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Flufficide: the Scum of the Earth

John Gadd was an ordinary man.

If you were to meet him you would assume you’d figure that he was pretty dull.

A divorcee, loved to play soccer, he loved fluffies and animals in general, was devoted to his estranged children and was proud of their achievements.

Always in the audience for his children’s recitals and for hoops as his son called it.

In fairness, on face value he’s pretty bland. A mediocre, middle aged white man with an okay, everyday job.

And that’s exactly what he wants you to think.

He used to attend the school frequently in place of his ex-wife. And then he wasn’t there at all. Or more accurately, forced to not be there.

Suzie McQueen was 14 years old and she had disappeared from band practice one day. She was on her way home.

John Gadd secretly had a criminal record.

*It was no longer a secret.*

His rooms and his house were searched. No shred of evidence of Suzie existed. But they checked his hard drive.

A lot of time passed and the Gadd and the McQueens were put through an ordeal.

Their private lives were exposed for everyone to pick apart.

*The defence for Mr Gadd had picked apart Suzie’s troubled upbringing.*

Her stepmom had cried in court, she could no longer keep the household together.

John had thanked the American justice system for proving his innocence and that he wasn’t involved in the disappearance of young Suzie.

He both was relieved that he had lost the other mobile phone he kept, and regretted not keeping it.

What was lost saved him from damnation.

But his reputation was destroyed now. *Everyone knew*.

The stares came from everyone on the streets, children walking down were pulled away from him.

The trial said not guilty, he had not committed any murder. But no one believed that and everyone knew his dirty secret.

*And he was angry that he had been so careless enough to be caught.*

*What would he do now?*

The fluffy was a custom order from the pet shop.

By custom, that would normally be to pillow them.

But this was different, the demand was for a particular colour. A lipstick pink, a fashionable colour of fluffy marketed towards teenage girls.

The fluffy would need to be female. The female would be cleaned. She would be slightly older than a filly and her mane would need to be cut and cleaned and styled, braided.

The order had come in from a man who insisted on cleanliness. It would be a gift after all.

But most of all, he insisted that the fluffy was aware of her own name before she was dispatched and delivered.

He had a name in mind for her to know before she came.


*the filly loved her new name and she would love her new home*

The package was delivered and signed for (with an X). The package had looked at her new home. So big! There was a garden too, a lot of work was done out there and it had smelt very pretty. Inside was warm, cozily lit, the wooden furnishings and floor added a lot of class to the place.

Suzie would have her own room. She was so glad and so happy!! She had never had her own room before. And her own toysies!! She wouldn’t ever have to share the rags and the other dirty toys ever again.

Daddeh had brought her up Sketties too!! It was perfect!! Suzie looked around her room and she had so much space to play and to sleep and to have Huggies and nummies!!

It was the best day ever!!!

The night time came and her Daddeh had finished work. He wanted to spend time with his new and bestest fluffy. He told Suzie he loved her so much.

Suzie shouted her love and told him how much she loved him.

*it put a smile on his face*

Daddeh pulled out a box and opened it. It was full of small children’s clothing. He picked out some clothing that was the perfect size for Suzie.?

She giggled, clothes weren’t for fluffies, Silly Daddeh.

John had an unusual expression on his face. Silly indeed.

He picked up Suzie. She cheered from the good upsies. She went under his arm. She asked where they were going.

“The play room. The room full of lullabies and friends”

Suzie immediately became giddy and cheered and squealed with pure joy. “Wub nyu fwends and Wub tu pway daddeh!!”

John’s eyes began to take on an evil glint, *if only she knew.*

A gentle lullaby could be heard behind the door. Suzie began to sing to the music, her lyrics were all her own.

And the door opened and the room looked amazing. Perfect for children to play! The wallpaper was a gentle faded blue with jumping sheep, cows, ducks and pigs. Pictures of popular cartoon characters from Disney movies were randomly placed on the walls.

Suzie’s friends, her new bestest friends, had noticed the door open and began to look up. All of them were mounted onto support pillars, their rear ends were sloppy and faeces had piled up under each support pillar. Their rears had been shaved, waxed for easier cleaning.

They also wore children’s clothing.

A well cared for fluffy, even fluffies that have been abused will always be happy to see their Daddeh, desperate to see their Daddeh if they’ve been left for so long. It is a quirk of fluffies’ artificial programming that they will always want to see us, just like their love of Sketties and Huggies.

All of the fluffies in the room except Suzie began to cry.

“Daddeh” “Daddeh” “Daddeh” “Daddeh”

They weren’t exactly happy to see him, Suzie was so confused, why were nice new friends crying? She was so confused. Maybe she should sing her happy song to make them happy again?

John slapped her nose and she let out a squeal of pain. Her snout began to bleed from the nostrils. She asked her new Daddeh for huggies and for no more owies.

He had something else in mind.

A table was set up, a set of shears and a sponge with warm, soapy water and a towel was on the side.

He placed her on the table with her rear facing towards him. All she could see was the wall in front of her and she began to squeal and beg to be let out of the sorry box.

“What a stupid fucking fluffy you are. Keep your mouth shut, you have a filthy, shitty ass and Daddeh doesn’t like fluffies with dirty, shitty asses!!”

“Ye…..ye…..yes daddeh!!”

She was trembling now. Fluffies are notoriously dumb and known to be short sighted. Placing a fluffy in the corner or facing a wall it begins to believe its trapped and that it’s in the sorry box.

Yes they are that dumb.

Fluffies in a panic freeze on the spot and beg for their suffering to stop. They believe that merely asking for their suffering and their torment to stop will actually work.

John has little trouble shaving her rear with the shears. Suzie squealed and shrieked as soon as the shears turned on. And yet she remained rooted to the spot begging for it to stop.

She began to shit and shit even more. John merely washed it away and the shears went to work and her tail hair was chopped off and tied tightly. Their tail fur hides a lot of shit after all, John had learned that pretty quickly.

He had shaved the fur off her rear. It makes maintaining and cleaning their asses a whole lot easier, fluffy rear ends notoriously get caked in faeces.

She let out one final scream once he sprayed her rear with a cheap, alcoholic aftershave spray. John enjoyed hearing the pain felt by the fluffy, prepping them was a small joy to his routine after all.

And with it being Suzie McQueen’s anniversary of her “disappearance”, why not celebrate. He was innocent after all……

Suzie was being prepared for the mount now, there was a vacancy that needed to be filled after all. *The fun that he had with Charlie, why are fluffies so brittle? But then, no one was ever surprised when they broke. No questions asked, no lies were told. And now he would have some fun with Suzie. Poor cunt*

And then John’s door was kicked in.


The belt in John’s hand did him no good, an officer delivered a swift punch to his chin. His arm was put in a lock, and he was put to the floor. He could barely struggle, he demanded that the whore released him. She instead applied more pressure to his shoulder. He felt like it could break any moment.

And then a face that John loathed walked. Detective Chavo Gomez. The detective looked down on the now smirking John, Chavo remained cool and collected.

John asked the detective whether he was around about Suzie and where his warrant was. The detective coolly placed the slip of paper under John’s head. John smirked. He’d been found innocent of any wrongdoing related to Suzie and accused the detective of a witch hunt. He demanded all of the officers in the room to stop taking pictures and that they were invading his property.

The detective then read a piece of paper that had been placed on the wall. A list of the names of the fluffies was written. Coincidentally they matched the names of missing children reported in the area.

The detective then stooped down and looked John in the eye. John began to realise the gravity of his situation.

“Other people come forward, other people will talk, you left behind more than you think and it eventually led us back to you. You’re under arrest.”

The detective began to list off the charges whilst John was being cuffed. He was then led out and he street was watching. Ultimately he wasn’t as smart as he thought he was.

The house was processed for evidence. This time John Gadd wouldn’t be as fortunate. The fluffies were swabbed for evidence, probed for DNA samples found, pictures taken.

But ultimately, court cases take months before they actually stand trial. Fluffies obviously can’t take the stand for trial, nor can they be stored away for evidence without being tampered with.

Keeping one of their bodies means they have to be preserved but that would mean more money on fridges, fluffies do not go in mortuaries. But keeping them alive would mean other evidence can be ruined. Evidence rooms aren’t often filled with fluffy crap for a reason.

The solution to the problem was simple. After whatever evidence was extracted from them, fluffy control were called in. City Council sanitation, exterminators to me and you.

No one would want a fluffy that had been homed by a notorious pedophile. Word got out quick about what John’s hobby was. The fluffies were considered tainted goods.

Carter and Louie had turned up. It had only been yesterday after all that the arrest had happened. Word got out quick and an officer was waiting for them to let them in.

Louie had gone through the report with the officer. He was warned not to speculate or to make assumptions or spread rumours beyond the site. Carter was strongly warned. The officer had been concerned about some of his remarks on the place.

They both went down to the nursery room were the fluffies were held. The fluffies couldn’t move due to being fixed to the mounted pillars and the officers were hoping that they’d starve overnight considering how much they need to eat.

The fluffies instead were miserable and wailing and had begged for nummies upon seeing the two men walk in.

“Why the fuck are they in kid’s clothes?” Carter exclaimed.

Louie responded, “I’d keep your mouth shut Rich Kid, that officer weren’t too impressed with you.”

“But really, why go through the effort of dressing them if they dude is just gonna fuck them?! Look at them!! He’s mounted them to fuck them like a bronco!!”

Louie put his head in his hand, and then came back up for air. “Projection. I remember reading up about a therapy group who used fluffies as a treatment, a placebo you could say. They figured using them as a……...substitute would help treat known sex offenders. Take it out on the fluffies!! Nobody gives a shit if they live or die. You can buy foals in a can and you’ve got a stress reliever right there. Pretend that they’re……..look I know it’s fucked up. Unfortunately we can’t say shit.”

Carter nodded, he could feel sick coming up his throat. What a fucking awful idea that is! He wasn’t a great believer in placebos. He knew they were no cure, the human mind doesn’t trick you into getting rid of disease after all, it merely masks it.

He had began to examine and look at the fluffies. Pointless considering no one wanted them, but he just couldn’t take his eyes off them. Kids clothing! Shaved asses! They’re being used like fucking blow up dolls! You couldn’t get more fucked up than that.

Carter attempted to stroke a fluffy, this one was shaking a lot compared to the others. It looked like the wan die stage had started to begin. As soon as his hand touched the body, the fluffy began to shake violently, screaming and begging him to not give bad huggies and hurties.

The other fluffies began to scream and wail, matching the other fluffy in volume. A fluffy in a dress with a tag that said Suzie began to pant and gasp for air.

Both men went white, a deep empty feeling in their chests.

“You shouldn’t have done that Rich Kid.”

“Let’s just do the job and get the fuck out of here. Okay!”

The room was sealed and the gas was pumped into the room. The fluffies’ eyes were beginning to feel heavy, their breathing was beginning to slow. The forever sleepies and the dream of skettieland would begin.

They would have no more hurties and they wouldn’t be scared anymore.

The bodies of the fluffies were removed from the room and the clothing was removed and dumped unceremoniously into a box marked “Evidence”. The dead fluffies were then taken to be processed in the back of the bio-recycle truck. Their bodies now cleanly destroyed to be processed anew.

The officer had remarked to Louie that there was enough to nail the guy to a cross, let alone life imprisonment. The important part now was to not allow the legal process to be further muddied and nothing that would allow the jury to be influenced before time. Not like they couldn’t be, everyone knew the guy was a creep, his reputation hadn’t survived the trial and everyone wondered how he had escaped charges.

Carter looked particularly forlorn, he’d seen enough. He’d seen all kinds of suffering, fluffies cramped into a room, fluffies being grown to be processed into food in unhygienic fluffymills, an abandoned shelter, run of the mill jobs but this one was the worst.

There was something about that room and the coldness of it and the vacant and blank faces of the cartoon characters staring out. They’d seen a lot happen in there. It didn’t matter that they were fluffies either.

“I’m going for a fucking drink. Possibly getting fucked up on worse. I want to forget ever walking in there. I’m finishing early.”

Carter walked away and decided to call a cab. He’d go to a dive he knew that had cheap booze and other questionable vices. The perfect place to forget everything.

Louie took the truck back to be processed and filed the report, not something that ever takes long to do. We killed nth amount of fluffies, nth amount of gas was used. Louie dropped into the diner and ordered his usual. He dropped Carter a message and began to wonder if his partner would turn up for work in the morning.
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Anonymous1: These stories were a wonderful read. Love the noir feel they have. Hope you continue.