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Bokire: yes

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Imaginaryloli: @Anonymous: If you don't like it then move on.
You can look at your hugboxes all you want Mr.sensitive.

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9r1m_1: those sharp teeth, no way they can be used for...
OOP YEP gonna munch da babbeh!!!

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Imaginaryloli: Oh no it wasn't for you it was someone else who was telling me I was messed up for drawing this. I was confused when I didn't see your comments

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Propplin: Aww man why did you cut her eye off BEFORE you eat the baby? She might not be able to see the full glorious view of when you do it...

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ForScience: Ugh, it's disgusting. That's the most sickening thing I've seen here, bleh. 00 gauged ears? Too far, too far.
Like the comic otherwise.