weren’t cleaned for a long while after. This building in particular would be bulldozed one day.

No one knew when.

There were moments that Louie wondered that if he actually enjoyed living in the city anymore.
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