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Small Fluffy, Big City.
Part 3/?
Inspired by Ring of Fire.

Your name is Rose, and you didn't get much sleep last night. You were too busy working on a brand puppet you didn't think you would have to make yet for Foleville. It's pretty much a wolf handpuppet with a dildo big enough for a fluffy to take, mostly used for calming foal-crazed mares or horny fillies. This should seem like a weird thing for someone to make, and you would be right, but you have a decent reason for doing this.

You're a professional fluffy breeder, and you've recently started a 24 hour stream on Foalgarita.com, which is a streaming site for abusers to upload and livestream videos. Most breeders use it to upload videos of fluffies being put down or post CCTV footage of foal on foal violence, but you? You have this set up for a different reason. You have this colt with a great pastel blue and white colour scheme, but unfortunately the little shit's behaviour is appauling. So, you build a small city called Foleville to try and teach it some sort of lesson, but after hooking up footage to Foalgarita you've already gotten around 100 viewers. A decent audience for a first timer. You set up a reward system for donating, one of the things being a daily request bid from a viewers.

And that's where you are today. Somebody had already payed $16 for you to have a puppet rape the little shit, and you agreed to it. It didn't take long for you to do seeing as you just had to use some gorrila glue. You go back to check the stream, seeing that the twat is on its way home from work at the skettie factory, and is looking miserable. Along with this, it's quite dark outside. Perfect. You immediately update OBS to have some text pop up in the top.

"Thank you for standing by! Today's requested event will happen shortly!"

Brrr! It's really cold outside, even with your thick fluff! You wish you could just go buck to your mummah and snuggle with her nice, soft fur, but your monstah human mummah took you away! Well, not that you need her since you're a big fluffy, but still! It's just nice to have her be there. It wouldn't be as bad if it wasn't so dark outside. That, and a thick stench of silly wawa is floating around the area... You'd want go back, if it weren't for your dummie human mummah. Oh well, at least you have your money! You think you have enough for milky kibble and rent!

Out of nowhere, a nakey barkie monstah holding a sharp pointy stick grabs you by the neck, holding their blade up to your neck! You make some scaredy poopies and start to scream, before it hits you. The pain is enough to make you silent for a bit.

"A single scream outta ya, *hic!* an' yer blood'll be ev'rywere. Gottit?"
"Good. Now, gimme yer coins."
"B-Buh fwuffy need dem fow went!"
"Unless ya can convince me otherwise, I dun giv a shit. Now, cough up or I'll gut ya."
"Fwuffy wiww du anytin ewse! Pwease!"
"Hmm... Aight. but if ye scream, I'm takin' evr'ythin."

You feel something poke your poopie place. Huh. He did have his enfie stick out.





"NU! PW-"
"Aight then, takin' yer coins."
"HUUUHUuuhuuu... fine.... pwease be gentwest bawkie fwend eba pwease."

You feel it's stiff enfire stick pierce your poopie place as it enfs you so fast, it rubs you hole raw. This is wrong. This is wrong on so many levels! First of all you're only a little foa- only a fluffy, and second of all you were a stallion! Not a mare! Maybe that's why he's enfing you? Maybe he killed all his barkie-mares or they left him? Why are you even thinking about this right now! You're getting BAD ENFIES!

"Huuuu.... pwease...... huwwy...."
"Faster? Gotcha."

Wuh oh.

"Awh yea, scream my name. Scream 'Jamal'"
"Call me daddy."
"MUNSTAH DADDEH PWEASE STOPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Your new daddeh slaps your flank really, really hard!
"AWH YEAH! TYRONE! You gettin this shit?"
"Ya betcha do man! This gun go viral on foalhub nibba!"

All of a sudden it thrusts as deep as it can inside of you, causing some enfie juice to come out of your enfie stick for a second. It then pulled out, before they quickly ran off, leaving behind enough coins for some sketties.

If you consented, it would still not worth it.

Wiping your brow, you shake off the dicked puppet, throwing the clean one beside it. You quickly grab your water bottle and down in, your throat sore from the deep voice you had to do, before you set it down and go to your laptop to check if the viewers at home liked it-

Oh god did they like it.

Chat is swarmed by a wave of approval, all boiling down to some form of "Torture the lil shitrat!" you're recieving dimes upon dimes of tips, all accumilating to... $12. Poor fucker's ordeal's gonna be for nothing if he eats today. You post a quick update text, change the banner to reflect today's event, and immediately remove all of the kibble and spaghetti-autocookers before scooping all of the chirping smarty babies and deformed ones out.

"It's your lucky day, kiddos. You get to go into the happy box!"

It's. It's literally just a cardboard box and they're cheeping in joy. Eh, beats being minced. You pour them into the cardboard box, the smarties at eachother's throats and bullying the deformed. Foals, man.

As you go to moderate the mediashare page, you being to think about the stream. All things considered, you're somewhat lucky you're this big already. It's probably the combination of the fact that this is pretty much a better done repeat of a cancelled 24 hour stream, the amount of effort you've put into a site yet to be corrupted by capitalism (just like 2009 youtube), and sheer luck. If this keeps up it's successfulness you might veen try and see how much of a living you can make.

You're getting ahead of yourself, though. For now, let's see what people are putting into mediashare. So far it's just either porn, anime, memes and a little bit of FluffTV. You remove the porn, seeing as that shit could get your livestream shut down (which confuses you too), but let everything else fly. Hey, though, at least the anime there is the good shit. We're talking Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Pokemon and FMAB.

Well, you're home at least. You had dropped your money off to the meany mousie friend for 'rent', and you put on your tonguegard to try and clean up the scaredie poopies you made. It's not like you WANT to, but there's no poopie babies to give it lickie cleanies, so you kinda HAVE to. Oh well, you can at least get some sketties. Washing it off in the water bottle, you finish up and pay to get yourself a piping hot bowl of sketties!

Which should be here soon!

Any minute now!

Almost there!

Give it a bit.

Maybe it takes a bit longer to cook?

It's been 5 minutes now, where is it? It only took the stupid dummy human mummah three to get the sketty machines to work...

Is... Is the machine broken? It can't be! Not after what happened today! Maybe if you watch some teevee it'll be fixed? Yeah! Give it some time and you'll get your sketties! You press the on the button for the teevee, but you're not met with FluffyTV. For some reason it starts with some weird music in a language you don't understand, with this blue-haired and blond human...


Sorry this took so long to make and was short. College has started back up so I'm now back to being busy 24/7. I might try to post short and sweet stories regularly from now on. Once again, I hope you're enjoying these so far, and feel free to comment some criticism or your thoughts in general :3!


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BlackerTheBewwy: Nice story. Hope he ends up dead or ends up realising it's fake and he is being tortured.
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milkshakers: @BlackerTheBewwy: Nah, I really like him being deceived.
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Anonymous1: Very nice