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Fwuffident Evil: Operation Maroonsville [Prologue]


Hey guys! Mcklauster here with another series next to the first one (Anger Management series. Click on my profile and make sure to read them if you are a fan of fluffy abuse).

Recently I have been rewatching Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, the remake of RE2 & 3, and got this idea to create a spinoff from all three combined together blended with fluffy abuse, sadbox, and megaherds of ferals that inhabit the zombie & B.O.W infested city of Maroonsville.
The fluffies in this series look exactly like the artist McGonagall's fluffies if you want a reference or want to imagine what the fluffies look like.
(Reference links:-
1. https://www.fluffybooru.com/post/view/41920#search=user_id%3D3486

2. https://www.fluffybooru.com/post/view/39461#search=user_id%3D3486)

If you want to draw fan art for both serieses, shoot me a DM or email me via mcklauster@gmail.com

Below is the prologue for the series, I hope you guys like it!




With the fall of the first Umbrella Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Bioterrorists emerged from the darkest corners of the world, sharing their experiments with likeminded scientists, militias, and courrupt governments. The first Delta Team deployed by the first Umbrella died in the Ecliptic Express mission in 1998, the second Delta Team defected from the control of their employers and their current locations are unknown.

After the release of the C-virus in China and Edonia Republic, Neo-Umbrella set its new underground labratory's location in Maroonville, a city by itself in the state of NewYork with 750,0000 citizens and immigrants living there peacefully. Neo-Umbrella's labs decided on using the [Equus sapiens ferus crinitus aka Fluffy Ponies] as test subjects for B.O.W consumption and trials. Because of the fast metabolic and reproductive rate of fluffy ponies, the corporation did not require many human subjects at first thanks to the dense population of the biotoys, and some B.O.W's genes were combined into the DNA of Fluffy Ponies for hundreds of trials; however, B.O.W fluffies did not last long because of the variety of animal genes [Pig, Rat, Horse, and human] in its DNA, caused them to die and decompose fast due to the molecular and cellular overide, therefore, human trials resumed. One scientist had their fluffy pony with them in a lab to be tested on, only to have the biotoy knock down several T+G-virus vials on the floor, causing its spread through air vents.

The mass infection turned 95% of the city's citizens turn into zombies, and fluffy ponies formed into mega herds living in enormous locations of the city, such as parks, shopping malls, resturaunts, and some still trapped in shelters. In those shelters, humans who adore them are known as 'hugboxers' are some of the known survivers hiding from the B.O.W's there, killing anyone who dares harm the biotoys. The remaining 5% of humans left in the city are slowly decreasing, and they must not leave Maroonsville because they are considered as eyewtinesses. The remaining humans and megaherds of fluffy ponies must be all eliminated, and the truth must fade away with the memory of the city.

Thankfully the facility was able to secure other rare virus samples from the old Umbrella corporation, however, the underground facility soon became infected, causing the release of both undead test subjects and B.O.W's to reac above ground via the sewage tunnels, in turn causing mass infection into the city. Maroonville has been quarentined by the U.S. government as both police departments of the city and the deployed military did their best to fend citizens from the ambominations to no avail, and we cannot risk any eyewitnesses or any other trace of evidence to fall into the hands of the U.S. government.

We have assembled an expendable team of four members - the creme de la creme of our private militia. Neo Umbrella's scientists were able to recover battle plans from Umbrella's U.S.S.'s original 1998 files, specifically second Delta Team's profiles and qualifications to famalirize ourselves on the predecessor's methods of deployment and how to avoid any errors in recruiting new agents in the future. We are looking for faster, deadlier, a more reselient squad. Our top researchers discovered the top four candidates for the job, and their given code-name "The Janitors" was given by the son of Derek C. Simmons, Marcus C. Simmons. "The Janitors" are assembled based on their academic and military qualifications, and these are their profiles attatched to the report, in turn initiating the N.U.S.S. aka Neo Umbrella Secret Servive.

The Janitors are required as well to find the daughter of Hasbio's Regional Manager in Maroonsville, Jane Worthington II and her fluffy pony known as 'Creampuff' because both of them contain the antibodies to the newly modified T+G-virus which was released in Neo-Umbrella's underground facility in Maroonsville.

The Janitors:-

Name: Adam Shaw aka Ashmedai (Assault; Team Leader):

Nationality: Syrian-American

Age: 29 years old.

Former Spec Ops leader, Majored in Biology/Minored in Business Administration. Black Belt in Tai-kwon Do and served in the Navy Seals for a decade. Recieved an invitation from Neo-Umbrella to lead it's N.U.S.S. Delt Team as it's leader, and received additional training to lead the team in different suicide missions in an Augmented Reality settings.

Psychological Profile & Background:-
Adam Shaw is born to a father who is a Information Systems Engineer and weapons designer for the CIA and a mother who is a Medical Doctor and Professor of Internal Medicine at Princeton University. Shaw's academic background is spectacular despite his delinquent behavior from the age of 14, where he committed a chain of fluffy pony murder-kidnappings for two years without being detected till one of the neighbours next door accidentally peaked at Shaw's bedroom closet, where he hung the heads of the murdered designer fluffies as trophies. This peaked to our attention because of his parents putting him in many martial arts classes and getting him to join science fairs at a national level, where he conducted award winning experiments on feral fluffy ponies that infested in forests and public parks. After joining the Navy Seals at the age of 19, Shaw proved to be well disciplined after his superiors were able to get through him, training him to be a spectacular soldiers after we observed his military records of hostage rescue, counte-terrorism, and counter narcotics operations in several countries. He graduated magna cum laude from Oakhill University with a major in Biology and a minor in Business Adminstration. His weaknesses are his family, including his wife Internal Medicine Dr. Nadine Shaw (nee Martin) and his two sons and daughter (Mazen [9 years old], Millicent [4 years old], and Noah [2 years old]).

Adam shows signs of Intermittent explosive disorder (IED), causing him to violently lash out at others because of inconsequential matters, as well as signs of PTSD from serving the Navy Seals then Spec Ops for a decade. It is possible that his IED symptoms came from a childhood incident where his parents heavily reprimanded him for getting himself in fluffy excrement after a 'smarty friend' defecated on him and his herd ravaged his family's lawn, as well as according to Shaw "they yell at me constantly for getting a 99 out of a 100 in every exam and quiz.. I can't even catch my own breath because of them". Despite of this, Shaw has proven to be an excellent team leader for "The Janitors", where led operations against 'hugboxes' protesting outside Neo-Umbrella's headquarters in Manhattan, NewYork, killing them most of them because of their objections for harming fluffy ponies in experiments.

Physical Description:-
Muscular yet toned body
Black undercut hairstyle and a stubble beard
hazel eyes
Has multiple old burn marks and scars on his back.

Weapons in use:-
1. Heckler & Koch G36 + attatchable GP-25 grenade launcher [Incendiary rounds].

2. Dornhaus & Dixon Bren Ten handgun (compact model)

3. Kukri blade behind the left shoulder

4. Utility Belt: [M67 grenades, first-aid spray, ammo, PDA designed by Neo-Umbrella serving as a smart satalite phone for contacting Command, scanning intel and other functions]
Antonio Hidalgo aka Splinter (Demolitions expert)

Nationality: Cuban-American

Age: 28 years old.

Former military and demolitions expert. Trained in kick-boxing and wrestling. Served both in the Marines and the Army for a decade. Majored in Electrical engineering and used to work as a weapons and exlosives technician and as well before Neo-Umbrella's sent him an invitation to join its N.U.S.S. Delta Team.

Psychological profile & background:-

Antonio Hidalgo, descendant of the infamous drag cartel leader of 'The Sacred Snakes' Javier Hidalgo, born to Lieutenant General Marco Hidalgo and Nurse Maria Hidalgo (nee Guturez). Hidalgo is an athletic prodigy in kickboxing and wrestling in both High school and college, majoring in Electric Engineering due to his likening to his father's military career and his interest in weapons development. Our intel on him is that he used to absue adderall because it enhanced his energy and gave him more time to train his body to military level, granting him more recognition to work as a lieutenant and weapons technician for both the Marines and the Navy, where he built exceptional sea-mines to fend against Somalian pirates and terrorists. His first encounter with Fluffy ponies is when he was in his lawn, testing new homemade firecrackers on feral ponies that attacked his pitbull puppy - the herd of ferals causing blindess in the puppy's eye after it caught feces in it's eye, which in turn alerted the neighbours into calling the police.

Hidalgo shows signs of pure sociopathy, where our gathered intel on him showed records of him enjoying interrogating suspects and captured criminals with many different methods of torture. He also shows signs of pyromania, getting joy from objects exploding or being set on fire. Psychiatrists must be cautioned when interacting with him. His weaknesses are his close friends and his lover, a Medical Scientist who works with Neo-Umbrella named Nina Mendez.

Weapons in use:
1. MP5 submachine gun

2. Battle Axe strapped behind left shoulder

3. Milkor Multiple Grenade Launcher + [Incendiary Rounds, Liquid Nitrogen Rounds, Normal Rounds]

4. TEC-9 Automatic pistol

5. Incendiary and flash M67 grenades

Physical description:-
6'4 ft
Large stature and heavily muscular
Light brown eyes
Buzzcut hairstyle with bushy beard
Maya Li-Xiang aka Parasite (Field Scientist & Medic): Chinese-American, 27 years old. Majored in Biology & Biochemistry and has a Masters Degree in Medical Science with a speciality in Virology & Pathology. She worked as a Medic for the Marines for five years., well versed in using weapons and is a black belt in Chinese Kenpo.

Psychological Profile & background:-

Maya Li-Xiang was born to Chinese immigrants whose jobs were in the field of Pharmaceuticals, which resulted in the soldier's interest in studying virology and pathology as disciplines. From a young age, Maya's interests in science led her to a life of academic success, winning international level science competitions and even managed to create a new type of moss that kills fluffy ponies by experimenting on them in secret. She finds fluffy ponies to be an evolutionary jokes and refers Hasbio as "white trash geneticists".

Li-Xiyang's upbringing was brought by both tiger-parenting and exclusionary behavior from her peers due to lack of her social skills. Maya displays signs of Aspergers, showing difficulty in interacting with others, as well as eccentric behaviors such as going to odd places to find new bacteria, reading thick books on advanced biology and biochemistry, and talking in a scientific lingo because it relaxes her. She also shows coldness, apathy, and prefers to express her feelings with no filters.

Weapons in use:-
1. Vector Submachine Gun
2. Colt M1911 handgun
3. Cold Steel OSS dagger
4. Military grade medium sized backpack containing the following:
a. Multiple Hypoguns to collect [blood samples + virus samples + controling B.O.W's]. One special Hypogun that Maya has shoots darts that enables her control over B.O.W's nervous systems, using them as drones with a PDA device. Useful for crowd control.

b. Attraction pheromones canisters [Used to throw at targets which enables B.O.W's and zombies go to targets in a feeding frenzy]

c. Advanced Medikit containing [Anti-viral sprays, surgery kit, various medicines, painkillers, bandages and a needle with sutures, and injections full of nutrient rich fluid full of vitamins and all the calories the human body needs; keeps the team full without the need to eat for the next 8 hours.]

Physical description:-
5'8 ft
White skin tone
Muscled yet well toned
Raven black hair, shoulder length
Olive green eyes
Leonid Karamazov aka Dragunov (Sniper):

Nationality: Russian-American,

Age: 28 years old.

Majored in Mechanical Engineering and served in both Russian and American mililtary as a sniper in counterterrorism and hostage rescue operations. Excellent strategist and tactician, and uses different traps and utilizes a special visor with multi-type optical visions [x-ray, heat singature, telescopic, and bio-scanner]. Trained in Krav Maga and Russian boxing.

Leonid's parents came all the way from St. Petersburg to America as immigrants, the father being a car mechanic and the mother a housewife that sells home made sweaters and hats for extra income. Leonid's fascination in mechanics led him to study Mechanical Engineering at an ivy league school and helped his father open his own private garage for rich people to bring their expensive cars, and Karamazov's interests in mechanics brought him fortune by building spare parts for cars and specialized hunting traps for high end clientele of hunters and fluffy pony abusers.

Leonid's personality can be seen as excitable explosiveness with symptoms of ADHD, causing him to sometimes forget his social filter when interacting with others. His excitability combined with dark humor does give odd stares from others, usually trying to break the ice with good intentions but saying it in the wrong manner. His keen eye for detail is what landed him to be a sniper for the KGB and the American military, with a brain that can calculate fast helped both countries save many victims and hostages.

Weapons in use:-
1. MK11 MOD 0 Sniper Rifle + Digital Scope with wind turbulance and distance calculator, double the accuracy with multi-target lock on system.
2. TEC-9 automatic pistol
3. Bowie knife
4. Military grade medium sized backpack containing the following:-
a. Claymore bombs, Motion sensing bombs, bear traps, and land mines.
b. Silencer for the sniper, and ricocheting bullets for strategic kills.
c. extra ammo and first aid kit for the team
d. Attatchable tri-pod for double the accuracy during camouflage mode.

Physical description:-
6'1 ft
Well muscled yet fit
Platinum blond hair, cowlick hair
Pale blue eyes


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Mcklauster: If you like Resident Evil and abuse, this series is for you! Give me your feedback on it!
- Reply
Anonymous1: I have to say you did your research on the weapons!Besides a few nitpicks about supply distribution, and the like you made the squad very well suited for tight quarters building clearing. Can't wait to get into the meat of this story,keep up the good work.

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Mcklauster: @Anonymous: If you like Resident Evil and fluffy abuse, this series is for you!
Thanks! I’m even more excited to write this series!
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Anonymous2: Will there be any overlap with the Redfield bloodline saga?
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Anonymous3: @Anonymous: yes sir! Chris Redfield and other characters will show up in the story. The Janitors share some things in common, like their love for science, hatred against the police, the BSAA, and Neo-Umbrella’s corporate behavior.
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Anonymous4: Hey there glad to see you not a very big fan of resident evil but I do know that there will be some fluffy being abuse and zombie so look forward to it keep up the good work
-Anon 4-

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Mcklauster: @Anonymous: I am a big fan of Resident Evil, but thanks for your support . Yeah! There will be lots of gore, horror, and some overlap with the main characters at some point.

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Mcklauster: Edit from OP: The fluffies in this series resemble the fluffybooru artist McGonagal's fluffies. I've linked his page in the source box under the tags box.
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Anonymous5: Anon 4 here I forgot to add the , when I said "hey there glad to see you, not a very big fan.....good work" I meant me