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Trouble's Troubles Part 1

This is a side story to the Ballad of Stormy. You don't need to read that story to get this one, but it will make some things easier to understand.


Cloudy was worried about his brother. Mummah had given him worstest hurties, and Cloudy didn't know how to fix it. He wasn't clever like Trouble was. He looked over his shoulder, to where Trouble clung to his back. The little white colt was trembling from pain, but his bright, clear eyes were open. He smiled at Cloudy sadly. "Fank yu fow save Twoubwe, Cwoudy. Twoubwe am sowwy fow bein dummeh fwuffy." Cloudy gasped and stomped a foot, causing Trouble to wince as the shock of it jostled the stump where his hindleg had been. "Yu nu am dummeh fwuffy! Yu am cwever bruddah! Mummah jus am bad mummah." Trouble sniffled. He wanted to believe Cloudy. His brother had always given him huggies and love, even when Mummah had given him sorry-hoofsies and pushed him out of the fluffpile.

Cloudy stopped suddenly. Trouble chirped in distress as pain flared in his stump. "Sowwy, Twoubwe. Cwoudy jus reawize that Cwoudy nu knu whewe he am goin." Trouble blinked. Ah. Right. He looked around. They'd been walking for most of the day, ever since mummah had stomped on his leggie. It had stopped bleeding, but it hurt terribly and he felt shaky and weak. He forced himself to focus. They'd reached the outskirts of the suburbs, and before them began the sprawl of humanity. Looking around, Trouble spotted a trash can in a garden that stood against one of the many tall privacy fences that seperated each identical and perfectly manicured lawn from the other. It was slightly off balance, causing it to tilt backwards and lean against the fence slightly. A little farther up the fence from the trash can was a broken garden faucet that dribbled a small stream of water, causing the grass to grow much taller there, providing some cover and much needed nummies. Relieved, Trouble pointed it out to Cloudy, his hoofsie shaking over his shoulder.

Cloudy made his way over as quickly as he could without hurting Trouble more. He carefully leaned down, allowing Trouble to slide off of his back and into the soft grass behind the trash can. They both heaved a sigh of relief. It wasn't the "safewoom" that mummah had always told them stories about, but it was safe. Trouble shifted around, trying to look at the stump where his leggy had been.The leg stopped just above his knee- everything below that had been pulped into the dirt of the burrow when mummah had given him sorry-steppies. He nearly fainted as a wave of dizziness rushed up at him suddenly, but then Cloudy was there. His much bigger brother was hugging him gently but firmly, trying his hardest to make it better. Trouble smiled and put on a brave face, hugging Cloudy back.

"Twoubwe am otay, bwuddah, pwomise. Hav huwties, but am otay now." He nuzzled his brother affectionately. "Fanks to yu, Cwoudy." Cloudy's eyes welled up with tears. "Cwoudy wuv yu suuuu much, bwuddah. Wuv yu suuuu much and am suuu sowwies for any heawt-huwties. Cwoudy didn't knu mummah was mean-mummah!" The two colts held each other and cried, comforting each other. They had had a very hard day. They still hadn't found Snowflake, and they both worried that she'd gotten nummed by a munster.

After a while, having tired themselves out, the two colts fell asleep. It began to rain, but the trash can above them provided shelter, and the fence kept the wind off. Instead, the rain simply fell gently, mother nature giving the two innocent little beings a lullaby. They held each other, safe and warm.


Cloudy didn't always understand why his brother told him to do things sometimes, but he was always happy to do them. Thinking made his head hurt. It was easier to do what Trouble said to do and let his brain wander through the soft cotton of his thoughts. It had been a few days since they'd settled behind the trash can. They had dug into a pile of dirt by a flowerbed and made their poopsies there, where they buried it so as to not give themselves away. Cloudy carried Trouble over when he had to make poopsies, because his leggie still had hurties and he wasn't used to balancing on three legs yet. They ate the grass in areas where Trouble thought it wouldn't be noticed- at the sorry-tree, he had noticed that if they ate all the grassies in the same place that it wouldn't grow back- and they carefully sipped from the broken faucet. (There were a few times where Cloudy got water up his nose and had to cough it out- after that Trouble had insisted on having Cloudy use a large flat leaf to sip from.)

Trouble wasn't sure if his mummah had been telling the truth about hoomans. He wanted to believe it very badly. His brother loved him very much, and he missed his sister terribly, but he also wondered what it would be like to have a mummah or a daddeh that loved him. There was a big hurty part of his heart that always felt empty and sad, and the only time it stopped hurting was when his leggy was hurting. But mummah had also said she loved him, and had given him the worstest sorry-hoofsies! He had so many scaredies about being hurt again. He had nightmares every night where mummah ate his sissy and then came after him to eat him too- he would always wake up when she bit his leg, and he'd cry and hug Cloudy and try not to wake him up.

So he watched, and did his best to keep them hidden. He was watching the man who owned the garden that they were living in. He seemed like a nice mister- he was an older fella who puttered around with a limp and spent a lot of time tending to the garden and reading on the porch. Sometimes he would fall asleep while he read, and Trouble would peek out from behind the trash can. He wanted very badly to go up to the nice mister and ask him to be his new daddeh, but he had to be so careful. He needed to keep Cloudy safe, too.


Mr. Aaron Thompson knew perfectly well that there were two fluffy foals in his garden. He kept a careful eye on his plants, as they were his pride and joy. Aaron had never gotten married or had children, and was now reaching the time of life where his need to pee woke him before his alarm did. He was a quiet, kind man, who had seen a lot of terrible things in his life. He had come from a horrible home with an old man that loved to take out his anger and resentment at the world on his children, and even moreso when Aaron had declined his father's push for him to go into the military and instead got a teaching degree. He'd since distanced himself from any of his kin and spent his days in the sort of quiet solitude that doesn't feel lonely until it does.

So when the two little foals had made a home behind his recycling bin, he'd watched. They'd eaten only the weeds, shat in the compost pile and buried it and made very little noise besides the quiet babbling he could make out sometimes. He thought one of them must be hurt, as the other one cared for it. He'd been debating with himself for days on what to do about them. He'd never really cared for fluffies- he found them to be pitiable. They reminded him a little too much of the scared, innocent child he had been, and made him confront emotions he didn't like to think about.

He pretended to be asleep, one eye slightly cracked as he watched the little white earthie poke his head out from behind the bin. He was a handsome little thing- Aaron had thought that perhaps it might be albino, as it was perfectly white and so small, but its eyes were a deep, rich, earthy brown that looked more intelligent than any he'd seen on any other fluffy. The little foal watched him, a strange longing look on its face. It must have been abused, poor thing. Aaron felt a small, stubborn fondness take root inside of him. Goddamn it, he thought. He was going to keep them.
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tomi: You’re really winning me over, man. Frequent content, good writing, good length. No complaints, honestly.
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Anonymous1: I'm glad to see the potential for Cloudy and Trouble to end up with good lives despite Stormy's raising of them. I hope you keep these two in hugbox
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Anonymous2: 10/10 cant wait for more