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The sun felt good on Stormy's fur. She woke slowly, not bothering to open her eyes for a while. She was so comfortable. For some reason, her neck wasn't bothering her as much, and she felt like she'd gotten the first good night's sleep she'd had since before she had her babbehs. She wanted to enjoy it for a while. She could feel the familiar weight of Cloudy snuggled up under her arm, and sighed happily. Snowflake was under her chin, which meant she hadn't gone 'splorin. She couldn't feel Trouble, but he usually slept outside the fluffpile anyway. It wasn't that she meant to drive him away- he just was always so desperate for love and attention and she got annoyed with it and always ended up giving him sorry-hoofsies.

Her bladder stirred, and she groaned. It was time to get up, even if she didn't want to. She opened her eyes and stood, stretching. What a beautiful day! She looked down. Trouble was beginning to stir from where he'd been laying under her chin. Cloudy slept on, as usual. Snowflake was nowhere to be seen. Immediately, sheer panic ripped through her. It was like her other filly all over again! She SCREEEd and began to tear around the tree, looking for her little sweet Snowflake. Trouble and Cloudy both had scaredy-poopsies in the burrow from their rude awakening and hugged each other, shivering.

"SNOWFWAKE! SNOWFWAKE! WHEWE AM YU? COME BACK TO MUMMAH!" She ran around and around and around the tree, screaming and crying and shitting in distress. Her little filly was gone, she was gone! She had been under her head when she had gone sleepies, and then-

Snowflake froze, rope taught at the edge of the circle. She turned, calmly, and walked back to the burrow. Inside, Trouble and Cloudy sat, clinging to each other. "Huu, huu!" They both cried pitifully. Stormy looked down at them. Trouble noticed that she was back and immediately turned to her, making the "huggies" pose. "Huuuu, scawedies! Twoubwe and Cwoudy have biggest scawedies-" Stormy calmly brought her hoof on Trouble's back leg, crushing it easily.


Trouble's leg was pulped. He shrieked and writhed, unable to move away as Stormy raised her hoofsie again- only to stop when Cloudy suddenly stood over Trouble, blocking her hoof. "Nu huwties Twoubwe! Nu huwties!" Stormy blinked, and saw what she had done. Her bestest babbeh was trembling but standing over his brother, in the fighting pose, cheeks puffed up- and Trouble's back leg was obliterated. He stopped screaming and simply sobbed, consumed by betrayal and pain. "Oh! Oh! Mummah am sowwy, Twoubwe! Mummah didn-" Cloudy jumped up, hitting her jaw as hard as he could. Stormy fell backward, stars in her eyes and gagging as the rope pulled taut and choked her.

Cloudy wriggled under Trouble. He turned and ran, away from his mummah, away from the sorry-tree. He stopped outside the circle and turned- his side and back was sticky with boo-boo juice from Trouble's leg, but Trouble was still huu'ing on his back, so he was still alive. Stormy was struggling back to her hoofsies, wheezing.

"W-haf-wait, bestest babbeh! Nu go outside circwe! Stay neaw sowwy-twee wiv mummah! It am dangewous out dewe!"

Cloudy puffed up his cheek and blew a raspberry as his mummah. "Munstah mummah! Bad mummah! Huwt bruddah! Bwuddah onwy evew nice and cwevew bwuddah!" He turned and ran, unknowingly following his errant sister in the same direction she went. Stormy sat down heavily on her haunches and wailed. Her babbehs didn't love her anymore! She was a BAD MUMMAH! She had HURT HER BABBEH! It was no wonder she was tied to the sorry-tree! Mummah and daddeh must have known that she would be a bad mummah and were trying to teach her a lesson! Oh, she was so sorry! She had the biggest heart hurties!

Unable to do anything else, Stormy cried and cried and cried until she was all dried up. She got shakily to her hoofsies and went to the drinking cup. She stared into it. Two sips. Today was the day that Cloudy and Trouble were going to go fill it up again.


Trouble held onto Cloudy, sniffling. He had to think, had to concentrate through the pain. He had to figure out nummies and water and nesties for Cloudy, and he hoped to find Snowflake. He looked back over his shoulder, but the sorry-tree was a good ways in the distance and his mummah was only a grey speck under it. Cloudy was following the road as best as he could- he wasn't sure where to go, but he knew he had to get Trouble away from mummah. He missed her, of course. He loved his mummah. She had always given him the bestest milkies and huggies and kissies, and had always told him how strong and handsome he was. But Trouble had been the one to keep them alive when mummah couldn't, and Cloudy realized that. He wasn't very bright, even by fluffy standards, but he knew his brother was the reason they had all survived as long as they had. He would protect him, no matter what.


Author's note: I'll be starting some side stories for the foals in between Stormy chapters. Stormy hasn't reached the bottom yet. Let's see if she'll survive long enough to redeem herself. >:3c
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PunishThePonies: Good work! Looking forward to seeing more.
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tomi: Oh damn yeah okay, good decision making. I like that. This seems sensible.

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Dhylec: redeem herself? With all honesty, after what you just did to Trouble, if you give this disgusting bitch a happy ending you can count me out of future readers. Suffering is the only thing Stormy deserves.
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HurtComfortBox: @Dhylec: You know, there's more polite ways to request things in storylines. I'm writing this for free entertainment. Please re-examine how you approach others.

@PunishThePonies: Thank you!

@tomi: Trouble is a Good, Clever Boy.
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BlackerTheBewwy: @HurtComfortBox: I like it, I hope she dies of dehydration or an animal.
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HurtComfortBox: @BlackerTheBewwy: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the story. Stormy hasn't hit rock bottom yet, so there's still more to go!
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Anonymous1: Let her suffer after doing that to her kid she really needs more than just saddies
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HurtComfortBox: @Anonymous: Don't worry, she'll get hers.
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Anonymous2: @HurtComfortBox: If you are this touchy with comments in this site you're going to have a hard time.
Count me out of your readers.