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BlackerTheBewwy: I just realized that your name is fucked up lol.
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Anonymous1: I mean obviously the way its presented makes the mother look selfish and immature, but many animal mothers do ignore or chase away their children when they are fully grown, and as far I can tell it looks like "bestest babbeh" is pretty grown.

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SinisterPurpose: @BlackerTheBewwy: "Musn't a Mummah!"
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MusntaMummah: @Anonymous: Yeah i know that's where i got the inspiration from
And i changed it a bit to explain why they treat certain babbehs like shit when not in a survival setting
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MusntaMummah: @BlackerTheBewwy: Shit i never noticed
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Anonymous2: ... actually that makes a lot of sense in many cases
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The_Neutralist: All the more reason to hate fluffies that want to be "mummahs". They only want new toys, not offspring.
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Anonymous3: See, this is why I hate fluffies. They are the symbolic representations of corporatism, materialism, and shallowness. They're what happens when you have creatures with the emotional intelligence of a toddler (and worse] and give them the ability to breed. They're so shallow, they view everything around them as a source of stimuli. Like the world's just one personal theme park.

Fluffies treat their foals as fluffies were originally intended to be thought of, as toys.