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Stormy sat and stared off in the direction that her babbehs had run off in, leaving a sticky trail of blood behind them. Her own hoof was smeared in the gore that remained of Trouble's poor little leggie. She felt terrible. Not only because she had drank the last two sips of her water, but because she was consumed with guilt over what she had done. Why had she done that? She didn't hate Trouble- she loved him! She loved all her babbehs! Sure, she loved Cloudy the bestest, but that was alright, wasn't it?

No answers came for her. She continued to stare out after her babbehs, long after she couldn't see them any more. Her neck itched. The rope had begun to embed itself in the flesh of her neck, and the skin was inflamed, red and shiny. She was hungry, but she didn't feel like eating. She'd done the worstest, baddest thing ever and she was not only a bad mummah, but a bad fluffy. It was no wonder her mummah and daddy had left her. She had lied, she had done bad poopies, she had hurt her babbehs. She was a terrible no good worthless fluffy, and she hated herself. She sniffled. She was still scared of dying. Some part of her held out hope that now that she had realized that she was a bad fluffy, that mummah or daddeh would come out of the trees, pick her up and give her huggies, and take her home.

The day drew on, and the heat of summer beat down on her. Eventually, she had to retreat back to the burrow. She didn't want to go in. It stank of the scaredy-poopsies her babbehs had left, and the hot shiny stench of boo-boo juice made her feel sick. But it was cooler here, in the burrow under the tree, than it was outside. She lay down, too depressed to even try to clean up her nestie. What was the point? She didn't deserve a nice nestie. She never did, she realized. She huu huu'd softly, covering her face with her hoofsies.


Blackberry, a dark purple unicorn with a green mane, was horny. He'd been given sorry hoofsies from his herd's smarty for trying to enf the mares in the herd- "It am too cwose to cowd times for babbehs"- and now he was horny, angry and his pride was hurt. He walked along the little stream that lead to the place where his herd was. He was grumbling to himself, comforting himself with fantasies of giving the herd smarty forever sleepies when he smelled it- her- a MARE. His head shot up and he sniffed the air. He took off, galloping over the grass and in the direction of the smell. He was going to have enfies, and he wouldn't even get sorry hoofsies over it!

Stormy looked up when she heard hoofsteps- her babbehs were back! They'd forgiven her, and they were back, and she would give Trouble the most huggies and kisses and tell him how sorry she was- her thoughts ground to a stop when she saw the stallion. "H-hewwo, fwuffy am Stowmy. What am yu namesie?" Blackberry sniffed her, his no-no stick already rock hard. "Fwuffy am Bwackbewwy. Bwackbewwy giv Stowmy bestest enfies!" Stormy was confused- what was he?- and like Snowball before him, Blackberry tore around behind her and mounted her quickly. Stormy flailed- she didn't want special huggies! "Nu giv speciaw huggies! Stowmy awweady hav speciaw fwiend and babbehs!"

Blackberry paid her no mind. He was running on sheer instinct now, and thanks to the rope that made her little home beneath the tree her prison, she was much easier to mount even with her flailing than the mares in his herd. She was soft and not used to fighting, and after a few tries he penetrated her. Unlike Snowball, Stormy definitely noticed that Blackberry was inside of her. Pain bloomed through her no-no places as the much bigger stallion used her to pleasure himself. She tried to get away, to crawl away from him, but he grabbed onto the rope around her neck to keep her still, and all she could do was wait.

After some forevers, Blackberry slammed into her a final time, exclaiming "GOOD FEEWS" and knocking her up. Stormy sobbed, her hoofisies covering her eyes. Blackberry pulled out of her, sighed happily, and wandered off. He'd tell the rest of his friends about this mare! The smarty had said no enfing the herd mares, but this mare wasn't part of the herd! Blackberry felt glad and sneaky.

Stormy heaved up sob after sob from the very depths of herself, all while the warmth and instinctive knowledge that she was now pregnant flooded her. "Oh no, oh noooo," whimpered Stormy. She was already a bad munster mummah, she didn't want to have any more babbehs! She just wanted her old babbehs back so she could tell them she was sorry and love them and hug them.

Instead, she sniffled and began to eat the scraggly grass in front of her burrow. She had tummy babbehs to feed.
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Anonymous1: Here's hoping stormy is left no choice to eat her newest brood if she survives long enough