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SluggiesNotHuggies: And then they all get caught in a fishing net and die!
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Anonymous1: given your usual art, this makes me wonder if there's such a thing as micro seafluffies? sounds like that would be good for some fishbowl neglect abusebox tbh
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MusntaMummah: AWWW little sea rats

I can't wait for a shark to rip them apart~
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TheFluffyAndTheWolf: @Anonymous: sadly these are just regular size fluffies though micro seafuffies do sound intresting
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TheFluffyAndTheWolf: @MusntaMummah: im gonna make it a fluffy shark just to annoy you >:3
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Anonymous2: seeing this, realizing sea-babbehs actually could get lost quite easily during birth
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Piesarenice: @SluggiesNotHuggies: Youre thinking too small. See that blood what will it attract what will want to know whats so tasty.