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Snowflake's Sojourn Part 1
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a side-story to the Ballad of Stormy. You don't need to read that first to understand this story, but it'll make some things make more sense.

Snowflake pranced gleefully over the springy, lush grass and bouncy clover. She stopped and ate some, and wiggled in glee at how good it tasted. She looked up into the sky and saw SO MANY stars! It was a beautiful night, and she was happy and glad to be alive. Behind her was the sorry tree and the circle where her family slept, unaware that she was going to go find her sister, and bring her back! What a lovely adventure!

She followed the road, because even though she liked the way the grassies under the trees looked during the day, she found them a little scarier at night. Even so, she was having a grand adventure. She stopped to eat little funny nummies as she found them, (mostly discarded fast food and garbage), sipped from the little puddles and giggled with the thrill of rebellion as she made poopsies right where she was and kept walking!


Amber was driving home after another long-ass shift at McFluffy's. Corporations had only gotten worse when fluffies became a part of the world, and fast food was no exception. Amber was in college, and trying to save enough money where she wouldn't have to move back in with her parents. She hated her job, but she didn't have any better options until she graduated. She was planning on being a children's therapist. She wanted to help kids who had families like hers, and give them a better life than she'd had. She was deep in her thoughts when she spotted the little flash of white by the road. She slowed down. A fluffy? At night? It looked young, too. She was pure white, and pranced along the side of the world as if she was completely unaware that she was a sitting duck for the first predator to see her.

Amber parked the car. She unbuckled her seatbelt and reached out into the passenger seat, where the bag of leftover fries she'd been planning on eating while watching netflix sat. She got out of the car and called out to the little foal. "Hey!"

Snowflake jumped! If she hadn't already made poopies, she would have done them now. She turned, expecting to see a munstah, and suddenly regretting leaving the fluffpile- but all she saw was a nice lady! She'd never seen a lady before, but she knew instinctively that this was a potential New Mummah!

"Hewwo nice wady!" Said Snowflake, very politely, just like her mummah had taught her. Amber smiled. This little foal must be someone's escaped pet, there was no way a feral would be this polite. Or this clean, she noted- aside from a little bit of shit around her ass, the little thing was gleaming white. She would be worth a ton of money... Amber bit her lip and then crouched down to get closer to the little unicorn. "Hello, little one." Snowflake trotted over to her instantly. She'd never had a human hurt her, and therefore was completely unafraid of them. She made the "wan huggies" pose and Amber picked her up, surprised that she hadn't even had to tempt the little thing with fries. She was definitely someone's pet. She was soft, and polite, and well-fed. She had excellent monochrome colors and her eyes were a brilliant green. Amber knew that she should see about returning her to whoever was missing her, but... Amber's ex-girlfriend had been a fluffy breeder, and had made a good amount of money doing it- more than Amber ever made working two jobs. This was still a little foal yet, but eventually...

Amber checked under the little foal's tail- "Nu touch Snowfwake's nunu pwaces!"- and learned that she was a filly. Even better. She scratched 'Snowflake' behind the ear as apology, and walked back to her car. "How would you like to come home with me?" Snowflake gasped and clapped her little hoofsies together. For the moment, she'd forgotten not only her quest to find her lost sister, but her mummah and brothers back at the sorry-tree. Her little brain was filled with the all-consuming glee of a fluffy that's been adopted. She wiggled her little legs and "danced" even as Amber carefully strapped her into the seat beside her- it wasn't perfect, but the strap was more than capable of holding the tiny filly in place- and only stopped when Amber started the car. Amber was once again glad that the little thing seemed to have gone already.


Snowflake had fallen asleep on the ride home. She'd babbled in her tiny childlike voice until she'd finally yawned and dozed off mid-sentence. Amber hadn't really been listening to her, instead mentally planning out what she'd need to turn her little windfall into something profitable. She lived in a tiny studio apartment, but she figured that she could fluffy-proof it alright. She'd have to wait until the little filly was old enough to breed, and then see if she could find a good stud for her first litter. She'd picked up a little knowledge from her ex-girlfriend, and what she didn't know she figured she could figure out well enough. Amber unbuckled the seatbelt and picked Snowflake up. She was so little she was easily liftable with one hand- and entered her apartment.

It was the standard apartment of your average college kid. She couldn't afford proper furniture, so her bed was on the floor, and her main furniture was her computer desk. As such, it was relatively easy to fluffy-proof. She put Snowflake in a laundry basket that she dumped the clothes out of until she was sure it was safe. She picked up all the lose clutter that never bothered her before. She tossed an old blanket on the floor for Snowflake to sleep on, and carefully set her on it. The white unicorn snoozed away, warm for the first time in her life. She didn't know yet what was in store for her, but for now, she was safe.
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