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MusntaMummah: First ever collab~

and definitely not the last!
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Anonymous1: Wow, what a coincidence, I was just thinking about this war and when I refresh I see this. When it comes to this I have no idea who's side I'm on, I find abuse (for the most part) funny but I find some hugbox wholesome.

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GlitchedDuo: glorious
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Lady_Zyra: oh shit y'all just gave fluffies a religion, Muffin being the loving caring being that rewards the good fluffs and Munsta is the hunter of forsaken fluffs, ones that fell out of the path towards the muffin
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PencilWingie: @Lady_Zyra: So, Muffin rules Skettiland and Mustna rules ForeverSorryBoxLand? Works for me.
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Anonymous2: ... so turning a smarty into a good fluffie is stealing nummies out of mms mouth?
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Anonymous3: Long as she only eats the bad ones, I see no reason to alter this arrangement.