Cookie makes Bad Poopies

It was all that Mel and Sam needed. The tree in the garden fell against the house, collapsing and destroying the wall to Cookies’s room.

Thankfully the little guy wasn’t there to be hurt or scared by it. He was at the day centre and the accident happened while Sam was picking up supplies.

The room was unsafe, and the landlord…...to put it politely was a skinflint.

The repairs “would take time”.

Mel was furious. He had pulled similar shit like this in the past, after all, he had promised many repairs to the house like the boiler being replaced and double glazing.

But they never happened. Mel was pretty sure it wasn’t part of the renters’ agreement.

Sam wanted to leave their home. Mel calmed her down and hugged her. They couldn’t exactly afford the deposit to move.

They would cut back and save what they could. They would keep the door closed and take whatever they could from the room for Cookie and give him a new room.

The only room he could use was the living room. Mel took the time and rearranged the living room as best as she could.

The couch got closer to the TV, the coffee table was put on Craigslist, magazines were binned and a space was opened up for Cookie to get comfortable.

A blanket to sleep and comfort, a small amount of toys and his litterbox were the bare essentials for him and he didn’t have as much space like his old room, but it would need to suffice.

Cookie looked around blankly, he didn’t question what happened to the old room, he took more looks and then began to smile joyfully. “Mew-mummeh, Cookie wike nu woom. Can watch fwaffy teebee?”

“Later on sweetie…...the knicks are playing soon. I promise we will let you watch after the game”

“Tank oo su much Mew-mummeh. Cookie Wub TeeBee”

It was a pretty bad idea to let him live in the living room.

Mel was watching the Knicks. Sam was upstairs talking to her mom over the phone. Cookie was playing with a doll and hugging it. They called her Flopsy and Cookie adored her and hugged her and cherished her.

First game of the season, and Mel wasn’t there. She was disappointed but she had more reason to be pissed at her leech of a landlord. Fuck him, she thought, the TV would show her the game either way.

She had a few bottles of cerveza, chilled to perfection, Sam could have a few if she fancied. Mel had also made herself something she hadn’t had since she left school.

An actual Garbage Plate, a plate full of junk food. She was allowed a cheat day once in a while, why not bring it forward for the Knicks? It was a tradition of hers to have one of these a month during college, and especially if she was going to see the Knicks.

A bed of fries, topped with cheese. Hot dogs cut and placed over them. More fries. More cheese. Strips of chicken. Pasta. And did I mention cheese? And all topped with sloppy joes. It was a fairly expensive meal for what it looked like, but it would last her the night. And if she was hungover, save some for morning.

The game started, Mel took a few bites from her plate. Something in the room smelt awful. What was that? The food? Mel put her nose closer to the plate. Nope, still smelled of crap. Mel began to feel sick. She took a few more sniffs of the air.

She instantly knew the recognisable smell from anywhere.

She got up off the couch and turned behind her.

“COOKIE!!! Why did you make bad poopies during the game?!”

Cookie began to cry and hugged Flopsy more, he tried to hide his face from Mel’s furious face.

“C-C-Cookie…..am sowwy…..Mew-mummeh Huhuhuhuhu Cookie…..nu no whew wittabox is fo…..Huhuhuhuhu gud poopies”

Mel’s nostrils flared with anger. The litterbox was literally in the corner, right in front of him.

“How the FUCK could you not see that?! It’s right there Cookie!! You’re making your mom miss the game?!”

“Huhuhuhuhu am sowwy…...Mew-mummeh……”

Sam came running downstairs, she heard Mel shouting but couldn’t exactly hear what it was. She opened the door and took a smell of the air……...and she nearly vomited too.

“Wow that’s just disgusting…...Cookie?! Why did you make bad poopies?!”

Cookie tried to hide his face more, he cuddled more and more into Flopsy crying.

Mel was furious. It was the first time she had ever been truly angry at Cookie. It was the worst smell, fluffy crap straight from the asshole. She lost her taste for her meal and for the game.

Sam was choking from the smell too. “Why didn’t you use the Litterbox Cookie?! It’s right there!!”

Cookie hid his face away from shame. He was dumb for a fluffy but he knew he had made bad poopies. He began to shake and hug Flopsy more.

Neither Mel or Sam had ever punished him before. Neither wanted to be the bad guy, the bad mother who doled out the punishment. Cookie, despite being pretty dumb and feral born, was always well behaved and such a good fluffy. The sorry stick was missing, gathering dust somewhere. They’d never used it on him.

He had made a bad poopie in the room despite the litterbox being in front of him. But now was the time. But without it, what would they do?

Sam was the first to speak up, “listen…...Cookie…….Flopsy doesn’t want to spend time with a bad fluffy who makes bad poopies……...she’s going to spend some time away from you tonight.”

Sam reached over and plucked Flopsy by the arm and pulled the doll away.

“Nuu!!!!!! Nu!!!! Sam-mummeh!!! Pwee nu tak Fwobsy!!! Huhuhuhuhuhu Cookie Wub Fwobsy!!”

“I’m sorry little guy but you made bad poopies”

“Bu Sam-mummeh…...Cookie nu no whew wittabox is…..am Dummeh”

Sam and Mel looked at one another. Was he for real? The litterbox was in the corner.

Mel spoke this time, “the litterbox is there Cookie. Please use it or you’ll make Mel-mummy and Sam-mummy very sad and angry with you. We’ll keep Flopsy safe until you stop making ad poopies……...and also, you’re not going to have your special special place put on you.”

Cookie looked in horror. First Flopsy would be taken, and now his prosthetic dick and balls would be taken?! He wailed out a loud no and farted.

The living room had to be evacuated and the TV and some of the living room things moved upstairs. Mel and Sam’s bedroom would now serve as the living room. Even after cleaning a faint poopie smell lingered.

More space was made for Cookie in the living room. Maybe this was why he made the bad poopies? But then he did it again.

And again.

And again.

Cookie was put in the sorry box as a punishment. They didn’t expect it to be this severe. Cookie cried out for Flopsy to give him huggies. Mel promised Cookie he would get Flopsy back and he wouldn’t have to go in the box if he stopped making bad poopies.

She left him in there for 2 hours and then took him back out and made him promise to be good. Cookie was in tears but he promised he’d not make bad poopies.

As a precaution, Sam had left out a spare fluffy diaper. Mel put it on him and said to him it was for his own good. Cookie cried silently in his room, he didn’t like the Dummeh diaper or the feeling of poopies against his ass.

Sam had showered and was under the covers waiting for Mel to get showered, come to bed and watch Gentleman Jack.

Sam had been invited for drinks with her old school friends and asked if Mel wanted to come along. Mel modded half heartedly and agreed so long as the bitch who put glue in her hair wouldn’t be there.

Sam laughed sarcastically with the joke and replied maybe Mel had better be careful storing art supplies. Sam had been doing some research on her tablet, an explanation of sorts was given for Cookie’s bad poopies.

*Is your fluffy suddenly making bad poopies?*

*A common problem amongst fluffy owners is when their fluffy suddenly begins to foul carpets and the general area they reside in. “Bad poopies” can happen with changes in behaviour, especially if the fluffy has been over-indulged and their routine has been deviated from. However, this is less common in domestic and more frequent in feral-born. All fluffies are ashamed of their excrement but feral fluffies are known to show less shame especially if they aren’t in contact with humans for a long period.*

The article went on and on…..none of this applied. Cookie was such a good boy for a feral. You’d never guess he was. His routine was straight forward and they made sure to keep him on his diet of kibble and treated him every now and then like you should with fluffies. He’d never made bad poopies after his first accident and that was Mel’s fault for being late to bring him fresh litter.

*It is not just behaviour changes that can lead to “bad poopies”. Incidents at home such as accidents and damages can mentally stop your fluffy from making “good poopies”. As well as these, a fluffy may start making “bad poopies” if you move things around.*

Well, maybe the tree was the problem. Was Cookie traumatised? He couldn’t have been. He wasn’t there when the tree fell into his room.

Sam believed she found the explanation….

*Did you know that fluffies have to be positionally trained and shown where the litterbox is to allow them to remember to use it? It is not just a visual cue, they have to remember its position and where in the room it is to use it. It is not as simple as pointing to the litterbox and your fluffy knowing to use it. Only a unicorn or alicorn type has the sort of concentration to learn this way. If you move the litterbox to a different room, or even to a different position in the room, the fluffy has to be re-trained and placed in the litterbox until it remembers how to use it and where it is in the room.*

So this was it. Just moving his stuff meant that he forgot? And he didn’t know what the litterbox looked like?

Wow was he dumb. And he used the thing everyday too. Multiple times. If it meant having to learn him by placing him, then maybe he just needed a nudge in the right direction.

Mel gave Sam a kiss goodnight and both women went to bed. But not comfortably. When you treat the bedroom like a living room, crumbs of food get everywhere. In bed.

The next morning Sam went downstairs and changed Cookie’s diaper. It was wretched and enough to make a person faint. Thank god for the face mask.

Did you know that the reason fluffy crap smells bad is from malabsorption? It smells awful even when they’re on kibble (which they absorb nutrients from better). If they were given regular food other than the kibble their crap smells so much worse.

These thoughts went through Sam’s head. She assured herself it would be so much worse and could be worse if he hadn’t ate anything other than his kibble.

But when it smells awful to begin with you don’t really want to smell worse than that.

Sam took the time to put Cookie in the litterbox. She assured him this was the litterbox and where he needed to make good poopies.

“Otay Sam-mummeh Cookie mak gud poopies”

Cookie used the litterbox had made a small amount of poopies.

Sam clapped for him and patted him on the head. He began to giggle that he was good.

But he’d have to do it himself instead of being placed in the litterbox.

Sam lined the living room floor with newspaper. He had an accident. And then he was shown again. He made poopies in the litterbox and cheered. But then he made a small accident again. More paper was put down.

Mel took to putting him in the box multiple times and asked him to repeat that this was the litterbox. It seemed to work but neither of them were sure.

Sam had come out of the shower and held up two pairs of clothes, both casual. “What should I wear babe?”

“Clothes would be nice if we’re going out with friends.”

“Oh ha ha. It’s just casual and it’s not like they’d make an effort either. How is he doing learning how to crap in that box again?”

“So far……...oh-kay I guess. I’m going to put more paper down. We won’t have much left if he doesn’t learn it.”

“Let’s hope so babe…..come on! Get moving! Jump in the shower. I’m hoping fluffy crap doesn’t linger on us.”

“Sammie, if Bobby is there with Jane then I don’t think anyone would notice the smell of crap on us”

“Hahahahaha that’s just mean.”

They left Cookie with some words of encouragement. If he could make poopies in his litterbox and not the floor then he could finally have Flopsy back.

“Cookie had Fwobsy?!”

“Yes sweetie if you make good poopies you can have Flopsy back”

“......tank oo Sam-Mummeh Cookie Wiww mak gud poopies fo Fwobsy”

The ladies left and made sure a light was turned on for Cookie. They weren’t too sure what time they’d be back but a good night out was needed.

Cookie looked around the room. So much paper. He kept thinking of Flopsy. He missed Flopsy so much he really wanted to give her Huggies and have his special special place back too. He loved the jingle sound it made. He wanted to be a good fluffy for his Mummehs.

But unfortunately, he forgot where the litterbox was for the poopies.

He began to hold his butt in as tight as could. He would stop the bad poopies from coming out. He would work out where the litterbox was for good poopies.

But he was there for some time. Farts began to escape his ass. He was stinking out the living room. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold on for.

And then a bang. And a smash. What was that? No no Cookie needed to make sure he didn’t make any bad poopies. He began to tense up more, his mouth began to tense too. He really wanted to stop himself from making the poopies.

And then the living room door opened. Cookie farted loudly when he saw the door open.

“Fuck me that reeks!!!!”

Cookie looked up. A Daddeh!! He hadn’t ever had a Daddeh before. Or had he? He couldn’t remember.

“Hmmm TV isn’t in here. Shitrat instead. Damn…..”

“Aww oo nyu Daddeh?”

The man looked down at the fluffy. He raised his eyebrow. Was this thing for real?

“Are you fucking kidding me? A stinking shitrat like you?! Fuck off”

Cookie farted loudly again. He looked down sadly. Had the new Daddeh rejected him for being a bad fluffy who only made bad poopies?

The man began to look around the house now. Nothing particularly valuable. What a waste of time. Not even the shitrat was worth stealing. A filthy coloured fluffy that stunk of farts? Who’d buy that when you can get one off the street? There must be a TV somewhere. Maybe upstairs? The man went upstairs and made a lot of noises.

He rifled through Sam and Mel’s drawers for valuables but couldn’t find anything particularly valuable. He put a pair of granny pants on his head as some kind of joke. He seen it in Weird Science. If it was good enough for Robert Downey Jr…...so it’s just the TV that’s worth taking? Wow what a house full of crap…...and there’s nothing in the house worth robbing either.

The man could hear Cookie’s farts. He could smell them too. They somehow made it as far as upstairs. God it stunk. Thank god he wasn’t a smoker. One light and this place would blow to hell.

He went downstairs with the television, panties still on his head. He could see that the fluffy was shaking and struggling.

“What the fuck are you doing shitrat?”

“Cookie……..nee man gud poopies…...nu no whew…...wittabox is……”

The man looked over and the litterbox wasn’t far from where the fluffy was.

Fucking hell, was it really that dumb? He’d encountered (and tortured) shitrats smarter than this. How could this thing be so dumb that it didn’t recognise where it crapped? It’s the first thing you show a damn fluffy?!

These people must be bad owners or dumbasses.....whatever.

Cookie then let out a weak moan and a wet fart. He didn’t feel like he could hold on any longer.

“Whoa whoa whoa…..fuck me don’t do it!!!”

The man grabbed Cookie and put him into the litterbox. Cookie finally relieved himself and let out a huge sigh of relief. The man held his nose.

“Fuck me that stinks worse than the farts!!!”

“Am sowwy Daddeh...Cookie nee man gud poopies…..did Cookie mak gud poopies?!”

The man looked in the litterbox. Wow it was half full. The smell was bad enough he was certain he got brain damage from it. But he answered back.

“sure…….yeah……...that’s a…..good crap.”

Cookie looked up at the man joyfully and happily.

“Yayyyyy!!! Tank oo daddeh fo showin Cookie how tu mak gud poopies!! Can Cookie hav Fwobsy?”

The man looked confused

“Who the hell is Fwobsy?”

“Fwobsy giv bestest Huggies and pwaysies an-“

“Okay okay okay okay!! I get it. But Fwobsy won’t come back…...you got to uh…….make even more poopies in your litterbox!!”

“Weawwy daddeh?”

“Yes really…..now get your little asshole back over there. Daddeh needs fresh air”

“Otay daddeh”

Cookie began to sing some kind of song to himself. He went back to the litterbox and made good poopies. He had finally learned where it was again! He felt like such a good fluffy. He couldn’t wait for Daddeh and Mew-mummeh and Sam-mummeh to come back in and show them his good poopies.

He could finally get Flopsy back.

A few hours later, the women staggered in drunk. Mel had forgotten that she couldn’t exactly handle a lot of booze. Sam held her up and giggled. Both women opened the door and the smell of the farts hit them. Mel threw up on Sam and Sam threw up on the floor.

Both of them laughed hard. It was a fun night. But now they were back home. They were anticipating a mess. A huge mess from the smell. They began to wonder if Cookie had made a huge mess.

Sam stripped everything off and left them on the floor. They were covered in vomit and she needed to shower. They could wait. Mel watched her crawl up the stairs. She remembered that Sam and the stairs were a terrible combination after drinking.

Mel made the sign of the Holy Mary our saviour. If it smelt this bad, Cookie’s room had to have been fucked up.

She opened the door…….and there was no crap on the floor. She looked over at the litterbox…….he had actually used it!!

Cookie woke up from his slumber. He immediately saw Mel and ran over to her.

“Mew-mummeh!! Mew-mummeh!! Cookie mak gud poopies in da wittabox!! Am gud fwaffy again!!”

Mel laughed and laughed hard. She began to tickle Cookie and he began to laugh too. He felt like such a good boy again and not a Dummeh. Daddeh had taught him how to use the litterbox and be a good fluffy. Now Mummehs we’re home he could get Flopsy back.

He began to giggle and coo and look up happy again.

Sam came back downstairs. She hadn’t been in the shower, and was still smelling of vomit. She came back down as she had gone upstairs. She had a pretty shocked look on her face. Stunned.

“Mel? did you move the TV as a joke?”
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Captain_Emo: Cookie’s story continues. The golden rule to remember with fluffies is that nothing sticks except their crap so you’ve got to keep training and educating them. And possibly teaching them what a burglar is
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Anonymous1: Bahaha. I wonder if they'll eventually put two and two together if Cookie starts asking when "Daddeh" is coming back.