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Flufficide: What We Leave Behind

“How come you know so much about fluffies? Considering what we do it’s kinda weird”

Louie had been driving along in peace, Carter had been arguing with a girl on his cellphone. Quite an expensive looking gadget too. Louie made do with an old Motorola flip phone. Hardly anyone called him. Carter had been sulking after he hung up. He looked kind of like a brat.

It felt really tense in the car, Louie had heard every detail of the argument. He could even hear the girl on the phone. It was Carter who eventually broke the ice with the question.

Louie responded, “I have no children of my own but I raised my nephew and niece. They had been begging me for a fluffy to keep each. Not one. But one for each of them. I was dead against it until my wife made me cave in.”

“HahahaHahahaha I see”

“The fluffies they were after weren’t cheap. And you can’t say that about a fluffy. They wanted one of these my little pony style fluffy, I remember both of them were bright pink”

“Like Pinkie Pie”

“Uhh yeah, I think that’s what they were. They were foals at the time. Weaned and trained in everything by a human. Those sort of fluffies are the ones that cost a lot, thank god they weren’t Alicorns. $150 each.”

“Jesus you can get 10 or 20 for that price! It’s a lot of snake food too!! How come they were that much?”

“At the time they were pretty rare and they were meant to be exactly like that pie character from my little pony. Fluffies that have been trained and raised by a human are more disciplined and well behaved too. But the human costs money to do that. I’ll admit, I was pissed at the price, they live healthily for 5 years!! But they wanted them so bad. I used to work with a guy called Jim-Bob”

“The guy from TV? Serious?! I think I’ve heard this from one of the guys back at the office”

“One and the same. He taught me most of everything I know about fluffies. We came into the department together. We worked together for years. He weren’t bad to work with. I used to ask him how to raise a fluffy correctly and what to do. If I’m paying $300 for 2 fluffies I want them to last for years.”

“And how long did they last?”

“Male one lasted 4, female lasted at least 6. We had to put that one out of her misery. Thank god we got them neutered.”

Louie and Carter were on there way to the job. No extermination today. Essentially this was a collection job, they weren’t in the recycling truck they’d normally use. They were in a regular truck with a carriage. Louie had the training to drive these.

A fluffy adoption centre had went bust.

It happens more than you’d think especially when there’s a lot in the area.

They don’t get much in the way of federal money, they rely on donations and fees a lot of the time. The centres that follow all the guidelines to the tee were always the ones that went bust first. The ones that don’t bother or bend the rules tend to be the lucky ones.

All that money on electricity, water, rent and wages. And then you’ve got the fluffies to think about. Lots of money went on food, medical equipment, vaccinations, sand for litter boxes, everything you would need to keep a fluffy happy.

That’s a lot of outlay.

And then you have to follow sanitation rules for taking their crap away. It couldn’t just be dumped.

There’s a reason why adoption centres tend to have a high turnover in employees and tend to not have many who work there.

Louie hadn’t been happy the way the city had been run and the budget cuts caused a huge sanitation problem. It wasn’t just fluffies that were trashed onto the street after all.

*But what could he do?*

He worked for the guys, he did his job, he’d do what he could to keep the city clean with what he had been given.

Carter’s phone had received the call. They had previously contacted Louie but that Motorola was dead. They knew exactly where to take these guys once they picked them up.

The fluffy meat processing plant would take them in and process them for mass consumption. They needed the fluffies alive.

No gassing today, that gas would affect the taste and ruin production.

The factory would do what they would with them to process them into a consumable product.

Fluffies can't be kicked out onto the street after all. It was against city regulations, but still happened on individual cases of course.

*Imagine 150+ fluffies abandoned onto the streets at once. A sanitation nightmare*

Normally a notice to the fluffy industry would be given. First come, first serve. You wouldn’t even need to pay a price to stake a claim to them.

This leads to a lot of cherry picking of course, the best fluffies that would be available, foals usually went first due to their sheer abundance and ability to make a quick buck out of them. All taken. But what about those left behind?

Only the factory came forward to claim them all. *Fluffies and foals.* This would be a straight forward job. Picking up and dropping off. Carter was glad no gas would be used, it fucked up the smell of his cologne.

Louie had remembered this place, it was a pretty good and well run centre. One of the first to be opened. It won awards (for what they’re worth) in the industry and was written about and treated like the standard bearer for adoption centres. He tried to recall the lady’s name. Wendy was it? She’d set the place up with her partner who died young. The place struggled after that. Louie was pretty sure something bad had happened to her. It was the only explanation he could think of.

*That woman loved fluffies.*

The place stunk of faeces. Fluffy faeces. It was messy but by no means at all the worst place that they’d entered. Just like a badly kept, messy office and reception. It looks like Wendy eventually gave in. Louie had remembered she was a pretty tidy person and liked order. It was pretty sad to see a dream end like this.

The rooms were inspected. Thankfully, the rooms had been divided into rooms with mares, stallions and pillowfluffs and dams. Foals would be kept with their mothers except when they were endangered by them. There were very little cages here and a lot of blankets.

Louie had checked the office over. Carter was certain there’d be a valuable fluffy in the building and went to check each room. Louie decided to check the files to check if any of the fluffies would be a danger to pass over for consumption.

The file was mostly Polaroid photos with notes written on the back with details of the fluffies’ names and other details. Considering the big turnover of fluffies this was a pretty cost effective way of filing them.

The office area looked lived in. There was scraps of food in the fridge and some clothes were strewn across the floor. A blanket had covered the back of the chair. A pile of outstanding bills and demands had piled up on the desk. They looked pretty serious.

Carter had entered each room and the once crying fluffies began to stop crying and become cheery. Cries of nyu daddeh and nummies and huggies began to echo through the building instead. They all looked at Carter expectantly, nyu daddeh will save me from here. From darkies.

The light switch didn’t work. It was clear the electricity had been cut off. This was the first light the fluffies had seen in days. Food had been knocked over, water spilled, some fluffies had died and bite marks shown across their carcasses. There didn’t appear to be any foals in here; the litter boxes were all full and had begun to coat the fluffies in brown. Brown, sloppy crap that was hard to wash off, harder to wash the stink off.

*How could these be given to anyone to eat?*

Carter had forced open the door to the pillowfluffs room. It had been locked. Whereas all the fluffies had been happy to see him and stop crying, this was the one room the crying continued, wailing wan die and no weggies or huggies.

They looked like they’d been neglected a long while. Their bodies looked very thin and drawn compared to the other fluffies with legs, crap was piled high behind each of their rears.

Their rears had started to show lice and maggots living off their sloppy rears. Eating away at their flesh. There were a lot more pillow fluffs here than there were fluffies in the other room. They were all stacked on shelves, facing outwards, kind of like the way a book would be stacked at the library.

It reminded Carter of his first job with Louie. Except there was room for them to move in here, all the fluffies conveniently packaged onto the shelf unable to move. That room had next to no room, Carter remembered how repulsive that room was. This wasn’t all that larger than that room. There must have been 60 fluffies in this room alone.

Louie decided to check the room. The conditions the pillowfluffs were kept in and that the door was locked led him to believe it was deliberately locked. They were meant to die in that room, they’d been purposely neglected and left to die. That maggots had started to feast on their rears and the awful conditions, these fluffies were better off gassed than put forward to be processed into food. Louie called it in, two other guys would come with the equipment and the bio-recycling truck after they cleared off.

*Wendy must have been unable to cope with the demands any longer.*

The fluffies deemed safe, all the fluffies with legs and the dams and the newborns were loaded into the truck.

Louie had instructed Carter not to say anything to them or to react to them. Responding would only make it worse for them. They were better to remain oblivious to their fate. Any emotional stimulus that frightened them would frighten the rest. Fluffies are known for their herd mentality and the majority of all fluffies expect the same thing.

Their eyes lit up when they were picked up by both men. Good upsies. Huggies. Nyu daddeh. They were going to a new home. A nice home with new Daddehs. All fluffies were saved and they could have huggies and nummies and Sketties.

*If only they knew.*

Carter flicked the switch on to turn on the lullaby music. This would make their journey easier, the lullaby would calm them in the dimly lit truck and calm them despite being restrained from moving.

Louie wanted to call the police. There was no sign of Wendy nor any notes from her except anything to do with the fluffies. His phone was dead, he’d completely forgotten. He went to turn to Carter but instead a woman and a young girl, her daughter maybe, stood in front of him. The young girl looked pretty stiff, Louie wasn’t exactly the friendliest face you could look at.

The woman asked, “excuse me sir, I’m sorry for stopping you and taking your time. My daughter has lost her fluffy. We believe that she’s been handed into this centre. Do you know if it’s in there or been given…..sleepies?”

The woman handed a photo to Louie. A brown fluffy with wings, it’s name was Chocolate, the little girl had said. She had looked up nervously and began to look down again to hide her face from Louie. She had a pretty good idea at what he did as a job.

Louie looked closer at the photo. He noticed the fluffy had burns on its rear leg, possible cigarette burns from their size and appearance. Discoloured the fur and made it a dirtyish white. The fluffy also had a split in its right ear. Possibly abused? One of the wings was crooked compared to the other, it looked like it had taken a few knocks.

He pulled out the file from the van, he kept it from Wendy’s office. He went through the photos and found the picture of the fluffy in question.

(In Wendy’s writing) *chocolate. filly. pegasi type. not-neutered. handed in for adoption. rear of fluffy shows signs of abuse. fluffy has low bowel control following injury. may require pillowing if bowel problem unresolved*

(The woman had began to notice Louie looking at that photo intently. He read the back too. What could be on that? She didn’t like that fluffy. Filthy brown colour, who cared if it had little wings?! Her daughter had. She loved that fluffy. Her ex partner had bought her the fluffy when it was a foal. A full 50 cents was spent on my girl by that man, and he couldn’t even get her the exact thing she wanted!! Typical cheapass!! It looked like it was meant to be snake food. How dare he?! And yet that girl loved it, she called it Chocolate and nurtured its wing. The crooked one. It didn’t look healthy at all. And he expects that to be acceptable?! She had given the fluffy in, she would get her daughter something better. She didn’t expect the tantrum. That girl couldn’t sleep or eat. She didn’t realise how much she had loved that thing. She had to get it back. But then the notice went up. Her girl wouldn’t happy with any other fluffy. She had to get it no matter what.)

“I recall seeing this one ma’am, I’ll have my partner get it from the back for you”

And Carter was called and the fluffy was given to the girl. It took him some time to find it, he only recognised it from looking at its split ear and then looking at its rear to check if it was a girl and it’s wings.

The fluffy began to cry, “chocwat nu wan webe bad upsies Huhuhuhuhu”

But then Chocolate seen the little girl and began to cry out “wiw mummeh!! Yayyy wiw mummeh wub oo so much!!”

The girl hugged her fluffy and the woman began to tear up herself (privately she was relieved, she was glad her girl could get back to normal after this)

Louie then lectured both the woman and the Girl about looking after the fluffy correctly and properly. The little girl promised Louie she would take care of Chocolate and she wouldn’t go missing again. The woman felt very tense during the whole thing.

Louie and Carter both drove off to take the fluffies to the processing plant. They waited until the other exterminator crew came by and cordoned off the building. Today was an easier shift than normal, no need to smell of bad chemicals but both men accepted that they would need to shower anyway. Fluffies have a strong aroma of their own that easily masks all deodorants and aftershaves.

Carter was on his phone throughout the trip up to the plant, “I’m ordering you a new cell on eBay. Don’t worry, it’s exactly like what you’ve got. Except it works. Why don’t you upgrade?”

Louie replied, “I prefer to speak and it’s a simple enough one to use. I’ve lived here long enough to know where I’m going and I have a computer at home. Why would I need google?”

Carter wanted to reply, but didn’t. Louie and his dad were roughly the same age. Louie seemed a lot older though. “It’s only $20 plus delivery. I’ll let you know when it comes.”

“Thank you Rich Kid. I appreciate that.”

“What do you think happened in there?”

“Nothing good from what I seen. That woman loved fluffies and to think she locked them pillowfluffs in there to die…..I could imagine her doing that. She musta been in a bad place or somewhere. Who knows. I know she couldn’t do what she had been doing anymore. That’s why she had to run. Leave. Walk away. God knows where she is. She didn’t respond to our messages when we contacted her about closing down.”

After they dropped off the fluffies, their shift was done. Carter would be going out for the night. He felt like a good job done needed to be toasted with a drink.

Louie visited the police station and filed a missing persons report. He knew Wendy had no family and had behaved out of character. He hoped she would turn up one day. Turn up well and healthy.
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Ferrotter: This is excellent. You capture the job with a lot of realism.
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Captain_Emo: @Ferrotter: glad you really like these :-) there’ll be more to come but I should try and do them more regularly