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AS the days passed on, the babbehs got slowly larger, their fur soft and thick, their bellies full despite their circumstances. Stormy was doing her best with what she had. It had been many forevers since mummah and daddeh tied her to the sorry-tree. She still held out hope that one day mummah and daddeh would be back, just as soon as she figured out why she was a Bad Fluffy and fixed it.

Her babbehs were all so smart- Cloudy was the biggest and strongest, having gotten the most milk. His mane had begun to come in- the same slate grey as his fur. She was a little sad that it wasn't white like hers, but it looked so pretty against his white dappling that she loved him the most anyway. He loved to run and play, and often helped his brother Trouble drag the water cup down to the stream and back when it was needed.

Trouble did his best to make sure not to live up to his name. He never really understood why he got so many sorry-hoofsies, but he did his best anyway. He spent a lot of time thinking about how to make things easier for his mummah. He was still too little to do very much- unlike Cloudy, he was quite small. His brown eyes were quick and had a strange clarity to them that other fluffies didn't have. He worked out how to dig a little trench so the poopies rolled away from the tree without making mummah have to hurt her neck on the sorry rope as much. He taught Cloudy how to help him take the water cup down to the little stream to refill it when it got empty, and he kept an eye on his sister, Snowflake, when his mummah was asleep.

Snowflake loved her family. She loved her brothers, and she loved her mummah. She loved the green grassies (although over time there were less and less grassies around the tree- her mummah insisted they stay inside the reach of the sorry-rope.), and the loved the warm sunshine on her pretty white fur. She was proud of her long white mane and her pointy horn, and she was so happy. Mummah would tell them about the "safewoom" and the "fwuffmawt", but Snowflake couldn't really concieve of such luxury. She was happy with what she had, even if she did long to wander outside the reach of mummah's rope to the shady greeny places under the other trees. She wanted to follow her brothers down to the stream, too, but after she almost fell in, mummah said she couldn't go any more.

All in all, their little family was happy, if humbled.

Night began to fall on their little family. They snuggled together in one happy fluff-pile, the little burrow protecting them from the worst of the wind. Stormy snored, the rope tight against her windpipe. It had completely rubbed away the fur around her neck, and thanks to fluffy's unnatural healing, her skin had begun to scab and grow and scar over it, imbedding it further and further into her neck as the days passed. It hurt her a lot, and made her grumpy and sleepy. So when Snowflake was awakened by her mummah's snoring for the third time that night, she decided to go 'splorin. Mummah had told her once, whispering so her brothers couldn't hear, that she had had a sister- a little 'splorin babbeh that looked just like her! Mummah had kept talking after that, something about staying inside the sorry-rope circle, but she had been too busy excitedly thinking about her sister. Maybe her sister was still out there, outside the circle! Maybe she went on an adventure, and found her OWN saferoom!

Maybe Snowflake could find her? She looked around- she was partially snuggled under mummah's chin. Mummah liked to do that- it helped her breathe at night so the rope wouldn't hurt her. Snowflake thought for a moment, and then smiled. "Psssst! Twoubwe!" Trouble stirred and opened his brown eyes groggily. "Wha?" Snowflake arranged her face in a worried expression. "Need to make good poopsies, but mummah am usin Snowfwake as piwwow!" Trouble thought for a moment, and then started slowly wiggling away from where he was cuddled by mummah's side-(mummah didn't really tell him he couldn't cuddle with her and Cloudy and Snowflake, but he'd learned that it was mostly easier to just lay on the outside of the fluffpile to avoid being a Bad Fluffy and getting bop'd on the nosie)- and under her chin, beside Snowflake. Stormy took in a deep breath- even though Trouble was smaller than Cloudy, he was still larger than Snowflake and gave his mummah more room to breathe- and fell deeper asleep. Snowflake wiggled free and gave her brother a kiss on his nosie. "Fank yu, bruddah. Snowfwake wiww be wite back!"

Trouble nodded and tried to stay awake while Snowflake went around the tree, but he was properly warm and he could pretend like mummah had ASKED him to be her pillow like she asked Snowflake to do, and so he fell asleep. Snowflake, so she wouldn't feel bad for lying, did go and make good poopsies in the little trench. She walked to the very edge of where mummah's rope could reach, and hesitated, shivering. Snowflake shivered both from the chill- it was much colder outside the fluffpile!- and from excitement. Was she really going to do this?

She praced out of the circle of stunted, chewed grass and onto the lush green of the grass outside the circle. She barely kept herself from squealing in excitement and glee. She was doing it! She was 'splorin, just like her sister had! She was going to go find her, and bring her back, and then mummah would give her a namesie and they'd all be SO HAPPY!!! The little white unicorn filly dashed off into the night, in no particular direction. She looked like a little cloud floating across the embankment.


Author's note: Do y'all think Stormy can be redeemed? I've got my own ideas, obviously, but I'm interested what y'all think.
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Anonymous1: "Do y'all think Stormy can be redeemed?" Yes, but I'd kinda prefer if she wasn't. Her simple solution with the fast food box was nothing short of brilliant for a fluffy, so she's probably smart enough to understand how she was wrong. But I don't see her ever realizing it without human intervention; Trouble is just too loving and forgiving.
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tomi: My only request is the things turn out at least kind of okay for trouble.
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HurtComfortBox: @tomi: Don't worry, Trouble will be fine. This I can promise. He's gonna get a little roughed up but he'll be alright in the end. :)
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Anonymous2: Redeemed? She didn't do anything wrong! She got raped and then blamed for it! The only possible issue was that she didn't tell anyone she was pregnant, but it's Karen's own fault she didn't pay enough attention to notice.
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Anonymous3: ...oh yeah, and she treated Trouble kinda poorly. But she didn't outright reject him.
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Fiberglass: I don't think she did anything wrong; just did what fluffies do (second) best. Personally, I'd like to see her meet a feral herd, and what might come of that.